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27083 Postings, 6042 Tage brunnetaLomiko Metals to Focus 2012

03.01.12 14:33
Lomiko Metals to Focus on Electric Minerals and Gold in 2012

Lomiko Metals Inc. (LMR.V), which were last traded yesterday at a cent above year low $0.025, announced today that the Lomiko Board of Directors is looking at the potential for participation in all possible transactions involving the Table Mountain Property. The company said China Minerals Mining, the owner of this property, was exploring various options for its assets including joint ventures and potential third party acquisition.

The company also said today that it is continuously looking for opportunities in the lithium and lithium battery space.


9189 Postings, 4784 Tage ixurtdie Doppelstrategie: lithium und graphit

29.01.12 19:17

23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uNewslage auf der HP

05.04.12 12:45

23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uKurs

05.04.12 16:09

23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uCharttechnisch sehr interessant

05.04.12 17:05

wird heute das Allzeithoch geknackt, könnte der Deckel fliegen, wenn nicht könnte es eine größere Korrektur geben. Schaut selbst:



23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uAuch hierzulande wird das

05.04.12 19:45

Interesse hier immer größer: Alleine heute 370 000 Shares in FFM - Frohe Ostern!


23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uHab mir heute hier mal ne

06.04.12 01:13

kleine Einstiegsposi gegönnt! MK ist ja noch zu verlockend....


23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uNoch wenig beachtet im Forum

06.04.12 01:20

dafür schon ordentliche Umsätze! Mehr als in USA


2113 Postings, 5145 Tage pennystocktradersag mal

06.04.12 01:36
gibt es eigentlich einen chartscanner oder sowas wo man sehen kann wenn sie die ma 20,ma 50 ,ma ,100 kreuzen ? hätte man hier im januar drauf achten müssen wa...meiner meinung nach  
Angehängte Grafik:
lmr.png (verkleinert auf 72%) vergrößern

23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uInteressant, aber ob man Charttechnik

06.04.12 02:09

hier anwenden kann?

Schau mal wie die News gekommen sind: http://www.finanznachrichten.de/...chten-aktien/lomiko-metals-inc.htm

Im Augenblick kommt noch der Run auf Graphite-Aktien hinzu! Gute N8


4186 Postings, 4521 Tage carpe_diemGuter Artikel, u.a. über Lomiko

07.04.12 15:28

Continued Expansion in the Graphite Space: More Canadian Juniors for Rapid Growth
Details  Published on Friday, 06 April 2012 05:42
By Nathan Pearson and Rachel Harrison ResourcexInvestor.com. April 4, 2012

With the graphite space exploding like a supernova, junior exploration companies are snapping up prime real estate to sink their eager drills into across Canada and beyond. It’s an exciting time for investors and investees alike as we find ourselves in the eye of a perfect storm in which insufficient supply is beginning to clash with ever-increasing demand. From rapid industrial advancements in developing nations to a host of burgeoning green technologies, graphite seems to be at the center of it all.

Why Graphite Matters

Graphite is one of three types of carbon, alongside amorphous—such as coal and charcoal—and diamonds. Graphite also exists in amorphous form, as well as crystalline flake and lump/vein and is classed by grade, mesh and moisture content. Not only found within pencils, graphite is used extensively in steel manufacturing as well as applications such as brake linings and clutches, lubricants, crucibles and plastics. But that’s only half the story. Newly emerging and green technologies are sending the demand skyward as lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, solar panels, pebble bed nuclear reactors and graphene become technologies of today rather than tomorrow.

What is it about graphite that makes it so suitable for a wide variety of applications? The reasons are numerous: it’s an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, is extremely resistant to strong acids as well as thermal shock, is a phenomenal lubricant, is highly refractive and has the highest natural strength and stiffness of any known material.

And then there’s graphene. These one-atom-thick sheets of graphite make up the thinnest and strongest material ever developed: two hundred times stronger than steel and several times tougher than a diamond. Because it conducts both electricity and heat better than copper, it has vast potential in applications such as LCD touch-screen technology, transistors, solar cells and data and energy storage units.

A Perfect Storm:

Supply and Demand Graphite demand has been rising at a steady rate of five percent per year for the last decade, due largely to the rapid industrialization of developing nations such as China and India. Another factor is the lithium-ion battery, needed to satisfy the First World’s thirst for consumer goods such as laptops, cameras, cell phones and mp3 players, as well as electric and hybrid vehicles, which can require up to seventy kilograms of graphite per vehicle. Surprisingly, the lithium-ion battery takes twenty to thirty times more graphite than lithium to produce. These factors have a Canaccord research report stating that, “Annual flake graphite production will have to increase by a factor of six by 2020 to meet incremental lithium carbonate requirements for batteries”.

Seventy percent of the world’s graphite is currently exported from China. The problem lies in a combination of depleted reserves, a need to fuel their own growing steel and automotive industries and a steep twenty percent export duty and seventeen percent VAT. This has contributed to the price of graphite doubling since 2010 and nearly tripling since 2008. Prices for graphite are determined by flake size and purity—with premium product being large flake, high carbon graphite—and currently commands up to $3000 per tonne.

The remaining thirty percent of graphite production takes place in countries such as India, Brazil, North Korea, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Canada, but not nearly enough sources exist to meet the burgeoning demand. It is estimated that up to twenty-five more mines worth of new production could be needed. It is for this reason that the British Geological Survey has declared graphite a critical material and the European commission included graphite among the fourteen materials it considers high in economic importance and supply risk.

Junior Companies On the Scene
So, what should investors look for when researching players in the graphite space? In terms of a company’s resource, investors will want to focus on projects with near-surface, high-grade, large-flake deposits that are in politically and economically safe areas with sound infrastructure. Investors in the know will have already heard about players such as Northern Graphite and Focus Metals, but who else has taken to the stage?

Graphite One Resources Inc. Delving right in, Graphite One (TSX-V: GPH) has a market cap is $27 million and shares are going for $0.35 as of April 2.

As well as Graphite One’s Kelly Creek gold property, they also own 100% interest of their Graphite Creek property, acquired in February and located on privately owned land on the Seward Peninsula of Alaska within a pro-mining jurisdiction. The property is 65 km north of Nome, 3 km from an airstrip, and 20 km from the nearest road systems.

This scalable deposit contains the potential for over 200 million tonnes of graphite-bearing rocks, with large-flake, high purity graphite exposed at the surface, creating favourable conditions for an open-pit mining configuration. Graphite One estimates the potential grades at the site to fall between 5.0% - 10% Cg and plans to be NI 43-101 compliant by next year. Their exploration campaign of geologic mapping, surface sampling, conductivity survey and diamond drilling are set to be carried out in Q2 and Q3 of this year.

Graphite One’s management team combines over twenty years experience in mineral exploration, development and production. They have managed major high-budget exploration programs and collectively financed over $250 million for various resource companies. Acting as CEO, Chairman and Director is Charles Chebry B.Sc. CMA. His list of achievements is lengthy and includes positions as CEO, Chairman and Director of Altiplano Minerals Ltd., Director of Argonaut Exploration Inc., Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. and North Country Gold Corp., former Director of CBR Gold Corp, President and founder of Arta Enterprises Inc., past CFO of Kaminak Gold Corp. and Kivalliq Energy Corp., Anthony Huston B.Comm., as President and and Director; Mr. Huston has a background in management and finance having served as a Managing Partner with both public and private companies where he recently played an integral role in raising over $20M. Mr. Huston acted as lead financial advisor on a range of finance and acquisition transactions in many industry sectors including technology, bio-tech, and most recently the resource sector. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia. Past CFO, Vice President of Finance and Director of Olympia Trust Company and Olympia Financial Group Inc., where Mr. Chebry remains a Director. Joining Mr. Chebry in his efforts at Graphite One is Dean Besserer P.Geo, VP Exploration; Dale Hansen CMA, CFO; John Williamson P.Geo, Director; Sean Mager B.Comm, Director; Peter Kleespies P.Geo, Director; and John Robins P.Geo, Advisory Board.

Lomiko Metals

Lomiko Metals (TSX-V: LMR) (US: LMRMF) (FSE: DH8B) is a Vancouver-based company focused on electric minerals with three properties, one each in the lithium, gold and graphite spaces. As of April 2 their market capitalization is $8.88 million and shares can be purchased for $0.16.

Lomiko holds 100%-interest in its Quatre Milles Graphite Project located approximately 175 km northwest of Montreal and 17 km north of Sainte- Veronique, Quebec. The 1,600-hectare property consists of 28 contiguous claims and was previously explored by Graphicor Resources Inc. beginning in 1989. Although the historical assays conducted at Quatre Milles at the time predate the introduction of NI 43-101, the results should not be ignored. Three surface samples were collected and analyzed returning results of 14.16% Cgf, 18.06% Cgf and 20.35% Cgf. Twenty-three of the initial twenty-six drill holes intersected graphite concentrations ranging from 4.69% to a highlight of 8.07% Cgf over 28.60 metres. The highest individual assay reported was 15.48% Cgf over 0.50 metres.

The current focus for Lomiko is the commencement of an aggressive exploration campaign, including surface mapping, prospecting, diamond drilling and of course, if positive, completing an initial NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate.

In a recent interview with Streetwise Reports, Siddharth Rajeev of Fundamental Research Corporation commented on Lomiko Metals Inc. Rajeev finds his top investment prospects by zeroing in on a specific material and tracking its growth drivers and believes that critical metals used in viable new technologies will see increasing demand. In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report, he explains how lithium-ion battery development and the forthcoming WTO ruling affect his outlook for graphite and niobium.

"Lomiko Metals Inc. is an early-stage project. It just acquired a project in Quebec. Some historic work has been done on the property. As for near-term catalysts, it is working on an NI 43-101 technical report, and it is going to commence an exploration program on the property. . .our last report on Lomiko's graphite came out a few months ago. The stock had doubled since the initial report. It's dropped since then. As long as the graphite market stays in its current space, where I expect it to stay for a while, and if Lomiko's exploration program produces positive results, that should reflect in the stock price."

The management team at Lomiko brings a wealth of skill and knowledge to each of its projects. CEO Paul Gill has extensive experience in resource exploration, having previously served as Officer, Director and Vice President of Business Development of Norsemont Mining from 2003 to 2006, CEO of Grenville Gold Corp. and President and CEO of Epic Mining, located in Peru. In the case of Norsemont Mining, in the short time he was with the company Mr. Gill helped it grow from a worth of $1 million to $50 million. Also on the team is Jacqueline Michael, CFO; Mark Nesbitt LLB P.Geo, Director; and Julius Galik, Director..

Quelle: http://www.graphite-investor.com/others/...n-juniors-for-rapid-growth


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09.04.12 15:48

23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uKursentwicklung

10.04.12 09:29

23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uKaum verändert

11.04.12 08:25

hält sich gut!


23634 Postings, 5215 Tage Balu4uCharttechnisch sind wir an einer

11.04.12 09:18

entscheidenden Phase angelangt. Schaut mal den Alltime-Chart von Canada an:http://www.finanzen.net/aktien/Lomiko_Metals-Aktie@stBoerse_CDNX


65 Postings, 5096 Tage blue.devilsQuartalszahlen

19.04.12 15:46

 Bald kommen Quartalszahlen, dann werden wir sehen wie der Stand der Dinge ist!!!


791 Postings, 5117 Tage Ray12Soviel zur charttechnischen Aussicht...

24.04.12 09:41



0,0690 EUR      -0,0260 EUR       -27,37 %

4186 Postings, 4521 Tage carpe_diem# Graphit-Konferenz, Toronto

27.04.12 17:13

Graphite Industry Gathers in Toronto for the Graphite Express on May 2nd

Packing for the Chicago Resource Investment Conference tonight, I plan on discussing the rising stars featured on GraphiteBlog over the next 2 days. This is an outstanding event for investors, and when I back on Sunday, we will be ramping up for participation with our friends at Resource Clips for the Graphite Express conference in Toronto on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 next door to our offices in the Sheraton. The event that many describe as 'presentation speed dating' will have 15 graphite companies presenting in record format. So here are my cliff notes on the companies who will be presenting in alphabetic order to prep everyone attending on who's who:

Amseco Exploration Ltd. (TSXV: AEL): On March 15, 2012, Amseco Exploration announced that it would acquire 25,362 hectares of land in a district known to host multiple graphite occurrences. Amseco Exploration will have 100% control of the 469 claims. As part of its strategic plan announced in February, Amseco Exploration has decided to expand its traditional precious metals exploration activities to also include industrial minerals. This decision was made based on rapid growth of the market for graphite and other industrial minerals. Amseco Exploration shares are trading at $0.05 with a 52-week high of $0.14.

Energizer Resources Inc. (TSX: EGZ): On April 4, 2012, Energizer Resources announced the addition of the Molo Zone to its Green Giant graphite project and reported that assay results of this area confirmed graphite mineralization at surface down to a hole depth of 108 meters at a grade of 8.80% carbon. Based on this and previous results from the Fotsy and Fondrana zones a new graphite camp is beginning to be defined in Madagascar. Energizer Resources shares are trading at $0.30 with a 52-week high of $0.47.

First Graphite Corp. (TSXV: FGR): On April 19, 2012, First Graphite announced that it had commissioned an airborne geophysical survey of its Henry property. The property is made up of six mineral claims and includes 22,850 hectares of land near the community of Southend, Saskatchewan. Based on historical exploration results and proximity to the Deep Bay Deposit, First Graphite believes that the Henry site has the potential to host near-surface graphite deposits containing scarce, large-flake, high purity graphite. First Graphite shares are trading at $0.35 with a 52-week high of $0.63.

Focus Metals Inc. (TSXV: FMS): On April 11, 2012, Focus Metals provided an update on metallurgical testing at its Lac Knife project in Quebec and reported that the deposit held 46.1% large flake graphite and 39% medium flake graphite with an overall global recovery test rate of 85.9%. Focus Metals shares are trading at $0.87 with a 52-week high of $1.33.

Galaxy Capital Corp. (TSXV: GXY): On March 15, 2012, Galaxy Capital announced that it had acquired a 100% interest in the Buckingham graphite property in Quebec. The property consist of two former producing mines and are located in the highly prospective Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville geological province. The two properties cover a total of 1,324 hectares on 22 mining claims. The area is host to many active graphite properties and host rocks for both deposits are graphitic crystalline marbles, similar to the host stratigraphy at Canada’s only producing graphite mine, Timcal’s Lac des Iles. Galaxy Captial shares are trading at $0.16 with a 52-week high of $0.12.

Graphite One Resources Inc. (TSXV: GPH): On March 27, 2012, Graphite One Resources announced changes to its management and board of directors. Anthony Huston who has previously served as Vice President of Business Development at Graphite One Resources was appointed as President. Dean Besserer and Brian Budd were appointed to the board of directors. Mr. Besserer will also continue to serve in his role as Vice President of Exploration and Mr. Budd will serve as an independent board director. Graphite One Resources shares are trading at $0.25 with a 52-week high of $0.41.

Lomiko Metals Inc. (TSXV: LMR): On April 26, 2012, Lomiko Metals announced it will be presenting at the Graphite Express conference where they will outline the 2012 drilling plan for their Quatre Milles graphite project in Quebec. The site was originally staked and explored by Graphicor Resources Inc. in 1989. Historically, the highest individual assay reported was a graphite concentration of 15.48% over 50 meters. Lomiko Metals shares are trading at $0.11 with a 52-week high of $0.18.

Northern Graphite Corp. (TSXV: NGC): On April 10, 2012, Northern Graphite formed a strategic partnership with Panacis Inc. whereby both companies will cooperate in the development and promotion of each other’s products and services with respect to lithium-ion batteries. Northern Graphite shares are trading at $2.33 with a 52-week high of $3.42.

Soldi Ventures Inc. (TSXV: SOV): On April 25, 2012, Soldi Ventures announced the closing of the first tranche of its private placement and the raising of $229,800 at a price of $0.12 per share. The proceeds of the private placement will be used for exploration activities and general working capital. Soldi Venture shares are trading at $0.08 with a 52-week high of $0.26.

Standard Graphite Corp. (TSXV: SGH): On April 26, 2012, Standard Graphite announced it had optioned the Beidelmann-Lyall graphite property in Ontario. Standard Graphite reported it had signed a Mineral Property Option Agreement with Terra Firma Resources Inc. (TSXV: TFR) pursuant to which Terra Firma has been granted an option to earn 100%-interest in the Beidelmann-Lyall graphite project buy making a series of cash payments according to the defined schedule. Standard Graphite shares are trading at $0.46 with a 52-week high of $1.08.

Strike Graphite Corp. (TSXV: SRK): On April 26, 2012, Strike Graphite announced the appointment of Jerry Janik and Jody Dahrouge to its Advisory Board. Mr. Jankin has over 20 years of experience in the mining industry and has been fulfilling the role as General Manager for Ontario Graphite’s Kearney mine that is undergoing a re-commissioning process. Mr. Dahrouge has over 20 years of leadership experience with global mineral exploration and development projects. He has served as senior executive officer, director and/or geologist with a number of publicly traded companies. Strike Graphite shares are trading at $0.35 with a 52-week high of $0.45.

Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. (TSVX: ZEN): On April 23, 2012, Zenyatta Ventures announced that drilling at the Albany graphite property continues to intersect wide zones of graphite breccia. The goal of the current drill campaign is to geologically define graphite breccias delineated by an airborne geophysical conductor with about 4000 meters of wide-spaced drilling over the next two months. Drill hole #3 was drilled in a southerly direction and is located 200 meters north of the original discovery drill hole. Upon passing through limestone the hole immediately intersected graphitic breccia which shows the deposit coming to near surface. Zenyatta Ventures shares are trading at $0.37 with a 52-week high of $0.52.

Uragold Bay Resources Inc. (TSXV: URB): On March 23, 2012, Uragold Bay Resources announced it had signed an agreement to acquire two large flake graphite properties -- the Asbury Graphite Mine and the Canadian Graphite Property. The Asbury property is in Quebec and consists of two claims and the associated mine was operational seasonally between 1980-1989. A historic estimate from 1974 reports 578,000 tonnes averaging 10% large flake graphite for the Asbury mine. The Canadian Graphite Property is also in Quebec. In 1918 a historical estimate reports 168,000 tonnes at 6.15% graphite. Uragold Bay Resources are trading at $0.04 with a 52-week high of $0.05.

Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSXV: ZC): On April 11, 2012, Zimtu Capital and three prospecting partners announced the signing of an agreement with Big North Graphite Group (TSXV: NRT) whereby Big North can earn a 100% interest in the Grand Lac Du Nord Graphite Property located in Quebec. The property consists of one contiguous claim block of 2,009 hectares. Big North intends to launch an exploration campaign beginning with a complete compilation of historic geologic work followed by surface work, trenching and diamond drilling. Zimtu Capital shares are trading at $1.05 with a 52-week high of $1.80. Big North shares are trading at $0.15 with a 52-week high of $0.33.

*Prices taken at 1pm EST 2012-04-26 from Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. All funds CDN unless otherwise noted.
Disclaimer: Focus Metals Inc., Galaxy Capital Corp., Lomiko Metals Inc., Standard Graphite Corp. and Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. are sponsors of GraphiteBlog.

Quelle: http://www.graphiteblog.com/2012/04/...still-recall-with-a.html 



1841 Postings, 5906 Tage BioLogiccarpe diem

27.04.12 18:48
ich halte Ausschau nach graphit werten. Gibt es vielleicht bevorzugungen deinersteits


4186 Postings, 4521 Tage carpe_diem@ BioLogic

27.04.12 19:41
Wie du weißt, sind die Graphitunternehmen in den letzten Woche wahrlich aus dem Boden geschossen. 90% der Unternehmen sind aber reine Mitläufer und nur die wenigsten der Werte in diesem Sektor, werden langfristig auch etw. Richtiges auf die Beine stellen.

Auf der Explorerseite ist mein Faovurit ganz klar Standard Graphite. Das Gesamtpaket und die langfristigen Performancechancen sind einfach äußerst überzeugend. Lese dir einfach mal meine Posts im Ariva-Thread von Standard dazu an, und lese dich ein wenig durch den Thread durch - dann wirst du schnell verstehen, wieso das der Fall ist.

Link: http://www.ariva.de/forum/...oom-profitieren-Standard-Graphite-460486

Von den Core-Playern gilt es ganz klar Northern Graphite und Focus Metals zu verfolgen, da diese 2 Unternehmen einfach am Weitesten fortgeschritten sind und bereits Ende nächstes Jahr (solange alles nach Plan läuft) in Produktion gehen und damit bereits mittelfristig von den hohen Graphit-Preisen profitieren werden.  

4186 Postings, 4521 Tage carpe_diem# 20

27.04.12 19:45
Wenn du Fragen hast, nur zu - am besten dort im Thread, aber auch gerne hier oder via PN.  

4186 Postings, 4521 Tage carpe_diem# Guter Artikel

03.05.12 14:40

Lomiko Will Drill to Prove Up a Historic Quebec Graphite Target 

Will history repeat itself at the Quatre Milles Graphite Property? Lomiko Metals TSXV:LMR CEO Paul Gill evidently thinks so. His company nabbed the 1,600-hectare southwest Quebec property in January, partly because of its infrastructure but largely because of impressive historic results. Now Lomiko‘s about to bring those assays into compliance and, with success, develop a flake-graphite resource by December..

Link: http://resourceclips.com/2012/05/02/by-the-numbers/


4186 Postings, 4521 Tage carpe_diem# Graphit-Sektor: Exzellenter Ausblick

06.05.12 11:52

Graphite proving resilient in tough markets, constrained supply expected 



4186 Postings, 4521 Tage carpe_diem# Neue Graphit-Studie, lesenswert!

07.05.12 17:43

Graphite is Black Gold of the 21st Century - Industrial Alliance Securities 

Link:  http://www.purplecom.com.au/_content/documents/2283.pdf


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