MagneGas - neue Technology = neue Höchstkurse?

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1539 Postings, 4650 Tage watchandlearnMagneGas - neue Technology = neue Höchstkurse?

18.03.14 11:48
Die letzten zwei Tage ist MagneGas in den USA richtig durchgestartet.
Wenn MagneGas seine Technology an ein großes Unternehmen verkaufen bzw. eine Partnerschaft eingehen kann, dann steht hier eine Neubewertung an.

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18.03.14 17:20
Sieht wohl eher nicht danach aus, dass der Kurs weiter steigt. Das Volumen in den USA ist aber auch heute sehr hoch. Werde ich in den nächsten Tagen weiter beobachten.  

1539 Postings, 4650 Tage watchandlearnMagneGas Fuel Selected for Four Demolition Project

20.03.14 13:40

MagneGas Fuel Selected for Four Demolition Projects

13:05 20.03.14

PR Newswire

TAMPA, Fla., March 20, 2014

TAMPA, Fla., March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- MagneGas Corporation ("MagneGas" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: MNGA), the developer of a technology that converts liquid waste into hydrogen-based fuels announced today that it is providing four demolition projects with MagneGas fuel for their torch cutting. These projects are sourced through existing MagneGas distributors Blue Water Industrial of Michigan and AWISCO Corp of New York.  MagneGas fuel will be used in the demolition of a bridge in Washington, DC, automobile manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Michigan and a power plant in New York.

"We are very pleased to be the preferred fuel for cutting on these demolition jobs," stated Executive Vice President of Sales, Terry Vernille. "With the help of two major distributors, Blue Water Industrial and AWISCO Corp, we have the capability of providing our fuel for these key projects. As word continues spreading in the demolition industry about our superior cutting fuel we expect an increased demand around the country."

"Since bringing MagneGas to AWISCO we have gained positive traction in the market," stated Victor Furhman Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AWISCO Corp, "Having the ability to supply a better alternative metal cutting fuel in the market for customers is an added benefit for AWISCO. This customer in New York was already a customer of MagneGas in Florida so it was an easy transition switching them over from acetylene."

"Our customer in Ohio has used MagneGas fuel on multiple job sites already and continues the demand on future projects," stated Steve Olson, Vice-President of Blue water Industrial. "As word continues to get out with the improved production and speed of cut we expect the demand for MagneGas to continue upwards."

The MagneGas IR App is now available for free in Apple's App Store for the iPhone or iPad and at Google Play for Android mobile devices.

To be added to the MagneGas investor email list, please email with MNGA in the subject line.

About MagneGas Corporation

Founded in 2007, Tampa-based MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ: MNGA) is the producer of MagneGasTM, a natural gas alternative and metal working fuel that can be made from certain industrial, municipal, agricultural and military liquid wastes following the receipt of appropriate governmental permits.

The Company's patented Plasma Arc Flow™ process gasifies liquid waste, creating a clean burning hydrogen based fuel that is essentially interchangeable with natural gas. MagneGas can be used for metal working, cooking, heating, powering bi-fuel automobiles and more. For more information on MagneGas, please visit the Company's website at  

1539 Postings, 4650 Tage watchandlearnAn Undervalued Opportunity In Alternative Energy

21.03.14 13:54
MagneGas: An Undervalued Opportunity In Alternative Energy
Mar. 21, 2014 8:09 AM ET  

•MagneGas is a virtually unknown small alternative energy play listed on the NASDAQ.
•Its technology could have a profound impact on the alternative energy industry.
•We believe the company is currently undervalued, and shares should trade higher soon.

We recently established a long position in a virtually unknown yet impressive micro-cap called MagneGas Corporation (MNGA). This company operates in the alternative energy industry, has a $30 million market cap and is listed on the NASDAQ. A primary reason we made an investment is that we believe MagneGas's technology could be adopted by many companies in the alternative energy industry. Its 3 business segments are:

Number 1: Production of an advanced industrial fuel called MagneGas, which could be a threat to commonly used fuels like acetylene.

Number 2: Development of a technology of converting liquid waste into hydrogen based fuel or sterilized water.

Number 3: Development of a combustion technology, called 'co-combustion'. Co-combustion should allow coal plants to reduce CO2 emissions, while increasing energy output at the same time.

These business segments address large markets. For example, the waste-to-energy market alone is worth $20 billion.

After spending 100+ hours on research, due diligence and speaking with management, we think today's $1.20 share price is too low. Shares could trade higher if the company's new strategy starts bearing fruit.

Our previous energy stock picks worked out well

Our previous recommendations prove buying shares of undervalued energy plays can be profitable. For example, we were one of the first to cover Plug Power (PLUG) when it was trading at $0.65. This company was back then, just like MagneGas today, amidst an decisive turn-around, with improving financials, a new strategy and nearing an inflection point of explosive growth. After our call, shares peaked 17X in just 6 months. A lot of articles followed suit, and Plug Power is now one of the most debated stocks on the market. Another undervalued energy play we recommended was Lightbridge (LTBR) at $1.40, and in just 2 months time, shares returned nearly 300%. In case you missed those run-ups, we think MagneGas offers investors similar potential.

Trading note: beware the recent high volatility

We began writing this article when the stock was calmly trading at $0.80. However, in the last week, volatility spiked. The share price surged on a very high volume, surpassing the free float. This recent exceptional high volatility makes this stock certainly a riskier investment than any other average stock.

What happened? We attribute this to a press release published last Friday that the company has planned a major industry announcement to unveil its liquid biomass technology solution at the largest Bio Mass Conference in North America held this March 24th to 26th. The company will be using the targeted audience and heightened interest in biomass and related industries to bring attention to a technology that will, according to CEO Ermanno Santilli, "Reset the way we view and deal with liquid waste. Whether you are in the livestock, feed, waste energy/water and a number of other sectors, this technology will have a profound impact and we are excited to be able to premier it at this conference."

The press release sure sparked a lot of excitement and speculation. We, of course, don't know what the announcement is going to be, but it does sound promising. We'll soon know.

Why MagneGas technology could be important in alternative energy

There are 5 main challenges governments and companies worldwide would like to resolve:

•Governments around the world are pressing for lower CO2 emissions
•There is an urgent need for more energy
•Municipalities worldwide struggle with waste problems (sewage, etc)
•There is stricter legislation to operate greener
•The costs involved should be reduced

These are big challenges for sure, but we believe MagneGas could be a company that is able to address those challenges, because its technology is unique, scalable and advanced.

In order to gain some more insight, we initiated a conference call with the CEO, Ermanno Santilli and CFO, Lusia Ingargiola.

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732 Postings, 4621 Tage knippsandboah

23.03.14 11:52
was bringt der Montag?? Hallo, das ist ja megageil hier...............  

526 Postings, 3959 Tage Ernst Sprungfeldthe sky is the limit

23.03.14 15:43
Könnte mir gut vorstellen, dass es montag Vormittag in Deutschland schon deutlich über 2 € geht und die Aktie in den USA mit nem Gap Up eröffnet.  

272 Postings, 3753 Tage chacha1Einstieg

10.01.17 11:04
Einstieg zu ~0.46$ lezte Woche, ob ich lange drin bleibe oder nur kurzfrisig, bleib abzuwarten...
Einer der Gründe:  

272 Postings, 3753 Tage chacha1raus zu

13.01.17 19:29
.54$..ich weiß nich weswegen der Anstieg heute, daher bin ich erstmal raus und warte ab. wenn es nachher wieder fällt kaufe ich wieder ein. Buy Order ist drin zu .49$  

1121 Postings, 3082 Tage JOtheViperDiese Meldung klingt erfolgversprechend.

17.01.17 13:04
Wie man sieht, wurde heute in Frankfurt und Stuttgart zugeschlagen. Ich bin einer der Käufer.

Wir werden sehen, wie der Markt diese Meldung aufnimmt.


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