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7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuyherr Zhang ist in kauflaune

23.09.14 23:08
hmmmm .. der CEO

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27.10.14 19:56

GLG Life receives FDA letter of no objection for reb M

2014-10-27 07:34 ET - News Release

Dr. Luke Zhang reports


The United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a generally recognized as safe letter of no objection for GLG Life Tech Corp.'s high-purity rebaudioside M stevia extract product (filing No. GRN 512). This letter confirms that the FDA has no questions regarding GLG's GRAS notice submitted earlier this year, in which GLG, through in-depth consultation with GRAS Associates LLC, reported the results of its studies and its conclusion that rebaudioside M is generally recognized as safe.

Rebaudioside M, also known as rebaudioside X, occurs naturally in the stevia leaf; it is one of the rarer steviol glycosides. Reb M, like other steviol glycosides, is valued for its commercial use as a zero-calorie natural sweetener. These glycosides are often used complementarily to achieve a desired sweetness and taste profile.

GLG's ability to produce reb M commercially, now with the GRAS designation, further solidifies GLG's position as the pre-eminent provider of GRAS stevia extracts. To date, GLG has received six GRAS letters of no objection covering an array of high-purity stevia products; no other stevia company can claim such a mark. Furthermore, GLG has also submitted for review two more GRAS notices, one for high-purity rebaudioside C and the other for high-purity rebaudioside D. These latter glycosides, like reb M, occur only in very small quantities within the stevia leaf.

In remarking on these achievements, Dr. Luke Zhang, chairman and chief executive officer of GLG, also emphasized GLG's 2014 agricultural program, under which GLG is furthering development of specialized stevia strains, always through non-GMO methods, that are expected to contain significantly higher levels of these otherwise relatively scarce glycosides. The 2014 program builds on the successful results already attained in the 2013 development cycle.

Additionally, GLG submitted earlier this year its GRAS notification to the FDA for its luo han guo (monk fruit) extract products. These many submissions and certifications reflect GLG's commitment to ensuring that its full complement of naturally sourced sweetener products is compliant with the FDA GRAS program.

We seek Safe Harbor.

© 2014 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

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10.12.14 06:02

GLG Life increases reb C levels in H6 stevia seedlings

2014-12-09 07:46 ET - News Release

Dr. Luke Zhang reports


GLG Life Tech Corp. has made a major agricultural breakthrough, one that could revolutionize the global food and beverage industry's ability to utilize naturally sourced rebaudioside C. Through GLG's development of its H6 seedling using its non-GMO patented breeding methodology, the GLG agriculture team has developed a new strain containing remarkably high levels of reb C glycosides. Historically, conventional stevia leaf has had reb C concentrations of around 1 per cent. Now, GLG's H6 strain contains reb C concentrations verging on 7 per cent. Lab tests show that reb C makes up 53 per cent of the glycosides in the H6 leaf, compared with values of 6 per cent to 8 per cent in other strains of stevia leaf -- a 600-per-cent increase.

What makes GLG's H6 seedling even more special is its high rebaudioside A content. Reb C (53 per cent) and reb A (41 per cent) alone constitute very near 95 per cent of the total steviol glycosides in the leaf. Reb C and reb A are two of the best-tasting glycosides in the leaf. Moreover, the H6 strain has TSG levels nearing 13 per cent of leaf content, which is on the high end for stevia leaf in the market today.

This is an astounding leap forward in the natural, non-GMO agronomic development of the historically scarcer steviol glycosides; one that GLG expects will have a major impact on the stevia market as it exists today. Reb A is predominant in today's stevia market, even with the issue of its bitter aftertaste; the introduction of reb C in large-scale quantities, with its better flavour profile, could turn the market on its ear. Reb C, along with rebaudioside D and rebaudioside M (also known as reb X), have the most desirable flavour profiles, whether relative to or as used in conjunction with the industry-dominant reb A. However, each of these scarcer glycosides has historically occurred in such low concentrations that processing costs to extract and purify them on a commercial scale were virtually prohibitive. Reb C, at the low levels at which it previously occurred, is especially costly to process to a high level of purity, and there has been insufficient supply to meet market demand. But with GLG's development of the H6 strain and its much higher natural concentrations of reb C, these cost and processing challenges will be greatly mitigated, thus enabling production of high-purity reb C at costs comparable to that of high-purity reb A and at volumes the market requires.

GLG has filed for patent protection for its H6 seedling. This new seedling was developed by the GLG agriculture team through its wholly owned Chinese subsidiary -- Anhui Bengbu HN Stevia High Tech Development Co. Ltd. Dr. Luke Zhang, chief executive officer and chairman of GLG, commented: "This is a milestone development in GLG's 15-plus years of development and innovation in stevia agronomics. To the best of GLG's knowledge, there is no other seedling available in the market today that comes anywhere close to having the reb C levels found in GLG's H6 seedling. GLG has previously worked with reb C in product formulation; reb C has shown to be favourable in terms of flavour profile and as a sweetening agent."

Additionally, earlier this year, GLG filed its GRAS application with the FDA for high-purity reb C, with purity levels ranging from 80 per cent to 95 per cent (GRN 536), to be used as a sweetener. GLG is the first company to have filed for GRAS status for reb C. GLG has also filed patents covering both purification of and formulation applications using reb C. GLG plans on marketing its high-purity reb C sweetener products under the trade name "Reb C Gold."

GLG is known in the industry for having developed the best high reb A stevia seeds and seedlings, with its H3 and H4 varieties generating 65 per cent to 70 per cent reb A glycoside content (relative to TSG) and 30 per cent to 40 per cent larger stevia plants than the typical stevia plant grown in China. GLG has also developed its H5 high-STV variety, containing more than 70 per cent STV content (relative to TSG). With this latest success, GLG plans to build on its agricultural commercialization expertise by implementing the new H6 seedling in the spring of 2015 in a limited capacity, with full commercial-scale implementation commencing in 2016.

With the successful development of H3, H4, H5 and now H6 seeds and seedlings through its patented natural breeding technologies, GLG is continuing to focus on making similar advances toward the commercial viability of high-purity reb D and reb M. Programs are already under way toward the development of GLG's high reb D seedling. The development of a new variety targeting high amounts of reb M also commenced in 2014.

We seek Safe Harbor.

© 2014 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

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15.12.14 21:31

GLG Life develops new stevia seedling variety

2014-12-15 07:46 ET - News Release

Mr. Simon Springett reports


GLG Life Tech Corp. has made another major agricultural breakthrough. Through its non-GMO 2014 agricultural program, GLG has developed a new stevia seedling variety that is expected to decrease the cost of producing high-purity rebaudioside A stevia extracts by 50 per cent to 60 per cent. Dubbed the super RA or SRA variety, this strain contains double the amount of total steviol glycosides and nearly triple the amount of reb A glycosides than contained in conventional stevia leaf on the market today.

With such a huge increase in reb A glycoside content, producing one ton of either intermediate or high-purity extract will require far less stevia leaf -- the predominant cost factor -- than is presently required. Other costs of production will also be reduced correspondingly. In sum, compared with the overall costs of producing reb A extracts using today's conventional stevia seedlings, GLG expects costs for the production of reb A extracts to be cut by more than half.

Laboratory results have confirmed GLG's initial findings regarding leaf content. The SRA leaf contains 21 per cent TSG, which is double today's average leaf content of 10 per cent to 11 per cent TSG. It is this dramatic jump in TSG content that is the primary factor in the tripling of reb A content. Additionally, the percentage of TSG that comprises reb A is 76 per cent, compared with an average value today of about 50 per cent. On a dry weight basis, this means that reb A is present in the SRA leaf at levels of about 16 per cent (relative to total leaf weight), compared with less than 6 per cent for conventional leaf. Furthermore, the SRA variety derives from GLG's Huinong line of stevia plants, which, in addition to producing high Reb A and high TSG, also carries traits of high leaf or biomass yield (typically 30 per cent to 40 per cent bigger than conventional plants) and high disease resistance.

Such leaf, so rich in reb A, is truly the first of its kind; moreover, this announcement comes on the heels of GLG's news release last week regarding its new reb C seedling. That seedling, also a first, contains about 600 per cent more reb C than conventional stevia seedlings. Like the SRA seedling, GLG expects this new reb C seedling to have a substantial impact on the stevia market. GLG expects to implement both the new SRA and reb C seedlings in a limited capacity in 2015. GLG looks forward to full-scale commercial implementation of both beginning in 2016.

The company is in the process of filing for patent protection for its SRA seedling. The seedling's development was overseen by the GLG agriculture team through its wholly owned Chinese subsidiary -- Anhui Bengbu HN Stevia High Tech Development Co. Ltd. -- an institution at the forefront of stevia agronomics. Dr. Luke Zhang, chief executive officer and chairman of GLG, had this to say: "With these stunning developments, it is safe to say that GLG's agricultural program is having an extraordinary year. We do not plan to stop there, however, as we continue our efforts towards making similar leaps and bounds with our reb D and reb M seedling varieties."

In addition to having patented stevia agriculture and technology, GLG leads the way when it comes to stevia in the Food and Drug Administration's GRAS (generally recognized as safe) program. It has already received three letters of no objection for various reb A stevia products, including reb A extracts with purities greater than 95 per cent and 97 per cent and products with TSG greater than 95 per cent that have reb A as the primary glycoside. GLG has also received a letter of no objection for its high-purity rebaudioside M extracts. It currently awaits word from the FDA on its GRAS filings for high-purity rebaudioside C and high-purity rebaudioside D extracts. GLG remains committed to ensuring that all of its naturally sourced sweetener products are compliant with the GRAS program.  

7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuyneue patent-versuch

15.12.14 21:36

GLG receives FDA safe letter for monk fruit extracts

2014-12-10 07:35 ET - News Release

Mr. Simon Springett reports


The United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a generally recognized as safe letter of no objection for GLG Life Tech Corp.'s luo han guo (monk fruit) extract products (filing No. GRN 522). This letter confirms that the FDA has no questions regarding GLG's GRAS notice submitted earlier this year, which covers three distinct luo han guo extracts -- MV30, MV50 and MV60 -- each containing a minimum level of mogroside V (30 per cent, 50 per cent and 60 per cent, respectively).

Seeking and obtaining GRAS status have been among several of GLG's goals relating to its entrance this year into the luo han guo market. GLG also filed for patent protection for its luo han guo processing technology earlier this year, it has successfully implemented a large-scale agriculture program to expand the luo han guo agriculture in Guilin China, and it has successfully converted its stevia processing facility to be capable of high-volume and high-purity luo han guo extract production. GLG accomplished each of these within approximately 12 months from the company's decision to enter the luo han guo market as a vertically integrated player. GLG also announced its first major supply contract for monk fruit in July of this year with a global food industry leader.

GLG's first-year efforts were ambitious and, indeed, fruitful. Its growing operations in Guilin are substantial and the first year of GLG's monk fruit agriculture program was a big success. GLG's conversion of its Runhai stevia facility renders it capable of processing 130 metric tonnes of MV50 extract annually. GLG is on track to produce its first 10 metric tonnes of MV50 extract within December, 2014, with the first five metric tonnes recently complete and production of the second five tonnes under way. Based on these achievements, GLG believes it now has greater production capacity for luo han guo than any other company worldwide.

GLG differentiates itself from other luo han guo producers in three ways: (1) its competitive advantage in establishing agriculture systems in China, superior luo han guo seedlings and its proven methods to expand the amount of farming in other crops such as stevia; (2) its advanced processing and extraction technology; and (3) its industry-leading processing capacity, which well positions GLG for anticipated growth in the luo han guo market. GLG is currently working with a number of international customers interested in its luo han guo products and expects initial sales to be finalized prior to the start of production.

The company sees continued growth in the luo han guo market, and is encouraged by the increased market activity relating to luo han guo as a natural sweetener product. It sees continued product launches within the food and beverage space -- Mintel commented in May, 2013, that food and beverage launches using luo han guo had tripled over the prior five years -- and dietary supplement space. GLG notes that customers also recognize the value of luo han guo in conjunction with stevia; the two can be used complementarily to achieve desired sweetness and flavour profiles.

GLG has the largest number of naturally sourced sweetener products certified under the GRAS process, encompassing both stevia and now luo han guo. Stevia products for which the FDA has issued letters of no objection include rebaudioside A products ranging from purities of 50 to 97 per cent, high-purity stevioside and high-purity rebaudioside M. It has also submitted GRAS filings with the FDA for high-purity rebaudioside C and high-purity rebaudioside D. GLG remains committed to ensuring that each of its naturally sourced sweetener products is fully documented as compliant with the FDA GRAS process.

4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51MioErklären

15.12.14 23:02
Jannst du mir bitte erklären, warum auf diese Hammernews so wenig Umsatz folgt?

Der Kurs ist hochgezogen, da brauchen wir uns nichts vormachen.

Danke im Voraus Herr Hammerbuy  

7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuyabwarten....

15.12.14 23:40

4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51Mioverkauf von Sunwin Produkten

18.12.14 11:03
Wie viel Prozent des Umsatzes von glg machen die Sunwin Produkte aus. Dachte glg ist vertikal integriertes Unternehmen und kein Händler. Warum lasse ich meine Produktionskapazitaeten ungenutzt und verkaufe Fremdrodukte. Was sagt der GLG Grossaktionaer Hammerbuy dazu?


7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuyinsiderbuy

14.01.15 00:11
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4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51Mioder nächste Zock

14.01.15 23:02
Die Insider bereiten den nächsten Zock vor.

Die kaufen das Gute Stevia von Sunwin, selber klinisch tot.

Insider kaufen wenn es steigt, damit andere reinfallen, das sagt das Chart aus.

Vorsicht Totalverlust droht.
Aber hier liest ja keiner  

1131 Postings, 4243 Tage ruckGLG News

30.01.15 09:39
Meldung von GLG bzgl. neuer Webseite und Rebranding des Firmenlogos sowie Ankündigung neuer Produkte:

Zumindest was die Außenwirkung angeht ist GLG in dieser Hinsicht nun ebenbürtig im Vergleich zu den Mitbewerber. Ob allerdings eine neu gestaltete Webseite allein ausreicht um dem Kurs auf die Sprünge zu helfen, mag ich zu bezweifeln...


1131 Postings, 4243 Tage ruckNews

17.02.15 14:16
Diese Meldung liest sich definitiv schon viel besser...

7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuywürde aber zeit ,.....

03.04.15 02:17
Revenue for the three months ended Dec. 31, 2014, was $7.5-million, an increase of 82 per cent compared with $4.1-million in revenue for the same period last year.

das sind dann hochgerechnet ( mit guten Wille ) 35M Umsatz in Jahr 2015 ... abzüglich alle Ausgaben ( 40% übrig ) bleiben 14M  ... und das verteilt auf 35 M Aktie ( letzte Stand 2014 ) ... sind 0,40 $ gewinn auf ein Shares ... also in ende des Jahres steht GLG optimistisch bei 0,80 $ ...

mogroside-V kommt gut an - ich dene die neue Prod-Linie ist voll am produzieren ..
teilweise wir 1 kg für 420 $ bei alibaba verkauft wird spannend

bei diese preise, blöd ist wer klaut :-)
frohe ostern  

133 Postings, 2756 Tage wiener_2015Zahlen

07.04.15 07:53
##Net loss from continuing operations before the impact of asset impairment charges for 2014 was $18.8-million compared with $21.7-million in 2013 or a 13-per-cent decrease for the year. Net loss from continuing operations before the impact of asset impairment charges for the fourth quarter of 2014 was $4.6-million compared with $5.9-million in 2013 or a 23-per-cent decrease for the quarter.

na gratuliere :D  

4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51MioGLG verschenkt Stevia und Co.

07.04.15 10:29
Ein Samariter Laden, verschenken gerne die Produkte. Entweder produzieren die viel zu teuer, oder die haben Mistware, was sie so nicht abgesetzt bekommen.
Jetzt geben sie sich als eine kanadische Firma aus. Meinetwegen können sie auch eine schweizerische Firma werden, oder eine deutsche Firma. Schrott ist Schrott
Und wenn jemand in seinem Posting die Verluste nicht bennent, sondern eine  rosarote Rechnung erzeugt täuscht vorsätzlich, oder ist dumm!
Das erste sollte gelten, da wir diesen Blender kennen.  

4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51Mioungarisch

07.04.15 15:35
Mensch Hammer tu mal was vernünftiges. Sag uns bitte was da steht.  

4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51MioDesaster 5.0

09.04.15 11:24
Unsere Freude von GLG haben wieder den Vogel abgeschossen.

Auf Seite 23 wird das Desaster sehr öffentlich. Die Cost of Sales steigen ins unermessliche in den letzten 3 Monaten. Die Cost of sales betragen 97% de Revenues. Die Gesamtverlust geht auf 17 Mio$
Übrigens die haben eine tolle Website, wow, bin sehr beindruckt.

Seite 33 ist echt der Hammer. Die Schulden, die in weniger als einem Jahr zu zahlen sind bei 62Mio. Insgesamt 113 Mio Schulden, bei angeblich 71 Mio Assets. Die Assets sind doch Schrott, wenn man so teuer produziert.


7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuymio .. :-) du bist gut ... :-))))

09.04.15 18:21

7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuyund ich sage .. zuschlagen !

09.04.15 18:28
Pessimisten Willkommen  .........  merkt mal diese Datum !


1852 Postings, 3209 Tage stenzizwar ein paar Tage alt aber egal

04.05.15 22:59

4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51MioPessimist

07.05.15 09:57
Und was sagt das Datum? Hast du zugeschlagen, nein! Also adios  

7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuylieber Ariva

17.05.15 19:22
ich weis nicht wie lange es noch zugelassen wird das von eine Gruppe  ( denke arbeitslose ) die Stimmung in meine Forums zerstören . Egal wo und was ich schreibe wird von diese Gruppe stalkerisch verfolgt und bewusst manipulierte Behauptungen User irre führen.

Wenn nicht eingegriffen wird werde meine Account bei Ariva endgültig löschen .

Bewiese von Postings und beleidigende mails habe genügend vorgelegt - mit Userliste .
Dutzende  Doppel-Dreifachaccounts wurden schon gelöscht und die zum bis tiefst beleidigende Inhalte in  Postings muss ich täglich mehrmals melden .Es sind aber immer die selber User . Wieso steigert man nicht die Strafmaßnahmen ?
Wenn es ist im Sinne von Ariva ist , das jemand - als beispiel - "ausländer-kanacke-schwein verpiss dich dorthin zurück von wo du herkommst" - 2 stunde sperre bekommt - ist für mich eine Armutszeugniss von Ariva .
Zum Thema wird 10% geschrieben - Der Rest ist Pöbel,Beleidugung, usw usw.. Niveau sinkt jeden Tag ..
ich plädiere für eine Personen bezogene und IP kontrollierter Zugang .Von mir aus kann auch was kosten ... dann haben wir eine gesunde Filter .
wer Doppelaccount eröffnet hat :Sperre für immer auch für seine Haupt Account .
??? wieso wird es nicht praktiziert? Zweitaccount wird geslöscht und alles geht von vorn wieder los ....
Es gibt bestimmt noch Teilnehmer mit gleiche Meinung .

7820 Postings, 4445 Tage hammerbuysoooooooooooooooo

28.12.15 17:00
auf diese kursniveau habe ich gewartet - ab hier macht man kein  großer fehler

yes :-)  

4150 Postings, 3812 Tage 51MioLöschung

28.12.15 21:12

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