PEARL ASIAN nächster 10000%er?

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2568 Postings, 6590 Tage franzl1PEARL ASIAN nächster 10000%er?

02.04.06 09:45
Hallo Leute!

Die günstigste Goldmine der Welt:

Achtung: Jeder kauft auf eigenes Risiko.
Wie bei allen Aktien ist ein Totalverlust, aber auch unendlicher Gewinn möglich!

ISIN: US7047551079
US Kürzel: PAIM.PK
Aktienkurs 31.3.2006: 0,0001$


Die Gewinnaussichten sind sehr vielversprechend!


XYZ Operation Gold Finger to Yield Estimated Total Annual Gross Revenues of $157,236,600.00 USD from the 50 Metric Tons Per Day Small-Scale Mining Operations of Pearl Asian Mining Industries, Inc. (PAIM)
Tuesday March 14, 8:00 am ET

PASIG CITY, Philippines--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 2006--Pearl Asian Mining Industries, Inc. (OTC:PAIM - News) released today the second geo-survey and assay report. The report was conducted by Ostrea Metal Laboratory, Inc., a renowned Philippines chemical assay company, and completed on January 7 -- R.A. No. 32749. This second gold and silver assay report from the samples of two tunnels and selected trenches of the XYZ gold mine site shows rich gold ore reserves.

The XYZ Operation Gold Finger located in the Town of Baleno, Island of Masbate, Philippines, shows the following high-grade gold ores.

                    GOLD     SILVER    COPPER      REHABILITATE  
SAMPLE               (GPT)    (PPM)     (PPM)          2006      
Tunnel 4 IR         0.31 g     1.99      8.59          TBD
Tunnel 4 2R         0.96 g     7.96     93.84          TBD
Tunnel 4 7R         0.57 g     4.71      9.24          TBD    
Tunnel 3 2R        94.20 g   608.28    103.09          YES
Tunnel 3 3R        49.44 g   242.57     25.56          YES
Tunnel 3 5R        37.36 g    17.46     12.62          YES
XYZ-GA 3R           8.57 g    17.46     12.62          TBD
XYZ GA 4R           3.97 g    48.59     27.54          TBD
XYZ GA 022          5.51 g    12.50      6.45          TBD
XYZ AG 027          2.10 g    20.51     76.96          TBD

Pearl Asian Mining continues its preparation to develop the infrastructures of the XYZ Gold Mine Site. The XYZ Gold Team soon will start to rehabilitate the tunnel #3, operating at 50 metric tons per day, where the occurrence of the high-grade gold ores were identified and documented.

Rich gold samples from Tunnel 3 were assayed at 37.35 grams per ton, 49.44 grams per ton and 94.20 grams per ton, giving an average of 60.33 grams per ton.

A. The estimated average of the assay result from Tunnel 3 is 60.33 grams per ton of gold ore and can produce an output of approximately 15,083 grams of gold per day at 30-day month production (15,083 X 30 days) the output of 452,475 grams or 14,596 Troy Ounces (app. 1 gram = 31 Troy Ounce) which is equivalent to $7,298,000 USD per month at a selling price of $500.00 per Troy Ounce.

B. Annual Gross Revenue (AGR) from the gold production to be $87,576,000.00 USD ($7,298,000 X 12). This estimated gold production does not include the sales of silver and other minerals.

C. PAIM's macroscopic plan for the whole Masbate Island because of its rich gold potential is implementing the Community Mining Assistance Program (CMAP) and improved production capability of the Community Small Scale Miners. PAIM is expecting to acquire additional income at a minimum of 12 kilograms or approximately 387 Troy Ounces of gold, which is estimated to produce a gross revenue of approximately $193,500.00 USD.

D. The $193,500 gross revenue per day ($193,500 X 30 days) is estimated to be $5,805,000.00 USD per month to give an annual gross revenue ($5,805,000 X 12) of $69,660,000.00 USD from the community's Small Scale Mining Assistance Program.

E. XYZ Operation Gold Finger will yield an estimated total annual gross revenue of $157,236,600.00 USD ($87,576,000 + $69,660,000). This excludes the income anticipated to result from the sales of silver and other precious metals.

Pearl Asian Acquires an additional 3,000 Square Meters of Land for Gold/Silver Refinery Facility
Thursday March 16, 7:00 am ET

PASIG CITY, Philippines--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 16, 2006--The Board of Directors of Pearl Asian Mining (OTC:PAIM - News) announces today the acquisition of 3,000 square meters of the industrial corner vacant lot along Plaridel & Don Soriano Streets in Mandaue City, Cebu Island. This will provide additional revenue opportunities for the Company.

The second and third quarters of 2006 will mark the period of infrastructure development and construction particularly for the Chemical/Metallurgical Division of Pearl Asian. Anthony Gary Gotanco, a one-time Philippines' Chemical Engineering Board Examination Top Notcher, has joined Pearl Asian as the Director of its Business Development & Chief Chemical/Metallurgical Group. Gary is teamed up with three highly qualified and very intelligent engineers: Elvis Hidalgo serves as the Chief Metallurgist; Rochelle Laylay, the Research & Development (R&D) Chemist and Emylyn Noma, the Chief Quality Assurance & Control (QA/QC) Chemist.

This CHEM/MET Gold Team has been working together in the feasibility of setting up a chemical and metallurgical laboratory, including the Gold/Silver Refinery Plant.

The commercial chemical and metallurgical laboratory is envisioned to serve the laboratory analytical requirements of Pearl Asian, other companies and the general public of the Philippines, specializing in water-testing, metal/ore analysis and diagnostic medical & biotechnology center.

The Gold/Silver Refinery plant is envisioned to extract gold and other precious metals from tailings obtained. The objective of this study is to determine the feasibility of setting up a chemical and metallurgical laboratory, including a pilot plant for gold extraction, in the booming industrialized area of Cebu City. The pilot plant is envisioned to extract gold and other precious metals from tailings purchased or obtained from small-scale mining operations, especially those from areas near Cebu and other provinces with known rich mining operations.

The Chemical & Metallurgical Laboratory will be the preeminent commercial laboratory and pilot plant in the country, generating excellent return on investment for its investors. This institution will serve the laboratory analytical and R & D requirements of all its customers on time, with highest regard for quality, safety of its personnel, and environment-friendliness, knowing that this will greatly assist PAIM to attain its objectives. It is also the Chemical & Metallurgical Laboratory's mission and ultimate intention to serve the needs of its customers with particular emphasis on the gold mining industry, in a profitable yet environment-friendly manner, taking into consideration the concerns of all its stakeholders, the customers, PAIM, and its investors, the government, and, last but not the least, its personnel consisting of world-class and cream-of-the-crop Filipino engineers.

Pearl Asian Mining Industries ''Operation Gold Finger'' April, 2005 Reports: XYZ Gold Project Showed an Estimated Ore Reserve of over 2.4 Million Metric Tons of Gold & Silver
Tuesday March 7, 6:00 am ET
US $60,285 Per Day X 360 Days Per Year Operation = $21,702,600.00 Estimated Annual Gross Revenue

PASIG CITY, Philippines--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 2006--Pearl Asian Mining Industries, Inc. (OTC:PAIM - News) reports: The XYZ Gold Project (Town of Baleno) is located in Barangay Concahorao, Baleno, Province of Masbate. The area is app. 25 miles southeast of the known Masbate Gold Operations of the former Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation in Aroroy, Masbate Island. The Masbate Island is approximately 2,530 square miles and is populated by Small Scale Miners in every part of its territory with a total production of 6 to 8 kilos (estimated 257.21 ounces) of gold per day equivalent @ $500 / ounce = $128,605.00 USD daily.

This is a Pre-World War II Gold Mining Area with numerous gold vein tunnels that assay shows average of 15 grams to a high of 90.37 grams per ton of gold and 533.6 grams per ton of silver, plus other minerals like molybdenum and zinc. The initial exploration showed an estimated 1.5 million metric tons of gold & silver reserves. The Baleno XYZ Gold Project workings indicate a good potential of the area, thus continuous exploration was made by private mining companies during the 1970's and the 1980's including the RP-JICA Project in 1988.

Pearl Asian Mining hired Mayon Geotech and Geo-Environmental Services which have conducted a geological survey of the area last December, 2004, and semi-detailed to detailed exploration survey last April, 2005. The semi-detailed to detailed exploration survey works included rehabilitation of old tunnels, rehabilitation of old and new trenches. Series of quartz veins from 100 mm up to 2,500mm were prominent in the area. The April, 2005 Geological & Exploration Report performed by the MGGS for Pearl Asian Mining showed an estimated ore reserve of over 2.4 million metric tons of gold & silver.

Processing at an average of 15 grams per ton of gold ore to produce an estimated 3,750 grams of gold = est. 120.57 ounces per day @ $500 / ounce is estimated equal to $60,285.00 per day in production.

US $60,285 per day X 360 days per year operation = $21,702,600.00 estimated annual gross revenue.

Viability: The XYZ Gold property indicates potential viability, using above data and applying a 0.5 safety factor for the concerned assay. Using conservative figures for Pearl Asian's profit and loss projection, the XYZ Gold Project showed positive net income after taxes on the second year of operation utilizing the following assumptions: (A) Milling rate @ 50,000 metric tons per year small scale production; (B) Metal price of gold @ US$460/ounce (US$561.60/ounce as of this writing); © Silver price @ US$7/ounce; (D) Capital cost needed @ US$3.0 million; (E) Conservative operating cost (subject to further modifications once available information is completed).

Further exploration and rehabilitation of the existing tunnels are already planned and continuously ongoing this year 2006. Investors should not be concerned of any immediate reverse split for six (6) months or after one (1) year update. The Philippine Government had released and lifted up the emergency government alert. Mining in the Philippines has an ideal legal atmosphere, is conducive for most mining explorations and productions. The Philippine Mining Law is one of the best as it protects not only its people but also its environment.

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113 Postings, 5890 Tage almuraGuten morgen

19.11.07 10:31
Ich eins jetzt nicht verstanden. Gab es ein Split und wir ist er zu rechnen? kann mir das jemand sagen.  

1258 Postings, 7034 Tage JingOhne Worte! Einfach sprachlos,

19.11.07 11:11
schon wieder Split oder was?
Aber, Paim foerdert doch schon Gold, also hat die Firma
einen gewissen Wert und der verteilt sich jetzt auf wenige
Aktien. Irgendwann muss sich das im Kurs niederschlagen.
Die wollen die Kurzfristzocker filmen und selbst abzocken
bei der Gelegenheit.
Zockergeld, bleibt einfach mal liegen.  

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckyKeine durchblick mehr

20.11.07 17:35
Ich dachte es gibt einen 500:1 Split
oder was geht
und PAIIP 75:1 Split

246513 Postings, 6669 Tage buran?

21.11.07 18:28
...glaube wir stehen momentan bei einem halbe Eurocent.Das ist duchaus okay.Ich finde dass es nur eine Richtung zur Zeit geben sollte.:-)

62 Postings, 7380 Tage benny17hallo

24.11.07 13:50
wann wird der Split durchtgeführt?  

1258 Postings, 7034 Tage JingTonnenweise Gold freigewaschen

29.11.07 12:16
durch letzten Taifun!
Steht wirklich auf WO, Posting 34826,
(aus dem Zusammenhang genommen).
So haben wenigstens auch mal die Paim-Aktionaere
was zu lachen, auch wenns den Kurs (noch) nicht

Gruesse Jing  

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckySplit Heute

03.12.07 14:55
durchgeführt 500:1
eröffnung müsste dann 0,15$ sein
dann kanns wieder mächtig richtung süden gehen

1010 Postings, 6243 Tage singernot@schnucky

03.12.07 15:03
Ist das in Deinem Depot hier in Deutschland schon so gebucht?
Oder ist das nur Deine Vermutung?

Hoffe noch immer, dass es auch wieder mal nach Norden geht...  

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnucky@singernot

03.12.07 15:09
Buchung ist vermutlich erst um 15.30Uhr
oder es geht wie immer soger ein paar Tage
Kurs bei Consors zeigt schon 0,09$ an

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckyKeine durchblick mehr Teil2

03.12.07 18:26

Kurs bei Consors wieder runter 0,0003$ NÖ NÖ Nö keiner weiß bescheid


MANILA, Philippines--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pearl Asian Mining Industries, Inc., Stock Symbols: USA (OTC Common Shares: PAIM)(OTC Preferred Shares: PAIIP); Germany (Xeta: R1z.De) And (Frankfurt: R1z.F - News) today announced that by a special corporate action, resolved, acknowledged, and approved by the Board of Directors and the 57% of its majority shareholders, the following actions are being undertaken in consistent with the company’s capital restructuring, effective Monday, November 19, 2007 (Record Date). 1 for 500 REVERSE SPLIT of all Issued and Outstanding Common Shares. Note, pre-split Common Shares CUSIP# 704755 107: ISN#US704755 107 9, (Old Symbol: PAIM) have been assigned a new CUSIP # 704755 404: ISN#US704755 404 9. The post-split outstanding public float for Common Shares will be 8,540,057 Common Shares. Reduction of the number of Authorized Common Shares from “4.0 Billion” (4,000,000,000) to 20.0 Million (20,000,000). 1 for 75 REVERSE SPLIT of all Issued and Outstanding Preferred Shares. Note, pre-split Preferred Shares bearing CUSIP # 704755 30 5 ISN # 704755 305 9 (Symbol: PAIIP) have been assigned a new CUSIP # 704755 503: ISN# US704755 503 9. The post-split outstanding public float for Preferred Shares will be 40,000 Preferred Shares.


246513 Postings, 6669 Tage buran#3597

04.12.07 11:58
Schon wieder einer?  

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckyPaim Split

10.12.07 18:20
Datum wurde einfach geändert Split 11.12.07
also morgen,
Alte Leier, Pleitegeier

246513 Postings, 6669 Tage buran@Alle

10.12.07 18:28
für wie dämlich haltet ihr Paim-Bonzen uns eigentlich?!  

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckyGrunz

10.12.07 18:52
Es erwischt immer wieder einige die kräftig Bluten müssen
Ich bin nun ausgeblutet.

1258 Postings, 7034 Tage JingWo bleibt die Dividende?

11.12.07 12:56
Sollte nicht im Okt. 0,00002 Dividende kommen?
Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere. Zugesagt wurde doch
auf den Altaktienbestand. Wird die Div. nun auf die
Splitaktien bezahlt? Und wegen Nichtigkeit ganz ver-


369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnucky@Jing

11.12.07 13:48

Die 0,00002$ waren für die 95% der eingezogenen Aktien und wurden schon ausbezahlt.
Datum war 2.11.07
Eine Divi gabs noch am 31.08.07 mit 0,00001$
Villeicht meinst du das.

1258 Postings, 7034 Tage JingThanks Schnuky,

12.12.07 11:45
dann war das irgend ein Eingang den ich nicht zuordnen
konnte. Geht alles ueber Internetbanking bei mir. Meine
Depotbank ist 12 Flugstunden von mir entfernt. Werde ich
sehen wenn ich 2008 wieder in Deutschland bin.
Spricht ja schon fuer die PAIM, dass sie ueberhaupt
bezahlt haben.


369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckyEs lebe die neue

13.12.07 16:08
Na dann bis zum 0,0001$ und wieder ist alles flöten.

8687 Postings, 6188 Tage Tykosehr nett, minus 80%mit neuem NAMEN

14.12.07 06:13
Könnte kotzen!

246513 Postings, 6669 Tage buranlass einfach kommen!

14.12.07 09:18

146 Postings, 6946 Tage KevinnPaim= Znxt

14.12.07 09:35
Es gibt schon einen neuen Thread ZNXT eingeben dann auf Forumsuche unten klicken.
Gruß Kevinn  

246513 Postings, 6669 Tage buranmuss man nicht verstehen

14.12.07 11:12

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckyPaim= Znxt !!

14.12.07 14:25
Wir lieben unseren alten Thread
er hat uns schon soviel Nerven Kohle gekostet.

369 Postings, 6325 Tage schnuckyZnxt

14.12.07 17:00
Paim holt sicher bald Axia als Geldvernichter Nr.1 auf.

8687 Postings, 6188 Tage TykoSo jetzt 100% im minus! das wars.

21.12.07 19:15

oder einfach gesagt.


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