Lecere Corporation (LCRE)

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26.04.10 10:35

LCRE  chart~
*Restricted  shares: 6.0 Billion LCRE CEO owns  
*FLOAT: 3.5 Billion  
*O/S: 9.3 - 9.5 Billion  
CEO EMAIL from my  inbox regarding O/S~ DATED 24APR2010  
*Interview with LCRE CEO Dr. Jim Morris Ph.D., DATED  20APR2010~
Lecere Corporation of Portland, Oregon develops and markets  Lecere FIRMS™, an integrated, Web-based suite of interactive restaurant management  software that runs on handheld wireless devices. FIRMS helps restaurants  reduce their operational costs while enhancing their customers'  experiences for increased revenues and profits.  
Lecere's  FIRMS (Fully-Integrated Restaurant Management  Software)  product helps restaurants reduce their operating costs while enhancing  their customers' experiences.
*LCRE F.I.R.M.S. video  demo~
FIRMS is an integrated set of Software as a Service (SaaS)  modules used for optimizing the operation of restaurants on any level,  ranging from the individual restaurant to multinational chain  restaurants, hotels. FIRMS offers five individual, on-demand modules:  
* Point of sales (POS), with online delivery or takeout  accessible via a web browser, PDA, or cell phone  
* Networked,  multiple-restaurant accounting  
* Powerful online reservations capability for restaurants,  accessible via a web browser, PDA, or cell phone  
* Mapping and  geocoding for directions to the restaurant, display of nearby, and  optimized delivery  
* Data mining, which allows the restaurant to  target selected customers for special offers  
Lecere’s  initial deployment of its fully web-based, full-featured Point of Sales software  for restaurants is scheduled for April 30, 2010. Features include  (1) clock in/clock out, (2) manager, hostess, server, expediter, kitchen  , and bar roles with screen, handheld, and printer screen views, (3)  handheld, tableside order entry, (4) order item progress and alerts  appropriately sent to the various roles' views (e.g. 'bar' role sees  drink orders on any associated screens and/or printers, with expediter  and server notified when an item is ready), (5) off-the-floor credit card scan  (credit card never leaves the owner’s view), (6) menu definition, (7)  tables definition with auto/manual (as appropriate, e.g. 'seated' as  long as there are open tickets), and (8) table state mgmt: open, seated,  dirty, and closed.  
Key Points :
*  LCRE Reaffirms: NO REVERSE SPLIT! (03/01/2010 PR) ~
* LCRE is gearing up for the initial release of its  software through its Pilot Project on 30 APRIL ~
* A well known Restaurant to be named apparently  before the 30 APRIL ~
* The pilot restaurant  will use the Apple iPod Touch  and the iPad for order entry and bar/hostess interfaces~
 * FIRMS software support Mobile Devices iPhone (Apple), iPod  Touch (Apple), Nexus One (Google), Droid (Motorola), Galaxy S (Samsung) ~  
* DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS to be announced ~
LCRE  is in discussions with distribution partners who can deliver hundreds  of customers to Lecere in 2010 alone

*According  to Jim Morris, Chairman and CEO, “Lecere is focused 100% on developing  its software and obtaining customers. We do not intend to play ‘pink  sheet games’ with our stock now or at any time in the future.”
THE BOTTOMLINE: $$$$$ The SUBSTANTIAL DEMAND for Lecere  FIRMS™ will bring Lecere to a position of leadership in the hospitality software  industry  expect a substantial move on the price starting monday it is Micro  Pennies Season >>>>0.005 are coming fast here !!! stocks  with no stories like EKWX run from 0.0001 to 0.005 in couple of days on  such volume!!! Imagine what LCRE can do with its great Story and great  volume $$$$$
LCRE CEO insight  on LCRE bashers~


Und hier ein neues Video von der Software:



Viel Erfolg!

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26.04.10 15:29
Ich hatte es schon oben schon geschrieben, nun offiziell:
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26.04.10 15:36
ja, ich glauben, jetzt haben s alle verstanden  

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26.04.10 21:51
erklären, was denn nun das Produkt ist? Was ich herauslesen konnte, ist, daß es nur auf restaurants bezogen ist? Ein Tool für den Apple I-Pod?

277 Postings, 5267 Tage dunel14Video

26.04.10 22:14
Am besten das Video angucken, denke das ist selbsterklärend:

277 Postings, 5267 Tage dunel14Chart

26.04.10 22:16
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277 Postings, 5267 Tage dunel14** LCRE Video Chart 4/27/10 **

27.04.10 23:35

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29.04.10 17:53
Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Bin beeindruckt :)!  

277 Postings, 5267 Tage dunel14Jaaaaa...

30.04.10 11:48
...danke schön. Ich darf auch mal Glück haben ;)

Bist du auch investiert? Hoffen es konnten einige davon profitieren!

Weiterhin viel Erfolg!  

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30.04.10 15:18
Lecere Announces Pilot Project Kickoff at Nepo 42 in Portland, Oregon:

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30.04.10 15:27
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277 Postings, 5267 Tage dunel14News

03.05.10 15:11
Lecere Discloses Significant Short Sales of Its Stock:

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04.06.10 21:36


"press release June 4, 2010, 2:13 p.m. EDT · Recommend · Post: Caveat Emptor Removed for Lecere Corporation PORTLAND, Ore., Jun 4, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Software startup Lecere Corporation (Pink Sheets:LCRE) (www.lecere.com) announced today that the Caveat Emptor has been removed. This email was delivered to Lecere Friday morning by Brandon Ferguson of Pink OTC Markets, Inc.: "After a form check of the information posted to OTCMarkets.com, I have determined that the company has met the requirements for the Current Information tier for the period ending 03/31/2019. The company will be moved to the Current Information tier no later than the next market open." Lecere is in the final stages of completing the pilot project at Nepo 42. Look for an announcement prior to open of the market on June 7."

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