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295 Postings, 3299 Tage tobias5341Kann immer noch nicht kaufen bei Ing-diba

20.11.15 09:05

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Dito.

20.11.15 09:08
Hab meine Bank schon mal angemailt deswegen...grummel :-((  

4948 Postings, 3205 Tage Realtime-GuruRaya Group

20.11.15 10:21
ist in Deutschland leider immer noch unentdeckt aber das wird sich auch noch ändern.  

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Dazu müsste das Schnuckelchen

20.11.15 10:41
aber mal wieder handelbar sein...  

49 Postings, 2260 Tage BlueMotionSydney

20.11.15 11:33

ich kaufe seit Jahren online, über meinen Broker Comdirect in Sydney.
Dort komme ich viel günstiger rein, als in Deutschland.+ Zeitvorsprung :-)  

361 Postings, 2100 Tage Ghoultownwie ich

20.11.15 19:41
im anderen Forum auch schon geschrieben habe......dei Raya Group mit dem Geothermalzeugs ist hier echt zweitrangig:

Es war einmal:

3 IT Nerds mit einer super Idee - Xped war geboren.
Die drei wollen ihre Idee finanzieren - Kickstarter.
Kickstarterprojekt erstellt - mit ca. 156% erfolgreich abgeschlossen.
Die Idee wurde verwirklicht - verschiedene Leute wurden aufmerksam.
Die Raya Group sucht ein 2tes Standbein - findet Xped.
Xped will an die Börse - Übernahme ok
Xped überzeugt mit ARDC-Technik - Kurs von Raya steigt um 1600% (1 Jahr)

Ohne Gewähr auf Vollständigkeit.

Hier mal die Homepage: www.xped.com

Und hier der Werdegang ihres CEO´s:

John Stefanac is the former President of Asia for Qualcomm, and also held senior executive positons with Nokia and AT&T. He is now the CEO of Australian company Xped , which is building IoT technology that allows consumers to control all of their electronic devices in the home from an app. It will soon list on the ASX via a reverse takeover with ASX listed company Raya Group (ASX Code: RYG).

viele Grüße  

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Kleine Lektüre zum Wochenende, Teil 1:

21.11.15 09:26
   INFORMATION technology company Xped plans to take its Smart Remote technology to the world.

   It has taken the Mawson Lakes-based company three years to develop its flagship device - a remote which enables a person to control and monitor the energy use of home appliances.

   The product will be released in Australia this year and the company had signed a US distribution deal.

   Xped co-founder and director John Schultz said the product was unique.

   "With our technology, appliances automatically tell the remote how they should be controlled," he said.

   "The system is totally wireless and works simply by touching the Smart Remote against the appliance.

   "You can not only control devices, you can also monitor their status by touching the Smart Remote against various things such as a light switch, a power point or your meter box."

   Licensing agreements would be critical to the success of the Smart Remote.

   "Where we see this technology going is by licensing it to large companies globally," he said.

   "I went to Silicon Valley in November, last year, and was given the name of someone who recommended I meet with (US management consulting firm) Demand Edge.

   "They were very excited about what we are doing and they have come on board as partners with the company.

   "They have brought products to market for companies like Cisco, Apple and Microsoft."

   Xped had also benefited from programs run by Innovate SA, added Mr Schultz.

   "They run a number of courses which I have attended such as how to run a start-up business through to getting investor-ready," he said.

   "All this information that Innovation SA provides is really valuable."

   Xped currently employed 10 staff.


1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Lektüre Teil 2:

21.11.15 09:29
   The Vanguard: A revolution in connecting devices
   The Auto-Discovery Remote Control module at the heart of Xped's innovation
   No-one thinks twice when they use a web browser these days: it’s simply an automatic tool to find the web site you want.

   John Schultz is looking forward to the day when his ‘device browser’ is equally familiar and unexceptional – and being used by millions of people to control all manner of devices, from the air-conditioning and lighting in the home, to complex industrial and commercial applications.

   Right now, it remains exceptional because, as the chief executive and co-founder of Adelaide company Xped explains, no-one has matched the potential of the device browser to revolutionise the way devices are operated, monitored and managed.

   The key to Xped’s innovation is the complete reversal of previous thinking about how to connect and control devices.

   Rather than develop a raft of individual controllers for each product or application, with each represented by a coffee table remote control or mobile phone app, Schultz and his co-founder Chris Wood have turned that process on its head.

   “The question that emerged from a brainstorming session was: ‘could a device teach the controller what its functions and capabilities are?’,” Schultz told The Vanguard last week.

   “If you could answer that question, then it was not necessary to design a system for every existing product and all the applications to come.”

   Schultz, Wood, and colleague Phil Carrig set out to find the answer. Four years and more than 100,000 lines of clever software code later, Xped has a chip that can be placed in any device and will translate the product’s specifications and functions into a language that an electronic controller can understand.

   It’s a process that’s best described by example. In a small office in Innovation House at Mawson Lakes, Schultz, an electronics engineer, picks up his mobile phone and, literally, taps it against a pair of audio speakers in which the Xped chip has been embedded.

   Connecting instantly by wireless, an icon appears on his smartphone which activates the device browser, affectionately known as DeB. Pressing the graphic depiction of an on-off switch brings up Schultz’s favourite AC/DC clip, Thunderstruck, on a video screen and he then swipes the touch screen on his phone to adjust the volume.

   Schultz then waves the smartphone past a tailor-made plug (containing the Xped chip) connecting a standard light to a power board. It’s at this point that the potential of DeB becomes apparent. Not only can DeB, the controller, turn the light on and off but, as the controller dims the light, the changing amount of energy used is displayed on the smartphone’s screen.

   The chip can “understand” and report on the workings of the product in which it sits. The gains in efficiency and productivity are potentially enormous, when you consider this technology applied to a vast range of home, leisure, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

   At this point, Schultz’s use of the word “revolutionary” to describe his device browser no longer borders on hyperbole.

   In an interview with The Vanguard, Schultz says there was a “lightbulb moment” when the reality of what he and his colleagues had created became clear.

   “We were working with a consortium that included some of the major players like Sony, Eriksson and Panasonic to develop new standards for the future of electronics,” Schultz said.

   “We realised that our technology pretty much made all of their technology obsolete or, at least, could be used to improve what they were doing.

   “We thought: ‘Wow, everyone is going to embrace this with warm arms and say this is great, it’s the Holy Grail we’ve been trying to achieve for all of these years’.

   “But not one of them was interested.

   “So, we focussed on building this solution irrespective of whether people wanted it or not because we knew this was a revolutionary way to design things and a revolutionary way in which people would interact with a whole range of devices.”

   Schultz said the challenge in connecting devices “was how to create a standardised interface for devices that have not been invented yet – it’s virtually impossible”.

   “There were three of us brain-storming this at the time and someone came up with the idea – what if the device described itself to the controllers; what if it just taught the controller how it should operate?

   “That was the genesis of our device browser – we decided to build a system that allows the device you want to interact with to describe itself to the controller.

   “We now have a platform which allows people to design a new generation of devices, which is a much simpler process than they have ever had before. It’s a much leaner and nimble process that means product developers do not have to conform to a consortium’s specifications and standards.

   “Simple things can be produced only because the complexity is pushed into the background. And that’s what we’ve done.

   “We do call it a revolutionary step, and it’s not just us saying that. People who have analysed our business say this is ‘truly a disruptive event’.

   “It’s the equivalent of going from cutting ice blocks in an ice field to building an ice factory: it’s a disruptive, revolutionary step, and our technology has been likened to that.”

   As with many developments that break the mould, the challenge for Schultz and his Xped colleagues is to find ways of commercialising their innovation.

   Schultz said “the biggest potential is licensing our technology either through selling the chip or licensing through the software itself where someone just pays a royalty for the software” – an approach that worked very successfully for the Dolby sound system that is at the heart of many audio-visual products.

   Xped is also looking at the potential for equity investment by taking on a partner in the company.

   While Xped is looking for partners, its technology is already attracting attention and accolades. The company recently won the prestigious South Australian iAWARD for research and development for 2015 for its Auto-Discovery Remote Control (ADRC) platform.

   A number of local companies, including a supplier to a large air-conditioning company and an industrial moisture metering company, are now incorporating Xped’s technology in their products and an MOU has just been signed with a Singaporean company with a big presence in temperature sensors.

   Xped is also currently shipping 250 units of its ADRC module to a group of developers, ranging from hobbyists to universities and corporates, who use a platform called Arduino – described by Schultz as “the Lego of electronics” – to build electronic devices.

   A presence in the commercial marketplace will help to raise Xped’s profile and meet its goal of playing a major role in device browsers.

   As John Schultz puts it: “We have a bold internal vision and that is we believe within 10 years we would like everyone in the developed world to have some exposure to our technology, whether they are using it themselves, know somebody who is using it or someone in their home as got it.”

   It’s a big vision. But that’s what revolutions do – they change the landscape forever. After all, who still thinks about web browsers these days?

   The Vanguard is a weekly column highlighting innovation in South Australian business.

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Wochenend-Lektüre, Teil 3:

22.11.15 16:26
2016 is the Year of IoT
By Rich Tehrani November 20, 2015
The Internet of Things (IoT) will enable the Next Industrial and Business Revolution

The IoT is not a single technology but the latest convergence of tiny computing devices like sensors with wireless networks leveraging the tremendous processing power of the cloud. It’s changing how businesses operate, how wars are fought, how crops are watered and how goods and services are transported. Few industries are able to claim responsibility for ushering in the next industrial revolution, but humble IoT, with its loosely connected sensing products and smart software, can.

Perhaps the most impressive news about IoT is just how big the market – formerly called M2M, will be. As of this writing, some estimates say in just a few years over 34 billion devices will soon be connected to the Internet.

This means roughly everything you purchase will be connected, smart and potentially able to shift behavior.

If Marc Andreessen is right about software eating the world then IOT is an appetite stimulator.

This is why many believe this technology will usher in the third Industrial Revolution. It’s already supporting better healthcare, allowing people to live longer and healthier lives. The dollar volumes in manufacturing and wellness are absolutely massive and a few percentage points worth of better outcomes in either is worth many billions of dollars. In other words, market growth is guaranteed by the arbitrage related to the savings and improved results. This isn’t unlike how the VoIP market was funded in its early days and why PCs were first purchased to handle once-manual spreadsheet tasks.

There is perhaps no other technology with the ability to change so many markets – all at once. Water shortage? No problem. IoT enables smart farming where the precise amount of water can be delivered. Security challenges? Drones will ensure anything and everything can be monitored. In fact, a thief can even be safely tracked by air. If drones aren’t feasible, tracking systems embedded in an item of value will ensure the perpetrator never gets far. Thanks again to arbitrage, water and insurance company savings will fund these solutions.

While arbitrage simplifies ROI calculation, the added value in recurring revenues and business model enhancements can be even more captivating. It is one thing to sell a product to a customer, but an IoT connection to the cloud brings new options and revenues. Airlines don't purchase engines any longer, they lease thrust. This means the engine is managed and maintained by the companies that build them. Insurance companies no longer have to charge all drivers the same rates because they are becoming usage-based. It wouldn’t be an overreach to say IoT is enabling The Usage Economy.

Customer service will change for the better when devices are smart enough to predict replacement times. Manufacturers like GE tap the IoT to see how their products are actually used and this information helps make new products more useful. The future is clear and quite near. Self-cleaning ovens will become self-cooking ovens and refrigerators will order more food.

All of this and, with the addition of speech recognition, interfaces with future devices will be human-like conversation.

Companies are evolving into software businesses quite out of necessity. Airbnb and Uber are doing to hotels and taxis what Amazon did to retail. Software now enables companies to compete, even against entrenched monopolies, like never before.

Armed with access to myriad devices that are monitoring and reacting instantly, algorithms and big data will be the tools all companies use to win market share.

IoT is at the heart of the third industrial revolution, but more importantly it will continue to disrupt the way organizations work. The next business revolution is upon us and how companies understand and deploy the tools and technologies at their disposal will determine their success.

This may sound futuristic but the industry is really crossing the chasm at IOT Evolution Expo, Jan 25-28, 2016, Fort Lauderdale, and FL., the official beginning of the year of IoT.

Seven years ago, this expo was called M2M Evolution and it continues to evolve, assisting you in joining the IoT revolution. Our discussions help you learn what has made others more successful. Topics covered include sensor deployment, analytics and security.

Executives will hear use cases which help them find new revenue sources. Security experts will learn how to make IoT safe and monitor intrusion. Developers will learn about rapid IoT prototyping.

We look forward to the continuing IoT Evolution and invite you to revolutionize your business. Carl Ford contributed greatly to this piece.


1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Gute Einschätzung zur kommenden Woche aus HC:

22.11.15 16:29
Friday trading offered a couple of key indicator in my view towards to trading starting Monday morning.

Low Volume trading day - Holders were happy to hold their position and buyers rushed in on weakness. The low (weakness) was within 10% of the close which represent and higher sp close on Monday.

CR - The CR at 3.5 did not affect the sp dramatically, this was because of the huge upside to RYG going forward with DD so close and other potential news (partners) within days.

As mentioned prior, the sp will sit in the 5c range until DD or other news is released. I believe this due to the charting (last high) and (Darvis Box).

DD - Is the next ann and sp will surpass 6c (if favorable). Tech Partner may be included or released separately.

PARTNER - As mentioned above, if the partner is not included with the DD ann, we will see a second opportunity for increase of sp with a reputable partner.

Please do your own research, fully loaded with RYG as the best share in 2015/2016.  

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Hier jetzt nochmal die PR, die in Down Under

22.11.15 16:49
für so große Euphorie gesorgt hat:

Perth, Nov 13, 2015 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Raya Group Ltd (ASX:RYG) ("Raya" or "the Company") wishes to announce that Xped Holdings Limited (Xped) and one of the world's leading semiconductor chip manufacturers are collaborating to identify potential opportunities that will accelerate market adoption of the "revolutionary" and "patented" ADRC IoT technology developed by Xped.


- Xped selected as collaboration partner by one of the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturers

- The collaboration is a strong validation of Xped technology

- The partnership provides a clear route to the global IoT (Internet-of-Things) market that is estimated to grow in excess of $US1 trillion* by 2020

- The information exchange between the companies will accelerate the commercialisation of Xped industry transforming ADRC (Auto Discovery Remote Control) technology

Recently, under the Singapore-based Partnerships for Capability Transformation (PACT) initiative, the semiconductor company nominated Xped as their collaborative partner for the development and test bedding of innovative solutions and products.

PACT initiative works with large organisations, assisting in the identification and implementation of collaborative projects with local SMEs. Xped were the only technology party identified by the chip manufacturer from a number of potential candidates to form a collaboration.

The technology solution that Xped had developed coupled with its near-term commercialisation capabilities, has forged strong interest from the collaboration partner. The partner provides innovative technical solutions, leading edge manufacturing facilities, technical strength and expertise, and strategic partnerships.

Under the collaboration, the semiconductor company will provide access to their latest technology including newly advanced silicon chipsets, internal resource expertise and leading fabrication facilities.

Both companies will now work towards finalising discussions that will provide a framework on utilising Xped's ADRC technology that will enable both companies to jointly assess and explore new opportunities in the IoT sector, which is expected to more than triple in the next four years.

Xped's CEO John Stefanac states "The validation and endorsement of ADRC technology by our partner is another testament to the hard work Xped has spent over the years on our research and development to build the advanced IoT solution we have today. The leading chip manufacturer, through their global footprint and offices, can provide access to new channels for Xped to reach early revenue opportunities."

*Harber Research (2014): What exactly is the Internet of Things.

About Xped

Xped has developed revolutionary and patent protected technology that allows any consumer, regardless of their technical capability, to connect, monitor and control devices and appliances found in our everyday environment.

It's as simple as two people shaking hands. By enabling the Internet of Things, Xped's ADRC platform will bring benefit to Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Providers and Consumers.

At Xped, we're Making Technology Human Again.

About Raya Group Ltd

Raya Group ASX:RYGRaya Group (ASX:RYG) is a geothermal exploration and development company pursuing a range of projects in Australia and internationally. Raya is based in Brisbane in Queensland with projects in South Australia, Indonesia and India.

Raya turns geothermal resources into reserves for power generation – identifying, exploring and developing the resources into commercial power stations to generate zero-emission electricity.

Raya owns some of Australia's largest geothermal resources. Our company is pioneering the development of conventional geothermal technology in Australia – targeting geothermal resources where naturally occurring hot water is found in existing reservoirs beneath the earth's surface


1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005SK bei exakt 5 ct, also eine Plus von 4,5 Prozent

23.11.15 07:43
Dazu eine paar gute Anmerkungen von Tangible aus HC:

There were a number of things that occured today that I thought I would elaborate more on, in particular for investors who have not seen this type of trading before:

Cross trades

I recall twice today where things were setup perfectly for an assault on a new daily high then we saw a massive buy side line wipe, from memory both times were around 5 million shares each.

You will note that on both these occasions a good portion of the trades were 'cross trades' which are trades where the same broker is party to both sides of the transaction.

You could think of these trades as simply an internal transfer of the broker that is facilitated on market.

Why am I explaining this? Well it's simple - by wiping a line like this it induces others to sell allowing the broker to accumulate more shares at a lower price.

Bid pulling

I noticed this before the last hour of trading where they would place massive orders at 5.1 / 5.2 then commenced purchasing shares at 5.3 mainly.

Then in a blink of an eye they pulled these massive bids (one was for 4 million) then wiped a 5.2 line.

All of a sudden the price went from steady buying with 5.3 on the bid to all these buy orders disappearing and now 5.2 on the ask.

Once again a typical accumulation move - causing traders / investors to think that those bids were only there to pump the price up when in fact they were used as tools to aid accumulation. You will find that the buyers would have not minded one bit if their orders were executed.

After market auction

Finally in the after market auction they had a bot running to ensure that the price finished at 5 cents - and as most have noticed this was achieved by a single share sale at the end.

But the buyers at 5.1 and 5.2 did not stop which meant that they had to offload a much larger amount of shares to allow the price to finish there (from a glance it was over 6 million but someone can confirm).

Hopefully I've helped some understand some tricks that they use which in the end  have one purpose - accumulation.

By not selling to them they will have no choice but to accumulate at a higher price.  

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Und es gibt wieder gute News:

23.11.15 07:48
ASX Release
23 November 2015
Raya Group Ltd (ASX: RYG) (“Raya” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that its unique and valuable patent portfolio of Xped Holdings Limited (Xped) continues to grow with yet another patent granted, this time in Singapore, for its flagship Auto‐Discovery Remote Control (ADRC) platform.
The award of the “ADRC Multicontroller Patent”, an extended version of the original ADRC patent already awarded in many other jurisdictions, paves the way for mass adoption of ADRC in the region with Singapore well positioned as the technology hub of Asia. Singapore is the first country this patent has been granted and there are many others including the USA and EU where it is still pending examination.
Chris Wood, who is Xped’s Chief Technology Offer (CTO), is co‐inventor along with Xped’s Chief Operating Officer John Schultz. Chris Wood and John Schultz are the original founders of Xped.
“The patent award is another significant milestone for Xped and to have it awarded in Singapore, the geographic backyard of our Global Headquarters is significant for us. We’ve had tremendous support from our partners in that market,” said Chris Wood.
“The satisfaction of seeing the hard work that we’ve put into Xped come to realisation is gratifying. We still have more innovations to be similarly recognised and we shall continue with this effort. Our vision of making technology easy to use by everyone has been our dream for some time. That’s really what Xped is all about.”
X‐Logo Trademark Awarded Protection in Europe
Xped was recently advised that is has been awarded extended protection of its international “X‐Logo” registration by the European Community (OHIM) Trade Marks Office.
The decision came after an original objection was resolved with the opponent paying costs towards Xped to finalise the matter.
Level 6, 412 Collins Street
Ph (03) 9642 0655 Fax (03) 9642 5177
ABN: 89 122 203 196
Further to the recent equity placement announcements made on 10 November 2015 of $600,000 and 20 November 2015 of $1,400,000, the company confirms that all shares due to be issued as part of the consideration for the recent placements will not be quoted until after completion of forthcoming
prospectus in relation to the acquisition of Xped Holdings Limited. The restrictions imposed on the shares again highlights the Company’s direction of attracting key strategic investors.

About Xped
Xped has developed revolutionary and patent protected technology that allows any consumer, regardless of their technical capability, to connect, monitor and control devices and appliances foundin our everyday environment. It’s as simple as two people shaking hands. By enabling the Internet of Things, Xped’s ADRC platform will bring benefit to Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Providers and
At Xped, we’re Making Technology Human Again  

4948 Postings, 3205 Tage Realtime-GuruEs ist schön ruhig hier ...

23.11.15 21:06
Richtig angenehm  

2040 Postings, 4334 Tage Kaulito4% im plus

24.11.15 06:30
Weiter so  

4948 Postings, 3205 Tage Realtime-GuruIch sehe ein Plus von 6%

24.11.15 07:15
Wie auch immer der Kurs steigt :)  

2040 Postings, 4334 Tage Kaulitook hast recht

24.11.15 07:44
noch besser, hier geht es scheinbar stück für stück nach oben...  

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Was für ein SK !

24.11.15 08:00
Die Kapitalerhöhung super absorbiert und der Kurs zeigt absolut keine Schwäche.

Hier ein paar Kommentare aus HC zur aktuellen Situation:

...5.3 close for us was brill TB, low vol day and a few clear-outs along the way - 6% up on yesterday and its only Tuesday ...5.3 gives us a stronger opening position to break through 5.5/6 and hold it heading into Wednesday close...all adding up to FOMO Friday which should be pretty darn epic!! -gltah

This week so far is far exceeding my expectations. I had expected a flat or down period leading up to the DD FOMO rally on Friday. This all augers well for that rally the higher we start the upswing the higher the top IMO.
Still haven't traded a thing but thoroughly enjoying the show.
Even gasbag makes me smile.

Good luck to all in the heady days ahead.

S/O to Gassin saying to sell at 4.8, which was pretty much my buy signal.
Since, we've had a healthy steady climb to 5.3, maintained resilience on a sell off yesterday and still have DD and Ann of the partner coming in what I hope within the next 10trading days.
RYG set up quite nicely

Zum Wochenende hin könnte die Aktie förmlich explodieren, denn alle warten auf DIE big news und da wird zum Wochenende hin noch eine ganz böse Rallye einsetzen m.M.n.

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Pari ist übrigens 0,0358 €

24.11.15 08:07
Wann merkt hier eigentlich der eine oder andere, was das hier für eine Chance ist ?

2016 könnte DAS Jahr des IoT (Internet of things) werden !!!

Und mit den genialen Lösungen von Xped sind wir hier in einer fantastischen Position.  

2040 Postings, 4334 Tage KaulitoDie KE wurde hier deutlich

24.11.15 08:10
besser weggestekckt als bei Norwood...  

1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005Allerdings.

24.11.15 08:29
Und die zu erwartende Partner-News kann hier einen richtigen Hype auslösen.  

361 Postings, 2100 Tage GhoultownMoin Moin

24.11.15 09:11

danke Tuedi, dass du hier so richtig gut unterstützt. Im HC Forum sind immernoch 300+ Postings jeden Tag. Mir bleibt nur noch "querlesen" und das wichtigste rauspicken.

Aber kuckt mal was ich am Wochenende geordert habe: http://www.xped.com/store/adrc-development-kit-1/

Ich hoffe das Dingens kommt noch vor Weihnachten an. Ich werde dann das Kit ausgibig testen und dann hier berichten.


1577 Postings, 3970 Tage Tuedi2005@Ghoultown

24.11.15 09:47
Ich finde die Story super spannend und denke, das kann was richtig Großes werden.
Ich picke mir auf HC inzwischen auch sehr selektiv die Highlights raus.

Bin mal sehr gespannt, was Deine Tests ergeben. Du wirst das schon gut beurteilen können, denke ich.

Auf HC spekulieren sie, dass der Chiphersteller Qualcomm sein könnte. Wäre sicher eine gute Wahl.  

49 Postings, 2260 Tage BlueMotionGewinn

24.11.15 14:51

ich bin sehr glücklich 120% Gewinn letzte Nacht in Sydney realisiert zu haben.
Schön, das in Australien die Kapitalertragssteuer wegfällt....
Werde heute Nacht nochmal ordentlich nachlegen, denn solche wundervollen Perlen, wie Raya und Odin Energy gibt's selten.

Alles Gute uns Allen !!!  

49 Postings, 2260 Tage BlueMotionVersammlung

24.11.15 15:04

morgen ist übrigens Aktionärsversammlung bei RYG in Aus.
Ich denke, das dann die nächsten News folgen werden....  

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