PCCW: Nur gute Nachrichten.....

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1943 Postings, 8803 Tage TraderPCCW: Nur gute Nachrichten.....

22.08.00 09:49
aber der Kurs stagniert. Abwarten und Tee trinken!!
Hier noch eine Meldung:

Tuesday, 22 August 2000
C&WHKT gets go-ahead for Asia cables

By Newsbytes

Cable & Wireless HKT (C&W HKT), now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Internet giant Pacific Century CyberWorks, has been given permission to start constructing fibre optic cables linking Hong Kong to Shanghai in China and Malaysia.
The cable project is one part of the company’s plan to rapidly expand its broadband Internet, ATM and wireless services outside of Hong Kong – with Greater China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia the main focus.
The Hong Kong Government on Friday gave the telecom company permits to land the cables in Hong Kong off Lantau Island and begin laying two submarine cables.
The fibre optic submarine cables will provide telecommunication facilities and services to the Asia-Pacific region by connecting Hong Kong with Kuantan on the east coast of Malaysia and Chongming for Shanghai, China.
Work will start in November of this year and last for several months.

Gruss Trader

1943 Postings, 8803 Tage TraderPCCW + SONY!!!!

22.08.00 10:36
TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 22, 2000--Pacific Century CyberWorks (``PCCW'' SEHK: 0008.HK) announced today it will work with Sony PCL Inc. to build a JPY 4.2 billion (US$40 million) studio in Tokyo, aiming to bring its NOW (Network of the World) service to Japan by mid-2001.

Pacific Century CyberWorks-Japan (PCCW Japan), a wholly owned subsidiary of PCCW, will, subject to signing of legally binding agreements, form a strategic business alliance with Sony PCL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation. Sony PCL will provide leading-edge audio and visual hardware and technical support in the construction and development of PCCW-Japan's NOW studio, expected to begin later this year.

Sony PCL will also assist PCCW-Japan with the recruitment and training of more than 100 new employees with experience in TV program production, website design and other related areas to operate the studio. Costs of providing such support and assistance will be agreed with Sony PCL.

``The construction of a cutting-edge studio in Tokyo deepens our long-term commitment to the Japanese market,'' said Todd Bonner of PCCW-Japan. ``This is a key part of both our Japan strategy and PCCW's global strategy to drive broadband content distribution to consumers around the globe.''

Rolled out in June 2000 from its London studio, NOW is the world's first truly converged TV-web service. NOW delivers two features: a linear TV experience and streaming video synchronized to web content. With NOW, TV viewer and Internet users become ``viewsers,'' who can drill down into vortals (vertical portals) for in-depth content, including video clips, graphics, animation, text and web links.

The Tokyo studio will plan, develop and edit content for NOW Japan. It will also edit and translate popular Japanese content into multiple languages for export via NOW's global network.

``The new studio demonstrates PCCW's commitment to the development of broadband Internet in Japan,'' said Shiro Koriyama, Chairman of Sony PCL. ``We are delighted to be contributing to this and are looking forward to working with PCCW-Japan on this project.''

Additional NOW studios are planned for New York and Greater China.

About Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW)

Pacific Century CyberWorks is the Hong Kong-listed technology flagship of the Pacific Century Group. PCCW is one of the world's biggest Internet companies, and is the largest Internet company in Asia by market capitalisation.

Focused on global growth, PCCW is developing a full spectrum of broadband Internet capabilities, and is aiming to become the premiere provider of telecommunications, digital technology and new media services. With the August 2000 Cable & Wireless HKT merger, the Company has developed an innovative 8 X 3 business model that runs eight business units within three operating sectors:

Telecommunications Services - Principally comprising telecommunications and other value-added services based on the Company's fibre-optic network in Hong Kong.
Global Communications Services - Fast-expanding mobility and global connectivity services.
Net Enterprises - Broadband B2C (Network of the World TV-web service), B2B business services, Data Center services and CyberWorks Ventures, which invests in synergistic core businesses.
About Pacific Century CyberWorks Japan Ltd.

PCCW-Japan was established in January 2000 as a subsidiary of PCCW, and is driving broadband Internet content, infrastructure and distribution throughout the country via alliances and investments in related content providers, TV companies, advertising agencies, and network and cable TV companies. PCCW-Japan will finalize its acquisition of Jaleco Corporation in November 2000.

About Sony PCL Inc

Sony PCL Inc is a 100% owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation. It is a leading supplier of technical services to the film, video, television and electronic publishing industries in Japan. They have a long working experience with a wide range of media, such as film, still photography, tape, cassette, optical disc, etc.

157 Postings, 8759 Tage stockdriverHi Trader !

22.08.00 23:06
Schön daß es noch Leute gibt,die nicht nur dann dabei sind,
wenn die Kurse Flügel bekommen !
Hier ein Bericht ( ich weiß es ist anstrengend ) für die Leute die auf dem Laufenen bleiben wollen .

Pacific Century CyberWorks Debuts on New York Stock Exchange

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2000 6:20:00 AM EST
NEW YORK, Aug 22, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) began trading today on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under ticker symbol "PCW." The launch of PCCW's sponsored American Depository Receipt (ADR) program on the NYSE follows the completion on August 17 of its landmark merger with one of Asia's leading communications companies, Cable & Wireless HKT Limited.

"Listing PCCW shares on the NYSE will help us build our U.S. investor base and international presence," said Alexander Arena, Deputy Chairman of the Company's Executive Committee. "This listing will provide U.S. investors with direct access to the stock of our company, which we believe will be a pre-eminent New Economy growth vehicle for Asia and the world.

"Listing on the NYSE also assures investors of the company's commitment to accountability and transparency," Arena said.

PCCW runs eight business units, grouped into three operating sectors: Telecommunications Services, Global Communications Services and Net Enterprises. Telecommunications Services consists of fixed line operations, and represents the engine room providing cash for the other two high-growth sectors. Operating initially in Hong Kong, this sector will expand into Greater China and eventually worldwide.

Global Communications Services consists of two business units: Mobility Services and Connectivity Services. Strategic joint ventures will allow this sector to expand regionally and globally.

The third sector is Net Enterprises, consisting of four business units: Broadband Business to Consumer Services, Business to Business Services, Data Center/Web Hosting Services and CyberWorks Ventures. The company has more than 5 million customer accounts, comprising 3.7 million business and residential telephone customers, nearly one million mobile customers and over one-half million Internet subscribers including 77,000 broadband residential and business customers.

Earlier this month PCCW acquired 81% of Jaleco Ltd., the Japanese entertainment software producer listed on JASDAQ, facilitating the Company's entry into Japan's broadband market.

Each PCCW American Depository Receipt (ADR) represents 10 ordinary shares traded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong 0008.


About PCCW

PCCW is the largest Internet company in Asia by market capitalization, and one of the largest Internet companies in the world. PCCW recently completed Asia's largest merger with Cable and Wireless HKT, Hong Kong's top telecommunications company. This positions PCCW to take advantage of the expanding Internet, broadband and communications opportunities across the world. With strategic businesses in broadband B2C, B2B, mobility, connectivity, web hosting and venture capital services, and strong cash-flow businesses in telecommunications and infrastructure services, PCCW is building on its aggressive global growth strategy.

CONTACT:Pacific Century CyberWorks, Hong Kong
Joan Wagner, 852-9128-1155
Fleishman-Hillard New York
Charles Sipkins, 212/453-2160



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