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06.01.14 16:08
Dunav Resources Limited veröffentlichte erste Ressourcenschätzung für die Kiseljak-Lagerstätte, Teil des Kupfer-Gold-Porphyr-Projekts Tulare im Süden Serbiens.

AMC Consultants Limited hat die Schätzung angefertigt und gibt die abgeleitete Mineralressource von Kiseljak bei einem Cut-Off-Gehalt von 0,25% Kupferäquivalent mit 300.500.000 Tonnen mit durchschnittlich 0,27% Kupfer und 0,26 g/t Gold für 1,8 Mrd. Pfund Kupfer und 2,5 Mio. Unzen Gold an.


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06.01.14 16:12

Dunav Resources Ltd.
      WKN:§A1J AG5

Dunav Resources Provides an Exploration Update on the Bakrenjaca Epithermal System, Part of the Tulare Project, Serbia


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06.01.14 18:07
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07.01.14 09:04

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07.01.14 10:05
Dunav Resources blickt auf erfolgreiches Explorations-Jahr zurück


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07.01.14 15:19
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07.01.14 21:55

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15.01.14 17:50
es scheint, dass in letzter zeit weiter akkumuliert wird... es sind volumenaufkommen zu beobachten ...  

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16.01.14 10:02

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17.01.14 11:53
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24.01.14 18:56
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25.01.14 11:27
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25.01.14 11:43

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25.01.14 20:54

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27.01.14 16:30
Dunav Resources Provides an Update on the Tulare Copper-Gold Porphyry Project, Serbia
LONGUEUIL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Jan 27, 2014) - Dunav Resources Ltd. (TSX-VENTURE:DNV) (the "Company" or "Dunav") is pleased to present an exploration update on its 100%-held Tulare Porphyry Project located in Southern Serbia.

The 2013 Yellow Creek and Kiseljak Extension resource definition drilling program has been completed and the database has been closed off, with the data forwarded to AMC Consultants Limited (UK) ("AMC") for an independent National Instrument 43-101 ("NI 43-101") compliant resource estimate.
Selected intersections are listed below, calculated using a 0.21% CuEq cut-off grade


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27.01.14 16:47


Yellow Creek:
• Wide-spaced drilling on a nominal 120 meter by 120 meter spacing on the Yellow Creek target area during
2013 was focused on better defining the copper-gold porphyry-style mineralization first discovered during
late 2011 in order to develop a robust geological model required to support the generation of an initial NI 43-
101 compliant resource estimate.
• In total, nine diamond drill holes (YCDD031 to YCDD039) for a total of 2,722.5m, ten reverse circulation
(RC) pre-collars (YCRC001 to YCRC010) for a total of 1,373m and three diamond drill hole ‘tails’
(YCDT002, YCDT004 & YCDT005) for a total of 952.8m were drilled on the project area during 2013.
• No significant intersections were generated from the RC and diamond ‘tail’ drilling portion of the program.
• A validated database has been delivered to independent mining consultants AMC in order to produce an
initial NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for the Yellow Creek target area. The initial Yellow Creek
estimate is expected during Q2 2014.
• Refer to Table 1 for a summary of Yellow Creek (YCDD031 to YCDD039) significant intersections received
to date.
• Refer to Dunav Press Releases dated April 10 2012, August 28 2012 and February 25, 2013 for previously
reported significant intersections from the Yellow Creek target area.

Kiseljak Extension:
• An additional three diamond drill holes were drilled into the far southern portion of the Kiseljak deposit
following the closure of the 2012 drilling database and subsequent handover to AMC. These drill holes (see
Dunav Press Release dated February 25 2013) extended copper-gold porphyry-style mineralization to the
south of the Kiseljak deposit.
• During 2013 a further six diamond drill holes (KIDD075 to KIDD080) for a total of 1,360.4m were completed
in this area which has subsequently been referred to as the ‘Kiseljak Extension’ area.
• The Kiseljak database, including Kiseljak Extension drilling, has been closed off, with the data forwarded to
AMC for an updated resource estimate; this re-estimation is not expected to lead to a material change in the
current Kiseljak deposit resource estimate (with an effective date of November 26 2012), however the
additional drilling will better define the mineralized ‘envelope’.
• Refer to Table 2 for a summary of 2013 Kiseljak Extension significant intersections.


• The Tulare Copper-Gold Porphyry Project area lies within the Lece Magmatic Complex of southern Serbia;
the second largest magmatic complex in Serbia after the Timok Magmatic Complex.
• During 2012, Dunav completed a scoping level assessment on seven composite samples from the Kiseljak
deposit. Additional test work is required to further refine the process flow sheet; however projected overall
recoveries are currently approximately 85.5% for Cu and approximately
67% for Au. Good flotation recovery
characteristics were exhibited for both copper and gold at industry standard grind sizes and a copper-gold
concentrate with no deleterious elements was produced.
Preliminary grinding test work showed a medium to
soft mineralization type with a bond work index of approximately 11kWhr/t.
• Further metallurgical test work was undertaken during 2013 and results are expected during Q2 2014.


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28.01.14 13:08
Dunav recently released an update on the Tulare Porphyry project. whereby projected overall recoveries at the site are currently 85.5 percent for copper and 67 percent for gold. A copper-gold concentrate was produced during the exploration. Further results from metallurgical test work at the site are expected during the second quarter of 2014.


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28.01.14 13:12
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28.01.14 17:59

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28.01.14 18:32
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29.01.14 20:07
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