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8970 Postings, 6566 Tage bammieja wenn dann standardmäßig All Inclusive, gell o. T.

20.10.04 15:35

8970 Postings, 6566 Tage bammieaba nich bei deiner Frau testen, ok ? ;) o. T.

20.10.04 15:39

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationwar doch nix gestern... sowas!!

21.10.04 14:29
geht heute was?  

8970 Postings, 6566 Tage bammienää, schau mal in den annern Thread

21.10.04 14:42
hab interessante Beiträge gepostet. :)

Das die news nix großes wird war klar.



4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationNeomedia news!!

25.10.04 20:10
NeoMedia's PaperClick Platform Now Available in Australasia Through Mobile Marketing/m-Commerce Leader AURA Digital Communications
Monday October 25, 8:30 am ET

FORT MYERS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 25, 2004--The popular PaperClick® platform from NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:NEOM - News), which links cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA's) and PC's directly to Web pages and online data through bar codes and other identifiers, is now available in Australasia through a new reseller agreement with a leading provider of mobile marketing and m-commerce solutions.


Charles T. Jensen, president, CEO and COO of NeoMedia, said a contract has been signed with AURA Digital Communications of Sydney, Australia, to offer patented PaperClick technology to wireless carriers and manufacturers "wishing to enhance or expand their product and service offerings. Along with targeting the wireless industry, NeoMedia is growing its distribution network worldwide," he said, "making PaperClick technology immediately available to product marketers who wish to directly, effectively, efficiently and interactively reach their mobile target audiences.

"Australasia, like Europe, is a leader consumer of wireless technologies, particularly cell phones and PDA's," said Jensen. "Much as PaperClick received a strong reception when it was introduced in Europe earlier this year, we believe that, marketed by AURA, it will also be embraced by the wireless communications and technology industries in Australasia."

PaperClick an 'Ideal Fit' with AURA'

NeoMedia's Jensen called PaperClick "an ideal fit for the solutions-oriented approach of AURA. PaperClick makes information retrieval truly wireless," he said. "PaperClick for Camera Cell Phones lets users take pictures of a bar codes and display data on the screens of their Nokia® 3650 or 3660s. Or they can use PaperClick Mobile Go-Window(TM), our new wireless product that creates a text-entry window on a phone or PDA screen where the numeric value of a code can be entered for automatic linking to specific online information."

Adam Dunne, sales and marketing director for AURA, shared Jensen's excitement.

"Cell phones have become an essential part of our modern lifestyle and culture as now far more people have them than have PC's," he said. "The natural evolution is for consumers to want their mobile devices to offer much more than just simple voice, text and data services. We see PaperClick technology providing consumers and business with a range of m-commerce solutions, such as simple and secure bill payment and product purchasing, as well as instant access to valuable and relevant information."

AURA, Dunne said, was established by a team of executives who previously all held senior positions in the Australian marketing and IT industries, and specializes in developing online/wireless marketing and enterprise applications which utilize mobile bar code technology and premium rate and reverse billed SMS. AURA, he said, delivers a wide range of online and wireless applications, from Web sites to complete e-commerce solutions, to suit clients across a range of industries.

In the U.S., information on PaperClick is available at (630) 435-9200, x122, or by e-mailing Throughout Australasia, PaperClick information is available at +612 9434 0590 or by e-mailing adam@aur  

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationmore NEWS!!

27.10.04 13:24
Press Release Source: NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.

NeoMedia Technologies to Issue First Stock Dividend, with Distribution of Shares of IPoint-Media Ltd. of Tel Aviv
Tuesday October 26, 8:30 am ET

FT. MYERS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 26, 2004--NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM - News), today announced its intention to issue its first-ever stock dividend with the distribution of common shares of IPoint-Media Ltd. of Tel Aviv as a property dividend.
Charles T. Jensen, president, CEO and COO of NeoMedia, said NeoMedia will distribute 5% (or 20,435 shares) of IPoint's common stock. All NeoMedia shareholders of record as of November 17, 2004 will be eligible for the dividend, he said, and are expected to receive one share of registered, free-trading IPoint stock for approximately every 18,000 shares of NeoMedia stock they own.

Mr. Jensen said that the date of the property dividend payment will be announced after the Securities and Exchange Commission declares IPoint's SB-2 registration statement effective.

On September 13, 2004, NeoMedia, a developer and international marketer of software and patented technologies which link products, print, and physical objects directly to targeted online data, announced the signing of a business development and investment agreement with IPoint-Media. Ltd. Specializing in customer interaction management, iPoint developed the world's first IP video call centers for Deutsche Telecom®, and also provides video access services to SONY® Europe.

On the signing of that agreement, Mr. Jensen said NeoMedia immediately received 7 percent of the stock in IPoint, and that it also acquired an additional 10 percent of IPoint for a $1 million investment.

"NeoMedia is pleased to reward our loyal shareholders with this stock property dividend," Mr. Jensen said. "When NeoMedia agreed to take an interest in IPoint, I noted that the two companies shared synergies in product and mission, and that we were both innovators who created leading-edge solutions for a worldwide, world-class customer base. Today's announcement is the first fruit from what we hope will be a fruitful relationship."

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationNEWS zum dritten!!

27.10.04 18:22
NeoMedia Technologies Enters Marketing Alliance With Fortune 500 Company SAIC to Create Mobile 'WordRegistry'
Wed 11:42am - Business Wire

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationRT: +15.87% 0.073$

27.10.04 18:39
war heute schon auf 0.08$  

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationRT: +22.22% 0.077$ *gg* o. T.

27.10.04 18:49

18960 Postings, 7961 Tage preisfuchshier kommt ja richtig leben in die bude

27.10.04 19:23
dachte schon es wäre ein fehlkauf. mal sehen wie der nächste monat verlauft :-)  

4023 Postings, 6837 Tage Dope4youWurde auch Zeit :) o. T.

27.10.04 19:54

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationgeht heute wieder was?

29.10.04 11:41
gestern war ja mehr so zum vergessen....  

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationist wieder tote hose heute... o. T.

29.10.04 17:16

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovation+4.62% tendenz steigend ;-) o. T.

02.11.04 17:33

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationNEWS! wusste gar nicht dass die auch lackreparatur

02.11.04 19:00
tools verkaufen....

Press Release Source: NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.

NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair Makes Auto Aftermarket Week Debut at NACE
Tuesday November 2, 8:30 am ET

FORT MYERS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 2, 2004--NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair, which revolutionized the profit picture for small paint repairs, will make its trade show debut at NACE 2004, the collision repair industry's main event, during Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week starting Thursday in Las Vegas.

A business unit of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM - News), NeoMedia Micro Paint will be in NACE Booth #5214 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Repairs in Less Than an Hour

The proprietary NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair System uses a chemical adhesion rather than old-fashioned mechanical adhesion, and completes undetectable repairs of scratches, scrapes and blemishes on vehicles in a fraction of the traditional time . . . usually less than an hour.

With the NeoMedia System, the area to be repaired is isolated, without extensive and time-consuming masking or costly removal of panels or parts, much like arthroscopic surgery, which allows repair of injuries to humans in a far-less-invasive manner. Scratches down to bare metal, oxidized paint - even high metallic, pearl and tri-coat finishes - can all be corrected with NeoMedia's products and process, which employs proprietary technology and safe materials, totally free from harmful isocyanates.

"This incredibly quick turnaround lets shops work on many more cars a day," said Art Gilfus, vice present of global sales of NeoMedia Micro Paint. "Car dealers and repair businesses who use the NeoMedia Micro Paint System have realized dramatic increases in margins and profits while their satisfied customers have been able to drive away in their perfectly-repaired cars in hours rather than lose use of them for one, two or even three days."

"Targeting the Worldwide Auto Aftermarket"

"NeoMedia Micro Paint is targeting the worldwide auto aftermarket," said Gilfus, citing recent agreements which brought his company's products to Australasia and Canada.

"In June, we took a major step toward global expansion by signing a distribution agreement with Micro Paint Systems (Australasia) Limited of New Zealand," he said. The agreement gave exclusive distribution rights to NeoMedia's micro paint repair products in Australia and New Zealand, contingent on a minimum purchase of 500 systems over five years, which would generate approximately $23 million in revenue to NeoMedia.

"Then," said Gilfus, "in August, NeoMedia signed a distribution agreement with MDA Co-Auto Ltd., the largest buying consortium for new car franchised dealers in Western Canada." Running through 2006, that agreement, said Gilfus, "gave exclusive rights to MDA (Motor Dealer's Association) Co-Auto, and would generate a minimum of $2 million to NeoMedia if the minimum sales target is achieved."

MDA Co-Auto has more than 1,050 members throughout Western Canada are franchised dealers for virtually all cars, including Ford®, General Motors®, Chrysler®, Honda®, Toyota®, BMW®, Volkswagen® and Audi®. MDA will, said Gilfus, private-label the NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair products and system for sale to its member dealers, who should then be able to quickly and efficiently repair paint on new cars damaged in transport, trade in or leased vehicles and cars brought in by customers.

Marketing to Stand-Alone Businesses

"NeoMedia is also actively marketing to stand-alone body and repair shops, auto glass specialists, and entrepreneurially-driven businesses which want to add to or create a new profit center," Gilfus said. "There is plenty of business for all," he said. "Dealers, stand-alone body shops and even start-ups can show immediate and on-going profit through the NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair System."

A new six-minute video detailing the NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair System for stand-alone businesses is available online at "This is an exciting video which provides a wealth of information to businesses about joining the NeoMedia team," Gilfus said.

Information is available by calling Gilfus at (239) 337-3434, X 119, e-mailing him at, or visiting

NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair, Inc.

NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair, Inc., is a business unit of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. Formerly known as CSI International Inc. (, the company specializes in products and services for the worldwide micro paint repair industry, including a system and processes utilizing proprietary technology.


4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationups: +18% o. T.

03.11.04 18:15

87 Postings, 6523 Tage harrisanHallo standig

03.11.04 21:49
damit du hier nicht immer allein posten musst - ich bin schon geraume zeit bei neom investiert und habe auch das eine oder andere mal short einen gewinn mitgenommen - allerdings habe ich mir immer noch einige leigen lassen und wenn ich mir die news der letzten monate so ansehe, glaub ich auch gut zu liegen. Noki - Intel - kleine Dividende - jetzt die Lackgeschichte .... die sind mächtig am machen und ich bin sicher, da kommt noch einiges erfreuliches auf uns zu.

Dann freuen wir uns drauf  

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationwillkommen harrisan

04.11.04 07:39
stehe dieser sache auch + gegenüber!
freue mich schon auf 15.30h!!
gestern: +12% und 11mio handel  

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationRT: +17.57% bei vol: 4.8mio nach 45min trade... o. T.

04.11.04 16:15

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovation15mio & +14% schon wieder ;-) o. T.

04.11.04 21:30

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationund wieder sind wir fett im plus: 0.092$ beo +8% o. T.

05.11.04 16:15

15890 Postings, 7435 Tage Calibra210,10er Marke wird heute geknackt!

05.11.04 16:34
Es rollen nämlich wieder fette Pakete über den Börsentisch bei dem Amis  

4012 Postings, 6804 Tage standingovationder umsatz ist krass: 9.41% bei 4mio aktien o. T.

05.11.04 16:40

15890 Postings, 7435 Tage Calibra21Neues Hoch!

05.11.04 16:48
Realtime in Deutschland 0,075 €! Der Zug fährt und fährt Richtung 0,10$  

15890 Postings, 7435 Tage Calibra21Warum kauft keiner in Frankfurt??

05.11.04 16:59
Bid und Ask 0,065 zu 0,075!!!Realtime!  

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