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10.02.04 19:46

China Telecom gibt uneinheitliche Signale, OBV und Aroon deuten ein deutliches Ende des bestehenden Aufwärtstrends an. Der Trendkanal ist bisher noch voll intakt, die Oszillatoren geben sehr kurzfristig Kaufsignale. Der Handel in Euro läuft mit einem 1/10 Split, ein erstes Kauflimit kann dort zu 0,30 Euro gesetzt werden, SL sind 0,27 Euro (close).

starkes volumen in letzter zeit in frankfurt,...

hat jemand nähere infos zu dem wert? vielleicht liest ja StoxDude mit? :-)


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07.01.07 12:58
Telecom giants plan financing for 3G projects
Updated: 2007-01-07 08:59
China Mobile, China Telecom and China Netcom, all plan to return to mainland stock markets seeking ton of fresh capital to build infrastructure to implement a new generation of mobile phone service.

With licenses for the so-called 3G mobile technology expected to be announced early this year, China's major telecommunications operators may need to quickly raise as much as a hundred billion yuan to build and maintain the required new networks.

The new 3G mobile phone service will provide multimedia services including voice, data, video and wireless Internet access.

Market watchers believe all three companies will look to domestic markets to raise the required funds.

A fourth player, China Unicom, is currently the only major telecommunication operator that is listed on both overseas and mainland stock markets.

On January 3, share prices of China Mobile and China Telecom on the Hong Kong market reached new highs of HK$71.8 (9.2 U.S. dollars) and HK$4.47 (0.57 U.S. dollar) respectively. China Netcom's share price was also on the rise after the New Year's Holiday.

A spokesperson for China Mobile, the largest Chinese mobile operator, said it is the companies intention to raise funds on the mainland market, but there is not a concrete timetable for an IPO.

China Mobile is listed on the Hong Kong stock market as a red-chip company, which are mainland companies registered overseas. Red-chip companies cannot directly go public on the mainland A-share market according to current Chinese regulations.

China Mobile can bypass this obstacle by setting up a new company on the mainland, analysts said.

China Netcom Chairman, Zhang Chunjiang, has also alluded to plans to bring the company home to stock markets here. He's also complained about the complicated procedures involved in a red-chip company's return to mainland browses.

Analysts say China Netcom has been in contact with stockbrokers and is drawing up plans for an A-share market listing.

Although China Telecom has not publicly announced its plans for going public on the Chinese market, insiders say the company is studying proposals from investment banks to raise 40 billion yuan (5.13 billion U.S. dollars) by issuing A-shares in the second quarter of this year.

The Chinese government has promised that 3G service will be up and running by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It's likely the 3G program will be kicked off this year, imbuing the telecommunication operators with a strong sense of urgency to finding funding sources.

According to analysis from Goldman Sachs, a renowned U.S. investment bank, China Mobile is likely to be first to be listed on the A-share market first, with China Telecom and China Netcom following close behind.  

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17.09.07 06:47
China Telecom  sets to rebound after it has touched $4.33. In the meantime, the counter gains strong support above $4.20 level and it has recouped the 50-day moving average where it is now at $4.43. The share price enters a typical correction from $4.73 but it turns around near $4.30. Obviously, this China Play gains strong upward momentum. When the share price confirms a breakout from the previous resistance at $4.73, it will probably reach $5.00 in the short-term. Meanwhile RSI-14 heads north. Stochastic Oscillator is going to unveil a buying signal. These technical indicators also suggest the share price to advance in the near term.  

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19.09.07 07:13
728 CHINA TELECOM 4.79 0.16 3.46 1,074,140 225,265  

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10.10.07 07:19
China Telecom  gains strength on the strong buying interest from conventional funds as the investment institutions focus on the Telcos again. Besides, the fundamental of this counter improves which also boosts up the share to trace an upward trend. By technical analysis, the share price poises to penetrate the resistance at $6.48 shortly. It sets to test the record high at $7.08 again. Moreover the momentum increases along with an increase of trading volume. This brings the counter to an upward trend. It will probably reach the psychological $8.00-level in medium term.  
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11.10.07 10:14
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4951 Postings, 5830 Tage 0815axkein Handel am Freitag 12.10.07 ! - weshalb??

14.10.07 16:06
...sehe dafür eigentlich keinen Grund, zumal am 09.10. noch diese Meldung vermeldet wurde:

PacificNet: Auftrag von China Telecom
Dienstag, 09.10.2007 17:51
Die asiatische PacificNet Inc., ein Anbieter von Internet- und E-Commerce-Diensten sowie verschiedener Spiele, konnte sich einen Auftrag von China Telecom sichern.

Den Auftrag mit ungenanntem finanziellem Umfang soll ein Tochterunternehmen von PacificNet, die PacificNet Epro, ausführen. Ziel sei es, die Information Directory-Dienste von China Telecom zu optimieren.


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15.10.07 06:37
728 CHINA TELECOM 7.22 +0.41 +6.02% 2,777,123 387,330  
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18.10.07 06:39
MS Cuts China Telecom To Underweight; Tgt HK$4.50

Morgan Stanley downgrades China Telecom (0728.HK) to Underweight from Equalweight; keeps target at HK$4.50. "We believe the recent liquidity-driven rally has taken CT shares well beyond fundamental fair value, even if we factor in potential upside from the wireless business in the longer term." Says personal handy phone user base and minutes of usage per user per month could be more accelerated than current consensus forecasts. Stock off 0.7% at HK$7.05.  
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