Jupai Holdings

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1144 Postings, 5636 Tage TradingAsketJupai Holdings

30.09.17 15:18

Overlooked And Misunderstood


Jupai Holdings is selling for a significant discount to competitor Noah, despite higher growth and better operating margins.

The company has an asset light business model with high economies of scale and little balance sheet risk.

The asset management industry in China is in its early phases of growth and there is plenty of potential for further gains.

1144 Postings, 5636 Tage TradingAsketGrowing 70% With A PE Of 10

30.09.17 15:19


Jupai Holdings has grown more than 70% in the last quarter.

The company is also paying a dividend with the last dividend being $0.5 per share.

The Chinese wealth management environment has huge potential but there are also important risks to take into consideration.  

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