Bitcoin - mehr als eine Spekulationsblase?

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5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawThe Blocksize Wars Revisited

21.05.23 19:31

The Blocksize Wars Revisited: How Bitcoin’s Civil War Still Resonates Today
Today’s debates over non-monetary uses of Bitcoin like ordinals and BRC-20 tokens echo the battle between Big and Small Blockers between 2015 and 2017. This article, by Daniel Kuhn, is part of our “CoinDesk Turns 10” series.  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawBiden Won't Accept Debt-Deal Protecting Crypto

22.05.23 19:05
Biden Won't Accept Debt-Deal Protecting Crypto Traders: “I’m not going to agree to a deal that protects wealthy tax cheats and crypto traders while putting food assistance at risk for nearly a hundred — excuse me — nearly 1 million Americans.”  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawDCG Missed Genesis Payment

22.05.23 19:18
Gemini Says Genesis Parent DCG Missed $630 Million Payment
Gemini says it is working with Genesis, DCG, and creditors to provide forbearance to DCG in order to avoid a default.  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawThe Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act

22.05.23 19:18
The Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Roger Marshall

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLaw#2453 Gemini Master Claim

22.05.23 19:21

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

22.05.23 19:29
SEC Takes Enforcement Action against Huobi Global for Illegally Operating DAX in Malaysia  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawHotbit Urges Users to Withdraw Funds

22.05.23 19:32
Hotbit Shutters Crypto Exchange, Urges Users to Withdraw Funds  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawGemini Issued Warning

22.05.23 23:01
Gemini Issued Warning in Philippines Over Crypto Derivatives Exchange  

5968 Postings, 2293 Tage romanov17Die kryptos

22.05.23 23:09
Geschaffen um die menschen abzuzocken

Kein Mensch braucht diesen Dreck  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLaw#2458 SEC warns against Gemini

22.05.23 23:31
Nach den "verlorenen" Wircard Millarden, mal wieder "Thrilla in Manila" in der Ex-CIA Hochburg. Anstelle der US "Crony Capitalism Oligarchy" treten nun die illegalen Krypto-Ponzicasinos...."The SEC said that the tactic has the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme where money from new investors is used in paying “fake profits” to prior investors and is designed mainly to favor its top recruiters and prior risk takers."


5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawFTX lässt grüßen

23.05.23 21:20
Reuters: Crypto giant Binance commingled customer funds and company revenue, former insiders say.

Silvergate, which specialised in serving the crypto industry, made this possible – until early March of this year, when the bank announced its closure after customers pulled deposits amid a wave of turmoil. The same month, New York’s chief financial regulator took over another crypto-friendly bank, Signature Bank, where Binance was also a client. As a U.S. crackdown on the crypto sector gathers pace, it is unclear which bank will become the next lynchpin of Binance’s operations.  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawDCG Defaulted on Debt Payment

24.05.23 15:35
Digital Currency Group Defaulted on $630,000,000 Debt Payment  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawESRB Report: Crypto-assets and decentralised finan

25.05.23 14:14
European Systemic Risk Board – ESRB Report: Crypto-assets and decentralised finance
Systemic implications and policy options

The report concluded that while potential systemic implications stemming from crypto-assets, service providers and DeFi applications appeared limited, systemic risks could arise quickly and suddenly. If the rapid growth trends observed in recent years were to continue, crypto-assets could pose risks to financial

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawInsane or just risky?

25.05.23 17:07
Getting a home loan using crypto collateral: Insane or just risky?
Crypto investors are often wealthy on paper but can't get a home loan from a bank. But putting your Bitcoin up as collateral for a mortgage is super risky.


5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLaw#2460 Hot money outflow continues

25.05.23 22:48
MANILA, Philippines —  More hot money left the Philippines for the third straight month, with the net outflow hitting a two-month high of $351.87 million  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

25.05.23 22:53
Japan Strengthens Anti-Money Laundering Measures for Crypto Transactions:
   It mandates the sharing of specific information between financial institutions.
   Each phase of a particular transaction must also include the relevant names and addresses.  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawDigital Currency Group Pulls the Plug

26.05.23 15:20
Digital Currency Group Pulls the Plug on its Institutional Trading Platform
TradeBlock’s shutdown was reportedly prompted by a prolonged crypto market downturn  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawBinance discloses investigation

02.06.23 15:09
Binance discloses investigation by Canadian securities regulator  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawDCG asks judge to consolidate class-action suits

02.06.23 15:14
DCG asks judge to consolidate class-action suits to avoid conflicting decisions  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

06.06.23 03:46
Binance: Klage der US-Börsenaufsicht SEC lässt Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin und Aktien wie Coinbase und Microstrategy abschmieren: Die insgesamt 13 Anklagen umfassen den Betrieb von nicht registrierten Börsen, Broker-Dealern und Clearing-Agenturen, die falsche Darstellung von Handelskontrollen und Überwachung auf der Binance.US-Plattform sowie das nicht registrierte Angebot und den Verkauf von Wertpapieren.  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

06.06.23 03:47
Behördenchef Gary Gensler warf Binance sowie Firmengründer und Chef Changpeng Zhao in einer Pressemitteilung Täuschungen, Interessenkonflikte, Offenlegungsversäumnisse und kalkuliertes Hintergehen von Gesetzen vor.  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawGenesis Bankruptcy Mediation Period Extended

06.06.23 03:49
Genesis Bankruptcy Judge Extends Mediation Period Between Genesis, Creditors
The insolvent lender will now have until August 2 to submit a plan to emerge from bankruptcy.  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawInstitutional investors pull the plug

06.06.23 03:51
Institutional Investors Have Pulled $329 Million From Crypto Funds Since April. 7th Consecutive week of outflow.

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawWash trading: rinse and repeat (cont.)

06.06.23 08:14
> "wash trades accounted for up to 70 percent of all transactions on non-compliant crypto exchanges, suggesting most trades on these platforms are fraudulent."

Inside the SEC’s Allegations Against Binance and CZ:     Accusations of wash trading add fresh fodder to ongoing probes.     Alleged tactic calls into question ‘all of the data’ on crypto  

5068 Postings, 401 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

06.06.23 08:15
SEC’s Regulatory Net Now Covers $115 Billion of Crypto After Lawsuit Against Binance:     Lawsuit expands list of tokens seen as unregistered securities. Coins held losses as regulatory crackdown unnerves investors.  

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