Bolero Resources 1000 % Chance ?!

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26.11.08 15:57

Bolero Resources MolyExplorer vor Einstieg eines Investors ?

ISIN: CA09752T1075
Symbol: U7N

Die Aktie kann man für 0.015 € kaufen das ist vor Monaten undenkbar gewesen ! Wer JETZT kauft hat die Chance auf exorbitante Gewinne denn das Jahr 2009 wird das Jahr der ROHSTOFFE !


Bolero soll offenbar den Einstieg eines bekannten Investors bekanngeben .... das würde den Kurs explodieren lassen !

Aktueller Börsenwert 300.000 CAD $ das eit ein Witz !

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943 Postings, 5806 Tage Alfgolf2es sind viele Mitleser da

07.01.11 15:23
aber monyalf...ich würde nicht antworten, wenn jemand 10 Wochen Anlagehorizont hat...
und man muss nicht immer antworten:)

und wenn man denkt das Börse ein Spiel ist, dann würde ich die Finger von Aktien wie Bolero lassen !!

da können aus deinen 1000 € schnell mal nur noch 500 € rauskommen?

verstehste mich?.....

nebenbei....viele Rechtschreibfehler...warum nur?


7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerSell - Buy - Hold

07.01.11 16:08
1. Name and address of the offeror:
Joe Dwek Management Consultants Inc. (“JDM”)
1110 Finch Avenue West, Suite 210
Toronto, ON M5A 2K7
2. Name of reporting issuer with respect to which this report is filed:
Bolero Resources Corp. (“Bolero”)
3. Designation and number or principal amount of securities and the offeror’s
security-holding percentage in the class of securities of which the offeror acquired
ownership or control in the transaction or occurrence giving rise to the obligation to
file the news release and whether it was ownership or control that was acquired in
those circumstances:
JDM has indirect control and direction over 4,908,000 common shares of Bolero (the
“Shares”), 181.818 options to purchase units (the “Units”) comprised of one share and
one warrant with a total number of 181,818 underlying warrants to purchase shares, and
3,348,363 warrants to purchase shares (the “Warrants”) representing approximately
22.36% of the outstanding Shares on a partially diluted basis.
4. Designation and number or principal amount of securities and the offeror’s
securityholding percentage in the class of securities immediately after the
transaction or occurrence giving rise to obligation to file the news release.
As set out in paragraph 3 above.
5. Designation and number or principal amount of securities and the percentage of
outstanding securities of the class of securities referred to in paragraph (4) over
(a) the offeror, either alone or together with any joint...

Teil 2 vom 06/01/2011
44,500 Shares were sold on the open market at a price of $0.50 per Share on January 4,
2011. The reporting issuer’s shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the call
symbol BRU.
7. Purpose of the offeror and any joint actors in effecting the transaction or
occurrence that gave rise to the news release, including any future intention to
acquire ownership of, or control over, additional securities of the reporting issuer.
JDM intends to hold the securities for investment purposes. JDM may, depending on
market and other conditions, increase its beneficial...

9 Postings, 4906 Tage monyalfich dacht immer wir Alfies müssen zusammenhalten

08.01.11 16:25
hier anner börse.

Alfgolf mit der rechtsschreibung hab ich schon immer auf kriegsfus gestanden auch inner schule damals schon. meistens immer ne 5 ich glaub einmal sogar ne 6. nur in englisch war ich noch schlechter. sport und werken aber immer ne 3. mir hat auch einer geschrieben ich soll mein geld besser inner volkshochschule investieren aber das die auch auf profit arbeiten wuste ich ganich. is auch egal ich werd freitag erstmal 10000 euros inne goldmine investiern. bei bolero leg ich auch noch 5000 kracher an und dan wirds wohl abgehen glaub ich jedenfalz.

danke nochmal an louisianer für deine tips echt klasse. in eine von deinen aktien pack ich auch was rein.

viel erfolg euch allen wenn die erstmal richtig gold gefunden haben dann klingelt hier aber der automat


521 Postings, 5144 Tage Schabo04@monyalf

09.01.11 14:33
Junge, Junge, Junge, du bist ja echt ein Experte :-)
Lies dir bitte erstmal genau durch, womit sich Bolero beschäftigt. Du kannst doch nicht dein Geld in einen Wert setzen, über den du nichts weisst! Ich kann dir nur empfehlen, erstmal ein kleinen Betrag in einen Wert zu setzen und ein wenig dein Geld zu streuen.
Beobachte doch erst einmal die Werte, wie sie sich entwickeln.
Nachkaufen kann man jederzeit, du solltest dein Geld auf mehrere Werte verteilen!
Lerne doch erstmal, bevor du 15.000 € anlegst!

LG Schabo04  

218 Postings, 5968 Tage Kostenfaktordanny deadlock

12.01.11 09:29
II) Bolero Resources (TSX: V.BRU, Stock Forum; High of
.58 since profiled to Ticker Trax subscribers) –

Featured: New

Shares Outstanding: 29 million
Resource Exposure: Gold and Rare Earths Elements (REEs)
Published to Ticker Trax subscribers at
.49. Subscribe today to gain access to exclusive opportunities.

I am interested in Bolero for its very large land positions next to proven discoveries and for the diversification (exposure) to gold and rare earth elements.  The gold properties are in northern B.C. neighbouring an important discovery by Imperial Metals; the other is in the Yukon, which has seen an exploration boom since spring.

I believe the gold projects hold significant potential, but I will follow up on those after their exploration advances. For now, I believe the shorter-term winter excitement will come from the rare earth properties.

Many of the rare earth equities have been doing well since summer ... so the good ones are tough to find without having run already. One TSX (Toronto) listing in particular (doing business in the U.S.) has helped draw attention to the entire sector. Rare Element Resources (TSX: V.RES, Stock Forum; $10.25) was at $2.25 in July and hit $14.25 in October.

Another, Canadian International Minerals (TSX: V.CIN, Stock Forum; 64 cents), which neighbours Bolero’s properties, was at eight cents in September and gained 800 percent two months later after REE drill results.

"More than 90 per cent of the global supply of rare earth minerals is mined and processed in China. Beijing recently clamped down on exports, reducing quotas by 70 per cent for the second half of 2010. In September, China made political waves by blocking all rare earth exports to Japan. Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Senate and House to increase investment and production of rare earths in the United States." [Globe and Mail in Canada]

In late 2009 an important REE discovery called Wicheeda was made in British Colombia. If you look at this map you will see BRU's massive land position (217,000 acres) in the immediate region (Bolero is the red, Wicheeda the purple and CIN the blue).

Bolero has flown across the entire area to identify drill locations and then followed with ground geochemistry. The results of that effort likely will be   reported this month. With those results in hand and drill permits in place, Bolero anticipates drilling through the winter on anomalies identified (so far) on three separate locations.

Airborne radiometric responses are confirmed in areas with high REEs in soil samples. A second airborne anomaly of equal magnitude has now been silt sampled with assays pending.

Mackevoy Geosciences geologist David Turner, MSc, PGeo, stated: "The extensive land position taken by Bolero Resources in the Wicheeda-Carbo carbonatite camp of the Rocky Mountain rare element belt is significant because carbonatites often occur in clusters.”

Wicheeda might ... just might have the potential to exceed the output of Molycorp Mountain Pass, which for more than 40 years was North America's biggest supplier of REE's.

A few months ago I received this from Roger Steininger, Ph.D, who is a director of Bolero. I was asking him for feedback on how investors might identify economic grades for REE sampling or drill results.

You pose interesting questions, but there are no easy answers.  The samples collected from the Bolero property are geochemical in nature and while they reflect areas of REE mineralization are not necessarily indicative of the grades in bedrock. This will come with drilling of the anomalies.  The other aspect that is important in REE deposits is metallurgy. Good grades with poor recovery characteristics could render a deposit uneconomic, while lower grades with easy recoveries could be very profitable. At this point in the Bolero exploration program it is too early to determine the potential of the Wicheeda property. Having said that, we are getting a lot of encouragement from our geochemical and geophysical surveys and view the property as containing several high-quality targets that warrant further exploration.

The United States Geological Survey has published several recent articles on REE which are available on their we site. You might read those as a starting point.

Roger C. Steininger Ph.D.
Director, Bolero Resources Corp.


Bolero was quiet through summer but these past few months has benefited from rising interest in junior exploration stocks. It has consolidated in the 40-cent range since early October and now has good support in this range.

Given the dramatic run we saw with neighboring Canadian International Minerals (TSX: V.CIN, Stock Forum), any positive results from drilling or surface sampling should attract significant interest. Should the company be fortunate to hit anything similar to Wicheeda or CIN, the impact would be dramatic – given the fact Bolero has by far the largest land position in the district.

First, Bolero needs to sink some holes. That is expected to occur in early 2011, and it means that identifying these early can provide the greatest returns. Danny Deadlock owns 25,000 shares of Bolero.  

760 Postings, 6707 Tage St_HaselwanterWarum die Abschläge?

13.01.11 11:14
Ist dies ein Kaufkurs?

Gruß StH  

218 Postings, 5968 Tage Kostenfaktorwenn wir in nem monat bei 1 € stehen

14.01.11 11:33
wären das auf jeden fall kaufkurse, aber mal abwarten, wir warten auf die REE proben, wenn die draußen sind, dürfte es so schnell gegen wie bei CCE. und das bolero gebiet ist 20fach größer!  

760 Postings, 6707 Tage St_HaselwanterGeht wohl zuerst nach Süden

21.01.11 11:27
Kennt jemand die Gründe?

Gruß StH  

760 Postings, 6707 Tage St_HaselwanterBin mit dabei

21.01.11 16:19
Habe mir eine kleine Position ins Depot gelegt.
Ich lege eher längerfristig an und denke, daß Bolero in den nächsten Monaten und Jahren gute Chancen hat einiges an Wert zuzulegen.
Besonders halte ich die großen Landbesitzungen für sehr interessant. Außerdem sollte das Thema Seltene Erden nicht so schnell von der tagesfläche verschwinden. Ich denke hier nur an Chinas Exportpolitik!
Es kann also losgehen.

Gruß StH

ps. Keine Empfehlung  

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerBolero acquired a 100% interest in the...

14.02.11 17:18
February 3rd, 2011, Vancouver, BC,
Canada – Bolero Resources Corp. (the “Company” or “Bolero”), (TSX-V: BRU), (USA: BRUZF.PK), (FRANKFURT: U7N1)

announces it has acquired a 100% interest in the “Charge” Rare Earth Element prospect located in northern British Columba, approximately 50 kilometres southeast of the Kemess Mine operated by Northgate Minerals Corporation (NGX – TSX). Bolero’s “Charge” REE prospect currently contains the highest Lanthanum (La) (1146 ppm), Yttrium (Y) (647 ppm), and second highest Cerium (Ce) (1247 ppm) samples in the province of British Columbia’s Regional Geochemical Survey (BCRGS) database, with over 7000 samples recently taken from the region.

Please visit to view the property map.

Bolero Resources’ President and CEO, R. Bruce Duncan, stated “The acquisition of the “Charge” REE prospect significantly increases Bolero’s Rare Earth Element asset portfolio and provides shareholders with a fourth active project for the 2011 work season. We are excited to commence operations on the “Charge” REE prospect and are greatly encouraged by the presence of British Columbia’s highest sampling values for Lanthanum, Yttrium, and the second highest values for Cerium Rare Earth Elements, on Bolero’s property. A work program is now being planned for the “Charge” prospect to further define Rare Earth Element values in the existing anomalous areas. Bolero currently has approximately $3,700,000 in cash and anticipates a robust 2011 drill/work season for all of Bolero’s primary projects including: The “Red Chris South” (Copper/Gold), The “Carbonatite Syndicate” (Rare Earth Element), the “White Gold” Yukon, and the new “Charge” REE properties.”

Bolero will issue 150,000 common shares and pay $2,500.00 CDN for a 100% interest in the “Charge” property, subject to TSX Exchange approval.

About the “Charge” REE Prospect

The “Charge” Rare Earth Element claims are located along the British Columbia Rare Metal Belt. They contain some of the highest Lanthanum (La), Cerium (Ce), Terbium (Tb), Lutetium (Lu), and Samarium (Sm) results in the British Columbia Regional Ge...

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerFondsaustieg...

17.02.11 19:50

Kurs zieht wieder an.

Feb 16/11   Feb 14/11   Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc.   Control or Direction   Common Shares   10 - Disposition in the public market   -27,000   $0.420
Feb 08/11 Feb 04/11 Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc. Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -26,000 $0.400
Feb 04/11 Feb 02/11 Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc. Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -151,000 $0.410
Feb 03/11 Jan 31/11 Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc. Control or Direction Warrants 90 - Change in the nature of ownership 363,636 $0.800
Feb 03/11 Jan 31/11 Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc. Control or Direction Warrants 90 - Change in the nature of ownership -363,636
Feb 03/11 Jan 31/11 Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc. Control or Direction Common Shares 90 - Change in the nature of ownership 727,272
Feb 03/11 Jan 31/11 Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc. Control or Direction Common Shares 90 - Change in the nature of ownership -727,272
Feb 02/11 Jan 27/11 Duncan, Robert Bruce Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 10,000 $0.370
Jan 27/11 Jan 25/11 Duncan, Robert Bruce Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 5,000 $0.370
Jan 27/11 Jan 25/11 Consolidated International Investment Holdings Inc. Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -26,236 $0.380  

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerMist - ich komm nicht über...

01.03.11 09:54

und häng hier schon gute 2 Jahre rum.

So langsam nervt es.

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerThroughout 2011, Bolero intends

17.03.11 18:49
Throughout 2011, Bolero intends to focus on its primary long term goals of acquiring and developing quality mining projects to create cash producing assets while building and strengthening our core operations in mineral exploration and development to ultimately increase overall shareholder value.

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerleading experts on rare earth

04.04.11 10:50
March 24th, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Bolero Resources Corp. (the “Company” or “Bolero”), (TSX-V: BRU), (FRANKFURT: U7N1)is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Alex Knox to the Advisory Board of the Company. Alex Knox, is one of Canada's leading experts on rare earth geology with more than 35 years of experience in mineral exploration, including prospect generation, regional analysis and economic evaluation.

Alex graduated with a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in geology from the University of Calgary, and has since spent more than 10 years as a mineral exploration geologist with Unocal Canada Ltd. During this period he spent much time studying and exploring most of the known carbonatite and alkalic rock complexes in Canada for niobium and rare earth elements, including the Kipawa Alkalic Complex in western Quebec and the Eldor Carbonatite complex in northern Quebec.

Since 1993 Mr. Knox has been a mineral exploration consultant, working in many commodities. Recently he has been retained to examine and explore rare earth element properties for many organizations in Canada and recently participated in a comparative study of heavy rare earth element-enriched deposits worldwide for an international consulting group.

A resident of Calgary, Alberta, Mr. Knox is a Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada and a registered Professional Geologist (APEGGA).

Bolero Resources’ President and CEO, R. Bruce Duncan, stated “We are pleased to have Alex as a part of the Bolero team going in to this very active

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerBolero Welcomes Greg Lipton

11.05.11 21:40
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, May 10, 2011 (Marketwire via COMTEX News Network) --

Bolero Resources Corp. (the "Company" or "Bolero"), (TSX VENTURE:BRU), (FRANKFURT:U7N1) is pleased to announce that Greg Lipton has joined the Company's board of directors to provide geological expertise throughout the upcoming 2011 work and drilling programs. Greg Lipton is a registered Professional Geoscientist with the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO), and a long time member of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). Greg is also the current President and CEO of Metallum Resources Inc., which trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

With more than 33 years of field experience in international exploration for base metals, precious metals, diamonds, and industrial mineral deposits, Greg has worked extensively with BHP International and Utah International as a Senior Geologist. Mr. Lipton has worked many and varied geologic environments including porphyry, epithermal, VMS, MVT, BHT, and Sedex in North, Central, and South America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Bolero Resources' President and CEO, R. Bruce Duncan, stated "We feel the addition of Mr. Lipton to our board will bring tremendous expertise to our operations at this active time for the Company. Mr. Lipton will be working with the Discovery team and Bolero's advisory board to maximise the effectiveness of multiple upcoming work and drill programs on our "Carbonatite Syndicate" REE project, the "Red Chris South" copper/gold project, the "White Gold" Yukon project, and the newly acquired "Charge" REE project, that contains the highest known (La) (Y) and (Ce) Rare Earth Element soil sample values in the province of British Columbia's Regional Geochemical Survey (BCRGS) database."

About Bolero Resources Corp.

Bolero Resources Corp. is a Canadian Gold and Rare Eart

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerInsider Activity Review

24.05.11 12:18

May 20/11May 20/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market45,000$0.265
May 20/11May 17/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market15,000$0.275
May 20/11May 17/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market25,000$0.270
May 09/11May 05/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market16,000$0.280
May 09/11May 04/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market2,500$0.280
May 09/11May 03/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market5,500$0.280
May 09/11Apr 20/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market17,000$0.295
May 09/11Mar 30/11Angus, Robert StuartDirect OwnershipCommon Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market125,000 
Apr 20/11Apr 20/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Disposition in the public market-26,000$0.320
Apr 20/11Apr 15/11Duncan, Robert BruceDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market26,000$0.28


7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerNews am laufenden Band

06.07.11 10:53
...und zwar so viele in den letzten Wochen, dass ich die nicht einzeln poste, sondern direkt den Link zur Website reinstelle.

....most active year of exploration...

Wird ja auch Zeit, das der Langzeitschlaf mal beendet wird und die steuerfreien Früchte die ersten 100% hinter sich lassen.

Duncan kauft übrigens wieder wie ein Wilder dazu:

200.000 Stück in ein paar Wochen.

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerEine starke Vorstellung...

08.07.11 09:45 den letzten Tagen.

Mal sehen ob die Anschlusskäufe den Kurs bestätigen.

Der CEO hat es jedenfalls vorgemacht und die Anlegerschaft
zahlt wieder ordentlich für Bolero.

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerWenns läuft, dann läufts...

08.07.11 18:46
...naja 200% in über 2 Jahren sind zwar keine Weltmacht,
aber ich nehme mal was da  kommt.

7974 Postings, 6693 Tage louisanerWhite Gold, Yukon Work Program Now Underway

01.09.11 13:51

August 11th, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Bolero Resources Corp. (the “Company” or “Bolero”), (TSX-V: BRU), (FRANKFURT: U7N1)  announces that work is now underway on the 100% owned “White Gold”  prospect located in the White Gold District/Stewart River area of the  Yukon in close proximity to recently announced discoveries by Kaminak  Gold Corporation (KAM – TSX.V) and Kinross Gold’s “Golden Saddle”  discovery which was acquired from Underworld Resources Inc. in June,  2010.

Field crews have been mobilized and sampling, mapping  and prospecting programs have commenced to further define the  significant multi-element soil anomaly discovered during the 2010  sampling program.  The southeastern end of this anomaly contains the  largest sustained gold values on the property.  These continue for  several kilometres to the northwest, with scattered samples yielding  gold values among the highest encountered during the program.   Elevated  values of (As), (Sb) and (Mo) accompany the gold at the eastern end of  the anomaly.

Bolero’s “White Gold,” prospect consists of 12 quartz  claims, covering over 6,500 acres, in two separate claim blocks.  These  claims are underlain by the sam...


1841 Postings, 5871 Tage BioLogicNorthern Graphite ist der Nachbar

05.05.12 15:43
und darum für mich mehr als interessant hier mit Posis einzusteigen.




Bolero Acquires 38 Prospective Graphite Claims Surrounding Northern Graphite’s Bissett Creek Deposit

May 2nd, 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Bolero Resources Corp. (the “Company” or “Bolero”), (TSX-V: BRU), (FRANKFURT: U7N1) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a purchase agreement (the “Agreement”) with GeoInvest Enterprises Inc. (“GeoInvest”) to acquire 38, prospective, large-flake Graphite mineral claims (the “Property”), contiguous with Northern Graphite Corporation’s (“Northern Graphite”) (NGC – TSX.V) “Bissett Creek” Graphite deposit which recently reported high recovery levels of large-flake, high-purity graphite, consistent across its entire resource and overall recovery rates at approximately 97%. (NGC.V News Release 23/04/2012)

Map Link:

The Property is located in the Maria Township, approximately 17 kilometres from the Trans Canada Highway between the cities of Ottawa and North Bay, Ontario. The Property covers an estimated area of 4,990 hectares (12,335 acres) and is contiguous to and completely surrounding the “Bissett Creek” graphite deposit on all four sides. An extensive work program is now being planned to commence shortly on these claims.

Bolero Resources’ President and CEO, R. Bruce Duncan, stated “This significant new acquisition gives Bolero exposure to the red-hot graphite market in a location that hosts some of the world’s richest graphite deposits, contiguous to one of the most advanced new graphite projects in the world. Bolero is currently establishing an experienced graphite technical team to initiate an extensive 2012 work program on the property. In addition to the commencement of work on its property, Bolero will be advancing its “Red Chris South” and “Carbonatite Syndicate” projects throughout the 2012 work season.”

About Northern Graphite’s Neighboring “Bissett Creek” Deposit

The following technical information in this news release regarding the “Bissett Creek” deposit has been obtained from Northern Graphite’s technical report dated February 2, 2011 and Northern Graphite’s news release of September 20, 2011, which are filed on SEDAR at The Company has not reviewed or verified the data and we cannot confirm its accuracy. The following information is not necessarily indicative of the mineralization on the Property.

Northern Graphite completed a National Instrument 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment (the “PEA”) in February, 2011. The PEA projected a 24% pre tax Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”) and a six year payback at a 1.5% cutoff and a 2,500 tonne/day processing rate. Graphite recoveries are projected at 94% and the strip ratio was 0.66/1.

Northern Graphite announced a significant increase in estimated mineral resources in September, 2011 based on the results from a 51 hole, 2,927 meter drilling program. The new mineral resources indicated that production could be scaled to much higher rates to meet anticipated future growth in graphite demand. The results of Northern Graphite's exploration activities and scoping studies, although proximate to the Company's newly acquired properties, are not in itself indicative of the merit of same and readers are cautioned that such information is only for the purpose if illustrating the geology of the region where the Company will be exploring.
Bissett Creek Flake Graphite Deposit
2011 Updated Mineral Resources (Diluted)
  Indicated Inferred
Cut-off Tonnage*
(metric tons) Cg(%)
by LECO In Situ Graphite**
(metric tons) Tonnage*
(metric tons) Cg(%)
by LECO In Situ Graphite**
(metric tons)
0.986 25,983,000 1.81 470,300 55,038,000 1.57 864,100
1.227 24,588,000 1.85 454,900 50,472,000 1.62 817,600
1.50 19,954,000 1.99 397,100 33,672,000 1.81 609,500
1.75 16,031,000 2.34 375,100 21,417,000 2.21 473,300
2.00 11,921,000 2.50 298,000 14,584,000 2.37 345,600

Relative density 2.63t/m3, 10% dilution, 90% mine recovery, *rounded to nearest 1k, **rounded to nearest 1k (Effective September 12, 2011)

Approximately 80% of graphite production is expected to be high carbon, +80 mesh flake and 50% will be +48 mesh flake, resulting in premium pricing.

Dr. Roger Steininger, Ph.D., CPG (AIPG), a Company Director, is the “Qualified Person” (as such term is defined by NI 43-101) responsible for the preparation for the technical information in this release regarding the property.

Terms of the Agreement

Pursuant to the Agreement, the Company has agreed to pay to GeoInvest a total of $100,000, with $50,000 payable upon signing the Agreement (now paid) and an additional $50,000 payable upon the approval of the transaction by the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”). The Company has also agreed to issue 1,000,000 common shares of the Company to GeoInvest upon the approval of the transaction by the Exchange.

Pursuant to the Agreement, the Company has granted to GeoInvest a 2% net smelter return royalty (the “NSR”) and a production (“Production Royalty”) royalty equal to $25 per tonne of all graphite mined from the Property (the “Production Royalty”). The Company may purchase 50% of the NSR (leaving GeoInvest with a 1% NSR) by paying to GeoInvest $1,000,000 and additionally may reduce the Production Royalty to $12.50 per tonne by paying to GeoInvest $500,000.

The completion of the transaction is subject to the approval of the Exchange. There can be no assurance that the transaction will be completed as proposed or at all.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

“R. Bruce Duncan”

President & CEO

E-mail inquiries:

1841 Postings, 5871 Tage BioLogicFairer Deal

06.05.12 05:40
Share jumps.

Bolero jumps on graphite trend
TEXT SIZE bigger text smaller text
By: The following article is reprinted with permission from CMJ's sister publication The Northern Miner.

VANCOUVER — Proving there is still healthy demand for new graphite plays, new entrant Bolero Resources' share price nearly doubled after announcing it had secured some prospective graphite claims in northern Ontario.

The claims happen to be contiguous to Northern Graphite's Bissett Creek claim block, a property that helped propel Northern's share price from 90¢ in mid-January to an early April peak of $3.72. And not only are Bolero's roughly 50 km2 of claims contiguous to the 30 km2 Bissett property, but they actually fully surround it.

On news of the announcement Bolero saw 4.3 million shares traded on the Venture as it's share price doubled from 9¢ to 18¢, and briefly traded as high as 21¢. The company has 38.6 million shares outstanding, or 53.2 million fully diluted.

To secure the property Bolero paid $50,000 on signing the deal and has agreed to pay a further $50,000 and a million shares once the Venture approves the deal. GeoInvest Enterprises, the vendor, also receives a 2% net smelter return royalty and a production royalty equal to $25 per tonne of all graphite mined from the property.

This is by no means the first time Bolero has made the most of a trend or area play.

In December 2009 the company secured an option on 44.5-sq.-km of claims contiguous to Imperial Metals ‘Red Chris project in northern B.C., later adding roughly 13 km2 more. Bolero's property border sits roughly 5.5 km southwest of the Red Chris East Zone discovery.

After completing preliminary work in 2010 on the property, which Bolero named Red Chris South, the company announced it would be drilling four holes totalling 1,400 metres in 2011 to follow up on two identified anomalies. After announcing the 2011 work plans in early July the company's share price spiked from around 24¢ to a high of 58¢.

The excitement quickly wore off and the share price dropped back to pre-announcement levels by early August. It was not until early March 2012, however, that the company released results from the program. Of the four holes drilled, three hit no mineralization and a fourth returned a high of 0.0075% Cu and 0.015 g/t Au.

In March 2010 the company also jumped into the rare earth market, entering into an option agreement on 226.6 km2 of claims surrounding Spectrum Mining's Wicheeda rare earth discovery in British Columbia. After preliminary survey work in 2010 the company drilled 1,830 metres on the Carbonatite Syndicate property to test anomalies in 2011, but none of the seven holes hit any significant alteration or mineralization, so the company did not assay the holes.

The company plans further geochemical sampling in the region in 2012, while as of the end of 2011 the company had spent roughly $790,000 in acquisition costs and $2.2 million towards deferred development expenditures on the property.

And in September 2010 the company took a go at the Yukon gold rush, acquiring 128 quartz claims covering 26.3 km2 in the White Gold district "in close proximity to recently announced discoveries by Kaminak Gold...and by Underworld Resources."

2010 work on the White Gold claims consisted primarily of soil sampling, with the highest values found coming in at 0.042 g/t and 0.045 g/t Au. 2011 work concentrated on infill soil sampling and returned a high of 0.121 g/t Au.

Bolero ended 2011 with roughly $857,000 in working capital. The company plans to soon start extensive work on its newly secured graphite project, as well as advance its Red Chris South and Carbonatite Syndicate properties this year.

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