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337 Postings, 3909 Tage Jinko2013Das hörst sich sehr gut an! Teil 1

17.01.14 09:51
Real Goods Solar completes acquisition of Mercury Solar

Mercury Solar Systems is PV integrator with a presence on the U.S. East Coast. Image: Mercury Solar Systems
   Mercury Solar Systems is PV integrator with a presence on the U.S. East Coast. Image: Mercury Solar Systems

Real Goods Solar Inc. (Louisville, Colorado, U.S.) has completed its acquisition of solar integrator Mercury Solar Systems (Port Chester, New York, U.S.) in exchange for roughly 8.3 million shares of stock.

In addition to physical assets, operational systems and its customer base, Mercury brings USD 12 million in working capital and more than 50 employees to Real Goods. Three of Mercury's executives will take VP positions in Real Goods and its commercial and utility division RGS Energy.

“The addition of Mercury significantly increases the overall depth and breadth of our capabilities,” said Real Goods Solar CEO Kam Mofid. “In August of last year, we acquired Syndicated Solar to strengthen our residential business and it produced a significant increase in our homeowner engagements.”

“Following Mercury's integration over the next few weeks, we expect to likewise accelerate our growth in the commercial sector. Our increased size and scale strengthens our commercial and residential sales capabilities in key solar markets, and reinforces our ability to bring to our customers more comprehensive end-to-end solutions, including attractive project finance options.”

Real Goods has appointed Mercury Co-Founder and President Jared Haines as VP of sales at RGS Energy. Additionally, Co-Founder Anthony Coshigano will be appointed VP of RGS Energy's Northeast operations, and Andrew Zaref will become VP of project finance at Real Goods Solar.

Purchase brings USD 10 million in cash, no debt

Mercury brings USD 12 million in working capital to Real Goods, including more than USD 10 million in cash, and no debt. Real Goods plans to use these funds to grow its presence in key U.S. state markets.

2014-01-17 | Courtesy: Real Goods Solar; Image: Mercury Solar Systems | solarserver.com © Heindl Server GmbH  

337 Postings, 3909 Tage Jinko2013Teil 2

17.01.14 09:52
NPD Solarbuzz: Fastest growth among commercial building-mounted solar PV in U.S.

NPD Solarbuzz expects the large-scale U.S. commercial PV segment to grow 70% in 2013. Image: Sol Systems
   NPD Solarbuzz expects the large-scale U.S. commercial PV segment to grow 70% in 2013. Image: Sol Systems

NPD Solarbuzz Inc. (Santa Clara, California, U.S.) forecasts that commercial building-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) systems will see the strongest growth rates of any U.S. market segment in 2014.

The company predicts that small-scale U.S. commercial projects will grow 40% year-over-year, with large-scale commercial projects seeing a 70% growth over the same period. This is double to triple the rate projected for ground-mounted PV systems, the nation's largest market segment.

NPD Solarbuzz says that the shift to ground-mounted applications is being driven by a number of factors, including favorable economics for these systems in the U.S. Northeast and West, as well as changing state-level incentives.

The company notes that these projects will also benefit from shorter lead times compared to larger-scale projects. With more rapid growth from large-scale building-mounted commercial projects and the size of the ground-mounted segment, NPD Solarbuzz says that the U.S. market will continue to be driven by large-scale PV.

2014-01-17 | Courtesy: NPD Solarbuzz; Image: Sol Systems | solarserver.com © Heindl Server GmbH  

337 Postings, 3909 Tage Jinko2013Teil 3, dank Mercury noch erfolgreicher

17.01.14 10:06
New York funds state bank to support clean energy projects

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
   New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to fund the bank to the tune of USD 1 billion (Governor Cuomo)

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the U.S. state of New York, has dedicated USD 210 million in initial funding for a state bank to support renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Initial funding for the NY Green Bank includes USD 165 million redirected from other programs and approved by New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC), and USD 45 million from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The NY Green Bank is expected to open for business and offer its first financial products in early 2014.

“New York’s Green Bank will target existing market barriers which currently prevent the widespread deployment of clean energy,” said New York State Chairman of Energy & Finance Richard Kauffman.

“Given these obstacles in financing, merely setting up a competitive market that offers the promise of choice offers only that: a promise unrealized if projects cannot obtain financing. The Green Bank is just one component of the State’s new chapter on energy policy that focuses on enabling self-sustaining private markets and reducing dependence on subsidies.”

Public/private partnership

New York Governor Cuomo's goal is to fund the bank to the tune of USD 1 billion, and the bank also seeks to mobilize private sector capital, in a model which is based on partnering with market intermediaries. New York State officials are quick to point out that the bank will not provide subsidies, but rather earn a return on investment for the state of New York.

This model appears similar to the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), which loans money to international projects by U.S. companies, including renewable energy projects, and is a net contributor to the federal budget. Another related model is the U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program, which has also provided a net return on investments, a detail rarely mentioned by the media.

NYPSC to oversee Green Bank

As part of its oversight function, NYPSC will work with the NY Green Bank to ensure financial offerings meet the investment criteria in its internal rules and will review and monitor quarterly progress reports.

The NY Green Bank is a division of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA, Albany, New York, U.S.), a public benefit corporation.

2013-12-19 | Courtesy: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo | solarserver.com © Heindl Server GmbH  

1272 Postings, 3802 Tage Trader LeoDeutsch

17.01.14 11:25
Was bedeutet das jetzt,in Deutsch?  

335 Postings, 3829 Tage WilddiebNa

17.01.14 11:40
daß der Kurs weiter steigt :-)  

2012 Postings, 4514 Tage Kreus Romain?

17.01.14 11:41
Marktkapitalisation von Solarcity 6,3 Milliarden 2510 Angestellte
Rsol 157 Millionen 334 Angestellte  

337 Postings, 3909 Tage Jinko2013RSOL Partner BMW I3 lt. Handelsblatt schon 1.000

17.01.14 11:57
Vorbestellungen aus den USA!

Top für RSOL, da für jeden i3 auch ein Angebot von RSOl auf dem Tisch liegt :-)

Danke für die Partnerschaft! Danke BMW!  

335 Postings, 3829 Tage WilddiebTschuldigung

17.01.14 12:28
Ich wollte auch nochmal die Frage von Leo aufgreifen wann immer offizielle Zahlen kommen....  

4195 Postings, 7348 Tage MannemerIm US-Yahoo

17.01.14 13:14
...ist eine Zeitspanne v.31.Mrz bis 4.Apr angegeben. So um den Dreh also.


1272 Postings, 3802 Tage Trader LeoZahlen

17.01.14 13:45
Bis zu den Zahlen sollte man auf jeden Fall dabei bleiben.Da geht noch einiges und wir werden wohl bis April in den Bereich von 7$ vorstoßen können.
Falls es kein Störfeuer gibt.  

335 Postings, 3829 Tage WilddiebJawoll

17.01.14 14:01
sehe ich auch so.

Und sollten die Zahlen gut sein, ist noch mehr drin  

1272 Postings, 3802 Tage Trader Leo2-3%

17.01.14 16:01
geht es nach oben,mal sehen was der Markt heute noch hergibt!
Aber mit der Woche können wir eigentlich zufrieden sein.
Es darf ruhig so weitergehen!  

621 Postings, 3854 Tage B19501@all,

17.01.14 16:11
Am Montag ist Feiertag in den USA,da wird bestimmt noch einiges an Gewinnen mitgenommen.  

337 Postings, 3909 Tage Jinko2013Die 4,58 US$

17.01.14 16:11
müssen heute chartechnisch fallen! Sonst geht es runter :-(  

1272 Postings, 3802 Tage Trader LeoPlus!!

17.01.14 16:27
6% im Plus - bitte weiter so!  

1272 Postings, 3802 Tage Trader LeoHoch

17.01.14 17:03
Sind über das hoch vom Mitte Okt. raus,jetzt ist der Weg eigentlich frei,nach größerem.
Höchstens der Feiertag am Montag,könnte gegen Abend zu Gewinnmitnahmen führen!  

337 Postings, 3909 Tage Jinko2013Halten?

20.01.14 11:55
Bin mir nicht sicher, was ich machen soll? Halten oder raus!  

4195 Postings, 7348 Tage MannemerDie 5-Dollar-Marke

20.01.14 13:08
...dürfte diese Woche angesagt sein. Am späten Freitagabend gab es wohl Gewinnmitnahmen vor den WE. Wird heute eigenlich in USA gehandelt ? Ich meine irgendwo hätte jemand geschrieben dort wäre heute Feiertag. Dann wäre heute natürlich nichts groß los.  

4195 Postings, 7348 Tage MannemerJa, ich hab es gefunden

20.01.14 13:12
FEIERTAGSHINWEIS/Martin-Luther-King-Tag in den USA


Dann wird der Kurs bis morgen Mittag weitgehend auf der Stelle treten !  

4195 Postings, 7348 Tage MannemerDie 5 Dollar

20.01.14 23:14
...könnten diese Woche reif sein. Anscheinend steigt das Interesse in USA weiter an.



335 Postings, 3829 Tage WilddiebSo Leute

21.01.14 08:42
der langweilige Feiertag in den USA ist vorbei, wie gehts weiter heute, irgendeine Idee ?  

621 Postings, 3854 Tage B19501@all,

21.01.14 09:25
kein Plan,überlege gerade ob ich raus gehen soll,oder nicht.  

335 Postings, 3829 Tage WilddiebQuatsch

21.01.14 09:37
no Risk no Fun  

337 Postings, 3909 Tage Jinko2013Hiervon kann RSOl profitieren

21.01.14 11:04
Dank Mercury ist RSOL optimal im Nordosten aufgestellt!

Life insurance company leads USD 40 million initial investment in U.S. solar PV projects

Soltage partner Greenwood Energy has completed a number of PV projects on the U.S. East Coast
   Soltage partner Greenwood Energy has completed a number of PV projects on the U.S. East Coast

A consortium of investors led by John Hancock Life Insurance (Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.) will provide an initial USD 40 million in equity financing to Soltage-Greenwood for the construction and operation of solar photovoltaic (PV) plants across the United States.

Soltage-Greenwood expects to commission the first six PV projects in Delaware, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont by mid-2014. The company will sell the electricity generated through long-term agreements to corporate customers, municipalities and utilities.

Soltage-Greenwood is a joint venture of Soltage LLC (Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.) and Greenwood Energy, the North American renewable energy division of Libra Group (London). Libra is also a leader of the funding consortium.

“This portfolio benefits from both the favorable solar markets that are solidifying up and down the Eastern seaboard, as well as our forward-thinking power customers – who are partnering with us to lock in dependable energy pricing over the next 10 to 20 years,” said Soltage Co-Founder and CEO Jesse Grossman.

2014-01-21 | Courtesy: Soltage-Greenwood | solarserver.com © Heindl Server GmbH  

838 Postings, 6603 Tage larsuweIch bleibe bis zum Jahresende investiert !

21.01.14 12:27
Auch bei meinem Kursziel von mindestenes 6$ Dollar !.Heute wäre es wichtig ,weiter einen Schritt in Richtung 4,60$-5$ Dollar zu  schaffen.Ansonsten dohen uns wieder die Marke von 4$ Dollar in dieser Woche.Mal schauen was kommen wird,auf alle Fälle steigt das Handelsvolumen an der Heimatbörse in den letzten Tagen an.  

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