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246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranJapan ist weit:::: Kikkoman

02.09.13 16:16
buran und MfG  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranSchluss Ticker Lampe

02.09.13 20:43
Parkett Frankfurt am Main::::: 12,961 € +1,68% +0,214 €

....geht voll okay hier  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranFiscal 2013

03.09.13 05:02

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranMessage from the Management

03.09.13 05:04
As the world’s leading soy sauce brand, Kikkoman has been supporting the development of Japanese food culture since the 1600s. Since its establishment in 1917, our management policy has been to blend our deep-seated traditions with a sense of innovation that is both responsive and perceptive.

Kikkoman’s motto is, “To promote the international exchange of food culture.” Whether introducing Japanese food culture to the world, or bringing Japan in contact with the food cultures of other countries, Kikkoman is committed to the ongoing fulfillment of this goal.

In the Japanese market, we provide a wide variety of delicious, healthy foods that include Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Kikkoman Manjo Mirin and Del Monte tomato products, as well as Manns Wines and soymilk products.

In the world market, we have been dedicating efforts to familiarize people with Kikkoman Soy Sauce, which is essential to Japanese food culture. In fact, today the word “Kikkoman” has already become synonymous with soy sauce--a taste that is enjoyed all over the world.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is shipped to over 100 countries from our seven overseas factories, located in the U.S., Asia and Europe. We also distribute Asian foods through our global wholesale network, serving up Japanese and other Asian foods worldwide to enrich eating styles and satisfy any taste.

In 2008, the Kikkoman Group defined “Global Vision 2020” as its future vision for the Kikkoman Group, which sets the following goals:

* Make Kikkoman Soy Sauce a truly global seasoning
* Be a company that supports a healthy lifestyle through food
* Be a company whose existence is meaningful to the global society

Kikkoman aims to realize these three goals by 2020. To achieve them, we will respond fully to our customers, provide value-added products and services, and fulfill our social responsibilities.

As Kikkoman continues to promote integrity and excellence in management, we are focusing on our truly global vision--a vision that will continue to define us as one of the most trusted companies in the world.

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranGlobal Vison 2020

03.09.13 05:08
A Vision for the Future of the Kikkoman Group
– Making Kikkoman Soy Sauce a Truly Global Seasoning –To coincide with its 50th anniversary in the U.S. market, Kikkoman Corporation has adopted “Global Vision 2020” as its vision for the future of the Kikkoman Group and the basic strategy for reaching those goals by year 2020.

Vision for the FutureWith Global Vision 2020, the Kikkoman Group sets the following three qualitative goals:
(1) Make Kikkoman soy sauce a truly global seasoning
(2) Be a company that supports a healthy lifestyle through food
(3) Be a company whose existence is meaningful to the global society
Basic StrategyThe basic strategy for realizing our vision for the future is comprised of the following four elements:

(1) Global Soy Sauce Strategy2020 Goals:Aim to reach sales of 300 billion yen, sales volume of 1 million kiloliters of soy sauce, achieve 12% market share in volume, and become number one in the world in terms of sales value.Japan:Strive to promote high value-added products and expand soy sauce derivative seasonings.North America:The North American market has entered a period of stable growth. Promote the development of high value-added products and further cultivate foodservice and industrial markets.Europe:Continue to achieve double-digit growth. Stimulate new demand in existing major markets and cultivate new markets in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe.Asia:Considered to be a market that will support Kikkoman’s growth in 10 years into the future. It is important to promote the use of naturally brewed soy sauce and cultivate markets in China and India.South America, Africa:
These are markets that have the potential to support Kikkoman’s growth after 2020..Kikkoman plans to realize its growth vision for 2020 and beyond by applying Kikkoman’s soy sauce business model throughout the world.

Manufacturing Centers:
At present, Kikkoman has seven overseas manufacturing facilities. We plan to increase this further to around twelve by the year 2020. In North America and Europe, simply increasing production at existing production facilities will not be enough to meet the growing demand for Kikkoman products. As a result, it will be necessary to build a third factory in North America and a second one in Europe by around 2015. We will also determine the feasibility of building factories in South America. As for building manufacturing centers in Asia, we will consider various options, including joint ventures with local companies.
R&D Centers:
At present, Kikkoman has its product development headquarters and R&D headquarters in Japan. We built R&D centers in Singapore, Europe, and the United States, respectively. In addition to our existing marketing companies in the United States and Europe, we will enhance our global R&D structure in order to enable product development that meets the needs of each region in a timely fashion.
(2) Global Strategy for Oriental Food WholesaleThe second component of Global Vision 2020 is our Global Strategy for Food Wholesale. The current boom in Japanese food overseas is expected to continue over the coming years, and the Japanese government is actively supporting efforts to promote Japanese food culture abroad. Under these favorable conditions, we will consolidate our position as the world’s leading wholesaler of oriental food by further refining our wholesale network, strengthening our distribution system, and utilizing the know-how we have accumulated over the past half century.

In the U.S., we transferred the headquarters of JFC, our wholesale subsidiary, to Los Angeles in 2008 and strengthened our distribution system. In Europe, we will continue to make investments in existing distribution centers, including the relocation and expansion of warehouses. Furthermore, plans are being made to expand Kikkoman’s distribution centers into South America, Southern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

(3) Del Monte Business StrategyEfforts will be made to expand the Del Monte business at home and abroad. Abroad, this will be achieved by exercising the rights Kikkoman holds to use the Del Monte trademark in the region of Asia and Oceania, excluding the Philippines. The competitiveness of Del Monte products in the region will be enhanced by effectively utilizing our production center in Thailand and our facility in China, which began production in October 2008. In China, our objective is to advance into the market by establishing sales offices to support our production facility.

In Japan, we will use the Kikkoman Group’s management resources to expand our beverage business and to make inroads into the chilled sector.

(4) Health-related Business StrategyKikkoman will achieve growth in the field of “food and health” by utilizing the know-how it has accumulated from brewing soy sauce and from playing a central role in Japanese food culture.

At present, domestically, Kikkoman is actively engaged in the areas of clinical diagnosis and hygiene inspections. Overseas, Kikkoman is developing its health food business through corporate acquisitions. In addition to achieving growth in these areas, Kikkoman will strive to expand its health-related business, including the consideration of additional corporate acquisitions.

Become a Company Whose Existence Is Meaningful to Global SocietyKikkoman believes that by implementing the four components of global Vision 2020, it will be possible to provide commodities products and services that have of value to the people of the world. Accordingly, by fulfilling its social and public responsibility, Kikkoman aims to become a company whose existence people all over the world will come to feel is good for global society.

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04.09.13 11:24
FFM Preis 13,622 € Schleife 1.000 spread 2,57%

eine Dulle / Doppelkopf

buran,Die Börsen Dulle  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranHistory 2000

10.09.13 08:08
2002 Kunshan President Kikkoman Biotechnology Co., Ltd. starts shipping from China.
2006 Siam Del Monte Company Limited starts shipping of Del Monte products from Thailand
2007 Kikkoman celebrates its 50th Anniversary in America.
2008 Kikkoman introduces new corporate brand logo and slogan.
Del Monte Foods (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. starts shipping from China.
2009 President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods Co., Ltd. starts shipping from China.
Kikkoman shifts to a holding company structure.
2010 Kikkoman exhibits at Japan Industry Pavillion, Expo 2010 Shanghai China

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10.09.13 08:12
SK 13,413 € SKP +2,96 Pott +3,49% 09-09 buran

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranall systems go

11.09.13 11:41
Handelsplatz Geld-Stk. Geld Geld-Brief Brief Brief-Stk. Spread  Zeit
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buran und tau und holla die Waldfee  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranwem's sein's 2ter Fall Dativ

12.09.13 23:56
SK 13,281 € SKP +0,79% Plusquamperfekt +0,104 €

..und nicht wessen Akkusativ also Akkumulator kein Sammelwandler der an die Börse ging der singularisch den Plural in der Minderheit das Future der vergangenen Tage der Realitätsform im Kitsch des Kurses am Ticker der Börsenplätze futoritsch mit ner Seelen Balsamkeit bei ner roten Ampel zu finden ohne Tempomat und ohne der Stimme zu hören:: bitte fahren sie jetzt rechts ran und halten sie bitte:: ich möchte jetzt gerne austeigen ..du bist so unbeliebt ..einfach nur so unbeliebt

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246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranwer sich noch nie über Japan

13.09.13 00:15
bei Nacht hat sich in den Raumanzug gewixt ..ist ein armer Wicht ..und weiss nicht wie schön es ist

Adresse 250 Noda, Noda-shi
Chiba 278-8601, Japan
Telefon +81-4-7123-5111
Fax +81-4-7123-5200
Internet http://www.kikkoman.com
IR E-Mail ir@mail.kikkoman.co.jp

Kosmonova buran  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buran::Sa ::JO ::NARA ::Kikkoman

13.09.13 23:54
Zeit  Kurs  Stück  
21:10:32 17,96 $  100

..wenn ich das Russen buran am Ural stehe ..und morgens geht die Japan Sonne auf ..ist die Welt okay ..dobrje ..hey Kikkoman meine kleine Lokusblume sei mir gegrüsst ..Du Kikkoman und der aufgehende Japan Börsen Kikkoman Drache ..ihr guten Götter der atomaren Rotzkocher namnes TEPCO ..das Land der atomar verseuchten Strahlung und Sonne

buran,Der Börsen Russen Ural  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buran18er Kikkoman Ticker Schluss Lampe

23.09.13 21:10
:::::: 18,14 $ +1,00% +0,18 $ In Euro: 13,439 € | Nasdaq OTC Other, 18.09.13 ,GrB  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage burannews

23.09.13 21:20

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranKikkoman und Birkel starten

23.09.13 21:25
bundesweite Kooperation am POS

Ab dem 1. September 2013 wird Kikkoman, Weltmarktführer im Bereich Sojasauce, in Kooperation mit Birkel, Deutschlands Nudelhersteller Nr. 1, eine aufmerksamkeitsstarke Verkostungsaktion am Point of Sale durchführen und damit eine Offensive in Richtung Endverbraucher starten. Parallel ist die Kikkoman Bolognese auch auf Neck Hangern der 150 ml Flasche der Kikkoman natürlich gebrauten Sojasauce präsent.


246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranAlles über Sojasauce

23.09.13 21:27

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranBrauprozess

23.09.13 21:29
Ungefähr sechs Monate dauert es bis aus Wasser, Sojabohnen, Weizen und Salz unsere natürlich gebraute Sojasauce entsteht. Drei Schritte sind in dem naturbelassenen Brauprozess dazu nötig:

Schritt 1: Die Basis „koji“

Gedünstete Sojabohnen werden zu gleichen Teilen mit geröstetem und gemahlenem Weizen gemischt. Durch Anreicherung mit spezifischen, ausschließlich von Kikkoman verwendeten Mikroorganismen (Starterkulturen mit dem Namen Aspergillus) entsteht „koji“, eine Trockenmaische. In den Zellen des „koji“ formen sich wichtige Enzyme für die spätere Spaltung von Sojaeiweiß. Der „koji“ produziert während der ersten Stufe der Fermentation eine Reihe natürlicher Enzyme, die für den späteren Brauprozess entscheidend sind.

Schritt 2: Geschmack und Aroma entstehen

Dem „koji“ werden im zweiten Schritt Salz und Wasser hinzugefügt. So entsteht eine Maische, die „moromi“ genannt wird. Diese Mischung aus Sojabohnen, Weizen, Salz und Wasser fermentiert und reift in großen Tanks. Hier spalten Enzyme das Sojaeiweiß in Aminosäuren. Durch den Abbau von Soja- und Weizenstärke entsteht Zucker, der dann weiter in Alkohol und Milchsäuren umgewandelt wird. Circa 6 Monate dauert der komplette Brauvorgang.

Schritt 3: Raffinieren – der letzte Schliff

Nach dem Aufschluss wird „moromi“ in Tücher geschlagen und gepresst. Heraus läuft die reine, rohe Sojasauce. Sie muss jetzt noch einmal gefiltert und pasteurisiert werden, damit sich Farbe und Aroma stabilisieren können. Regelmäßige Laboruntersuchungen der Proben garantieren höchste Qualitätsstandards. Die Pressrückstände – der so genannte Presskuchen – werden als Viehfutter weiterverwendet.

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage burandie etzten Deutschen Brief Preise von heute

23.09.13 21:33
Stuttgart 13,67 € Frankfurt 13,698 € Berlin 13,72 €
..somit top aktuell für den kommenden Handelstag an der Deutschen Börse 24-09-2013 ..also einfach ne Order schnüren ..und jene wird dann just morgen früh zu Börsebeginn ausgeführt werden

buran und tau und MfG  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranthread update

24.09.13 11:01
RTK 13,43 € RTP +0,76 Pott +3,62% ,GrB  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranRT Ticker Lampe::::::

24.09.13 20:56
:::::: 18,14 $ +1,00% +0,18 $ In Euro: 13,460 € | Nasdaq OTC Other ,GrB  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranJennifer Rush heisst eigentlich Heidi Stern

26.09.13 09:15
FFM Brief:: Preis pro Schein 13,929 € Schleife 1.000 spread 2,43%

RTK 13,603 € RTP +1,90 Pott +4,95% X-DAX 8.683 Zähler Punkte

Heidi & buran  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buran07er Kikkoman Tickerwand im Satz

09.10.13 19:18
Datum Erster Hoch Tief Schluss     Stücke Volumen
07.10.13 16,90 16,90 16,90  16,90 $ 400 6.760


246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buranFFM LIVE Ticker:::::::::

09.10.13 19:19
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246516 Postings, 6872 Tage buran12,505 € günstigster RT Brief Preis über Stuttgart

09.10.13 19:21
Schleife 1.000 spread 2,29% buran und tau und MfG  

246516 Postings, 6872 Tage burannoch nen kleines hübsches fixes vita

09.10.13 19:22
Branche Nahrungsmittel
Herkunft Japan
Website www.kikkoman.com
Indizes/Listen Nikkei
Aktienanzahl 210,4 Mio. (Stand: 26.04.13)
Marktkap. 2,55 Mrd. €

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