Selectum GUI v1.1 New Algo Beam

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22.11.19 14:06
[b]Selectum GUI v1.1 New Algo Beam

[color=#0000FF]Selectum[/color] - is a mining management system with a user-friendly graphical interface![/b]

1.User-friendly graphical interface on Qt framework.
2.A variety of optional settings through the controls! (Instead of passing parameters to the command line)
3.Choice of classic options like algorithm, coin, pool, encryption, etc.
4.There is monitoring of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.
5.Overclocking the graphics card.
6.Duplication of the console output of the mining backend in the control window.

[b]The available algorithms:[/b]
Among the currently connected algorithms available CryptoNight and Ethash
UPD v1.1 ( Beam)
At least 2 new algorithms will be added in the next updates!

[b]Download:[/b] [url=[/url]

1. Selection of mining algorithm.
2. Choice of cryptocurrency.
3. Select the option to use SSL encryption Protocol.
4. Entering a cryptocurrency wallet.
5. The name of the worker.
6. Enter the pool and port through a colon.
7. Checking the correctness of the arguments for mining for your pool in the argument string.
8. Start mining and output monitoring in the console below.
9. Video card frequency and temperature Monitoring.
The big request is to write in the comments, what would you like to see the algorithm in the next update. As well as a request for all bugs to write in the comments, or in personal messages! With respect Selectum Project ![/b]  

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