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487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalIndiva Ltd

20.09.18 09:45
Zitat:"About Indiva Ltd.
Indiva is a Canadian supplier of high-quality, medical grade cannabis. Indiva's strain selection, cultivation and client care processes combine the know-how and experience of an internationally recognized and award-winning grow-team with good-manufacturing-practice-compliant quality assurance standard operating procedures.
Indiva's wholly owned subsidiary is a licensed producer under Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR) with its first indoor cannabis production facility located in London, Ont. "

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalFinancial Report 2017-2018

20.09.18 09:48
INDIVA Limited
Condensed Consolidated Interim Statements of Loss and Comprehensive Loss
For the three and six month periods ended June 30, 2018 and 2017

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalINDIVA Receives Sales License

20.09.18 09:53
Zitat:" Monday, August 13, 2018: INDIVA Limited (the “Company” or “INDIVA“) (TSXV:NDVA) is
pleased  to  announce  its  wholly-owned  subsidiary,   Indiva  Inc.,  received  its  license to  sell  cannabis.    In  addition, INDIVA is pleased to report that construction is fully underway at its London, ON growing facility.
Sales LicenseINDIVA  is  now  able  to  sell  dried  cannabis  flowers  in  accordance  with  Canada’s Access  to  Cannabis  for  Medical Purposes Regulation....Expansion of Licensed Facility
Nears 50% CompleteINDIVA  commenced  construction  on  the  expansion  of  its  London  licensed  facility in  the  spring of  2018.  INDIVA is now pleased to report that construction is progressing well and is nearly 50% complete.   While full completion is expected in Q1 of 2019, additional production capacity is expected to come online in Q4 of 2018 with full production capacity to be reached in 2019.
The fully-funded facility expansion includes   eight  additional flower rooms,  extraction  and  rocessing  
facilities and a laboratory for research, development, testing and tissue culture.  
INDIVA’s current licensed facility  is  10,000  square  feet,   however  upon  completion  of  construction
it  will grow  to  approximately40,000 square feet.  At  full  capacity,  INDIVA  expects  its  London  facility  to  produce  more  than  3,000  kgs  of high  quality  dry flower per year...." Ende Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalIndiva entered into Cannabis Conentrate Agreement

20.09.18 09:56
Indiva Ltd.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Indiva Inc., has entered into a cannabis concentrate program agreement with MediPharm Labs Inc. Pursuant to the agreement, the parties have entered into a commercial arrangement whereby Indiva will provide MediPharm with dried cannabis to use for the purposes of creating cannabis oil. The program will be for an initial term of three years....Subject to the bulk transfer approval of Health Canada and other applicable regulatory approvals, Indiva will ship dried cannabis to MediPharm which MediPharm will use to produce cannabis oil. The parties intend that under the program, MediPharm may provide cannabis oil to Indiva or to other licensed producers of medical cannabis at the direction of Indiva. Alternatively, Indiva may release the cannabis extract for use by MediPharm. The program will be established at no capital cost to Indiva; however, MediPharm will charge Indiva processing fees for the cannabis oil produced, and the revenue earned on sales of cannabis oil by MediPharm will be shared between MediPharm and Indiva. .... " ENDE Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalEdibles already available

20.09.18 10:01
Angehängte Grafik:
edibles_by_indiva_ltd.jpg (verkleinert auf 45%) vergrößern

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalIndiva Ltd signs Agreement with Swiss Producer

20.09.18 10:10
Zitat:"INDIVA Limited Signs Exclusive Supply Agreement with Swiss Cannabis Producer....LONDON, ON – (December 21, 2017): INDIVA Limited (.... is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement (the “Agreement“) with Medropharm GmbH and Greenfields Health Care S.A. (together, the “Licensors“) with respect to the exclusive supply by the Licensors of multiple premium cannabis strains for cultivation and sale by Indiva in Canada.....Pursuant to the Agreement, the Licensors have granted Indiva the exclusive Canadian rights to import, cultivate and sell three high-CBD low-THC strains of cannabis. In addition to the exclusive supply of premium cannabis genetics, the Licensor will also identify to Indiva the chemical composition and treatment uses of each strain supplied under the Agreement and provide cultivation guidance from time to time...." ENDE Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalNDVA plans to open up to 10 dispensaries

24.09.18 21:50
Zitat:"Indiva Ltd. plans to open up to 10 cannabis dispensaries in Ontario in 2019. London and Ottawa have been secured and leases in Toronto are under negotiation........."By having retail outlets we will add an additional revenue stream, grow brand awareness and promote client loyalty. We are moving quickly to sign leases in areas of high traffic and high population density in Ontario," explained Koby Smutylo, the company's chief operating officer and GC. "Subject to applicable laws, our dispensaries will carry cannabis products we produce, cannabis products of other licensed producers and accessories." .. " ENDE Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalLUCID LAB design INDIVA'S EXTRACT Facility

04.02.19 08:20
Zitat:"Indiva Ltd. has further solidified its commitment to the upcoming cannabis derivatives and edibles market by hiring Lucid Lab Group to design the company's planned extraction facility.....
The facility, which is planned for Q2 2019, will be the hub of oil manufacturing and product innovation for all of Indiva's related cannabis products, including tinctures and gel capsules, as well as licensed products such as Bhang Chocolate, Ruby Sugar and Ruby Chewable Gems.....Lucid Lab Group is an expert in the design and operation of cannabis extraction facilities. It is based in Seattle, Wash., the home base of another Indiva partner, DeepCell Industries. DeepCell creates cannabis-infused products using its patented Crystal Fusion technology, and has also worked with Lucid to produce cannabis oil for its products.............."We are very excited to work with Lucid given their expertise in this area, as well as their past history with one of our preferred partners and licensor DeepCell," said Niel Marotta, Indiva's president and chief executive officer, "our goal is to be prepared to serve the legal edibles market with high-quality, innovative and award-winning products." ...." ENDE Zitat


487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalNDVA signed its 1th supply agreement with the OCRC

08.02.19 16:50
Zitat:"Indiva Ltd. has signed its first supply agreement with the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp. (OCRC), doing business as the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)......This initial partnership will consist of two strains of prerolls, manufactured and shipped with care from Indiva's London, Ont., facility. The products will be available on the Ontario Cannabis Store website and to OCS Wholesale clients starting in April, 2019.b"We are thrilled to be one of the first licensed producers that will have products on OCS shelves in time for the grand opening of all Ontario stores April 1," said Niel Marotta, president and chief executive officer of Indiva. "I'm very thankful for our team's hard work in getting Indiva to this milestone." ... ENDE Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalINDIVA prerolls are now available

07.03.19 13:56
Zitat:" INDIVA PRE-ROLLS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE ONTARIO CANNABIS STORE...Indiva Ltd.'s INDIVA prerolls are now available through the Ontario Cannabis Store. Indiva is currently offering two strains: an indica called LA Confidential and a sativa named Ghost Train Haze. INDIVA prerolls are hand-made, hand-weighed and crafted with care...." ENDe Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalHow to roll 500 joints at once

14.03.19 18:28

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalEdible Products Are in Indiva-s Future

29.05.19 08:31

274 Postings, 1227 Tage iVesder Kurs

19.02.20 10:47
steigt langsam, gibt es NEWS?  

922 Postings, 5368 Tage Howkaylogisch

19.02.20 11:01
siehe Homepage !  

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalMarch, 2020, sales, approximately $1.4-million

24.04.20 15:29
Zitat:"Preliminary Q1 fiscal 2020 highlights:...    Sales, net of excise, for the quarter are expected to be in the range of $2.0-million to $2.2-million versus $200,000 in Q1 2019 and $300,000 in Q4 2019, reflecting robust sales of Bhang chocolate and growing distribution to four additional provinces.
   Assuming the low end of Q1 2020 sales guidance, Indiva experienced 518-per-cent sequential quarterly sales growth when compared with Q4 2019. This growth reflects less than two months of edibles sales during the quarter, which began on Feb. 8, 2020. Indiva brought new products to market just eight days after the company received its edibles, extracts and topicals sales licence.
   March, 2020, sales, net of excise, totalled approximately $1.4-million, the highest monthly sales in company history.......    As of April 23, 2020, Bhang milk and dark chocolate remain the No. 1 and No. 2 SKUs (stock-keeping units) in the Ontario Cannabis Store's edibles category by dollars and unit sales.
   Across the three categories in which Indiva competes, namely, edibles, prerolls and capsules, Bhang milk chocolate remains the No. 1 SKU measured by dollars and units.......    Currently, Indiva has distribution agreements in place with seven provinces and products are currently available in six of those provinces. ...."

3085 Postings, 1113 Tage neymarIndiva

27.04.20 23:01

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalNDVA entered into an amended licence agreement

26.07.20 14:54
Zitat:"Indiva Ltd. has entered into an amended licence agreement with Bhang Inc., replacing the previous licence agreement that was entered into in connection with the joint venture (JV) between Indiva and Bhang, as previously announced in the company's press release dated April 19, 2018.....The Company and Bhang have agreed that Bhang's interest in the JV will be conveyed to the Company and the joint venture agreement between the parties will be terminated. This is in exchange for the Amended License Agreement, whereby Bhang will receive a net royalty on the ..."We are very pleased to have reached an amended exclusive agreement with Bhang to continue producing and distributing Canada's #1 cannabis-infused chocolate," said Niel Marotta, president and CEO of Indiva. "The performance and market share of Bhang SKUs in Canada speak for themselves, and we are delighted to continue to work with the Bhang team as their Canadian licensee for many years to come."...."In the six months since Bhang has been launched, our partnership with Indiva has established Bhang into one of Canada's top edible brands. We look forward to continuing our dominance of the market with Bhang's outstanding chocolate products and Indiva's excellent operational capacity. We believe this amended agreement solidifies our ability to operate in the most efficient manner possible for both companies," commented Jamie L. Pearson, Bhang's President and CEO. ... ....."

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalNdVa & Cannmart B2C

29.08.20 20:35
Zitat:"Indiva Inc., has reached an agreement with CannMart Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Namaste Technologies Inc. The agreement will see Indiva's CBD softgels and Indica capsules available on CannMart's B2C distribution channel for its medical customers by the end of August, 2020,... "Ende Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalSometimes people think a gummy is just a gummy

15.09.20 13:01
Zitat:"Wana sour gummies are made with pectin, not gelatin, which not only gives the gummies a great texture, but also makes them vegan. All gummies are handcrafted using a shelf-stable recipe so they will not melt. Wana sour gummies are available in packages of two, and come in a wide variety of flavours such as:

   Mango sativa (five milligrams THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) per gummy);
   Watermelon hybrid (five mg THC per gummy);
   Strawberry lemonade 1:1 (five mg THC, five mg CBD (cannabidiol) per gummy);
   Blueberry indica (five mg THC per gummy);
   Strawberry 10:1 (10 mg CBD, one mg THC per gummy);
   Japanese citrus yuzu 2:1 (10 mg CBD, five mg THC per gummy);
   Pomegranate blueberry acai 5:1 (25 mg CBD, five mg THC per gummy).

The company intends to bring these additional flavours to market later in 2020....Wana Brands is the No. 1 edibles brand in the United States...." ENDE Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage Medicalstrategic investment into Indiva by Sundial

17.02.21 23:10
Zitat:".. Indiva Ltd. has arranged a $22-million strategic investment into Indiva by Sundial Growers Inc....The investment will be completed in the form of a brokered private placement led by ATB Capital Markets Inc. of 25 million common shares of Indiva at a price of 44 cents per common share, to raise gross proceeds of $11-million, and a non-revolving term loan facility to Indiva in the principal amount of $11-million. It is anticipated that Sundial will be the sole subscriber in the placement. Proceeds to Indiva, net of fees, commissions and expenses, are expected to be approximately $20.9-million....."Sundial is pleased to support the development of Indiva's high-quality products," said Zach George, chief executive officer of Sundial. "This transaction broadens our exposure to the rapidly expanding cannabis edibles category.".. " Ende Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage Medical45kg Death Bubba ,-)

18.02.21 11:11
Zitat:"...A new product has been released into BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd.'s supply chain, grown by Canada's first licensed microcultivator, Canandia. 45kg of Death Bubba has been purchased by BC Craft and shipped to Indiva Limited ("Indiva") (TSXV:NDVA) (OTCQX:NDVAF) for processing into Indiva's new premium brand, Artisan Batch. The large craft buds are processed into sleek 3.5 gram jars which are now available in BC through private and provincial retailers. Death Bubba is an indica-dominant hybrid grown in live soil and nourished with filtered water; its frosty lime green buds are caked with crystals that promise a potent punch..." ENDE Zitat

487 Postings, 1274 Tage MedicalNDVA extended its licence agreement with Wana

18.02.21 19:17
Zitat:"... Indiva Ltd. has amended and extended its licence agreement with Wana Brands Inc.....Under the terms of the amendment to the licence agreement, Indiva will continue to have the exclusive right to produce and distribute Wana products, including gummies and soft chews, in Canada. The amended agreement shall be for a five-year term, and may be extended for three additional five-year terms............As previously announced in the press release dated Feb. 9, 2021, Wana Sour Gummies continue to be the most popular edible product in the Canadian cannabis industry. Wana Sour Gummies hold the top three edible SKUs in the country, and on their own account for greater than 30 per cent of the edible category. Adding to their many awards, Wana Sour Gummies were voted Top Edible in Canada for the year 2020 by Kind Magazine. has the largest footprint of any cannabis-infused edibles brand in North America. Currently available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon and Oklahoma dispensaries, with Massachusetts among the states imminently coming online, ................Indiva is Wana's first international partner.." ENDE Zitat

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