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78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMicron: Wir können die Nachfrage nicht mehr decken

01.04.21 11:42
Micron könnte vor einem wahren Geldregen stehen. Vervielfacht sich der Gewinn in den kommenden Quartalen? Steigende DRAM-Preise und Vollauslastung könnten genau dazu führen.
Das Hauptgeschäft von Micron entfällt auf DRAM -Arbeitsspeicher. Der Markt wird weltweit von drei Akteuren beherrscht, neben Micron sind das Samsung und SK Hynix.
Das erlaubt es allen drei Herstellern, in diesem Markt hohe Gewinne zu erzielen. Die Margen sind für die Hardware-Branche sogar außerordentlich hoch.
Unter Vollauslastung konnte und kann Micron operative Margen von knapp 50% erreichen.
...Bereits jetzt übersteigt die DRAM-Nachfrage das Angebot. Micron arbeitet unter Vollauslastung bei gleichzeitig steigenden Preisen.
Im ersten Halbjahr legte der Umsatz von 9,94 auf 12,01 Mrd. USD zu, ein Plus von 20%.
Das Ergebnis legte sogar um 55% auf 1,23 USD je Aktie zu.
Die Aktie ist übergeordnet klar bullisch und könnte zeitnah wieder das Jahreshoch bei 95 USD ansteuern.Darüber käme es zu einem Kaufsignal mit extrapolierten Kurszielen bei 105 und 110 USD.....


Micron hat es heute morgen sogar in die Nachrichtenzeile von n-tv geschafft  

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMicron macht Freudensprung

01.04.21 11:46
....Die Micron-Aktie befindet sich in einer Konsolidierung. Diese sollte früher oder später nach oben aufgelöst werden. Es sollte also zu einem Ausbruch über 97,50 USD kommen. Gelingt dies tatsächlich, dann wäre Platz für eine weitere Rally in Richtung 140 USD......

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1356 Postings, 1573 Tage Hitman2Aktuelle Analyse der Micron Technology Aktie

01.04.21 18:46

1356 Postings, 1573 Tage Hitman2Löschung

01.04.21 19:39

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78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyDB hebt Kz auf $110 Buy

02.04.21 13:39
Micron expects F3Q (May) revenues to come in between $6.9 and $7.3 billion, higher than Wall Street’s forecast of $6.75 billion. The company’s EPS guidance is in the $1.55-$1.69 range, far higher than the consensus calls for $1.33.The company also said that as enterprise spending picks up and cloud demand strengthens, data center demand should get an additional boost in the year’s second half.

Not mincing his words, Deutsche Bank analyst Sidney Ho says things are looking “pretty, pretty, pretty good through CY21.”
“MU's outlook for CY21 in both DRAM and NAND has improved since its last earnings call with strong demand driven by multiple key end markets including cloud, enterprise, mobile and PC,” Ho said. “Post results, we have increased conviction in the business environment for MU in CY21 and believe that the stock should continue to trade at a premium to its historical P/B as it benefits from strong DRAM and NAND markets.”
Accordingly, Ho raised his F3Q EPS estimate to $1.62 from the prior $1.22. For CY21, Ho also increased his EPS forecast - from $6.13 to $7.50.
All in all, there’s no change to Ho’s rating which stays a Buy. The $110 price target remains, too, suggesting upside of 19% over the next 12 months


78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMicron Overtakes Korean Memory Players

06.04.21 10:59
Recently, Micron’s technological achievements have surpassed those of domestic memory players. In terms of relative return in the semiconductor sector, Micron is expected to lead going forward. As the technology gap between companies has narrowed, memory investment is set to remain conservative going forward. This is positive for memory supply/demand.
Micron develops world's first 1αnm DRAM
Micron’s recent technological achievements are outstanding. In Jan 2021, the firm completed development of the world’s first 1αnm DRAM. It also unveiled the world’s first 176-layer 3D NAND in Nov 2020. Such achievements mark a stark contrast from the past, when Micron used to rank second or third in both the DRAM and NAND markets.
....Its production fabs and development organizations scattered across Japan, Taiwan, and the US have shown synergies recently. Elaborate fab operations across countries, tactful tech migration to different processes by fab, and flexible product mix changes are contributing to profitability.

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyGrosse Nachfrage kann Micron in neue Höhen bringen

09.04.21 12:30
"...we believe that Micron stock could rise more than 10% to set new highs above $100, driven by expectations of continued demand growth and strong Q2 2021 results despite the pandemic. Our dashboard What Factors Drove 191% Change In Micron Technology Stock Between 2018 And Now? has the underlying numbers behind our thinking.....Net margins dropped from 46.5% to 12.5% over this period, as a drop in ASPs led to a drop in gross margins. Despite a 4% drop in outstanding share count, EPS dropped 80% from $12.27 in 2018 to $2.42 in 2020.
Micron’s P/E (price-to-earnings) multiple rose from 3x in 2018 to 31x by 2020 end, as the semiconductor supply glut cleared out, implying a rise in demand. The multiple has further jumped to 38x currently,...We believe that the company’s P/E ratio has the potential to increase more in the near term on expectations of continuing demand growth and a favorable shareholder return policy, thus driving the stock price higher."  

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMU Is the Best Growth Stock You Can Buy Right now

09.04.21 19:39

Despite facing some volatility amid the sell-off in tech stocks, it has beaten the broader market's returns by a substantial margin, and the company's latest quarterly results make it clear why.The memory specialist's fiscal second-quarter 2021 revenue and earnings exceeded Wall Street estimates and were at the higher end of Micron's guidance range. What's more, the company's Q3 forecast also crushed expectations and indicates that the company isn't going to run out of steam any time soon,....  

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMicron Technology Drams, Memory, Financials

16.04.21 09:59
"...its most impactful competitive advantage lies in its position in the DRAM market. The company is one of only three producers of DRAM chips, which made up 68% of company revenue in 2020. TrendForce reports that Micron held 23% of the DRAM market as of the end of 2020. And the fact that it became one of the top 20 patent registrants in 2020 points to a commitment to maintain and deepen its edge.
Micron also continues to benefit from a much larger trend. In past years, it made memory primarily for PCs. However, its memory business has recently experienced an exponential demand surge as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data centers, smartphones, and other devices come to rely on its chips.

Micron's financials
This secular demand increase has helped make downturns less extreme. In the more distant past, slumps in the chip market led to losses, such as the one suffered in fiscal 2016. But the company kept itself profitable even amid falling earnings in 2019 and 2020..... For the first six months of fiscal 2021, revenue increased by about 21% compared to the first six months of fiscal 2020. Over the same period, net income surged 54% as operating expenses experienced only a 5% increase.
Micron only offered financial projections for the upcoming quarter. Still, the $6.9 billion to $7.3 billion of revenue predicted dramatically exceeds the $5.4 billion the company brought in during the same quarter in 2020. Moreover, the company raised its sales forecast for both DRAM and NAND memory for all of fiscal 2021. It predicts DRAM sales will experience a 20% increase from last year's levels, with NAND sales to grow in the low to mid-30% range during the same period.


78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMU about to break out

16.04.21 10:01

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyStrong Demand Revival could drive MU

16.04.21 18:48

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMicron und die neue Kryptowährung Chia

20.04.21 17:51
"Die Situation am Chip-Markt bleibt angespannt – auch für Speicherchips. Dennoch will das Management von Micron die Kapazitäten nicht aggressiv erweitern. Am DRAM-Markt ziehen die Preise daher bereits rasant an und NAND-Chips könnten bald folgen. Insbesondere aufgrund des neuesten Aufruhrs rund um die Kryptowährung Chia...."https://www.deraktionaer.de/artikel/aktien/...0229095.html?feed=ariva

Die Kryptowährung Chia sorgt für Aufsehen: Mitte März 2021 ging das sogenannte Mainnet live – seitdem lassen sich die Coins "erfarmen" und tauschen. Anders als etwa Bitcoin und Ethereum verzichtet Chia auf einen Proof of Work, bei dem die verfügbare Rechenleistung maßgeblich bestimmt, wer neue Blocks schürft und somit eine Belohnung erhält (Mining).
Stattdessen setzt Chia auf einen "Proof of Space and Time". Kurz gesagt: Je mehr ungenutzter Speicherplatz zur Verfügung steht, desto höher ist die Chance, einen neuen Block zu bestimmen und so eine Belohnung von Chia-Coins (Kürzel XCH) zu erhalten.....Das Prinzip benötigt deutlich weniger Energie als Bitcoin und Ethereum, sorgt aber für einen hohen Bedarf an Datenträgern. Laut der chinesischsprachigen Webseite HKEPC steigen die Preise in Hongkong bereits rasant. Insbesondere Enterprise-SSDs, die sich häufiger beschreiben lassen als günstigere Endkundenversionen, und HDDs mit 4 bis 18 TByte Kapazität sollen betroffen sein...Für Neueinsteiger ist Chia derweil eine riskante Investition: Das Netzwerk vereint bereits fast 450 Petabyte an Speicherplatz. Selbst mit ein paar Dutzend Terabyte stehen die Chancen auf eine Block-Belohnung schlecht. Zudem handelt bisher keine Krypto-Börse Chia-Coins, also XCH.
.Die Kryptowährung erhält derzeit viel Aufmerksamkeit, weil dahinter Bram Cohen steckt, der auch die Filesharing-Plattform BitTorrent gegründet hat.


78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyBetter Buy: Micron Technology vs. AMD

21.04.21 10:55
"...Supply disruptions and strong demand for memory chips have sent the prices of DRAM (dynamic random access memory) and NAND flash memory soaring, helping Micron turn its fortunes around over the past year.This tailwind has recently helped Micron deliver terrific results. The company's fiscal second-quarter revenue and earnings increased nicely year over year, and the company also delivered solid guidance. Micron's revenue shot up 30% year over year last quarter, and soaring memory prices sent the company's adjusted earnings to $0.98 per share from $0.45 per share in the year-ago period.
Non-GAAP gross margin was up to 32.9% last quarter, an increase of 3.8 percentage points over the year-ago quarter. Micron is anticipating $7.1 billion in revenue this quarter, which would translate into 31% year-over-year growth. The company expects earnings of $1.62 per share this quarter, which would be nearly double the year-ago quarter's figure of $0.82 per share.
Micron estimates that the DRAM market will remain severely undersupplied in 2021, as supply growth won't be as strong as the bit demand growth of 20%. This isn't surprising, as DRAM manufacturers reportedly cut capital expenses by 20% in 2020, according to IC Insights....."  

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyZacks mit Strong Buy für Micron

21.04.21 18:26
The global chip shortage has some on Wall Street nervous and MU shares have fallen 9% since setting records on April 12—closed regular trading Tuesday at $87.48 a share. This might offer a more enticing buying opportunity as it falls below neutral (50) RSI levels at 44, especially considering that the historically cyclical memory chip company posted strong Q2 FY21 results on March 31.

MU’s sales climbed 30% in Q2 to extend its streak of double-digit sales growth to four straight quarters, as it bounces back from a downturn. The company’s adjusted earnings also skyrocketed and it provided strong guidance, with it set to benefits from key growth areas within tech such as 5G, AI, and data centers.
Zacks estimates call for MU’s fiscal 2021 revenue to jump 25% to $26.8 billion, with FY22 projected to climb another 32% higher. These estimates would mark a strong return to growth after two down years and see FY22 easily top fiscal 2018’s sales total ($30.4 billion) at $35.3 billion.

At the bottom end of the income statement, MU’s adjusted earnings are projected to soar 94% this year and another 99% in fiscal 2022. Micron’s improve bottom-line outlook that’s seen its FY21 and FY22 consensus estimates climb over 40% recently helps it grab a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) right now. And the stock grabs an “A” grade for Momentum in our Style Scores system  

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage Kickyhatten die Hedefonds recht in MU zu investieren?

22.04.21 17:42
...At fourth quarter’s end, a total of 100 of the hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey were long this stock, a change of 27% from the previous quarter. By comparison, 89 hedge funds held shares or bullish call options in MU a year ago. So, let’s find out which hedge funds were among the top holders of the stock and which hedge funds were making big moves.
The largest stake in Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) was held by Arrowstreet Capital, which reported holding $1321.9 million worth of stock at the end of December. It was followed by Appaloosa Management LP with a $601.4 million position. Other investors bullish on the company included Matrix Capital Management, D E Shaw, and Citadel Investment Group. In terms of the portfolio weights assigned to each position Mohnish Pabrai allocated the biggest weight to Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU), around 66.33% of its 13F portfolio. Ariose Capital is also relatively very bullish on the stock, setting aside 24.31 percent of its 13F equity portfolio to MU.

dass ind alte Zahlen ,die neueren hier: https://fintel.io/so/us/mu
wie man deutlich sieht sind einige in den letzten Tagen dazu gekommen (grün) verkauft haben nur zwei (rot)


78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyFitch hat Rating für Micron auf BBB angehoben

22.04.21 17:47
Outlook stabil

offenbar der Grund für die Abwertung heute  

10 Postings, 765 Tage NadinesjneaLöschung

24.04.21 01:28

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78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyDRAM Market Saturation Worries Are Overblown

26.04.21 13:15
In recent quarters, Micron (MU) has benefited from greater demand for its memory products. Despite investor worries that cloud and OEM customer inventory build-ups are becoming oversaturated, following talks with Micron’s CFO, Wells Fargo’s Aaron Rakers thinks these concerns are overblown.
The 5-star analyst said the discussions reinforced his “positive thesis on DRAM bit supply vs. demand and potential for continued stabilization in NAND (demand-driven) into 2H2021.”...
Furthermore, per the conversation, the company is still confident that through 2021, there will continue to be sharp shortages in the DRAM industry. Rakers’ take is that customer inventory levels could presently be characterized as “being in the low/mid-optimal levels.”Elsewhere, Rakers remains confident Micron is executing on its technology roadmap. The company highlighted its belief in the continued 1Znm DRAM ramp and the development of the hugely cost effective 1αnm process node.

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMicron Technology Earnings Preview 2.Quartal

28.04.21 12:06

78881 Postings, 8614 Tage KickyMicron Technology is winning big in mobile

28.04.21 18:48

440 Postings, 2653 Tage 906866 ASchöner Artikel

12.05.21 17:37
welcher die aktuelle Schwäche als klare Kaufchance sieht, da sie auf den Gesamtmarkt und nicht auf das Unternehmen zurückzuführen ist. https://seekingalpha.com/article/...icron-stock-mu-getting-greedy-now Ich sehe es ähnlich: Der aktuelle Aufwärtszyklus befindet sich erst in den Anfängen und wird Micron noch einige starke Quartale bescheren. Schaut man sich den langfristigen Chart an, kann man sehen, dass eine Aufwärtsbewegung immer etwa 2 Jahre angehalten hat, bevor eine längere Korrektur kam.  

661 Postings, 1935 Tage MänkWatchlist

26.05.21 12:49
Micron Technology ist der größte US-amerikanische Hersteller von DRAM- Chips, die in Smartphones bis hin zu Supercomputern eingesetzt werden und steht im Wettbewerb mit der südkoreanischen Samsung Electronics Co. und SK Hynix Inc.
Auf dem Weltmarkt herrscht eine Verknappung des Angebots an DRAM-Chips, dem Kerngeschäft von Micron, in Verbindung mit der starken Nachfrage.

Habe Micron auf meine WL gesetzt - ines der wenigen human bewerteten Ami Tech-UN mit einem hervorragenden Ausblick für 2021 & 2022.

Für das dritte Quartal des Geschäftsjahres 2020/2021 erwartet Micron einen Umsatz (US-GAAP) in der Bandbreite von 7,1 Mrd. US-Dollar plus oder minus 200 Mio. US-Dollar sowie ein Ergebnis je Aktie von 1,45 bis 1,49 US-Dollar. Die Bruttomarge soll indes im gleichen Zeitraum zwischen 39,5 und 41,5 Prozent liegen. Das Ergebnis ist mehr als im kompletten ersten Halbjahr.  

4696 Postings, 1889 Tage neymarMicron Technology

28.05.21 18:45

4696 Postings, 1889 Tage neymarMicron Technology

23.06.21 16:12

248 Postings, 1290 Tage GamenickBin bei Micron schon mal falsch gelegen,

31.07.21 14:17
habe aber meine Meinung geändert, auf 1-2 Jahren denke ich, dass die Aktie sie nochmal verdoppeln könnte. Chartmäßig sieht das Ding auch genauso aus wie AMD vor ein paar Monaten, wo super Quartalszahlen jedes mal abverkauft wurden.  

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