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69 Postings, 5740 Tage le_collectionneurHohe Auszeichnung für Innovation

31.12.15 11:41
BRW’s Most Innovative Company Awards 2015

From Strength to Strength

After winning the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award last year, we were emboldened to enter the BRW Most Innovative Company Awards in 2015. Arguably the most competitive business award in Australia with over 500 entrants, Michael Caggiano (GM of Fleet Commercial Management) perfectly crystallised our achievements and challenges of commercialising the ground-breaking innovation at the core of Seeing Machines that sprung out of the minds of a few A.N.U researchers over a decade ago.

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31.12.15 11:57

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06.03.17 22:32

Seeing Machines was presented with the Digital Technologies Award at the Chief Minister’s ACT Export Awards 2016, the most prestigious business awards in the Territory.  

69 Postings, 5740 Tage le_collectionneurSeeing Machines joins Vox Markets

29.09.17 12:45
Seeing Machines is pleased to announce that we are expanding our investor engagement through Vox Markets.
Vox Markets is an Investor Relations platform, built to compile all financial updates, reports, presentations, directors’ commentary, video interviews and podcasts on one compliant platform. Vox Markets aggregates information onto a non-biased platform which will allow enhanced access for existing shareholders and simultaneously increase our audience by the inclusion of Asset Managers, Stock Brokers, Hedge Fund Managers, Private Investors, Independent Financial Advisors, and Investment Managers which may not be familiar with the potential of Seeing Machines.  

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