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179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerMeine erste Aktien Vorstellung HIET

09.03.04 16:21
WKN: 777484

03/09/04 1.5700 1.5900 1.5000 1.5300 +0.0300 65575 +2.00%

Composite Indicator -- Signal -- -- Strength -- -- Direction --
Trend Spotter (TM) Buy Strong Strongest
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Last 10 Insider Actions for Hienergy Technologies Inc Full-text of insider filings at  
Date Name Shares Stock Transaction
Chief Executive Officer 26,900 HIET Open Market Sale
proceeds of $32,682.00

02/28/2004 DUSAN KANAZIR
Shareholder 5,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

Shareholder 20,808 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)
estimated proceeds of $25,385.75

02/28/2004 STEVAN KOICKI
Shareholder 10,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

Shareholder 5,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

02/28/2004 SIMA CIRKOVIC
Shareholder 10,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

02/28/2004 DUSAN RADIC
Shareholder 10,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

Shareholder 5,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

02/28/2004 PAMELA J GULLA
Shareholder 50,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

Shareholder 50,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

Shares Out: 31.28M    
Market Cap: 47.55M  

179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerEine sehr interessante Aktie ist

09.03.04 16:38
Sontra Medical WKN: 800355  

6685 Postings, 7730 Tage geldschneiderJede Menge Insider Verkäufe!

28.03.04 14:30
Shareholder 10,000 HIET Proposed Sale (Form 144)

@uszocker Du kannnst gut Englisch?

Das war wohl ein Eigentor!

Und der grüne Sterne Verteiler hats auch nicht gemerkt!  

179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerEigentor?

28.03.04 15:36
Ich bin Zocker!  

179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerWas gab es am diesem Zock auszustetzen?

28.03.04 15:39

6685 Postings, 7730 Tage es in Ordnung

28.03.04 17:18
Von heute an gesehen, wies vorher war, kann man dem Chart ja entnehmen!
Nur das mit den Insiderverkäufen kann man nicht gerade als postive News werten, und gibt eher anlaß zum shorten!
na hast Du geshortet?  

3186 Postings, 7395 Tage lancerevo7stopp...

28.03.04 18:31
...ich würde nicht in HIET investieren. die bude konnte ihren verlust kaum reduzieren und ist momentan mehr als 5 mio. us-$ im minus.

ganz klar: NEIN zu HIET  

6685 Postings, 7730 Tage geldschneiderSag ich doch wegen den Insider Verkäufen!

28.03.04 18:55
Ist das kein guter Wert!


179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerstopp..

28.03.04 21:25
Als ich das gestellt hatte, gab es hier noch kein Hotstock Forum!

Ich bin wie meine ID aussagt, Zocker daher ....
Investieren auf lange Zeit, ein ganz klares NEIN.  

179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockergeldschneider Du kannst gut Englisch?

28.03.04 21:53
@geldschneider, übrigens No.3 "kannnst" wird nur mit zwei "n" geschrieben ;-)

Market Undervalue

Opening Price : 23 cents
10 Day target: $2.87
3 Month Target: $7.43
Outstanding Shares: 5.3 million

Significant short term trading profits in an Environmentally Friendly issue (Ticker: GDLS) are being predicted, set to explode on Monday, March 29th.

Green Dolphin Systems Corp. (GDLS), based in Tennessee, produces and markets a range of environmentally friendly specialty chemical products used in mold and mildew remediation, ceiling and wall restoration, building restoration and preservation (using architectural biocides and protectants), slip-prevention, and industrial dry-cleaning (laundry) applications.

GDLS' products are unique, in that they are based on proprietary water-based formulations, which minimize their impact on people and surroundings, while being highly competitive in terms of quality, performance and cost. GDLS' products are sold primarily to large commercial and institutional operations, including hotels, banks, government buildings, restaurant chains, retail store chains and office buildings. Current customer base includes, among others Taco Bell, WalMart, Sheraton Hotels.

The household cleaning products industry is a $10 billion industry, and industry analysts predict that the combined commercial, residential and institutional restoration and remediation market is expected to reach $90 billion by the year 2010. Because of pressure from the environmental movement and from congressional legislation enacted in response to such pressure, manufacturers have been forced to find ways to reduce the level of volatile organic compounds in their products and to make them more biodegradable. As a result, traditional manufacturers have been required to introduce into the market safer, more environmentally friendly chemical products under established brands. The current opportunity to establish an independent, internationally recognizable brand of environmentally safe cleaning products is truly remarkable. We believe that GDLS is perfectly positioned to be the company, to establish that brand!

Because of recent legislation about and a growing public demand for "environmentally friendly" household cleaning agents, we consider GDLS to be in the enviable and rare position of being a leading supplier to a burgeoning, yet under-served market. GDLS expects to grow by 50% every year!

The following represent perfect targets for GDLS' product line:

a.. Mildew and Black Mold stricken buildings and homes
b.. US Public Buildings (required by law to have non-slip flooring)
c.. The Dry Cleaning Industry (strictly regulated)
d.. Foreign Markets (severe environmental regulations)
e.. The US Home Market (GDLS' "Do-it-yourself" product line)

IN BRIEF: GDLS' proprietary products combine high performance and cost effectiveness with a total commitment to environmental responsibility. As its revenues grow and the company positions itself for rapid expansion and long-term profitability, early-stage investors possess an extraordinary reward opportunity! Don't miss it!


Green Dolphin Signs Restoration Agreement with Cracker Barrell Stores

How many times have you seen issues explode but you couldn't get your hands on them? We are alerting you to a special company with a unique product that is set to explode on Monday -- this is your chance to get in! GDLS is a high-growth microcap issue and should be purchased only by stock traders and investors that set aside a portion of their portfolio for this type of investment. GDLS is an exciting company with an exciting new technology -- go get it now!


179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerGDLS war heute eine genialer Zock

30.03.04 23:44
GDLS  Green Dolphin Systems Corp Del (OTC BB)     3/30/2004 4:03 PM
    hide quote      detailed quote      options chain      sponsored link:
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 0.743 Change:
   +0.088 Open:
 0.705 High:
 0.935 Low:
 0.60 Volume:
Percent Change:
 +13.44% Yield:
 n/a P/E Ratio:
 n/a 52 Week Range:
 0.065 to 0.83
After Hours Trading
3/30/2004 4:09:00 PM  Last:
 0.765  Change:
  +0.022  Volume:

179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerDer fünft Tages Chart

30.03.04 23:48

79561 Postings, 8970 Tage Kickydu gehörst eindeutig ins Hotstockboard

31.03.04 00:09
mit deinen kurzfristigen Tageszocks preisf... ach pardon uszocker

und bei dem Chart nimmt die jetzt ohnehin niemand mehr  

179 Postings, 7376 Tage usZockerNews zu GDLS

31.03.04 23:58
POWELL, Tenn., Mar 31, 2004 (PRIMEZONE via COMTEX) -- Green Dolphin Systems Corp., (GDLS) today announced that after 6 months of research and development has been completed for the Nature-Zolt product that is safe, natural, DEET-free, ready-to-use, fast-acting insect and mosquito repellant. Nature-Zolt product is sensitively formulated to the practical needs and growing concerns of today's conscientious consumers who demand safe and natural solutions for protecting their families from the harmful effects of chemical-based products. Ready-to-use Natural-Zolt is not applied to the body but rather sprayed around the home, cottage, picnic grounds on plants, tree, grass and standing water in the immediate vicinity where people gather.

This natural food-based product is a highly effective and safe alternative to the chemical-based products which typically dominate the market. The product will continue to be independently tested in preparation for the retail market by the third quarter of 2004. Channels of distribution include: major supermarket chain stores, plant nurseries, hardware retail outlets, drug, convenience and department chain stores.


3947 Postings, 8500 Tage EskimatoTja.

08.04.04 00:24

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