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23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3UAL Corp stellt Rundumerneuerung der Flotte in Aus

21.06.09 01:12
UAL Corp stellt Rundumerneuerung der Flotte in Aussicht

CHICAGO (dpa-AFX) - UAL , der Mutterkonzern der amerikanischen Fluggesellschaft United Airlines, stellt einen baldigen Flugzeugkauf in Aussicht. Dies könne eine gute Gelegenheit für eine Flieger-Order sein, sagte UAL-Finanzvorstand Jake Brace am Montag in Chicago. Ein Auftrag könne sowohl Boeing- als auch Airbus-Flugzeuge der EADS beinhalten. Dabei seien Treibstoff-Effizienz und niedrige Wartungskosten dafür ausschlaggebend, welche Modelle den Zuschlag erhalten.

Anfang des Monats hatte UAL beide Flugzeugbauer aufgefordert, Offerten für die Erneuerung der UAL-Flotte vorzulegen. Dabei wird von einem Auftrag für mehr als 150 Flieger ausgegangen - die erste Rundumerneuerung seit 1998. Neben Alterungserscheinungen gilt der höhere Treibstoffverbrauch älterer Flugzeuge als Grund für den erwogenen Großauftrag. Im Schnitt ist die UAL-Flotte 13 Jahre alt./RX/fn/ck


23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3Grööste Fluglinie der Welt !?

29.06.09 12:08
US Airways and American Airlines to merge?
June 26, 5:33 PM

Doug Parker, pictured above, is the CEO of US Airways.
Parker has been an outspoken proponent of industry
consolidation in recent years.More than two years after withdrawing a bid to take over a then-bankrupt Delta Air Lines, US Airways CEO Doug Parker is once again calling for accelerated consolidation in the airline industry, this time with American Airlines, The Deal reports. Parker, who was actually employed by American from 1986-1991 before serving as Vice President of Northwest Airlines between 1991 and 1995, has been an outspoken proponent of consolidation since 2004, when he engineered the takeover of a sickly US Airways by his own America West Airlines.

A merger between the two airlines makes sense, Parker says, due to the relatively small market share of the merged Northwest-Delta entity (25%) and the room it leaves for competition. Additionally, given the speculation Continental's entry into the United-founded Star Alliance has brought about in the wake of merger speculation rumors in 2008, American remains as the only party not yet spoken for, having abstained from consolidation since its 2001 merger with St. Louis-based TWA. US Airways attemped to merge with United in 2000, but the two withdrew their plans when faced with resistance from the Department of Justice.

As far as any American-US Airways union is concerned, a combined carrier would overlap little, offering American expanded presence in the Southeast with US Airways' Charlotte hub, the Southwest with its Phoenix hub, and the opportunity to consolidate operations between its New York-JFK hub and US Airways' Philadelphia hub, which serve as each respective carrier's chief international gateways.

US Airways is currently the weakest domestic legacy carrier in terms of international movements. While American leads to Europe in terms of passengers carried, Delta and Continental best it in terms of destinations served, while both Delta and United are largely superior to Asia and the South Pacific, Delta bolstered by the aforementioned Northwest merger, during which it inherited Northwest's hub at Tokyo Narita International Airport. Neither carrier offers international service from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. US Airways offers service to Phoenix and Charlotte, while American's second place ranking in terms of flights and passengers carrier was recently dwindled by its decision to ax its daily flight to San Jose, known affectionately as the "nerd bird" route.

American is the only US legacy carrier not to have filed for bankruptcy this decade, while US Airways filed for protection twice prior to its acquisition by America West. The financial health of both carriers is the subject of intense debate, mainly as a result of labor issues with each, which could act to prevent a merger on their own. At this time, it is not known whether Parker's comments were the result of any meeting between the two or simply wishful thinking. Stay tuned to the Austin International Travel Examiner for more information as it becomes available


23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3Es fällt auf ...

29.06.09 12:15
... das US Airways (LCC) nur halb so hoch bewertet ist wie United (UAUA),American airlines (AMR) ist dagegen doppelt so hoch bewertet wie UAL. Ich habe mich mit meinem einstieg in die Aktie daher für AMR entschieden .....


23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3United Airlines sells $175 mln in 3-yr notes

29.06.09 20:22
New Issue-United Airlines sells $175 mln in 3-yr notes
Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:31pm

Market News
June 29 (Reuters) - United Airlines Inc (UAUA.O) late on
Friday sold $175 million in three-year senior secured notes,
said IFR, a Thomson Reuters service.  Goldman Sachs and Citigroup were the joint bookrunning
managers for the sale.

AMT $175 MLN       COUPON 12.75 PCT   MATURITY 7/15/2012
TYPE SR SECD NTS   ISS PRICE 90.07    FIRST PAY 10/15/2009
MOODY'S B2         YIELD 17.00 PCT    SETTLEMENT 7/2/2009
FITCH N/A                             MAKE-WHOLE CALL 75 BPS

241 Postings, 5274 Tage AktienatorSo,

30.06.09 15:43
was meint Ihr!

Sollten wir hier den Boden gesehen haben?

Gruß Aktienator  

23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3UAL debt pricing may indicate liquidity fears

30.06.09 16:20
NEW YORK, June 29 (Reuters) - Bond investors are demanding
a high yield to take on even the secured debt of UAL Corp
(UAUA.O) as declining travel demand continues to hurt revenues
at the company, the parent of United Airlines, and raises the
risk its liquidity could come under stress. United Airlines on Friday sold $175 million in senior notes
backed by its U.S. aircraft spare parts.

The notes were priced
at 90 cents on the dollar to earn a yield of 17 percent,
according to Thomson Reuters data. "The pricing indicates lack of investor interest and
management desperation," CreditSights analysts Roger King,
Aidas Baublys and Brian Studioso said in a report on Monday. "Whether it was due to banker exuberance or company desperation is unclear, but this type of issuance is frequently
just a few steps from the grave.

It signifies that sources of
liquidity are up against a limit while investors have yet to
perceive any rising tide of seasonal demand," they said. UAL denies that the pricing of the debt sale was out of
line with general market conditions. "The transaction was oversubscribed with terms that reflect
the transaction structure, the nature of the collateral used
and the tight credit market," said UAL spokesperson Jean
Medina, in Chicago.

The sale "will further boost our liquidity as we continue
to take the right actions in response to the difficult
environment, adjusting capacity and reducing our cost
structure," she added. "We continue to take actions to raise
liquidity, having raised more than $500 million in the first
quarter alone." LIQUIDITY CONCERNS Concerns that UAL's liquidity could come under pressure
have increased as the outlook for travel demand remains bleak
and the risk of a renewed surge in fuel prices remains a risk.

Credit default swaps on UAL's debt are reflecting a high
bankruptcy concern at 59 percent the sum insured as an upfront
cost, or $5.9 million to insure $10 million for five years, in
addition to annual payments of $500,000, according to data by
Markit. Fitch Ratings this month cut UAL's issuer credit rating two
notches to CCC, eight steps below investment grade and a deeply
speculative grade.

United could report substantially negative free cash flow
for the final three quarters of 2009, and the airline has $655
million of debt and capital leases maturing in the last three
quarters of the year, Fitch said. "Even if revenue trends stabilize late in the year, the
airline faces over $1 billion in scheduled debt and capital
lease principal payments next year, raising the probability of
a deepening liquidity crisis," Fitch added.

Management has indicated that an estimated $1.7 billion in
remaining unencumbered assets could be used to improve
liquidity in the future, though much of these assets are older
aircraft and engines that may not be easily monetized, Fitch
said. "United may have difficulty raising a large amount of new
capital over the near term as credit market conditions remain
very tight," Fitch said. Meanwhile the ability of bondholders to obtain the parts
backing the recent debt sale in the event of bankruptcy may be
challenged, CreditSights said.

"The history of aircraft parts collateral in bankruptcy has
been spotty," and bondholders in a past case involving the
now-defunct TWA airline were wiped out when a bankruptcy judge
did not want to deal with commingled inventory, the analysts
said. "Given the inherent limitations of spare parts collateral,
bondholders are betting their principal investment that the
issuer will not default over the next three years. That does
not seem to be a good bet right now," CreditSights said.


23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3United-Continental Plan Opposed

30.06.09 17:32
United-Continental Plan Opposed

Justice Department Urges Narrowing of Dispensation to Cooperate on Routes
The Justice Department belatedly objected to a plan by United Airlines parent UAL Corp. and Continental Airlines Inc. to cooperate on routes world-wide within the Star Alliance of air carriers, and recommended instead a more-limited trans-Atlantic deal.

The Transportation Department gave UAL and Continental preliminary approval for the arrangement nearly three months ago. The DOT tentatively agreed to let Continental join the Star group and granted Continental and nine of Star's 21 current members provisional antitrust immunity to act as a single carrier on some international routes.


8160 Postings, 6609 Tage PendulumSmart Money

30.06.09 20:12
Published June 30, 2009
3 Stock Picks: UAUA, GERN, ELX

United's Alliance With Continental Hits Some Turbulence

A plan to reconfigure major airline alliances is hitting some bumpy weather with regulators, whose scrutiny of Continental Airlines' (CAL1) plan to join the Star Alliance and to cooperate with United Airlines (UAUA2) on code-sharing arrangements knocked shares of United's parent down 7.6% in midday Tuesday trading Tuesday.

According to a report3 in The Wall Street Journal, the Department of Justice has raised concerns about the antitrust exemptions the carriers are seeking for domestic and international routes.

"Continental and United hope eventually to codeshare on nearly all of their domestic flight segments, combine customer lounges, consolidate their operations at common airports, provide frequent flier reciprocity, cooperate on ticketing, reservations and check-in and perform joint procurement," the DOJ wrote Friday. With codesharing, the airlines can sell tickets for each other's flights.

"The Department of Transportation is really the decider on this one, but they have to go through the DOJ so that agency can weigh in," says Helane Becker, an analyst with Jesup & Lamont. "What the Department of Justice is saying is 'We don't think this is a good plan and we think it's going to limit competition,'" she says.

For the airlines, such arrangements are about survival. Last week, Continental CEO Larry Kellner said "[It's] some of the most challenging conditions airlines have ever faced."

Becker says the antitrust exemption requests made could well have been a negotiating tactic with regulators, who'd be reluctant to prevent moves that allow any part of the nation's battered airline industry to survive. "It's entirely possible they decided to ask for everything and hope they get what they want, specifically the ability to discuss Transatlantic routes," she says.

Continental plans to leave the SkyTeam Alliance, which includes Aeromexico, Air France, Delta Air Lines (DAL4), Northwest Airlines, among other airlines, on Oct. 24. Becker believes it could join the Star Alliance, which includes United and US Airways (LCC5), by early November or December as long as the airlines can navigate the regulatory turbulence.

Bottom Line: Hold
Should the alliance go through, some of the cost savings could bolster United's finances at a time when every little bit helps.  

23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3Rebound ?

01.07.09 08:37
US Airways (NYSE:LCC) konnte sich gestern abend von ihren Tiefstständen gut erholen und schloss mit gut 8% im Plus !


8160 Postings, 6609 Tage Pendulumfalls Öl Richtung auf 75-80 $ steigt

01.07.09 09:18
........ sieht es ganz ganz übel aus

Für diesen Fall muss man mit einem Bruch der Unterstützung bei 3.00 $ rechnen  

8160 Postings, 6609 Tage PendulumAuslastungsraten Anfang Juli sehr positiv

02.07.09 08:41
Reuters, 02.07.09

"The last several days this week we've seen load factors in the high 80s and starting today through July 3 we expect to see domestic load factors in the low 90s," Smith said.

At UAL Corp's (UAUA.O) United Airlines, planes are as much as 94 percent full, a spokeswoman said.

The airline industry has been hit hard this year by weak demand as the economic recession erodes travel budgets. Carriers have responded with capacity cuts designed to eliminate unprofitable flying and to bolster fares.

"Certainly air fares have come up sharply in the last six weeks," said Rick Seaney, chief executive of FareCompare. "Part of that is the lack of sale fares in the system right now."

Huge capacity cuts began last year and continued into 2009. Last month, Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL.N) said it would cut system capacity by 10 percent this year, compared with earlier plans to cut capacity by 6 percent to 8 percent.

AMR said it would cut capacity by 7.5 percent, compared with a previous forecast for a 6.5 percent decline. Other airlines are expected to make similar cuts.  

8236 Postings, 6004 Tage TykoScheint sich

02.07.09 21:05
da so langsam der Boden zu bilden?

Noch gut behauptet heute.......
langer Weg bis 6$......
war zu früh .....eindeutig...

8160 Postings, 6609 Tage PendulumSinkender Ölpreis hilft enorm

03.07.09 16:38
Sollte es so weiter gehen und Öl wieder unter die 60 $ Marke sinken, sehe ich die UAUA Aktie wieder über 4.00 $

Übrigens, am 22. Juli kommen die Ergenisse fürs 2. Quartal

Fest steht, dass die Zahlen nicht gut werden. Es geht also nur noch darum, wie schlecht werden die Zahlen ausfallen (Schweinegrippe, pp) - am wichtigsten wird sein, wie hoch sind die Barmittel zum Ende des 2. Quartals gewesen ?

Sollten die Barmittel zum 30.06.09 weiterhin über 2,5 Milliarden $ liegen, könnte die Aktie sogar bis auf über 5 $ reagieren.  

8236 Postings, 6004 Tage TykoMmmh.............

03.07.09 17:18
bisher waren Deine Aussagen richtig............

vermutlich also 6$ erst im Herbst zu sehen?

Na ,Hauptsache die shorterei hört mal auf.........

Schönes WE

8236 Postings, 6004 Tage Tyko....Öl sinkt....aber nun das....

04.07.09 09:08
United Airlines
vom: 2009-07-03 Rubrik: allgemein
United will weitere Flugbegleiter beurlauben
United Airlines will aufgrund der anhaltend schwachen Nachfrage ab Ende August bis zu 600 weitere Flugbegleiter beurlaubt werden. Schon 2008 hatte man die Zahl der Flugbegleiter um 1.550 reduziert. Doch letztes Jahr hatte man auf freiwillige Beurlaubung gesetzt. Ein Teil der Mitarbeiter ist inzwischen wieder bei United tätig, da es sich nur um eine temporäre Maßnahme gehandelt hatte. Die Airline baut darauf, dass sich auch abermals Mal Freiwillige finden werden, die sich ab dem 31. August für einen Zeitraum von 10 bis 30 Monaten beurlauben lassen. Falls sich keine Freiwilligen finden, werde United Beurlaubungen auf unbegrenzte Zeit durchsetzen. United Airlines beschäftigt derzeit rund 13.500 aktive Flugbegleiter.

23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3Alter hut

04.07.09 10:28
Das die 600 Jobs würden wegfallen,war doch schon lange klar,ich find das auch nicht so schlimm.Viel schlimmer könnten meiner Meinung nach diese "Antitrust-Regelung"sein,nach der es United verboten sein wird mit Continental zusammenzuarbeiten,was man ja eigendlich wollte ! Auswirkungen ?? Ja,und flamel ist mal wieder der hammer,es gibt News zu 2 neuen therpaeutischen Proteinen,die ich aber noch nicht in den Thread eingestellt habe,Schilo-NRW war so schlau seine 1000 Flamel zu halten und ist nun fett im Plus,ich habe sein komlettes depot gesehen (MGM Mirage,Flamel,filmconfect,Dynavax,etc...)


8160 Postings, 6609 Tage PendulumFusion Continental-UAL ?

04.07.09 10:42
Auch dies ist eine mögliche Alternative !

Die Antitrustregelung wäre obsolet. Da Continental momentan in der stärkeren Position ist, könnten sie UAL in einem Aktientausch übernehmen.

Siehe Delta & Northwest

Eine Übernahme mittels Cash scheidet aktuell aus.

Hier ist im Moment vieles möglich. Am wichtigsten wäre jedoch nach meiner Meinung ein Ölpreis von unter 60 $ - am besten unter 50 $  

23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3Hallo Pendulum

04.07.09 10:55
Ich habe mich aktuell fett mit AMR-aktien eingedeckt,da ich u.a. von einer fusion American airlines - US Airways ausgehe bzw. damit eine fusion von United - Continental glaube ich nicht,da gibt es widerstand  wegen der antitrustregelung. US airways sind momentan an der börse fürn appel und ein ei zu haben,ein "Klacks" für AMR,trotzdem wünssche ich viel glück mit United,Kurs aktuell in der Nähe des ATL ....


8160 Postings, 6609 Tage Pendulummerger talks likely

06.07.09 09:22

4679 Postings, 5108 Tage die_milbebekanntheitsgrad wird jedenfalls steigen ;-)

08.07.09 21:41,1518,635071,00.html

mal im ernst. ausgebombter titel. lohnt sich ein invest?


23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3United Airlines will offer nonstop service between

09.07.09 00:43
Vielleicht wartest du noch die Berichtssaison ab,milbe,UAL wird keine guten Zahlen präsentieren .....

United Airlines will offer nonstop service from Kansas City International Airport to San Francisco International Airport starting Oct. 25, the Kansas City Aviation Department said Wednesday.

SkyWest Airlines will fly the new United Express route using the 66-seat Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft, the Aviation Department said in a release. The flight will run once daily each way and is timed to give passengers convenient connections to United’s departures to Hawaii and Asia, the release said.

United operates 15 daily flights from KCI to Denver, Washington and Chicago, said Justin Meyer, the Aviation Department’s manager of air service development. United operates a hub at San Francisco International Airport with 258 daily departures to 71 nonstop destinations.

The new flight will be scheduled to leave Kansas City at 8:51 a.m. and arrive in San Francisco at 10:45 a.m., and to leave San Francisco at 4:07 p.m. and arrive in Kansas City at 9:31 p.m.

United Airlines, owned by UAL Corp. (Nasdaq: UAUA), operates more than 3,300 flights a day on United and United Express to more than 200 U.S. domestic and international destinations from its hubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and Washington


8160 Postings, 6609 Tage PendulumZahlen kommen am 22. Juli

09.07.09 00:51
......... da jeder mit schlechten Zahlen fürs 2. Quartal rechnet, kann es eigentlich nur positive Überraschungen geben

Die wichtigste Kennzahl ist der Cashbestand per 30.06.2009 (er sollte nach Möglichkeit über 2,5 Milliarden $ liegen)

Alles NEGATIVE dürfte im Kurs drin sein, inclusive der zerstörten Gitarre, aber die wird UAL ja jetzt wohl schnellstmöglich erstatten. Glaube nicht, dass man bei 3.20 $ noch allzu viel falsch machen kann, es sei denn Du rechnest innerhalb der nächsten 6 Monate mit Chapter 11.  

4679 Postings, 5108 Tage die_milbeich fasse zusammen

09.07.09 01:14

i) UAL wird durch die folk-bande bekannter

ii) UAL potentieller übernahmekandidat

iii) Öl wird noch billiger

iv) geflogen wird in einem flächenland immer

iv) in den quartalszahlen ist die gitarre - siehe punkt i - eingepreist

bleibt nur noch die frage nach dem kapitel 11. ist UAL die GM der lüfte?

und zu flugzeugen fällt mir noch was ein ... "runter kommen sie immer" ;-)   


23601 Postings, 5866 Tage Chalifmann3hm

09.07.09 02:03
Es muss ja nicht zwangsläufig UAL in deinem Depot landen,denke doch auch mal über Amercan airlines  (DOW JONES:AMR) nach .....


8160 Postings, 6609 Tage PendulumUnterstützung bei $ 3.00 in Gefahr ?

10.07.09 13:57
........ nach dem PR Alptraum (United breaks guitars) droht nun der Sturz unter $ 3.00

In diesem Fall könnte es zu massiven Stop Loss Verkäufen und Margin Calls kommen.

Aufpassen und ggf. Notbremse ziehen !  

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