Lithium, vielleicht der diesjährige Rohstofftrend

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865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederWeitere Aktien

11.02.11 18:37
Talison hat den Finanzinstituten (Underwriters) eine Option auf weitere 1,6 Millionen shares gewährt, die ausführbar in den nächsten 30 Tagen ab dem heutigen Datum vonstatten gehen soll!

Dann geht das Kursgeplänkerle noch ein wenig weiter und die nächsten 30 Tage braucht man, falls die Option voll genutzt wird am besten gar nicht auf den Kurs schauen!
Es sei denn....die Gelegenheit wird zum Nachkauf genutzt ;-)

Würde mich nicht wundern,wenn Talison bei Verdoppelung (oder mehr?)der Produktion/Förderung bald an erster Stelle der Lithiumproduzenten steht!


865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederSieht gut aus ;-)

15.02.11 11:23
Feb 14, 2011 10:48 ETTalison Lithium Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter Ended December 31, 2011 and Commencement of Drilling at Salares Project

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 14, 2011) - Talison Lithium Limited ("Talison" or the "Company") (TSX:TLH) announces:

Financial results for the second quarter of the 2011 financial year;
Commencement of drilling at the Salares 7 Project; and
Details of a conference call to discuss the financial results.
Financial results

Talison today released its financial results as at December 31, 2010 and for the three and six month interim periods ended December 31, 2010(1). For a detailed discussion of the Company's financial results, refer to Management's Discussion and Analysis which can be found on Talison's website and SEDAR profile.

Highlights from the results:

- Lithium concentrate production for the three month interim period ended December 31,  2010 ("Second Quarter") of 83,548 tonnes (approximately 12,400 tonnes lithium carbonate equivalent or "LCE"), representing a 40% increase over the corresponding period in the prior year.

- Lithium concentrate sales for the Second Quarter were a record 97,559 tonnes (14,500 tonnes LCE) representing a 54% increase over the corresponding period in the prior year.

- Lithium concentrate production and sales for the six months ended December 31, 2010 were 164,277 tonnes and 150,084 tonnes of lithium concentrates respectively (approximately 24,300 tonnes LCE and 22,200 tonnes LCE respectively), and represent, a 32% and 33% increase respectively over the corresponding period in the prior year.

- Sales revenue for Second Quarter of A$32.8 million, an increase of 79%, over the same prior year period, and for the six months ended December 31, 2010, sales revenue of A$53.9 million, a 53% increase over the corresponding period in the prior year. The increase in sales revenue resulted from increases in sales volumes and average sale prices, and the sale of crushed ore into the Chinese market.

- EBITDA(2) for the Second Quarter of A$7.2 million, an increase of 63% over the corresponding period in the prior year, due to the higher sales volumes and prices and a reduction in the unit cost of sales.

- For the six months ended December 31, 2010, EBITDA of A$12.0 million, a 26% increase over the same prior year period, including A$1.6 million in non-recurring reorganisation costs.

- Commissioning of the Stage 1 expansion at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations was completed during the Second Quarter ahead of schedule.

- Preparatory works for commencement of a drilling program at the Salares 7 Project in Chile were undertaken during the Second Quarter.

- In response to continued strong demand for lithium concentrate, Talison decided to revise the design of the Stage 2 expansion of the Greenbushes Lithium Operations to allow for further increases in production capacity.

- The outlook for Talison's annual production of lithium concentrate has improved due to a successful production process improvement program and early commissioning of the Stage 1 expansion. Lithium concentrate production for the financial year ending June 30, 2011, is expected to exceed 48,000 tonnes LCE.

Subsequent to the end of the Second Quarter, on February 10, 2011, Talison completed a bought deal equity financing (the "Offering") pursuant to which it issued 10,703,000 Ordinary Shares at a price of C$6.50 per Ordinary Share for total gross proceeds of approximately C$70 million. The Offering was made pursuant to an underwriting agreement between Talison and a syndicate of underwriters. Pursuant to the terms of the underwriting agreement, the underwriters have been granted an option to purchase an additional 1,605,000 Ordinary Shares (representing 15% of the Offering) at a price of C$6.50 per Ordinary Share, which option is exercisable in whole or in part on or following the closing of the Offering and for a period of 30 days thereafter. If the option is exercised in full, Talison will receive additional gross proceeds from the Offering of approximately C$10 million.

Salares 7 Project

Talison is also pleased to announce the commencement of the first drilling program at the Salares 7 Project in the Atacama Province, Region III, Chile.

The first stage of the program involves reconnaissance drilling utilising a sonic drill rig at two of the seven salars, Salar de La Isla and Salar de Las Parinas. The pattern of holes for the drilling program is related to geophysical responses on Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) survey lines previously established on the salars.

Photos of the Salares 7 project, including the salars, drill rig and camp are available on the Company's website at  

7714 Postings, 5746 Tage videomartPress Release Feb 16, 2011 08:54 ET

16.02.11 18:40

Talison Lithium Closes Over-Allotment Option Increasing 'Bought Deal' Financing to $80 Million

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 16, 2011)


865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederDann

17.02.11 08:29
kann der Kursverlauf jetzt wieder in "normale" Bahnen gelenkt werden.

Was nicht so schön ist...wie im WWW an anderen Beispielen nachzulesen, dass es bei einem "Bought Deal" doch zu einer Erhöhung der Aktienzahl sprich "Verwässerung" gekommen ist!  

9 Postings, 4635 Tage TLithiumHoffentlich mal Richtung Norden

21.02.11 19:54

sieht heute aber eher Richtung Süden aus :(


865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederShorts

22.02.11 10:47
Offensichtlich wurde versucht Talison zu shorten aber mit wenig Erfolg.
Es wird auch "gemunkelt", dass Goldman Sacks Anteile verkauft hätte! (Halte ich bei diesem Wert eigentlich für Spekulatius)

Leserbrief aus Stockhouse von user Threshold:

The Feb 15 short report is out to Stockwatch subscribers, that means me, and here are the numbers.

Jan 15/2011 shorted shares 111,000 change from last period 86,900
Feb 01/2011 shorted shares 775,700 change from last period 664,000
Feb 15/2010 shorted shares 23,000 change from last period -752,700

The stock has low daily volume so the shorts were able to push it around and cover with little damage.I think it is pretty funny they even tried to short it. Shorts are usually smart. Not in this case.

So PP closed, overallotment closed, clear sailing ahead imo.

The earnings were spectacular.

Don't see any selling by Goldman either contrary to another posters comments earlier. I get historical broker activity from my Stockwatch subscription. Great data feed. I can pick any period and find out who bought and sold how much. Down to individual days.

I'm just buying dips from now on. Maybe trade a few out on overbought situations if it overuns the top of the channel too much.

By the end of the current expansion this company will produce about half the globe's lithium. This is 4% ore we are talking about here. No one else has close to that and it is at surface.

There are many non producing mining stocks in the PM and BM Sectors who have larger market caps than TLH, just a matter of time before that is corrected.

If these guys ever get around to a US listing you are looking at the next MCP (Molycorp) type move in stock price.  

9 Postings, 4635 Tage TLithiumWohl doch gelungen zu shorten

22.02.11 21:05

865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederYep :-( Die

22.02.11 21:46
Lithiumaktien schauen  fast alle durch die Reihe nicht gut  aus :-(
Orocobre z.b.  -13%
Die etablierten, wie SQM,FMC,Rockwood alle so im Talison minus Bereich.
Keine Ahnung was da los ist....wird aber wohl der Allgemeinmarkt sein!  

865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederDie Goldmänner waren

27.02.11 19:44
es, die einiges verkauft haben!
Der letzte Trade von denen war am 17.02.11 .....aber keine Ahnung,wie schnell da bei Equedia immer aktualisiert wird!


865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederWas

01.03.11 20:27
kann einem Kleinanleger besseres passieren???

Goldman Sucks als "indirect ownership" und Rothschild Australia als "Advisor"....der wahrscheinlich auch nicht gerade wenige shares besitzt!

Das Teil wird bald bestimmt noch unter dem IPO Kurs geshortet und dort Bruchlanden.

So langsam wird's komisch hier  

865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederScheint

01.03.11 21:45
so, als ob da gegen Feierabend noch kleines Kämpfchen ausgetragen wird....  
Angehängte Grafik:

865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederIt's not funny anymore...

02.03.11 05:32
"Sell on good news" oder "Crazy world" nach einem 79% Sprung nach Einnahmen?
Vom 14.2.11

Talison Lithium Giving Ground After Announcing Q2 Results

Talison Lithium Ltd. (TLH.TO) shares are starting to lose ground, slipping $0.04 to $6.46 each after the miner announced a 63% gain in Q2 EBITDA to A$7.2 mln on A$32.8 mln in sales. The company, which tomorrow plans a conference call with analysts and investors, did not disclose net earnings.

The 79% jump in revenues over year-ago levels was supported by higher sales volumes and average sale prices, and the sale of crushed ore into the Chinese market. Production of lithium concentrate grew 40% to 83,548 tons.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.


865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederVerdoppelung der Kapazität

02.03.11 15:48
Perth, Western Australia, March 2, 2011 – Talison Lithium Limited (“Talison” or the “Company”) (TSX:TLH) announces final approvals and details on the Stage 2 expansion of production capacity of the chemical-grade plant at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations (the “Expansion”).
&#61623; The Board has given final approvals for the Expansion and site works to commence in April 2011
&#61623; Expansion will more than double total nameplate production capacity at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations to approximately 740,000 tonnes per annum lithium concentrate (approximately 110,000 tonnes per annum lithium carbonate equivalent (“LCE”))
&#61623; Total capital costs of the Expansion are estimated at between A$65 to A$70 million
&#61623; Commissioning of the Expansion is anticipated to commence in the second quarter of calendar 2012
&#61623; Expansion ensures Talison is well positioned to increase sales and provide the lithium market with security of supply to meet expected future growth
&#61623; Talison expects to release an updated reserve statement incorporating the improved operating economics from the Expansion by June 2011
Expansion of the Greenbushes Lithium Operations
The Stage 1 expansion at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations was completed in December 2010. Following completion of the Stage 1 expansion, total nameplate production capacity at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations has increased to approximately 315,000 tonnes per annum lithium concentrate (approximately 47,000 tonnes per annum LCE).
In December 2010, Talison announced that in response to continued strong demand for lithium concentrate the design of the Expansion was being revised to allow for further increases in production capacity above the original design.
The engineering design work to define the scope and capital cost of the revised Expansion has now been completed. The Expansion comprises a new, purpose built, large scale chemical-grade lithium concentrate production facility. The Expansion is expected to substantially reduce Talison’s unit operating costs through improved lithium recovery and economies of scale.
The Expansion will more than double the current total production capacity of the Greenbushes Lithium Operations, with total nameplate production capacity increasing to approximately 740,000 tonnes per annum lithium concentrate (approximately 110,000 tonnes per annum LCE).
Total capital costs of the Expansion are estimated at between A$65 to A$70 million and will be funded by current cash reserves which include the net proceeds of the recently completed equity financing. Key long lead time items for the Expansion, including ball mills have been ordered, and tenders for the majority of the necessary equipment have been issued.
Talison is in final negotiations with the preferred construction contractor and expects to enter into the construction contract for the Expansion and commence site works at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations during April 2011. Commissioning of the Expansion is anticipated to commence in the second quarter of calendar 2012.
Discussions with new and existing customers for sales contracts for the increased production from the Expansion are continuing. Global demand for lithium is expected to accelerate significantly in coming years driven by demand for lithium-ion batteries for use in mobile technology, energy grid stabilisation and electric vehicles, and the Expansion will enable Talison to provide its customers with the security of supply and confidence to continue to expand their own operations.
Peter Oliver, Chief Executive Officer said, "Talison has a history of increasing production capacity in response to world demand for lithium, and has previously completed several successful expansions. This Expansion is in-line with Talison’s strategy to leverage off the strengths of its large, high-grade lithium deposit at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations and its technical expertise in the production of lithium concentrate.”
“After completion of the Expansion, Talison’s production capacity will be broadly equivalent to the size of the total global lithium market in 2010. An expansion of this scale demonstrates Talison’s confidence in the outlook for the lithium market, and enables Talison to provide its customers with security of supply to meet the expected future growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries in the years ahead.”
Greenbushes Lithium Operations Reserve Statement
Talison has been undertaking in-fill drilling at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations, with the initial objectives of upgrading the lithium mineral resources and improving the conversion of lithium mineral resources to lithium mineral reserves. The in-fill drilling has now been completed and Talison expects to release an updated statement of lithium mineral reserves and mineral resources by June 2011. The updated statement of lithium mineral reserves and mineral resources will incorporate results from the in-fill drilling and the improved operating economics from the Expansion.  

81 Postings, 4725 Tage agrariakomisch ist es wirklich nicht

10.03.11 20:58



81 Postings, 4725 Tage agrariafast wieder Herbstkurse

10.03.11 21:02

865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederBin

11.03.11 12:01
mit dem Quatsch hier auch schon über 20% in den Miesen...aber ich glaube an Talison und sehe es langfristig,weil der richtige Lithium Boom kommt erst noch! Die Firma expandiert ja fleissig und soll ja jetzt schon angeblich der größte Lithiumproduzent sein.

Bei Stockhouse wird der Grund bei dem fehlenden P/E (Price/Earnings-Ratio) Verhältniss und irgendwelchen ANALysten Bewertungen gesucht....( ) , die halt noch fehlen, weil der Börsengang noch nicht so lange her ist!

Für mich persönlich steckte aber hinter den rapiden Kursverfall System....Shorties und reine Zockerei!
Nach dem gestrigen Kursverlauf zu schliessen ,müsste der "Boden" jetzt gefunden sein...hoffentlich!


865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederErste Analyse von Cormark Securities Inc.

17.03.11 09:32
Talison Lithium Limited (TLH - TSX) erhält "Kauf" Empfehlung von Cormark Sec. Inc mit Ziel C$7,50

Matthew O'Keefe, M.Sc., MBA 416.943.6705

Talison Lithium Limited (TLH - TSX)

Festigung seiner Position als ein führender Produzent - Donnerstag, März 10, 2011

Über die letzten 12 Monate hat Talison Lithium bedeutende Schritte seiner wachsenden Investor Basis gemacht und seine Position als der größte Produzent von Lithium Carbonat gefestigt.

Die Gesellschaft vollendete kürzlich die erste Phase von Erweiterungsarbeiten an der Gesamt eigenen Greenbushes Mine in der Nähe von Perth, Australien und hat angefangen seine Produktionskapazität auf geschätzte 110,000 tpy (Tonnen pro Jahr) LCE (Lithium Carbonate Equivalent) von 2013 an zu verdoppeln.

Gleichzeitig mit seiner neulichen Listung an der TSX, hat die Gesellschaft ebenfalls das Salares 7 Lithium Brine Projekt in Chile erworben.

Von daher bietet Talison Investoren Aufschluss zu seiner aktuellen und wachsenden Spodumene Produktion in Greenbushes, sowie die Erforschung oberhalb von dem Brine (Lake) Projekten an Salares 7 der steigenden Lithium Nachfrage zu Nutzen.

Unsere Prognose für den Lithium Sektor verbleibt Positiv.

Hauptsächlich getrieben von der Zunahme bei elektrischen Fahrzeugen, ist die Nachfrage für Lithium über den längeren Zeitraum festgelegt zu wachsen.

Solange keine Knappheit an Lithium Vorkommen besteht, werden Kunden bei der Belieferung zuhöchst anspruchsvoll und bewerten die Sicherheit und Qualität von nachhaltiger (langzeitig) Versorgung.

Dazu ist Talison ideal geeignet, diese Kunden Grundlage zu erfüllen.

Wie die Firma zu ihrer Wachstum Planung in beiden, Mineral und Brine (Lake/Salzlauge/Sole, gemeint ist das Salares7 Projekt) ausführt, führt sie ihre Festigung der Position als führender Weltversorger von Lithium fort.

Bezogen auf einer Mischung von unserer NAVPS (Net Asset Value Per Share) und voraus EBITDA, beginnen wir mit der Erfassung/Reportage/Berichterstattung auf Talsion Lithium mit einer Kauf Empfehlung und Ziel bei C$7,50 (Canada Dollar). (Research Comments)

- Durch EBITDA Earnings before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (Ergebnis vor Zinsen, Steuern, und Abschreibungen auf Sachanlagen und immaterielle Vermögensgegenstände) wird das Betriebsergebnis ohne Verzerrungen dargestellt.

- NAVPS – (Net Asset Value Per Share) Vermögenswert je Aktie
TLH.TO 2011-03-12: Talison Lithium Receives 'BUY' Recommendation from Cormark Securities

Recommendation: BUY
Target Price: $7.50

Cormark's Summary:

Matthew O'Keefe, M.Sc., MBA 416.943.6705

Talison Lithium Limited (TLH - TSX)
Fortifying Its Position As A Top Producer
Over the last 12 months, Talison Lithium has made significant strides in growing its investor base and solidifying its position as the largest producer of lithium concentrate in the world. The company recently completed the first phase of expansionary work at its wholly owned Greenbushes mine near Perth, Australia and has set out to double its production capacity to an estimated 110,000tpy LCE per by F2013. Concurrent with its recent listing on the TSX, the company also purchased the Salares 7 lithium brine project in Chile. As such, Talison offers investors exposure to its current and growing spodumene production at Greenbushes, exploration upside from the brine projects at Salares 7 as well as leverage to accelerating lithium demand. Our outlook for the lithium sector remains positive. Demand for lithium, driven primarily by the growth of electric vehicles, is set to grow exponentially over the longer term. On the supply side, while there is no shortage of lithium deposits, customers are becoming highly discriminating, valuing security and quality of long-term supply. This is a customer base that Talison is ideally suited to satisfy. As the company executes on its growth strategy in both mineral and brine supply, it continues to solidify its position as the world’s top supplier of lithium. Based on a blend of our NAVPS and forward EBITDA, we are initiating coverage on Talison Lithium with a Buy recommendation and C$7.50 target.

--- Matt O'Keefe

*Sollte es bei der Übersetzung zu Fehlern gekommen sein, bitte laut schreien *g  

865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederAus einer Talison Anfrage

17.03.11 11:58
Vielen Dank an den user Iscariah vom Stockhouse Bullboard....
Thx a lot for the request to Talison from the Stockhouse user Iscariah!

Ich habe eine Anfrage an Talison gestellt, welche ich gedenke mit euch zu teilen.

Frage: Wie groß,denken Sie sind die Lithium Reserven, die Sie auf ihren Land haben?

Antwort:Wir haben 10 mt 3,9% gradiges Lithia in Reserve und 22,5 mt 3,7 gemessen und nachgewiesen/angezeigt. Zusätzliche Bohrungen sind fortdauernd/anhaltend und werden die Quellen/Ressourcen  in Greenbushes /Australien vergrößern/erhöhen! Dies schließt nicht die Lake/Salzlauge mit ein (Salares7).

Frage:Haben Sie einen Zeitplan, für wie lange der Bestand ausreicht?

Antwort:An Reserven (über/höher als) 12 Jahre, an gemessenen und nachgewiesenen sind es über 23 Jahre.Dies schließt nicht die zusätzlichen Bohrungen, oder das Brine Lake Projekt in Chile mit ein.

Frage:Was denken Sie über die Chance, in der Zukunft mehr zu finden?

Antwort:Wir haben bereits die Ressourcen mit Bohrungen, wie oben beschrieben erweitert. Wir beginnen in über einer Woche mit den Bohrungen in Chile, das wird auch helfen (mehr zu finden).

Frage:Was sind ihre Wachstumsziele in den nächsten paar Jahren?

Antwort:Wir erwrten mit der Hilfe von der vergangenen Finanzierung, die Produktion in den nächsten 15 Monaten zu verdoppeln. Ungefähr 100,000 tpy (Tonnen pro Jahr) Lithium Carbonat Äquivalent von unserer augenblicklich bkannt gemachten laufenden Rate von 50 kilo Tonnen pro Jahr.

Frage:Wie groß sind die Produktionskosten von einer Tonne Lithium?

Antwort:In sehr groben Zügen, da wir mehrere Typen und Grade von Konzentraten produzieren und von einer LCE Äquivalent Grundlage ausgehend, produzieren wir für ungefähr US$1500/Tonne und wieder grob, verkaufen wir an chinesische Umsetzer für über $2500 mit ungefähr 60% Gewinn.

Hoffe, dies ist für einige von euch nützlich!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen!

I asked questions to Talison which I thought to share with you.

Q: How large reserves of lithium think you have on your land?
A: We have 10 mt graded 3.9% lithia in reserve and 22.5mt graded 3.7 in the measured and indicated. Additional drilling is ongoing and will increase the resources at the Greenbushes/Australia project. This does not include the brine
Q: Do you have a timetable for how long the assets are left?

A:On reserve (above) 12 years, on measured and indicated it is 23 years. this does not include the additional drilling or the brine lake project in Chile.
Q: What do you think about the chance to find more time in the future?

A: We are already extending the resource by drilling as described above. We start drilling in about a week in Chile so that will also help.

Q: What are your growth targets over the next few years?

A: We expect to double our prodcution ion the next 15 months or so with the help of the recent financing. Approx 100,000 tpy lithium carbnonate equivalent from our currently announced run rate of 50ktpa.

Q: How great is the production cost of one tonne of lithium?

A: In very rough terms as we produce several types and grades of concentrate, and from a lCE equivalent basis we produce for approximately $1500 US/t and again rough sell to the chinese converters for about $2500 for approx 60% margin.

Hope this is useful for some of you!



81 Postings, 4725 Tage agrariaVielen Dank für die Infos!

19.03.11 10:30

81 Postings, 4725 Tage agrariaKauf" Empfehlung mit Ziel C$7,50

19.03.11 10:48

von Cormark Sec. Inc ... kommt mir sehr entgegen... wenn man sich den jetzigen Stand anguckt...


28 Postings, 4742 Tage battosaiagria

23.03.11 08:40

ja das wuerde mich auch beruhigen mal wieder ueber 5C$ wu sein..


865 Postings, 5404 Tage G.FederWird schon werden ;-)

23.03.11 20:12
Eine neue sehr interessante Talison Präsentation ist raus :

Talison wird im zwoten Quartal 2012 fast die gesamte Weltjahresproduktion an LCE von 2009 produzieren ;-)
Im nächsten Jahr sehen wir ganz andere Kurse als die Kanadischen 7,50...

Hier gibt es einen älteren Roskill Lithium Report in Power Point zum anschauen:
Der komplette Report ist für den Preis von 4000 Euronen zu haben ;-)


28 Postings, 4742 Tage battosaigeduld

24.03.11 11:36

muss man hier haben.. :)


234 Postings, 5471 Tage DonSezerbin drin

28.03.11 16:05
viel erfolg allen investierten  

89 Postings, 4565 Tage studi5555Löschung

28.03.11 20:24

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