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1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketCheetah Mobile

01.06.15 22:15
Cheetah Mobile ist eine chinesische Softwarfirma die Apps für Mobiltelefone entwickelt, u.a. z.B. Clean Master und CM Security. Aktuell haben die 395 Millionen Nutzer!

Dieses Jahr wird zwar mit einem schrumpfenden Gewinn von -41% gerechnet, aber nächstes Jahr soll der Gewinn um 635% explodieren. Für die nächsten 5 Jahre wird mit einem durchschnittlichen Gewinnwachstum von 113% gerechnet.

Investor´s Business Daily vergibt das höchstmögliche Rating von 99 und Cheetah wird als Composite Group Leader geführt, noch vor Cyberark und Palo Alto Neworks.

Der Wert wird erst trotz seiner guten Stellung und ordentlichen Marktkapitalisierung von 4,5 Milliarden Dollar bisher kaum verfolgt.
Ich denke zu unrecht!

Charttechnisch ist Cheetah gerade aus einer längeren Konsolidierungsphase ausgebrochen und es scheint nun Schwung in die Geschichte zu kommen.

Strong Buy!  
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1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketThe Strategic Shift

07.12.15 22:25


I recently caught up with CMCM management to get a business update.

Profitability appears to be the new focus area rather than user growth as CMCM reaches critical mass.

Shift toward ad tech and data analytics is a positive and could position the company for a sale to a larger internet giant.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketForbes: U.S. Inspired Innovation With Chinese Exec

02.02.16 11:05

The Power Of U.S. Inspired Innovation With Chinese Execution

It’s bizarre to think how so much has changed from the days of clunky desktop computers with floppy disks to our manic obsession with smartphones. The change in China is even more mindboggling. China’s first connection to the Internet only happened in 1994. Some 21 years later, China has the largest mobile Internet population on the planet – 620 million people at the end of 2015.

The original Chinese tech giants, the likes of Baidu and Tencent, spent most of their existence only catering to Mainland Chinese users. With such a massive market to tackle domestically, there was little reason to venture internationally. After all, China is the Middle Kingdom.

But things are changing.

The new generation of Chinese tech companies and startups go international much earlier now. A prime example of this is Cheetah Mobile; a Chinese tech company that successfully went public on the NYSE just four years after it was founded.

The little known company makes mobile utility apps including Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor and Duba Anti-Virus. It’s also the maker behind Piano Tiles 2, a popular mobile game that hit the number one ranking in over 100 countries. It has racked up 560 million monthly active users (MAU) from over 200 countries. Revenue has grown 26 times from 2011 to 2015 to $550 million, with 50% coming from outside China, mostly from mobile advertising.

Cheetah plans to hit 600 million MAU by next year and boost the engagement and retention rate; plus focus on penetrating the core markets of India and Indonesia. It will also expand Cheetah Global Lab in the U.S. to provide companies with advertising and marketing insights.

With its portfolio of apps designed to make smartphones faster and safer, Cheetah has some impressive achievements. According to App Annie’s 2015 Retrospective Report, Cheetah ranks as the third highest publisher after Facebook FB +2.61% and Google GOOGL +1.43% by worldwide combined downloads of iOS and Google Play (outside games) in 2015. The flagship app, Clean Master was the fifth most downloaded app in the world, after Instagram. It was also named one of 20 best apps in 2015 by Amazon.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketCheetahPhone

23.02.16 13:48

Cheetah Mobile : Partners With Cubot To Launch CheetahPhone

ONDON, Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Cheetah Mobile, maker of Clean Master and other popular mobile utility apps, has teamed up with CUBOT to launch CheetahPhone, its first branded mobile device.

Powered by Clean Master software, the sleek and powerful phone lasts up to 38% longer on a single charge compared to other phones running stock Android (5.1.1).

The CheetahPhone will be unveiled at Cheetah Mobile's Mobile World Congress booth (Hall 8, E9) on Tuesday, February 23rd between 16:00-17:00 (local time). It will be available to purchase on Amazon for EUR199, in all European Union countries in the coming months.


1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketSchnäppchen

11.05.16 16:44

Erwartetes Gewinnwachstum in den nächsten 5 Jahren pro Jahr: 64%
PER: 15


1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsket635 Millionen aktive Nutzer

11.05.16 16:54
Und trotzdem wird dem Unternehmen so gut wie keine Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt.

Weil alles nur auf Facebook starrt?  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketClean Master auf Platz 5 der populärsten Apps

20.05.16 19:39­ps

Die ersten vier Plätze belegt Facebook mit seiner Hauptapp, Whatsapp, dem Facebook Messenger und der Fotoplattform Instagram.  

3663 Postings, 4458 Tage Monaco1Warum der Absturz?

20.05.16 20:00

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketCredit Suisse: Sell Target $8,5

20.05.16 20:14

Cheetah said its second quarter revenue would grow only 10-13% from a year ago, 23% lower than street estimates. CEO Sheng Fu told analysts at the earnings call:

"Three key factors contributed the weakness in our expected mobile advertising revenues growth, which is a key driver for our overall growth. First, declines in CPMs from some of our third-party advertising platform partners in the international markets; second, slower than expected progress in building our -effective direct sales force; and third, longer than expected time for us to execute our expanded strategy."

On point 1, Fu was referring to Facebook (FB) which made major changes to its Facebook Audience Network algorithm, causing Cheetah Mobile’s ad effective CPM to be much lower than before.

“We are disappointed by management’s operational fault of not being able to communicate with FAN in a timely manner,” complained Credit Suisse‘s Evan Zhou. The bank estimates Facebook Audience Network accounts for 25-30% of Cheetah’s ads revenue. As such, it cut its price target drastically from $18 to only $8.50:

We cut our 2016E/17E by 76%/66% due to meaningfully revising down our growth outlook from a major change to channel mix and increased investment in new products. Our TP is based on 20x 17E P/E and implies 36x 16E P/E, at a discount to average China internet comps due to low visibility on earnings.

Cheetah closed at $11.43 on Thursday. Kingsoft owns 54% of Cheetah, Tencent Holdings (700.Hong Kong) holds 18%. Credit Suisse’s new price target implies another 26% downside.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketWill The Growth Come Back?

28.05.16 18:21


MAUs of 651 Million in Q1. Critical app downloads all good in April and May. Without the change of Facebook algorithm, Cheetah Mobile's revenue would be growing like usual.

Cheetah Mobile now is working more closely with Google AdMod, the biggest rival of Facebook Audience Network. This will minimize the impact of Facebook's algorithm change.

Revenue up 391% and Net Income grew 185% since IPO; CMCM is currently trading at only $10, IPO price was $14.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage Reaches Top App Store Charts

01.06.16 10:35, the dominant live streaming app making waves with content creators and their fans, today

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1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketCredit Suisse: Unterperform target $18

29.06.16 11:08

Ping An has completed the acquisition of a 47.4 percent stake in Autohome Inc for $1.6bn from Telstra Corporation, and the new management team has replaced the previous CEO and CFO.

Since Ping An already has effective control of Autohome and there are uncertainties in the domestic capital market, so the former may “take a pause,” before any further share acquisition, Zhou believes. He added, “That said, investors should keep in mind that Ping An may still take the company private or introduce other strategic investors at certain time (but more likely at a lower price, in our view).”


1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsket#19 Cdetit Suisse ist leider im falschen Thread

29.06.16 11:12
gelandet, gehört eigentlich zu  Autohome  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketKingsoft Management On Gaming, Cloud, Cheetah

22.08.16 15:48

Barron’s: Despite the growth in mobile gaming and cloud, Cheetah Mobile still constitutes a large chunk of your total valuation. In the second-quarter, Cheetah grew its revenue by 18% from a year ago, beating its guidance of 10-13%. However, Cheetah is no longer growing like it used to and it is vulnerable to policy changes at key partners such as Facebook (FB). What can Cheetah do to improve its valuation?

Kingsoft: As of the second quarter, Cheetah Mobile had 623 million of mobile monthly active users. There are only a few companies in the world that have this kind of MAU. But Cheetah’s valuation per MAU is minuscule next to these Internet giants. One issue investors have with Cheetah is engagement time. What’s the point of amassing so many users if they do not stay and spend time at Cheetah?

So Cheetah has been trying to boost user stickiness. Cheetah recently bought News Republic, a global mobile news service operator ranked as one of the top 3 news & magazine apps in the U.S. on Google Play. Cheetah’s, a live streaming app, was ranked as a top 5 social app in the U.S. on Google Play. Cheetah is also using its data analytical skills to do good marketing and push apps to users.

We believe Cheetah’s share price will play out in a few quarters if investors are patient enough to watch them execute their content strategy.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketMorgan Stanley: Underweight Target $9

22.08.16 15:53

"Optimistic 3Q guidance is supported by diversified ad revenue stream, but cost structure is higher. We're encouraged by the revenue recovery trajectory but cautious about near-term profitability," analyst David Sun wrote in a note.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketCheetah Mobile's Transformation

26.08.16 14:10

Cheetah Mobile's Transformation, The New Chapter Or The Last?


Cheetah Mobile aggressively invested in deep learning to improve its mobile ad monetization. Monetization fix would be faster than expected in Q3.

The company has the lowest ever quarterly operating expense growth of -2% in Q2. The new cost control method works.

App rank boost is the core capability of Cheetah Mobile. By 24th Aug, and Rolling Sky are among the top 10 social/game apps in Google Play and App Store in the U.S.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketWhatsCall Signals the End for Telephone Call Charg

10.10.16 14:11

Cheetah Mobile: Launch of WhatsCall Signals the End for Telephone Call Charges

Call any mobile or landline for free in any country in the world, and make someone happy with WhatsCall, a revolutionary new app that says goodbye to telephone call charges forever.

Traditional messaging apps, and other tools that enable us to talk via the internet, rely on data connections from both parties and smartphone notifications being switched on. WhatsCall doesn’t require a recipient to have a data connection, the same app, or live notifications.

Callers earn free call credits if they log-in everyday, watch advertising, invite friends or take part in daily tasks.

The recipient receives a call through their phone network just like a regular voice call, so there’s no need for them to download the app or to have a data connection.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketTwo Red Dot Awards

07.11.16 19:28

Cheetah Mobile Wins Two Red Dot Awards for Communication Design

Mobile game, Piano Tiles 2, was awarded a Red Dot in the Game Design category, for high design quality, expressing aesthetics, innovation and precision in an exemplary manner.

CM Launcher 3D’s online commercial was awarded a Red Dot in the Film & Animation category, also for high design quality, expressing aesthetics, innovation and precision in an exemplary manner.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketMobile Advertising I Techs n Trends (TnT) #3

30.11.16 17:43

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketAdvertising revenue delining

30.06.17 15:22


Cheetah Mobile’s revenue from online advertising business kept declining.

Artificial Intelligence has limited effects on content products.

Cheetah Mobile invested too low in AI.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsket3sat: makroskop E-Games

18.08.17 23:53

Der globale Videospielmarkt hat 2016 zum ersten Mal die 100 Milliarden Dollar-Grenze geknackt. Vor allem Spiele auf dem Smartphone sind beliebt. Eine Entwicklung, die Deutschland leider verschlafen hat.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketMonetization Of Artificial Intelligence

13.09.17 22:03


Cheetah Mobile has understood the methods of monetizing content-driven applications. Improvements are seen in its products and functions now, making Cheetah Mobile stand out in the fierce competition.

Domestic market strikes back, taking up 1.11% more of Cheetah Mobile's total revenues in 2017 Q2 from its long-lasting decrease since 2014.

Cheetah Mobile performs outstandingly in the light game category, especially in the music game genre, and has been in the industry leading position.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketIs Cheetah Mobile A Buy Now?

18.10.17 15:08


Cheetah Mobile’s online marketing service is worth $490 Million., one of Cheetah Mobile’s most popular content apps, is worth $670 Million.

Cheetah Mobile is worth $1.16 Billion considering ads and alone. However, if we consider the other parts of operations, it is worth at least $1.56 Billion.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketPrescience Point Claims Cheetah Mobile Is 'Worthle

27.10.17 21:29

According to the report, about 87 percent of revenue and 57 percent of Cheetah’s utility revenue simply doesn’t exist based on data from App Annie Intelligence.

“CMCM is its own largest customer, based on our research – of what revenue does generate, we estimate 75% came from CMCM’s balance sheet and was spent in the app via company-controlled accounts,” Prescience Point claims in the report.

After growing suspicious of Cheetah’s reported monthly active user growth of 17.7 percent from second-quarter 2015 to Q2 2017, Prescience tried to verify the claims using App Annie Intelligence data. Instead, the third-party data revealed a 49.9-percent decline in core utility app MAUs, calling into question the company’s reported MAU growth.  

1144 Postings, 6634 Tage TradingAsketExpansion Pivot

30.12.17 15:13

Nachdem die Aktie lange Zeit für Anleger aufgrund von fallenden Kursen nicht als beachtenswert galt, änderte sich dies Ende Oktober 2017 schlagartig. In rund zwei Monaten konnte das Unternehmen über 50% Buchgewinn verzeichnen. Der Hauptgrund dieses Neubewertungsprozesses dürfte daran liegen, dass im Oktober mehrere Medien auf die Anfälligkeit Chinas von Online-Angriffen hingewiesen haben und die Ausgaben für die Sicherheit als Folgereaktion enorm erhöht wurden.

Nachdem Cheetah Mobile Inc. ADR den gesamten Dezember über konsolidierte, konnte vor drei Tagen ein Boden gebildet werden. Dieser Boden überzeugte gleich mehrere Anleger, welche berherzt zugriffen und die Aktie über den 50er GD zogen. Anschließend wurden noch mehr Börsianer auf die Aktie aufmerksam, da sie:
1. Aus einem Zukunftstrend stammt
2. Eine Trend Continuation Line überwunden und das Expansion Pivot long Signal ausgelöst hatte
3. Zwei neue kompetente Aufsichtsratsmitglieder verpflichtet hat  

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