MOKO.MOBI LTD (WKN: A0REGF) Wieviel ist drin...?

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4 Postings, 4875 Tage Speedy77MOKO.MOBI LTD (WKN: A0REGF) Wieviel ist drin...?

14.01.09 10:09

Weis jemande vielviel mittelfristig von der Moko Aktien zu erwarten ist...

Wäre schon wenn wir hier eine Diskussion bekommen würden.

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4884 Postings, 4308 Tage clownbin

17.04.10 05:49
gespannt auf die nächsten zahlen,da sollte man den trend (positiv) klar erkennen!  

251 Postings, 4505 Tage HansiHansonInvestor Update

10.05.10 16:55
Nettes PDF mit reichlich Infos neu zum Downloaden  

251 Postings, 4505 Tage HansiHansonNews..

29.07.10 15:46

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Hmmm...Moko Mobi...oldmanbadman rdncoic

24.08.10 10:17
Hmmm, old investor in Moko Mobi here.  I bought in Germany and now buying in America.  I think this stock will kick in around this Xmas.  Any thought?  Been buying some under MOKOY in the U.S.A.  Got over 1 million shares.  oldmanbadman rdncoic  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Hmmm...EndOfYearReportOut...oldmanbadman rdncoic

31.08.10 07:20
End of year report out.  Read it carefully, no bad news but a hint of rising revenue for the Moko Mobi.  On the edge of moving to profit perhaps.... oldmanbadman rdncoic  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Hmmm...DependingOnTheNews...oldmanbadman rdncoic

20.09.10 07:12
Hmmm...Depending on the news coming out about the 1 for every 5 stock issue, the Share price may get a bump up to 40 to 60%.  In order to interest stockholders to invest .12 cents for a new issue, the stock price has to go higher.  But how high and what news will cause it to rise?  Hot new sales and revenue from AT@T or Asia?  oldmanbadman rdncoic

News will be out shortly.  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2New Rights Issue from the USA

23.10.10 09:29
Reading in the new rights issue in the USA, options for .20 cents and .70 cents.  This will tell us how much value is in MOKO MOBI.  USA is MOKOY.  (1 equals 20 shares) If the USA buys in deep, then the MOKO MOBI will leap in value.  I bought 148,000 in the USA and none in the German rights issue.  My shares in the USA are tax free, in Germany, they are not.  oldmanbadman rdncoic

Now we shall see just what the market values our shares.  Need some good news on the quarter or some good guidance or both.  They have the penetration in the market, now they need revenue............................  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Hmmm...TalkedToManagement...oldmanbadman rdncoic

10.11.10 08:45
Talked to management about their Ideas on the "Gordon" paper and they are in agreement with all the points taken.  Takes time to make time and now it is time to make money on the contracts with the major carriers.  It is now boys and girls.  The company has done its homework and now it is time for investors to reap the rewards.  ON THE CUSP_!!!


oldmanbadman rdncoic

Blackfeather is going to move also............................  

4884 Postings, 4308 Tage clownall australian

19.11.10 18:49
are bullshit!
0,053 €   0,053 €   13 €  laugh,laugh,laugha!  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Clown, did you try to make a point????????????????

21.11.10 17:28
Clown, what was the point of your post?  If you have trouble posting in English, I understand german also.  Your post makes no sense at all.....................

oldmanbadman rdncoic  

4884 Postings, 4308 Tage clowntrouble!?

27.11.10 19:47
hallo kuhjunge!
in ordnung,ich meine das alle australischen werte mehr oder weniger bullenscheiße sind!
moko ist ein ableger von adultshop delecta!also?ich hätte früher merken müssen was für, sorry gangster sich hier tummeln.......
viel spaß in arizona!!!  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2MOKO MOBI on the edge of "The Breakout"

08.12.10 10:22
Read the latest Moko Mobi Business Presentation and you will see, yes, even the blind will see........

Hmmm...MokoMobiOnALighterNote...oldmanbadman rdnco
Posted By: stuffonastick on 12/8/2010 7:14:18 PM
Disclosure: Position | Short Term: Buy | Long Term: Buy
Hmmm...On a lighter note, Moko Mobi uses other Mobile Content sites to share actually free music from musicians that agree to the use of their copyright.  These sites are used by millions to trade and post their favorite bands on the internet and of course where it really matters, on their mobile phones and chat sites.

A new but not only MOKO MOBI mobile phone use for fans to push their music and ideas on the mobile phone bandwidth without computer based internet and of course a "micro" revenue source for Moko Mobi.  A bat poops only a few pellets at day, but 5 million bats poop a big pile of poop every day, and Moko Mobi is set up to earn this "Micro" revenue for itself and the major carriers who are flocking to Moko Mobi for these added revenue streams.  

Here is a site (If Share Cafe allows me to post it) for you to check out.  A Moko Mobi user has friends on UTUBE and shares his/her music.  ENJOY if not, well then you may be a silly gram cracker.  Moving toward alsheimer.....oldmanbadman rdncoic  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2POST 1

14.12.10 10:01
Posted By: stuffonastick on 12/14/2010 6:56:56 PM
Disclosure: Position | Short Term: Buy | Long Term: Buy
Hmmm...HOT...MOKO.MOBI...HOT...oldmanbadman rdncoic

Proven revenue model - Case Study UK
?MOKO has a proven “pay-for-service” business model. MOKO’s business model is not reliant on advertising allowing it to scale as additional users are added.
?Users pay for MOKO via their mobile phone carrier’s billing system.
?£2 per month subscription per user and if current growth patterns continue, gross sales will go from approx £40,000 to £100,000 per month in the coming 4 months and Net revenues are anticipated to grow to £35,000 per month by end December 2010; and £50,000 per month by end March 2011.
?Further growth is dependent on marketing and additional carrier agreements under negotiation.

Over 4.5 million users
Generating over 2 million messages per day
Uploaded Over 300,000 photos & videos

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17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2POT 2

14.12.10 10:03


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Posted By: stuffonastick on 12/14/2010 6:58:34 PM
Disclosure: Position | Short Term: Buy | Long Term: Buy
Hmmm...HOT ...MOKO.MOBI...HOT oldmanbadman rdncoic

?MOKO has over 320,000 members on one carrier (Maxis)
?Revenue growth of 300% in the last 3 months, with gross sales now approaching approximately RM$150,000 per month (approx US$46,000).
?Users log on for up to 37 minutes per session and spend up to 17 hours per month using MOKO
?User pays either for day pass, weekly pass or monthly subscription
?MOKO is finalising negotiations with another major carrier that will provide access to 95% of the market
?This new carrier is a comparable size and will follow the same commercial model. If successful in these negotiations, we anticipate these new sales to grow at a rate similar to the current carriers.
1.Fixed internet proves chat & sharing services are popular.
2.Mobile devices become consumers 1st digital camera option.
Market Gap
1.Internet being accessed via mobile is growing in Malaysia.Very few mobile services that allow users to chat & share through their content.
2.MOKO is exploiting this opportunity  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2POST 3

14.12.10 10:06
Posted By: stuffonastick on 12/14/2010 7:11:42 PM
Disclosure: Position | Short Term: Buy | Long Term: Buy
Hmmm...FirstMovers...oldmanbadman rdncoic

Regardles if you are a flipper or stock holder, the first mover is always the winner on a stock about to rise.  After reading POST 1 and POST 2, here is POST 3 with my comment.

As you all know, jumping on the train and riding the wave is easy once a stock starts moving upward, deciding to jump off or stay, that is always the question.  Easy to see paper gains in your portfolio/Depot but hard to get cold hard cash in the long term.

What to Do?  Easy Money 101 is to recognise a stock getting ready to to "To Da Moon!" and buy just before it jumps and then put a 100% of cost of purchase into a SELL order.  (Buy for .092 cents and sell for 18 or .20 cents)  As soon as it jumps, you make 100% and look real smart.

Then of course when it continues to climb, you get greedy and want to buy more.  When to get in is easy, when to get out is hard.  :) :) :)

Ok, you can see right now with the info (POST 1 adn POST 2) from the MOKOMOBI Business Update that it is going to jump..FOR SURE!  oldmanbadman rdncoic So what should you do?  Make Money or Make Stupid Posts?  

4884 Postings, 4308 Tage clownstupid posts!?

21.12.10 19:21
die machst Du doch hier!
seit jahren bist Du in verschiedenen threads unterwegs und machst werbung für diese australischen gangster!
nichts wird hier passieren!  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Circus clown

23.12.10 13:44
Circus Clown, stupid is as stupid does.  Like a circus clown, like you.  

Clown, leave the investing to people that know when to get in and when to get out and how to make money.  You seem to waste time with stocks you are not invested in and will never be.  So talk the talk and walk the walk.  If you do not vote in elections, you have no choice about which party wins the election.  If you are not invested in a stock you have no opinion about making or losing money in that stock.  If at least you could short the stock, you would have an opinion.

Poor Clown,  You are neither a good clown that makes people laugh, nor have you anything important to say.  Germany is a good land for you, if you work, the government takes all your money.  If you do not work, the government gives you money.  So clown, you have a great future here.  :) :) :) oldmanbadman rdncoic  Angie Merkel has your future all lined up for you......................................  

4884 Postings, 4308 Tage clowntheater badman?

28.12.10 10:52
0,054 €   0,054 €   6 € 0,00% !!! 6euro!umsatz!
loop mobile bzw.moko ist ein fake!
es interessiert sich kein mensch für so eine klitsche hier in europa!
die kommen alle aus einem stall,adultshop jetzt delecta und stiletto(bordellbetreiber!),loop von adultshop jetzt moko und so weiter und so weiter........
also lassen wir es,wünsche Dir viel glück!
circus clown!
ps.hört sich gut an!  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Hmmm...MokoMobi...Breakout?...oldmanbadman rdncoic

13.01.11 08:51 and Continental Coal top the Proactive Investors Rippers lists today

Thursday, January 13, 2011 by John Phillips  The market finally had some zing today, with the All Ordinaries jumping 66 points to 4898, as trading volumes are ramping up post the holiday break.

The Proactive Investors Ripper award for the biggest percentage spiker on the ASX today was really hard to find, as the junior resource stocks that were jumping early in 2011 are now trading more sensibly as sufficient volume returns to the market.

The top performers above two cents with sufficient volume were (ASX: MKB) with a 29% share jump, with WCP Resources (ASX: WCP) up 28% as Sovereign Metals (ASX: SVM) gained 27%.

The biggest Dipper, or the percentage faller on the day, was a thinly traded Whinnen Resources (ASX: WWW) which eased 19%, with a sparsely traded ITL (ASX: ITD) off 18% as Lion Energy (ASX: LIO) eased 15%.

Topping the most actively traded stock was Continental Coal (ASX: CCC) again with 127 million shares changing hands as the South African coal producer continues to have strong investor interest as the Queensland coal industry is in disarray on account of the crippling floods.

Rounding out the top 5 most active stocks was ING Industrial Fund (ASX: IIF) with 77 million, Peninsula Energy (ASX: PEN) 65 million, WHL Energy (ASX: WHN) 62 million and ABM Resources (ASX: ABU) 43 million.

The big miners continue to lead the most actual trades during 2011, with BHP Billiton (ASX: BHP) 11,300, followed by Rio Tinto (ASX: RIO) 11,200, Macquarie Group (ASX: MQG) 10,300, Commonwealth Bank (ASX: CBA) 9,100 and Woodside Petroleum (ASX: WPL) 9,000  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Hmmm...NewSubstantialShareholder...oldmanbadman rd

19.01.11 09:07
Hmmm...Moko.MobiNewSubstantial...oldmanbadman rdnc
Posted By: stuffonastick on 1/19/2011 6:30:04 PM
Disclosure: Position | Short Term: Buy | Long Term: Buy has new substantial shareholder
0 Links | 0 Comments | Submit link | Report | 17:40, 19th Januar 2011
By Dylan Bushell-Embling (CFO World)
Mobile social networking company (ASX:MKB) has disclosed it has a new substantial shareholder.

Earl Fiduciary AG, as the trustee of the Adestra Trust, now owns a 7.33% stake in the company with 10 million shares, said in a regulatory filing.

The trust paid $1 million for the holding. MKB shares stayed unchanged on Wednesday to close at $0.090.  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage buys UK social video service

19.01.11 17:27 buys UK social video service
0 Links | 0 Comments | Submit link | Report | 18:13, 18th Januar 2011
By Dylan Bushell-Embling (CFO World)
Mobile social networking platform developer (ASX:MKB) has signed an agreement to acquire EyeVibe, a UK-based mobile social video service.

The company has arranged to purchase the service from its owner, Yospace Technologies.

EyeVibe is a combination of two services developed by Yospace for 3 UK and O2 UK respectively. It allows users to upload clips into an online gallery, while visitors then download the clips on a pay-per-view basis.

Announcing the deal, said EyeVibe is represented on all the major UK mobile networks.

The company intends to migrate the EyeVibe user base to the platform, which will replace the service on the UK carrier platforms.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but said the deal will be accretive to its revenue stream as the EyeVibe service is a profitable business.

“This strategic acquisition further strengthens our UK presence, in particular within the 3 UK network, which has historically been our most successful market,” CEO Ian Rodwell said.

He said the acquisition represents part of a drive to expand its reach in the 50 million subscriber UK market.  

110 Postings, 3989 Tage dixXxonfiveAppendix 4C - quarterly

02.02.11 09:38

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2HELLE WAHNSINN fuer moko

19.01.12 15:16

THIS IS interesting...............  

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Helle Wahnsinn # 2

19.01.12 15:29

17 Postings, 4052 Tage RDNCOIC2Helle Wahnsinn # 3

19.01.12 16:55
Market Update
Unaudited Net Revenues for December 2011
Passes A$1 Million
 MOKO concluded the formal acquisition of Paper Tree Limited and the
associated group of companies on 15th December 2011.
 Unaudited EBITDA for the UK operations for December was £82,603
(A$122,740), much better than expected.
 December Unaudited UK EBITDA was achieved on gross sales of £1.22 million
(A$1.8million) and net revenues of £610,683 (A$900,700)
 Unaudited combined group December gross sales of over A$2 million  

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