Gold Fields on the rumour mill

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525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleGold Fields on the rumour mill

15.10.04 20:39
Gold Fields on the rumour mill
By: Gareth Tredway
Posted: '13-OCT-04 15:00' GMT © Mineweb 1997-2004

JOHANNESBURG ( -- Market speculation on increase in Norilsk Nickel’s shareholding and Gold Fields hiring merchant bankers to fight off a takeover.

Gold Fields, one of the world’s largest gold producers, has hit the market speculation mill, regarding its biggest shareholder, Russia-based, Norilsk Nickel.

Earlier this year, Anglo American, the global mining house, sold its 20 percent stake in Gold Fields to Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium, for $1.16 billion. The share purchase was the largest-ever offshore acquisition by a Russian company.




525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleGold Fields: no comment

15.10.04 20:40
Gold Fields: no comment
By: Alec Hogg
Posted: '15-OCT-04 09:00' GMT © Mineweb 1997-2004

MINEWEB: Willie, rumours are rife that Gold Fields is being lined up for a takeover. Clearly you’ve heard the rumours, but is there any truth in them?

WILLIE JACOBS: Well, Alec, as you know Johannesburg’s a mining town and mining towns thrive on rumours. We’ve also heard the rumours. Our lawyers have us on a tight leash not to comment on market speculation, so I’ll pass on this one.



525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleIamgold stock falls on Gold Fields deal rumors

15.10.04 21:51
Company News
Iamgold stock falls on Gold Fields deal rumors
Iamgold stock falls on Gold Fields deal rumors
Fri Oct 15, 2004 12:17 PM ET
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Shares in Iamgold Corp. (IMG.TO) tumbled 9 percent early on Friday on rumors that its planned merger with the offshore assets of South Africa's Gold Fields Ltd. (GFIJ.J) could be scuppered by a disgruntled Gold Fields shareholder.

"There is concern that Norilsk may seek to buy up more of Gold Fields and squash the Gold Fields-Iamgold deal," a Toronto-based gold analyst said.



525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleGold Fields shrugs off talk of takeover

15.10.04 21:56
Gold Fields shrugs off talk of takeover
Gold Fields yesterday insisted it had detected no unusual trading in its shares as rumours were revived that Norilsk Nickel of Russia was planning a take-over of the South African gold producer.

Analysts said they did not expect Norilsk would be satisfied with the 20% of Gold Fields the Russian company bought from Anglo American earlier this year.



16 Postings, 6286 Tage samsungGOLDFIELDS +50 % sind geschafft

16.10.04 17:26
Hi, das Emfis Musterdepot konnte bei Goldfields 50% plus machen. wie geht es wohl weiter? - hat jemand ne meinung? - ich bin zu spät aufmerksam geworden, oder seht ihr noch potenzial ?

525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleRussian-backed Harmony set for Gold Fields bid

18.10.04 17:21
UPDATE 1-Russian-backed Harmony set for Gold Fields bid - FT
Sun Oct 17, 2004 08:01 PM ET
(Rewrites with further details)

LONDON, Oct 17 (Reuters) - South African gold producer Harmony (HARJ.J: Quote, Profile, Research) , with backing from Russian metals giant Norilsk Nickel (GMKN.RTS: Quote, Profile, Research) , is poised to make a surprise takeover bid on Monday for Gold Fields Ltd. (GFIJ.J: Quote, Profile, Research) , the world's fourth biggest producer, the Financial Times reported in its Monday edition.

Harmony, South Africa's largest domestic gold producer, will make a merger offer to Gold Fields' board and shareholders, which include Norilsk, that could foil its management's plan to merge with Canada's Iamgold Corp. (IMG.TO: Quote, Profile, Research) , the paper added.

If accepted by Gold Fields shareholders, the offer -- understood to have Norilsk's support -- would create the world's biggest gold company, with a combined market capitalization of around $10 billion and annual production of about 7.8 million ounces, it said.



525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleHarmony to bid $8.1bn for Gold Fields

18.10.04 17:30
Harmony to bid $8.1bn for Gold Fields
Deal is contingent on termination of Iamgold merger
By Kabir Chibber, CBS MarketWatch
Last Update: 5:52 AM ET Oct. 18, 2004  

LONDON (CBS.MW) -- South African mining group Harmony announced Monday its intention to make an $8.1 billion offer for rival Gold Fields to create the second largest gold mining company in the world.

Harmony (HMY) (UK:HRM) said it would "shortly post" a detailed offer to Gold Fields (GFI) shareholders on the terms and conditions of the proposed merger. It said the deal has the backing of Gold Fields' largest shareholder, Russian metals giant Norilsk Nickel (NILSY).

Harmony shares closed Friday down 37 cents to $12.56. Gold dealers in London said the deal was the direct result of rising gold prices.

The terms offer 1.275 new Harmony shares or new Harmony ADSs for each Gold Fields share. The proposed deal sets a 29 percent premium for Gold Fields shares over the past 30 days, Harmony said, and values the company at $8.1 billion.

"This transaction represents tremendous opportunities for stakeholders of both companies," Harmony Chief Executive Bernard Swanepoel said. "Harmony has an extensive history of acquiring assets with turnaround potential and significantly enhancing their profitability. We calculate that we need a 15 percent cost reduction on Gold Fields' South African assets to justify our premium from this source alone."



525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleDJ S AFRICAN PRESS: Sexwale Backs Gold Fields Vs H

21.10.04 16:11
DJ S AFRICAN PRESS: Sexwale Backs Gold Fields Vs Harmony
Dow Jones News Services
(Copyright © 2004 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

JOHANNESBURG (Dow Jones)--Tokyo Sexwale, chairman of Mvelaphanda Resources Ltd. (MVL.JO), which owns 15% of takeover target Gold Fields Ltd.'s (GFI) South African gold assets, is against the bid by Harmony Gold Mining Co Ltd.(HMY) for control of the company, Business Day newspaper reported Wednesday.

It cited Gold Fields CEO Ian Cockerill as saying that Sexwale, who is also a Gold Fields non-executive director, had given his assurance "that he is on the side of Gold Fields."

Sexwale is one of the South Africa's best known black mining identities, another being Patrice Motsepe, who is the chairman of Gold Fields' suitor Harmony.

Newspaper Web site:

-By Johannesburg Bureau, Dow Jones Newswires; 27 11 783 7848

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

10-20-04 0112ET


525 Postings, 6358 Tage FlorianPascaleNorilsk says stands by agreement with Harmony

31.01.05 16:14
Norilsk says stands by agreement with Harmony
Mon Jan 31, 2005 07:58 AM ET

MOSCOW, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Russia's metals giant Norilsk Nickel (GMKN.RTS) said on Monday it had no plans to abandon Harmony (HARJ.J) in its bid to take over the world's fourth gold producer Gold Fields (GFIJ.J).

"We stick to all previously achieved agreements, including the irrevocable commitment we have signed in favour of Harmony. And we act strictly in the framework of these agreements," Dmitry Usanov, Norilsk investor relations head, told



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26.09.05 08:28
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Viel Erfolg wünscht

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