DNDT R/S und Dividende

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16.01.13 11:13
DNDT 1-100 R/S New Symbol: DNDTD


Jan 15, 2013 08:00 - DND Technologies, Inc. (DNDT: OTC Link) - Ex-Dividend - As of Wed, Jan 16, 2013, DND Technologies, Inc. traded ex-dividend. DND Technologies, Inc. will disburse a Reverse Split dividend of 0.01 shares to shareholders of DNDT.  

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16.01.13 11:15
Tue, Jan 15, 2013 08:00 - DND Technologies, Inc. (DNDT: OTC Link) - Scheduled Ex-Dividend - DND Technologies, Inc. has announced a dividend ex-date for (DNDT: OTC Link). DND Technologies, Inc. is scheduled to disburse a Reverse Split dividend of 0.01 shares on Wed, Jan 16, 2013 to shareholders of DNDT.


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16.01.13 11:17
Dürfte hier zu finden sein :

Thanks for your email. Sorry that you did not get a response earlier. But we are overstretched
working on projects. We have responded to many shareholders over the last few months saying that the filings for the number of shares outstanding is, to our belief, correct. We have pointed out that there are share certificates out there beyond our control that may come on to the market. For example, when we acquired the company, there were 20 million shares that were not yet on the market. There are still certificates out there that have not been cleared. We are aware of several such certificates whose owners have seemingly exercised restraint and not entered the market in the expectation that share price will stabilize and move back up.

That is all beyond our control. The only way to reduce the volume of shares beyond our control is to do a reverse split. But no one, including ourselves, likes those so it is a last resort measure. We are in it for the long run, looking to build a serious company through investments and acquisitions. Yes, we are still working to complete the technology projects. If you look at the www.dndtechnologies.com website under "About US", you will see the name of one tech project mentioned "Cinutri" that we have no put out any information. We will be meeting over the holiday season to startegize on the share price issue and will inform shareholders of our decision.


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16.01.13 11:20
ist derzeit $608,000 ..  

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16.01.13 11:26

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16.01.13 11:42
ist die Ankündigung eines R/S das signal zum Abverkauf, was das Minus von 27% gestern erklärt.
Es werden sehr gute News seit Dezember erwarted, allerdings fiel der Kurs immer mehr, da Millionen von Aktien seit dem letztem Hoch verkauft wurden und es sich wahrscheinlich um Akten vom alten Management handelte.
Aber genaueres konnte das neue Management nicht mitteilen, deshalb der Ausweg über ein R/S die Aktienstruktur genau zu klären.

Hier gibts ein DD package : http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=82024007  

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16.01.13 13:29

Shares Outstanding   262,347  a/o Jan 16, 2013  



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21.01.13 11:09
To be sure, management’s recommendation for the reverse split came only after wide consultation, and with the anticipation that the company would be able to complete several ongoing and new transactions, only a few of which include:
Cinturi: cinutri.com.
A mobile shopping start-up (with very
good financial projections) in Brazil whose pilot project will be done in
partnership with a very well known international online and mobile payments
Poprad: http://www.corrib.sk.
Already announced condominium project in the Czech Republic that has almost
completed phase one of three phases;
Intex: http://intexfm.com. A start-up stock crossing
network that will be based in Nassau, The Bahamas. As noted in previous press releases, there
are several other very exciting and potentially lucrative projects in train.


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