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25.04.00 22:28
F5 Announces Record Second Quarter

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 25, 2000--F5 Networks,
Inc. (Nasdaq:FFIV - news), the leading provider of integrated
content delivery and traffic management solutions that improve the availability and scalability of
Internet infrastructure, today announced results for the second quarter of fiscal 2000, which ended
March 31, 2000.

Second Quarter Highlights:

    Year-to-date net revenue increased 562 percent over the prior year and 23 percent sequentially
    to $23.6 million for the second quarter.
    Net income was $4.1 million, or $0.18 per diluted share, compared to a net loss of $(3.0) million
    or $(0.45) per diluted share for the second quarter of 1999.
    Cash flow from operations totaled $2.8 million in the quarter, $5.8 million year-to-date
    Announced an OEM agreement with Dell Computer to sell F5's products

``Our second quarter results demonstrate that we are on track for a solid performance in 2000,'' said
Jeffrey S. Hussey, chairman, president and chief executive officer of F5 Networks. ``We continue to
execute on our strategies of investing in technology to anticipate our customers' needs and to grow our
customer base, expanding sales and marketing efforts globally, building on and enhancing our
relationships with strategic partners, leveraging the F5 brand and evaluating strategic acquisitions.''

Net revenue for the second quarter of fiscal 2000 totaled $23.6 million, up 527 percent from $3.8
million in the prior year second quarter, and up 23 percent from the first quarter. Net revenue growth
was driven by increased sales of all of the company's products, to both new and existing customers,
and by a significant increase in service revenue and sales internationally.

Net income was $4.1 million, or $.18 per diluted share, in the second quarter of fiscal 2000 compared
to a loss of $(3.0) million, or $(0.45) per share, in the prior-year second quarter. For the fiscal year to
date, net revenue totaled $42.8 million, up 562 percent from the first six months of fiscal 1999. Net
income for the first six months of fiscal 2000 totaled $8.4 million, or $0.36 per diluted share, compared
to $(5.2) million, or $(0.82) per diluted share in the prior-year same period.

``Sales growth momentum and strong margins have enabled F5 to sustain profitability despite a
continuing ramp-up in infrastructure to support our growth,'' added Mr. Hussey. ``We expect that F5
will deliver sequential quarterly sales growth in the low to mid teens, and continue to post profits and
positive cash flow in the second half of fiscal 2000.''

On April 5, 2000, F5 announced a major OEM agreement with server manufacturer Dell Computer to
bring to market F5 Networks' suite of products, commencing with the Company's BIG-IP software, on
Dell's PowerApp appliance server. This appliance server product will be targeted for service providers,
dot-coms, brick-to-click businesses and other organizations building out their Internet infrastructure.

During the second quarter, F5 announced that Carlton G. Amdahl was named Chief Technical Officer.
Mr. Amdahl brings more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive and consultant in the
computer and networking industry and will be instrumental in driving F5's technology to the next level.

F5 Networks is the leading provider of integrated Internet content delivery infrastructure and traffic
management solutions. The company's integrated suite of high-performance products automatically and
intelligently manage Internet traffic and content to improve the availability and performance of
mission-critical Internet servers and applications. F5 Networks helps companies avoid the risk of being
burdened with ill-performing networks that do not meet end user expectations, while enabling network
administrators to boost the control and predictability of their infrastructure. F5 Networks' products are
designed to provide a new level of fault tolerance by shielding users from system failure; optimizing
response times to user requests and data flow; and cost-effectively managing an organization's Internet
infrastructure. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and has offices in Atlanta,
Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington,
D.C., Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom. F5
Networks is located on the web at www.f5.com.

Statements in this press release concerning future activities under F5's strategic alliance agreements,
continued development of F5's product portfolio and future enhancements to F5's products, continued
growth in the market for Internet traffic and content management solutions, and other statements
which are not historical facts are forward-looking statements, Such forward-looking statements involve
known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results,
performance or achievements of the company, or industry results, to be materially different form any
future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.
Such factors include, among others: the company's limited operating history; variability of the
company's operating results; market acceptance of the company's Internet traffic operating results;
market acceptance of the company's Internet traffic and content management products; the company's
timely development of new products and features; the company's ability to manage its growth; the
company's ability to maintain and develop distribution relationships; competition in the Internet traffic
and content market; the company's ability to expand in the international markets; unpredictability of the
company's sales cycle and other risk factors referenced in the company's public filings with the
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In particular, see the section entitled ``Risk Factors'' in
the company's annual report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC on December 28, 1999.

                          F5 Networks, Inc.
                Consolidated Statements of Operations
                (in thousands, except per share data)

                              Three months ended    Six months ended
                                   March 31,            March 31,
                             -------------------   -----------------
                               2000      1999       2000      1999
                             -------------------   -----------------

Net revenues:
    Products                   $18,532  $ 3,146   $34,814  $ 5,428
    Services                     5,072      616     7,963    1,029
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
        Total net revenue       23,604    3,762    42,777    6,457
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
Cost of net revenues:
    Products                     5,053      825     9,677    1,449
    Services                     1,792      384     2,851      580
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
        Total cost of net
         revenues                6,845    1,209    12,528    2,029
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
Gross profit                     16,759    2,553    30,249    4,428
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
Operating expenses:
    Sales and marketing          8,452    2,887    14,194    5,103
    Research and development     2,761    1,324     4,986    2,345
    General and administrative   1,748      666     3,226    1,191
    Amortization of unearned
     compensation                  470      670     1,013    1,038
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
        Total operating
         expenses               13,431    5,547    23,419    9,677
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
    Income (loss) from
     operations                  3,328   (2,994)    6,830   (5,249)

    Interest income, net           818       31     1,559       89
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
        Net income (loss)       $4,146  $(2,963)  $ 8,389  $(5,160)
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
Net income (loss) per
share - basic                  $  0.20   $(0.45)  $  0.40  $ (0.82)
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
Weighted average
shares - basic                  21,198    6,555    20,811    6,297
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
Net income (loss) per
share - diluted                $  0.18   $(0.45)  $  0.36  $ (0.82)
                               -------  -------   -------  -------
Weighted average
shares - diluted                23,105    6,555    23,092    6,297
                               -------  -------   -------  -------

                          F5 Networks, Inc.
                     Consolidated Balance Sheets
                           (in thousands)

                                     March 31,     September 30,
                                      2000            1999
                                   -----------    --------------
Current assets:
  Cash and cash equivalents           $61,225       $24,797
  Restricted cash                       3,079         3,013
  Accounts receivable, net
   of allowances of $900 and $826      21,147        10,353
  Inventories                           1,566           618
  Other current assets                  1,804           981
                                     --------      --------
       Total current assets            88,821        39,762
                                     --------      --------
Property and equipment, net              5,273         2,834
Other assets, net                          295           250
                                     --------      --------
       Total assets                   $94,389       $42,846
                                     --------      --------


Current liabilities:
    Accounts payable                 $  4,792      $  2,700
    Accrued liabilities                 4,255         3,808
    Deferred revenue                    9,903         4,365
                                     --------      --------
       Total current liabilities       18,950        10,873
                                     --------      --------
Shareholders' equity:
Common stock, no par value;
100,000 shares authorized,
21,271 and 18,161 shares
issued and outstanding                 79,557        45,760
Note receivable from shareholder          (563)         (750)
Accumulated other
comprehensive income (loss)                77            (3)
Unearned compensation                   (2,219)       (3,232)
Accumulated deficit                     (1,413)       (9,802)
                                     --------      --------
    Total shareholders' equity         75,439        31,973
                                     --------      --------
       Total liabilities
        and shareholders' equity     $ 94,389      $ 42,846
                                     --------      --------

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1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Wenn FLüsterschätzungen das Maß aller Dinge an der Börse

25.04.00 23:21
werden sollten, im Fall F5 angeblich 0,22-0,24$, dann kann man sich doch gleich die Kugel geben. Was wollen die Schei*-Ami-F*cker
eigentlich ?? Umsatz +1000% und einen Gewinn von 1,00$

Da geht mir langsam das Messer in der Hose auf !!!!!


665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardp/e zahlen

26.04.00 01:08
keine sorge das erholt sich schnell wieder.
p/e bei preis von 58$ fuer fiscal year 2000 (!) liegt bei 80 und fuer 2001 bei 50. gemessen an wettbewerbern immer noch relative guenstig. compaq ergebnisse werden gut sein und so auch dioe von dells und indirekt damit die von F5.  

665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardtgk

26.04.00 01:19
ich gebe keine her, sonder kauf eher, das gibt einen netten day trade!

somebody said und er/sie hat recht:

That's 87% for the year (23*15*15*15)

    People are expecting to much. G&A and Selling expense went up 3Mil for the quarter. (probably some bonus payments or
    one time events in there) With out the added 3mil you could add about .15c to earnings. (to about .33c for the quarter)
    They should make over a $1 a share this year. I guess I will buy more tomorrow. I will take this kind of growth, too bad the
    market looks at it in a negative light.

mal davon abgesehen, kann man p/e mit whisper daten von .41c$ (warum nicht gleich 2$) hochrechnen und kommt dann bald auf einstellige p/e schon fuer dieses jahr!  

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Schon klar. trotzdem kann ich mich wahnsinnig darüber aufregen...

26.04.00 09:04
Die 0,18$ schienen sich mit den Erwartungen der Analysten zu decken. Nur wüsste ich gerne wer überhaupt diese
Flüsterschätzungen macht: Wenn´s wirklich ein Haufen vollbescheuerter Kleinaktionäre, von BWL null Ahnung, ist, der auf http://www.whispernumbers.com/ seinen Senf dazugibt und dann
der Durchschnitt aus 5 Teilnehmern gebildet wird ist das Ergebnis nicht zu gebrauchen. Dass sich daran dann noch andere Vollidioten orientieren hat was Schildbürgerhaftes an sich.

Diese Leute scheinen von betriebswirtschaftlichen internen Prozessen rein gar nichts zu wissen: wie schaffte ein Unternehmen  eine Umsatzwachstum von 613% im 1.Q und 527% im 2,Q , Steigerung 2. Q zum 1.Q von 24% ??
Bestimmt nicht vom Füße auf den Tisch legen und den Dingen seinen eigenen Lauf nehmen lassen, sondern auch durch Neuinvestitionen. Die dürften bei F5 in größerem Umfang getätigt worden sein, bedenkt man nur, dass das Umsatzwachstum im Produktbereich bei 489% liegt.

Dass der Gewinn dann nicht direkt proportional zum Umsatz steigt, und so haben die Flüsterer geschätz: 0,18*1,24=0,2232, sollte niemanden überraschen.


665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardtgk

26.04.00 09:12
genau. 0.18c erwartet von analysten und 0.41 cents bei whisper, die diskrepanz sagt alles. gestern waren ja auch nur minimal umsaetze nach schluss, die den preis drueckten. die one-off ausgaben von 3 mio sind ein gutes argument fuer potential.
hast du andere pe zahlen ?  

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1PE=KGV ?

26.04.00 09:25
Woher hast Du die 0,41$, hab nur die Range 0,22-0,24 gefunden.  

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Nachbörsliche Umsätze

26.04.00 09:29
Nasdaq (oder so) : 83.300 bei 46$
Island.com:  150.506 bei 48 3/4$

Gesamt gestern : ca. 1,5 Mio  

665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardpe

26.04.00 09:30
ja kgv=pe, 0.41c aus den us boards.
ihr halunken (tgk/kaeseotto); jetzt habt ihr tatsaechlich en paar verschreckten die aktien fuer ein taschengeld (51E) abgluchst. Pfui sag ich da nur ... :-)  

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Hast Du gerade 60 zu 51 gekauft o.T.

26.04.00 09:34

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1KÄSEOTTO MELDE DICH DOCH AUCH MAL

26.04.00 11:03
immerhin hast Du den Stein ins Rollen gebracht.................


665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardkaeseotto kauft gerade ein (und verkauft dann in stuttgart, dass sind mal

26.04.00 11:06
eben 25% in einer stunde).....  

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Das mit Stuttgart ist sonderbar

26.04.00 11:13

       n/a§60.00  +4.17%      aktuell 62.50          26.04.    10:30 Stuttgart

Die haben den WAHREN Wert der Aktie nach den Q-Zahlen immerhin schin erkannt.



26.04.00 19:22
bad news-

13:03 ET F5 Networks (FFIV) 41 13/16 -16 57/64: Sharp decline in stock being attributed to the company's guidance toward a higher tax rate of 36%; though Robertson Stephens revises revenue and pre-tax EPS estimates higher; after-tax EPS estimates for FY00 and FY01 are cut to $0.71 and $0.91 from $0.77 and $1.28, respectively.

Werde alle meine F5´s demnächst abstoßen und das Kapitel beenden. Was hab ich mit der Aktie gezittert und gehofft und es einfach nicht fassen können...............jetzt stürtzt sich die blutgierige Nasdaq-Meute auf den toten Kadaver ! -28%

Ein in sich gekehrter


492 Postings, 8457 Tage teleboerseImmerhin unter den TOP 3 der NASDAQ Loser heute. Bleibt auf Watchlist o.T.

26.04.00 19:41

776 Postings, 8773 Tage kaeseottoZu F5

26.04.00 20:31
Der Chart von f5 scheint im Bereich von 40$ ein Doppelbottom auszubilden. Ein erneutes Unterschreiten der Marke von 40 $ erscheint eher als unwahrscheinlich.
Wegen einer möglicherweise höheren Steuerquote für die anstehenden Quartale Q3 und Q4 werden die Gewinnerwartungen der Analysten etwas zurückgenommen.

F5 ist weiterhin ein Kauf.
In den vergangenen Tagen konnte f5 auf zahlreiche neue Kooperationen verweisen (insbes. Dell (vertiefte Koop) und dem Triumvirat um das neu gebündelte Best-Offer Angebot.
f5 hat stark in Marketing investiert und hat, wie oben nachzulesen ist, angekündigt auch weiterhin im mittleren zweistelligen Bereich von Quartal zu Quartal zu wachsen.
Unter der Annahme die Wachstumsrate liegt weiterhin bei 20% ergibt sich folgende Gewinnreihe für die anstehenden Quartale:

2000 Q2 0.18 $ pro Aktie
2000 Q3 0.22 $
2000 Q4 0.26 $

2001 Q1 0.31 $
2001 Q2 0.37 $
2001 Q3 0.45 $
2001 Q4 0.54 $

insgesamt Ergebnis 2001: 1.67 $ pro Aktie   bei 50 $ entspricht KGV von 30!

Das Management ist erste Sahne von F5
1. Die Internationalisierungsstrategie steht, man ist in Europa und Asien (China) präsent (hier dürfte sich ein enormes Wachstumspotential für f5 ergeben, da diese Internetmärkte noch relativ jung sind und in der Entwicklung dem Heimatmarkt USA um 2-3 Jahre hinterherhinken.
2. Das bisherige Wachstum ist rein organisch, d.h. die Firma wuchs bisher nur aus eigener Kraft (keine Firmenzukäufe)
3. Das Management setzt auf Markt- und Gewinnwachstum!
4. Liquidität: 60.000.000 $, Börsenwert der Gesellschaft: 845.000.000 $!!!!
5. Bei Gewinnwachstumsraten von 100 % p.a. ist ein KGV von ca. 30 auf Basis des zu erwartenden 2001 Ergebnisses sehr niedrig!

6. Heute wurden zum ersten Mal mehr als 5.000.000 Aktien an Nasdaq gehandelt. Sonst ca. 1.000.000 Stück Handelsvolumen!

7. Die Foschungsausgaben sind weiterhin hoch bzw. solide. Wurden um 100% gesteigert!

8. Bisher hat das Management stets überzeugt. Leider hat es die Börse und damit der Anleger nicht bzw. noch nicht honoriert.

Wer will kauft, wer nicht will, kauft nicht!

Spätestens im kommenden Jahr kann die Börse die guten Zahlen von F5 nicht länger ignorieren, weil dann könnte das KGV für 2002 bei ca. 20-15 liegen. Das sind Regionen, in die Internetwerte nicht einzuordnen sind.  

665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardtote kuh kommt noch mal

27.04.00 00:06
kgv/pe alles richtig, sieht gut aus fuer die zukunft , aber eben schwierig wenn man die -25% nicht schnell wieder ueberwiegend aufgeholt werden. sehen wir die 50$ in den naechsten tagen dann glaun ich dran; sonst wirds wohl monate bis quartale dauern...  

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Gegenreaktion über 50

27.04.00 08:44
ist bestimmt drinnen, der gestrige Massaker wird sich auch nicht mehr wiederholen. Die 40 sind solide. Meine Bedenken sind nicht aus den fundamentalen Fakten entstanden, sondern aus dem zukünftigen Verhalten der Aktionäre und Institutionellen.
Jetzt zittern wieder alle bis zum nächste Quartal und wehe der Gewinn wächst nicht um 10-25% !

Mal schaun, so schnell wie oben angekündigt trenne ich mich doch nicht von FFIV


665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardTgK: wir stehen dass hier zusammen durch .... o.T.

27.04.00 09:19

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Wir mein Jahresergebnis aber tief nach unten ziehen

27.04.00 09:27
230% wie 1999 werden´s wohl nicht mehr werden ;-)  

665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardinvestors got confused; genauso sehe ich das auch (siehe artikel)

27.04.00 09:45
F5 Networks slipped 14 37/64, or 25%, to 41 1/8 on Nasdaq. F5 Networks
                   late Tuesday reported second-quarter profits of $4.1 million, or 18 cents a
                   diluted share, in line with analysts' estimates. Bearish investors, however, may
                   have been confused by a statement in F5's press release predicting sequential
                   quarterly sales growth in the "low to mid teens," said Bear Stearns & Co.
                   associate Olivia Golden.

in der pre donnerstag stimmung werden manchen eben die knie wackelig.
$50+ kommen schnell!

TGK: 230% sind ja auch schon ziemlich gut, hab auch 11% F5 im depot (waren bei 15%) kenne daher deine leiden ein wenig.  

1061 Postings, 8716 Tage tgk1Mein Schnitt

27.04.00 09:59
liegt bei ca. 95 und bin nicht gewillt nachzubuttern...Machen ca. 20% aus, ich weiß, hab aber drab geglaubt ;-)  

665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizard95 ist schon hart

27.04.00 11:03
aber wenn man die 140 bedenkt, und jetzt fast 40, oh je. bin bei schnitt 70 rein, nachdm sie von 140 fielen, hatte bei 60-70 den boden gesehen, aber so kanns gehen; dennoch bei etwas stabileren wassern gehts wieder aufwaerts: 50 $+ in wenigen tagen und die 70 je nach nasdaq entwicklung (bei 4000).
bin ueberseugt das funds wider kaufen wollen nach den enormen zufluessen selbst im april, ja zufluessen nicht abgaengen. jeder wartet eben auf das signal dass sich der markt einigermassen stabilisiert hat.  

665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardnachboerslich bei 46.5$ (+6%)

28.04.00 00:13
habe ja eigentlich die 50+ fruehzeitig erwartet. kommen dann hoffentlich morgen; nachdem der spread sehr hoch gehe ich davon aus dass relative anleger halten.  

665 Postings, 8566 Tage lowizardvorboerslich bei 48.25 US$ ! o.T.

28.04.00 15:44

164 Postings, 8428 Tage sharewizaward (mT)

11.05.00 15:46
F5 Networks' 3-DNS Controller Wins Network Computing's Prestigious Well-Connected Award

                         LAS VEGAS, May 10, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

                         NetWorld Interop 2000

                         3-DNS(R) Tops Electronic Commerce Category and Recognized as the Best Distributed Load Balancing

                         F5 Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:FFIV), the leading provider of Internet traffic andcontent management (iTCM)
                         products, today announced that CMP Media, Inc. hasnamed the 3-DNS Controller the best distributed load
                         balancing product under thecategory of Electronic Commerce solutions.

                         F5 Networks received the esteemed award during Network Computing's annualWell-Connected Awards
                         ceremony on May 8, during NetWorld Interop in Las Vegas.F5's 3-DNS was chosen, over competing
                         products from Alteon and Radware, for itsability to enable businesses to dynamically tune their distributed
                         Internet siteto render optimal performance and Quality of Service to end users -- no matterwhere they are in
                         the world.

                         "Network Computing's recognition of 3-DNS is particularly noteworthy because ofthe judges' critical
                         hands-on evaluation process," said Marc Goodman, SeniorDirector of Marketing at F5 Networks. "This
                         award points to 3-DNS as a keycomponent of any global e-Business infrastructure where 24X7 availability
                         andtop web site performance is a must. It's also a testament to F5's commitment todeliver the industry's
                         most innovative and advanced iTCM products."

                         About the 3-DNS Controller

                         3-DNS is the most open and robust product for managing traffic acrossdistributed Internet sites in the
                         market today. 3-DNS offers powerfulfunctionality important to any business that relies on the Internet to
                         supportits geographically distributed Internet sites. By employing industry-firste-Business rules, 3-DNS can
                         adjust its own operations based on a number ofcustomer-defined parameters, such as time of day or
                         specific operatingconditions. There is no other product of its kind that has 3-DNS' flexibilityand level of
                         intelligence; helping businesses maximize their e-Businessperformance and Quality of Service, on a global

                         "The Well-Connected Awards are significantly different from other ITpublications' awards," said Fritz Nelson,
                         Publisher of CMP's Network Computing."Our editors worked at length to research and test the best offerings
                         in theenterprise arena." According to Nelson, the products singled out in the NetworkComputing
                         Well-Connected Awards are unique because "they are not a measure ofpopularity -- they are quality
                         offerings tested over a networked enterprisefirsthand by editors themselves. So we know that 3-DNS by F5
                         Networks is trulyan innovative solution."

                         Network Computing (www.networkcomputing.com) published by CMP Media, Manhasset,N.Y., is the only IT
                         publication providing in-depth, comprehensive product,technology and service reviews from a real-world
                         perspective to 220,000 ITProfessionals -- The Technology Experts -- biweekly telling them what works, howit
                         works, when to buy and who to buy it from. In addition, Network Computingconsistently has the largest
                         average-issue audience among all networkingpublications, according to Simmons and IntelliQuest and was
                         a 1999 Neal AwardFinalist.

                         About F5 Networks

                         F5 Networks is the leading provider of Internet Traffic and Content Management(iTCM) products. The
                         Company's integrated suite of high-performance productsautomatically and intelligently manage Internet
                         traffic and content to improvethe availability and performance of mission-critical Internet servers
                         andapplications. F5 Networks helps companies avoid the risk of being burdened withill-performing networks
                         that do not meet end user expectations, while enablingnetwork administrators to better control and predict
                         the performance of theirinfrastructure. F5 Networks' products are designed to provide a new level offault
                         tolerance by shielding users from system failure; optimizing responsetimes to user requests and data flow;
                         and cost-effectively managing anorganization's Internet infrastructure. The company is headquartered in
                         Seattle,Washington, and has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, LosAngeles, New
                         York, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Australia, HongKong, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore,
                         Sweden and the United Kingdom. F5Networks is located on the web at www.f5.com.

                         F5 Networks (Nasdaq:FFIV) Internet Traffic Management products support a widerange of operating
                         systems and hardware platforms including those from: DELLComputer (Nasdaq:DELL), Sun Microsystems
                         (Nasdaq:SUNW), Hewlett Packard(NYSE:HWP), Compaq (NYSE:CPQ), Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), Apple
                         (Nasdaq:AAPL), IBM(NYSE:IBM) and Intel (Nasdaq:INTC). F5 products work with leading
                         IP-basedapplications, including legacy host, mainframe, Java, CORBA-based, andclient/server applications
                         from vendors such as SAP (NYSE:SAP), BAAN(Nasdaq:BAANF), Novell (Nasdaq:NOVL), Oracle
                         (Nasdaq:ORCL), and PeopleSoft(Nasdaq:PSFT).

                         This press release may contain forward looking statements relating to futureevents or future financial
                         performance that involve risks and uncertainties.Such statements can be identified by terminology such as
                         "may," "will,""should," "expects," "plans," "anticipates," "believes," "estimates,""predicts", "potential" or
                         "continue" or the negative of such terms orcomparable terms. These statements are only predictions and
                         actual results coulddiffer materially from those anticipated in these statements based upon a numberof
                         factors including those identified in the Company's filings with the SEC.

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