Heisse Gerüchte um Prodacta

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838 Postings, 7526 Tage HenrysHeisse Gerüchte um Prodacta

20.11.03 10:34
Rosoboron-Export (see also our full report on IMDEX ASIA 2003) acquires German company ‘Prodacta’ to expand naval technology services into the European Union. “As shares of Prodacta are already listed on the German Stock Exchange, we’re saving time and money. This fact has been a major reason for our decision to look for an inexpensive company that already exists. We can now build our business on a solid basis, having the possibility to raise further capital on the stock market. Prodacta will probably be renamed into ‘Rosoboron Europe’ in January 2004. As software compatibility requirements for naval technology are gaining increasing importance, we would like to focus this segment more intensely. Our presentation at IMDEX ASIA in Singapore is already aimed at this strategy ” says a Rosoboron spokesman.

Quelle: www.itar-tass.ru [Segment: Subscribers]

Text hab ich aus WO kopiert
Keine Ahnung ob es stimmt
Falls ja gibt es eine Rakete,falls nein ist es ein neuer Betrugsfall

cu Henrys  

838 Postings, 7526 Tage HenrysPutin und Rosoboron

20.11.03 11:25
Putin signs decree on federal state company Rosoboronexport


MOSCOW, November 19 (Itar-Tass) - Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On federal state unitary company Rosoboronexport", the press service of the Russian president told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.

Under the presidential decree "the Russian committee for military and technological cooperation with other countries has powers of the Rosoboronexport property owner excluding taking decisions on introducing amendments in the charter of the enterprise, its organisation and liquidation, appointment and dismissal from the post of the director general."

Amendments in the Rosoboronexport charter were introduced under the decree. In particular one of changed charter clauses holds that "the enterprise is a commercial organisation."

Under the decree the Russian president appoints and dismisses from the post of the Rosoboronexport director general.

The decree takes effect after its signing.


25951 Postings, 7255 Tage Pichelhast du dir mal den Umsatz angeschaut

20.11.03 12:13
da kann man noch nicht mal 1000 € investieren.....

Gruß Pichel ariva.de  

838 Postings, 7526 Tage Henrysgerade 65000 St aus dem Ask

20.11.03 13:06
das ist ein wenig mehr als 1000 Euro glaube ich

cu Henrys  

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