Marketing Profi neuer Director bei DLG(927200)

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02.02.06 11:12

Die Firma PACT XXP Technologies, bei der Herr Weber auch arbeitet, schreibt recht ausführlich:
" Peter Weber, Chairman of the supervisory board

Peter Weber is a 30 year veteran of the high-tech industry. He is holding a MSEE degree in Communications Engineering. Peter started his career as sales-engineer for Texas Instruments in Germany and rapidly advanced his career there. After three years with Signetics as Central Europe Salesmanager, Peter became one of the early Intel employees in Europe with responsibilities for Central Europe in 1975. Here he was instrumental in setting up the Siemens/Intel partnership and aggressively growing the business throughout the territory. After a highly successful career in Europe, Intel asked Peter to join their US activities as Marketing Director for the Memory Division at their headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Here Peter advanced his marketing knowledge including extensive travel throughout the US and Asia/Japan. After ten years with Intel, Peter was hired by Siliconix as VP Marketing to reposition the company in the commercial market. Again, his career expanded quickly and he was appointed Executive VP and a member of the Board of Directors in 1987. With his detailed knowledge of the expanding computer and telecom markets and utilizing Siliconix strength in the power semiconductor and analog signal processing markets, Peter positioned the company as the leading supplier of power management components for laptop computers and mobile phones as well as the leader for diskdrive controllers. This strategy consequently led to a highly prosperous phase for Siliconix that continues up to today. With Westinghouse withdrawing from the high-tech market in the late '80's and giving up their majority shareholding in Siliconix, Peter was instrumental in bringing in Daimler Benz as new majority shareholder. Given his success in Silicon Valley, Daimler Benz asked Peter to take over as CEO of Telefunken Semiconductors in Germany and in addition lead the entire marketing activities of the Temic Group consisting of Siliconix, Telefunken, Matra MHS, Eurosil, and Dialog. After four highly successful years in Germany, Peter decided to move back to Silicon Valley and joined a team of RF Engineers around Gideon Ben-Efraim to form Netro Corporation. Here he was in charge of all sales and marketing activities and build both a top team and a worldwide market presence for the young company. Netro went public in August 1999 and is considered the leader in wireless fixed access.."  

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