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140 Postings, 7138 Tage DauTraderKursverdopplung ? Sigma Designs 875344

19.02.05 17:44
 About Sigma Designs, Inc.

  Sigma Designs (Nasdaq: SIGM) specializes in silicon-based MPEG decoding for streaming video, progressive DVD playback, and advanced digital set-top boxes. The company's award-winning REALmagic(R) Video Streaming Technology is used in both commercial and consumer applications providing highly integrated solutions for high-quality decoding of MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., the company also has sales offices in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.sigmadesigns.com/.

Rating: Outperform     Kurs: n/A
KGV: 35     Kursziel: 20
Update: new coverage     WKN: 875344
Update Sigma Designs Inc.: Outperform
18.02.2005 14:38:15
Die Analysten von Robert W. Baird bewerten in ihrer Analyse vom Freitag, 18. Februar 2005 die Aktie von Sigma Designs Inc. neu mit dem Rating "Outperform". Das Kursziel für die Aktie liegt momentan bei 20 $.

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140 Postings, 7138 Tage DauTrader15 % heute, wird der Trend bestätigt? o. T.

16.03.05 23:59

140 Postings, 7138 Tage DauTraderabout sigma design

21.03.05 22:29
The ARRIS family of products is produced by Sigma Design.

Sigma Design starts with customers.

Our products are designed to satisfy their needs, and our employees strive to provide them with the very highest level of customer service possible. ARRIS CAD and its supporting products are technologically superior CAD software programs for architects, facilities managers and builders Worldwide. Sigma Design endeavors to lead the way to connectivity in cyberspace and compatibility of products, because our customers demand it.

The bundle of ARRIS products are designed to be fast, easy-to-use, and customizable. They also allow for the highest level of creativity in design and provide real solutions. The distribution of Sigma Design's products and services is structured to efficiently deliver the product to the customer through a variety of media including a combination of the traditional distribution methods as well as new media like the Internet.

This is the Sigma Design of today and the vision around which we are building the company.


NEW YORK, March 16 (newratings.com) - Analysts at Needham & Co upgrade Sigma Designs (SIGM.NAS) from "buy" to "strong buy." The target price has been reduced from $15 to $14.

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27.04.05 12:46
Sigma Adds All-Format Media Processing to Their EM8620 Series, With Support for H.264 and VC-1; New EM8622L Provides Pin- and Software-Compatible Upgrades for EM8620L Users
Sigma Adds All-Format Media Processing to Their EM8620 Series, With Support for H.264 and VC-1; New EM8622L Provides Pin- and Software-Compatible Upgrades for EM8620L Users

BW5489 APR 18,2005 3:30 PACIFIC 06:30 EASTERN

( BW)(NV-SIGMA-DESIGNS)(SIGM) Sigma Adds All-Format Media Processingto Their EM8620 Series, With Support for H.264 and VC-1; New EM8622LProvides Pin- and Software-Compatible Upgrades for EM8620L Users

Business Editors/High-Tech Editors

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 18, 2005--Sigma Designs(Nasdaq:SIGM), a leader in digital media processing for consumerappliances, today announced that the EM8622L and EM8624L mediaprocessors now add full H.264 and VC-1 decoding support to the popularEM8620L series. The EM8622L is a direct pin- and software-compatibleupgrade to the EM8620L, while the EM8624L extends functionality forhigh-definition display products. At this week´s National Associationof Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, Sigma will showcase itsEM8622L processor at the Sigma hospitality suite located at the HiltonHotel.
"The EM8622L enables customers to effortlessly upgrade theirexisting EM8620L based products with H.264 and VC-1 decoding," saidKen Lowe, VP of strategic marketing. "This will lead to a wide rangeof digital media adapters, IP set-top boxes, high-definition displaysand DVD players coming on the market in the second half of this yearwith all-format media processing, obviating the need to choose whichstandard to support."

Next Generation Consumer Products Embrace Advanced Codecs and HighDefinition

The increasing pervasiveness of digital media, coupled with afundamental need for entertainment alternatives, are paving the wayfor explosive growth in new types of consumer products and services.Telcos around the world are preparing to launch premium videoservices, DVD is moving to high definition, homes are using wirelessnetworks to access media anywhere, digital media adapters (DMAs) arefeatured within displays and portable players are just about toexperience video on-the-go. The common denominator: advancedcompression technologies and high performance media processors turningthese concepts into commercial realities.
Driving this movement is a transition from the digital mediamonopoly, held by MPEG-2 for the past 10 years, yielding to a duopolyshared by two new video codecs that provide more than twice thecompression efficiency: VC-1, a SMPTE specification based onMicrosoft´s Windows Media Video 9 (WMV9); and H.264, a sharedspecification from ITU and MPEG associations, also known as AVC, andMPEG-4 part 10. Moving forward, VC-1 and H.264 appear destined toequally share the role as next generation digital media standards.
The IPTV industry, which is just now showing signs of impendinggrowth on a worldwide basis, is rapidly moving toward advanced set-topboxes that feature both VC-1 and H.264. For network operators, theseadvanced codec solutions enable the delivery of high-quality videoservices, such as live broadcasts and video-on-demand (VOD) overbandwidth-limited broadband networks. To upscale competition, certainNorth American and Asian services are looking to use the addedcompression to feature high-definition channels. By deploying set-topboxes that incorporate all codecs, operators ensure that theirinvestment in customer premise equipment can support future contentstreams in any major format.
For future DVD players, the movement toward high-definitioncontent using VC-1 and H.264 with continued support for MPEG-2 is anear certainty as both HD-DVD and Blu-ray camps have selected thesenew codec standards. For some time, advanced DVD players featuringMPEG-4 content, high-definition output, and network connectivity havebeen popular with entertainment enthusiasts. However, the enormousmomentum behind the emergence of HD-DVD and Blu-ray players will usherthis level of performance into the mainstream and bring with it atidal wave of content that requires multi-format support. Meanwhile,high-definition DVD players currently using the WMV9 codec are beingpurchased by enthusiasts with the desire to utilize the resolution oftheir HDTVs.
Moving into the future, many other digital media products areadopting one or all of these new video codecs. Digital media receivers(DMRs) provide seamless flow of video content to TV sets throughoutthe home, and offer access to the growing collections of PC-based,digital photos, music and video, much of which is now based on WMV9and Windows Media Audio (WMA). Likewise, high-definition televisionsare moving to support the widening range of broadcast standards,including the migration of DVB, ARIB and ATSC to high-definition,H.264 content. Moving down the road, new portable media players,sporting video playback, are adding WMV9 compression to more thandouble their video storage capacity, as well as tap into the growinglist of downloadable content.

Decoding in All-Formats

Sigma´s EM8622L and EM8624L provide system-on-chip (SOC) siliconsolutions that feature all major compression technologies and supporthigh definition. Key features include:

          §Video decoding up to high definition for H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10), VC-1 (WMV9), MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (part 2).

          §Graphics acceleration with 32-bit alpha-blending, raster operations, and line drawing functions.

          §Audio decoding capability for Dolby Digital, WMA, WMA Pro, MPEG, AAC, MP3, and MPEG 1 or 2, layers I, II and III.

          §JPEG acceleration.

          §Motion adaptive deinterlacing for flat-panel, digital television output, as well as NTSC/PAL encoded video output for standard analog televisions.

          §Digital Rights Management (DRM) support with hardware cryptography engines for high speed payload decryption including AES, DES, triple-DES, RC4, CSS, DVB-CSA and Multi-2.

          §Single-chip solution with on-chip CPU, unified memory controller, IDE controller, general purpose IO and Ethernet MAC controller (EM8624L only).

To ensure quick time-to-market and engineering convenience, Sigmawill provide a library of streaming video and media playback software,including a real-time streaming engine for IP-based video-on-demandapplications, a DVD navigation module for playback from various formsof stored media, a network stack, and a hardware abstraction layer forlow-level program control.

Sigma Designs -- Powering the Digital Media Generation

For more than five years, Sigma Designs has been investing in thedevelopment of advanced high-definition codecs to drive the expansionof the digital media consumer market. Based on its media processorsand streaming software technologies, Sigma has established aleadership position in single-chip solutions for IPTV set-top boxes,digital media receivers and networked DVD players. Taking advantage ofthis technology, consumer products are being distributed on aworldwide basis by such leading manufacturers as D-Link,Fujitsu-Siemens, I-O Data, Kenwood, KiSS Technology, LG Electronics,Lite-ON IT, Onkyo, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and many others.


The EM8622L and EM8624L media processors will be sold throughSigma´s direct sales force. Samples of the EM8622L will be availablein May and samples of the EM8624L will be available in June.Production availability will begin in August.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release may contain forward-looking statements,including statements about the projected timing and extent of customershipments as well as the expected use of Sigma´s MPEG decoderproducts. Actual results could vary from those projected in theforward looking statements as a result of various factors, includingworldwide economic conditions, changes in the customer´s ability ordesire to complete the roll-out, consumer reaction to the new productsand services being offered, the ability of Sigma to deliver sufficientquantity and quality of MPEG decoder chips, prices for the Sigmachips, alternative offerings by competitors, and the ability of theparties to work together successfully to achieve the rollout.

About Sigma Designs, Inc.

Sigma Designs (Nasdaq:SIGM) specializes in silicon-based mediaprocessors for IPTV set-top boxes, digital media receivers, highdefinition DVD players, HDTV, and portable media players. Thecompany´s award-winning REALmagic(R) Video Streaming Technology isused in a variety of consumer applications providing highly integratedsolutions for high-quality decoding of H.264, WMV9, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 andMPEG-1. Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., the company also has salesoffices in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For moreinformation, please visit the company´s web site atwww.sigmadesigns.com/.

REALmagic and Sigma Designs are registered trademarks of SigmaDesigns. All other products and companies referred to herein aretrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


(c) 2005 Business Wire. All reproduction, other than for an individual user`s reference, is prohibited without prior written permission.

Autor: © Business Wire , 12:30 18.04.05  

140 Postings, 7138 Tage DauTraderheute + 10 % , interview?

10.05.05 01:14

schein sich ja hier niemand für diese Wachstumsaktie zu interessieren ?????

das interview:

The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates, Part 2
Posted May 3, 2005, 1:31 PM ET by Peter Rojas
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In part one of our interview with Bill Gates, published yesterday, we chatted with him about the next Xbox console, whether or not Microsoft is going to come out with a competitor for the PlayStation Portable, and the future of Windows Mobile. In today’s second and final installment we asked him about HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray, IPTV, Windows Media Center and DTV, and why the Tablet PC has struggled so much in the marketplace.

Let’s change gears a bit. There’s been a lot of talk recently about a possible compromise between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, but Microsoft isn’t mentioned in these discussions. You guys aren’t firmly in one camp or the other, but how important is a single unified standard to Microsoft?

Well there’re certainly some great features in terms of the fabrication costs that the Toshiba proposal has and there’s some capacity benefits from the Sony camp. And I’m not a hardcore hardware person to know if there is a way to get the best of both worlds, given the politics of who gets the patent royalties and the credit and into the market first and all that. It may take a little bit of time for this to be worked out. We’re not at the center of that because we’re not a hardware company, and yet we need to make sure that whatever comes out is supportable in Windows. And there’re some configurations of those devices a year ago that in terms of the way they were thinking about things technically wouldn’t have worked well with the PC environment. We’ve made significant progress with both camps on that. For example, supporting what we call VC 1 as an encoder that we have as a feature in Windows. Not exclusively, but as one of the required things that happened like six months ago. That was a great milestone for us.

Microsoft is basically agnostic towards either format?

[Long pause] We want to see a single format, and we think it’s best for the PC industry for a single format to emerge. That won’t necessarily happen and if it doesn’t then to some degree we’ll have to support both formats.

If there is a stalemate, which format do you think will come out ahead?

I really wouldn’t want to pick that. I think you basically would have a stalemate because who’s going to buy movie thinking that they’re buying a Beta movie? I think it would freeze the marketplace. That’s why there’s so much pressure to try and get this resolved. I think basically the winner of [any stalemate] will be called DVD. And HD movies, at least those delivered on an optical disc, would be set back two or three years.

That actually leads to my next question about home entertainment and the PC. Microsoft has a lot of behind the scenes initiatives right now, but what do you think the relationship is between the Media Center PC and then something like Foundation, Microsoft’s software for set-top boxes?

Let me try to be succinct about this. In the home you’re going to have a variety of devices. So you’ll have a set-top box which you can think of as kind of the simplest device. It will clearly be able to handle digital rights management and deal with high definition digital video. And then you’ll have something like a video game that will be a superset of that. And so, for example, Xenon is more powerful than any next-generation set-top box and it can be used as a set-top box, but obviously it can do a lot more than that; you can run the entertainment and other software there.

Then you have a Media Center PC that’s even beyond that in terms of storage and the kind of ecosystem that exists in the PC world. And so in the case of the set-top box you typically would store the video back on the server, either the Media Center server in the home, or the your video provider server back at the head-end. And that does have an advantage over sticking a hard disk on everything because you don’t even have to think about recording something [ahead of time]. The old shows are just there. There are various rights issues to work out on this, but we’ve got the user interface and IPTV gives you the ability to watch a show anytime you want without having planned that before the show’s aired or having this hard disk in your living room. You shouldn’t have to have that.

Anyway so all these things that have to work together in the home, and the cheapest device is that set-top box. We’re working with the cable industry and the telco industry on that piece and then we do all this server software for them. You’re right that this IPTV thing is very exciting and it doesn’t get that much visibility because you know right now the design wins are with cable and telco, and until they roll out big numbers the people won’t get that TV is going to change, and that the way you’re going to serve, the way you’re going to find things, the way you’re going to interact with the ads, the way you’re going to think about DVRs, that’s just going to change. And even the boundary between what’s an interactive game and what’s TV, that boundary—of course there will still be those two poles—but there’ll be things that are even in the middle in terms of learning and game shows. Some of this stuff was talked about 15 years ago when we first got into this and those dreams are becoming a reality.

But how does the Media Center PC, for instance, survive the transition to digital TV? It seems like there’s a lot of resistance on the part of the cable companies to provide the kind of support for CableCARD that third-party digital video recorders, be it a Media Center PC or TiVo, really need to be a part of that ecosystem you’re talking about.

Oh, we’ll get support for CableCARD into Media Center. That’s the whole idea of enabling different end devices to connect to the cable network. I mean there are a lot of efforts to enable that to happen. We’re working hard with the cable industry right now to get through the specific qualifications there. But that’s a very necessary thing and it’s nice that the framework guarantees that end devices can get connected up on an objective basis. So we’re off doing that. In fact, we have good relationships with the cable industry that are hopefully helping us get that done faster. So we will do that. We have a DTV over-the-air antenna capability in some of the Media Center PCs today, but we really want easy access to all video sources. Today what you have to do is you have to do an analog to digital convert back in, and that’s a little bit harder to set up, a little bit more expensive, and you give up a little bit of quality when you do that. You really want to have those digital bits directly, but they reasonably want to make sure that there’s some degree of protection there as good as, say, they have on DVD or other things.

Before we have to wrap things up, I wanted to ask you about Tablet PC. According to IDC, only 1.3% of all PCs sold last year were Tablet PCs. Is that good enough? Were those the sorts of numbers that you were expecting when you launched the platform a few years ago?

Well I believe in Tablet and I’m never the best person to know what the ramp up will be like. We’re not mainstream yet and we are hardcore, we’re going make it better and better and get this thing to be mainstream. I’m very encouraged by this sales growth we’re seeing right now. The last three months has been the record by far. You know, it just takes time. You gotta get the cost premium down. We’re working hard on this one. We expect it to be a standard feature of every portable and that would be more like 30% of all PCs than 1% of all PCs. So we’re going to get there.

How far away are we from that, do you think?

I’m not good at predicting that. I’ll be bold enough to say two years away, 2 ½ years away. It’s very non-linear. It’s not like you go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. I mean you go you either go one, one, one, one, one, or you go one, ten, 15, 20, where it’s just “Oh, you didn’t get graphics user interface? What were you thinking? You should have graphics. You didn’t get a USB connector? Come on. You know that’s a necessary thing.” And we need the word to spread. We need people to sit on a plane and see somebody next to them who’s using OneNote and they go, “Whoa, what is that?” We need people to annotate things and mail it to people and when they get it they open it and say, “How did that person do that, that is so cool the way they’ve circled and underlined and done those things.” And we just need to get the price points coming down. We need the dual-spindle machines that we didn’t have. In retrospect it’s clear, in both software and hardware, that there was a lot to be done to get into the mainstream.

But doesn’t what you just said point to the fact that a big part of the problem isn’t just hardware and software, that it’s also with the way the Tablet PC has been marketed?

Yes. But then again, when you finally get that magic thing where you get the right hardware and software and right marketing it’s never really the size of the marketing budget, it’s more how you get the exposure. Because after all, all marketing does is take enough of a group that loves the thing and gets them talking to their friends. And we have a little bit of that right now. The people who own Tablets, many of them are rabid Tablet evangelists, and so we need about ten times as many of those before we’re moving towards the mainstream. There’s a lot of neat technology behind this, there’s a lot of user benefit, like digital reading, digital annotation, and so I know that the Tablet OS we have today is good, but the next big change will be the Longhorn Tablet. And we haven’t shown any of the public that and that’s when I said we’ve only shown a glimpse of Longhorn. We haven’t shown Media Center Longhorn, Tablet Longhorn, the browser. A lot of stuff is ahead of us.

Media Center, Tablet PC will all be integrated into Longhorn, correct?

That’s right. They will ship. We’ll have different SKUs but all those things there will be a major release that will ship with the client and so that’s the big update for those things.

So I’ll be able to get my Tablet Media Center PC?

Actually we are looking at that, we will have an SKU that combines those. That’s been a little bit of a missing piece. People like Toshiba that are doing these machines that are great for that have been very clear about that.

Well, thank you so much, it appears we’re out of time.

I had a good time talking with you. You’ve got a fun job!

Thanks again to Bill and the people at Microsoft for their time; we’ll have a podcast of the interview later this week!

140 Postings, 7138 Tage DauTraderheute nachkaufen, bevor wir die 8 sehen! o. T.

10.05.05 10:08

140 Postings, 7138 Tage DauTraderKursrutz nutzen als Einstieg!

17.05.05 15:55
die fallenden Kurse sind auf die schlechten Quartalszahlen zurückzuführen! WO-B.
Traditionell sind die Chipabsätze jedoch in diesem Quartal immer gering.
Hinzu kommt das ausfallen der Bestellungen der alten Chipsätze, jedoch sind die neuen
schon produziert und diese sind der Konkurrenz weit vorraus! Info sigmadesign.com!

Also jetzt einsteigen und ruhig zurücklehnen!  

140 Postings, 7138 Tage DauTraderdie richtung stimmt und die voluminas sehen gut au o. T.

17.06.05 13:29

824 Postings, 7569 Tage TothoKonsolidierung bei Sigma Design offensichtlich zu

21.03.06 18:23
Ende. Jetzt noch aufspringen, wer am weiteren Hype teilnehmen möchte.  

124 Postings, 6577 Tage ElronSigma! erst bei 12€ schluß?!

23.08.06 17:28
Schade das kaum jemand zu Sigma geschrieben hat.
Wer, so  wie ich, vor einigen tagen Sigma gekauft hat, wäre jetzt
reichlich belohnt worden!
DENN, Sigma geht und geht!!!!
Wer zu spät kommt........Sigma ist ein klasse Wert und ich gehe
davon aus, das Sigma bis 12€ geht!!$$€€ :-)  

124 Postings, 6577 Tage ElronSIGMA ! Sag Ich Doch

30.08.06 12:44
Sigma Designs! Sag ich doch!
War nur ne frage der Zeit! Gehe jetzt sogar soweit, daß
ich sage: geht in einem rutsch durch bis 12€! Und das
freut den ELRON!!$$€€:-)  

124 Postings, 6577 Tage ElronKeiner merkt´s! und weiter gehts!$$

18.09.06 17:49
Kaum jemand hat wohl gemerkt das Sigma schon bei
15$ ist! Oder! Kaum jemand ist investiert?
Jedenfalls bin ICH sehr zufrieden mit dem
Kurs-verlauf!!$$€€:-) Ich sagte zwar ( erst bei 12€ raus )
aber nein! 12€ Stop Los! und weiter gehts!  

1984 Postings, 6510 Tage DasMünzUnd jetzt schon über 50 $

19.09.07 22:09
Ein jahr später.  

1847 Postings, 7339 Tage MeierPrognose angehoben

29.11.07 12:36
NEW YORK, November 29 (newratings.com) - Analysts at Montgomery & Co reiterate their "buy" rating on Sigma Designs Inc (SIGM.NAS), while raising their estimates for the company. The target price has been raised from $65 to $75.

In a research note published this morning, the analysts mention that the company has posted robust 3Q results, with revenues and EPS significantly ahead of the estimates. The upside was driven by rising demand from both the IPTV set-top box and high-definition DVD markets, the analysts say. Sigma Designs has guided its 4Q revenues of $72.8-$76.1 million, ahead of the estimates, due to continued momentum in the markets. The company has won a contract from Samsung for its third-generation Blu-ray player, the BD-P1400, Montgomery & Co adds. The EPS estimates for 2007 and 2008 have been raised from $1.86 to $2.42 and from $2.16 to $2.49, respectively.  

1984 Postings, 6510 Tage DasMünzNoch genügend Kurspotential

12.12.07 16:22
Kulmbach (aktiencheck.de AG) - Die Experten vom Anlegermagazin "Der Aktionär" halten die Sigma Designs-Aktie (ISIN US8265651039/ WKN 875344) für ein vielversprechendes Investment.

Experten würden IPTV für die nächste Ausbaustufe der Multimediarevolution halten und ihrer Ansicht nach sollte Sigma Designs von dieser Entwicklung profitieren. Denn die Gesellschaft kontrolliere mehr als 65% des Marktes und habe mit Microsoft einen bedeutenden Kooperationspartner.

Im dritten Quartal 2007 habe eine höhere Nachfrage nach IPTV-Technologie die Erlöse auf 43 Mio. USD gesteigert und der Gewinn vor Sonderfaktoren sei auf 0,48 USD vorangekommen. Ende November sei der Umsatz dann auf 66 Mio. USD fast verdreifacht worden und der Gewinn sei von 2,7 auf 21 Mio. USD geschossen. Hier habe sich die Blue-Ray-Technologie als Katalysator erwiesen.

Gegenwärtig sei der Titel mit einem KGV von 23 bewertet, was die Experten im Hinblick auf die Technologieführerschaft und der sehr guten Geschäftsaussichten noch für deutlich ausbaufähig halten würden.

Die Experten von "Der Aktionär" halten die Sigma Designs-Aktie für ein interessantes Investment. (Ausgabe 51) (12.12.2007/ac/a/a)  

883 Postings, 7829 Tage Bonnerminus 9,5 Prozent

20.02.08 14:45

von gestern auf heute, und nur wegen einem einzigen lausigen Analysten.
Und das bei einem Kurs von aktuell 40,75 US$ und obwohl sich jetzt die
Blue-Ray-Technologie gegenüber HD-DVD eindeutig durchgesetzt hat.

Für mich eindeutig Kaufkurse.  

883 Postings, 7829 Tage Bonnerhier mal der Chart

20.02.08 14:48

883 Postings, 7829 Tage Bonner..

20.02.08 14:49

883 Postings, 7829 Tage Bonner...

20.02.08 14:50

824 Postings, 7569 Tage TothoTolle Einstiegsmöglichkeit bei Sigma Designs

25.02.08 16:28
Meines Erachtens nach bietet die derzeitige Situation bei Sigma Designs eine tolle Gelegenheit für Longies.
SIGMA ist die Singulus auf dem US-Markt und wird sich durch die Umstellung auf BLue Ray ebenfalls ein Stück abschneiden.
Ich kann mir den heftigen Rückgang seit Anfang des Jahres (50%) derzeit überhaupt nicht erklären und würde wieder einsteigen, wenn ich noch nicht drinnen wäre.
Ist hier vielleicht noch jemand bereits investiert?  

824 Postings, 7569 Tage TothoEin Artikel aus Dez. 2007 ausm Aktionär:

25.02.08 16:37
Kulmbach (aktiencheck.de AG) - Die Experten vom Anlegermagazin "Der Aktionär" halten die Sigma Designs-Aktie (<-->/ WKN 875344) für ein vielversprechendes Investment. Experten würden IPTV für die nächste Ausbaustufe der Multimediarevolution halten und ihrer Ansicht nach sollte Sigma Designs von dieser Entwicklung profitieren. Denn die Gesellschaft kontrolliere mehr als 65% des Marktes und habe mit Microsoft einen bedeutenden Kooperationspartner. Im dritten Quartal 2007 habe eine höhere Nachfrage nach IPTV-Technologie die Erlöse auf 43 Mio. USD gesteigert und der Gewinn vor Sonderfaktoren sei auf 0,48 USD vorangekommen. Ende November sei der Umsatz dann auf 66 Mio. USD fast verdreifacht worden und der Gewinn sei von 2,7 auf 21 Mio. USD geschossen. Hier habe sich die Blue-Ray-Technologie als Katalysator erwiesen. Gegenwärtig sei der Titel mit einem KGV von 23 bewertet, was die Experten im Hinblick auf die Technologieführerschaft und der sehr guten Geschäftsaussichten noch für deutlich ausbaufähig halten würden. Die Experten von "Der Aktionär" halten die Sigma Designs-Aktie für ein interessantes Investment. (Ausgabe 51)  

883 Postings, 7829 Tage BonnerJa Totho,

26.02.08 10:05

das schrieb der Aktionär Mitte Dez 2007. Da stand der Kurs noch doppelt so hoch wie heute. Inzwischen hat sich das KGV von 23 auf 10,5 minimiert. Und das bei diesen massiven Umsatzsteigerungen und Gewinnsteigerungen Quartal für Quartal. Einfach unfassbar das Ganze.
Ich habe jedenfalls die Gelegenheit genutzt und habe nochmal massiv nachgekauft.
Hier sollte mMn in Kürze ein kräftiger Rebound erfolgen.  

1847 Postings, 7339 Tage MeierHm. Der Kursverlauf ist wirklich

26.02.08 10:14
ungewöhnlich. Denke jetzt dürfte der Boden erreicht sein. Aufgrund des KGV und der riesigen Wachstumschancen sehe ich das Risiko als gering an.  

883 Postings, 7829 Tage BonnerDer kräftige Kursrückgang,

26.02.08 12:00

ist mMn mit ziemlicher Sicherheit auf massive Leerverkäufe zurück zu führen. Das gleiche Spiel kenne ich noch aus 2006, da wurde die Aktie auch von fast 17 US$ auf unter 8US$
geprügelt, um dann wundersam empor zu steigen und über 400 Prozent in kürzester Zeit zuzulegen. Überlege in einen call einzusteigen, wenn sich erste Kurserholungen abzeichnen.  

824 Postings, 7569 Tage TothoBin damals auch unter 6 Euro eingestiegen, deshalb

26.02.08 14:19
lohnt jetzt für mich kein Zukauft mehr. Würde meinen Durchschnittskurs nur drosseln.
Aber für einen Neueinstieg sehe ich beste Möglichkeiten.  

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26.02.08 21:27

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