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1622 Postings, 5064 Tage heller-goisernAugustus Minerals aussichtsreiches Unternehmen

19.12.10 12:18
Augustus Minerals  Limited ist ein in Australien  (ASX) gelistetes Unternehmen ,der schwerpunkt der Investitionstätigkeit befindet sich im Rohstoffsektor.
Aktien 44000000 st

Projekt-Highlights • • Eine JORC konforme Ressource von über 22 Mio. t (0,79% ZrO2, 0,31% Nb2O5, 0,023% Ta2O5, 0,10% Y2O3) mit 8,83 Mio. t in der angegebenen Kategorie und 13,25 Mio. t in der abgeleiteten Kategorie. Historische Analyse nicht systematisch Assay für andere Elemente der Seltenen Erden einschließlich Dysprosium, Europium und Terbium, die nicht Teil des JORC konforme Ressource, obwohl vorschlagen vorherigen Bohrloch Daten und Studien Potenzial besteht, bedeutende Mengen dieser Elemente Host und erhöhen die in -situ-Wert der Ressource. Die Kaution ist leicht zugänglich, von der Oberfläche, und öffnen Sie entlang des Streichens und in Fallrichtung.

Ein umfangreiches Bohrprogramm ist für März-Quartal 2011 geplant. • • Abschluss des Abkommens ist abhängig alle notwendigen Aktionär, regulatorischen und Dritten Genehmigungen in Bezug auf die Transaktion von dieser Vereinbarung und der Verkäufer erhält eine Bestätigung seiner Zufriedenheit (nach billigem Ermessen) in Betracht gezogen erforderlich, dass die Gesellschaft hat keine wesentlichen bestehenden, künftigen oder mögliche Verpflichtungen oder Schäden, die infolge ihrer Eigentumsverhältnisse oder Rechte und Pflichten im Silberwald Project, anders als bisher bekannt. Adresse Suite 9, 1200 Hay Street, West Perth WA 6005 Postanschrift PO Box 281, West Perth WA 6872 Telefon + 61 (8) 6460 4960 Fax + 61 (8) 9324 3045 E-Mail Website www.augustusminerals . ABN 43 122 911 399 Project Summary Das Projekt befindet sich 18 km südöstlich von der Great Northern Highway in Halls Creek und 180km südlich der Argyle Diamond Mine in der East Kimberley Region ....

Projekte sind  :
Silverwood Projekt
MT Palmer  Projekt


Aktivitäten : Gold und unedlen Metallen Exploration in West-Australien und Kasachstan.
Bin hier am 12.11 rein und mit der Entwicklung sehr zufrieden Volumen ist noch sehr gering denke aber das sich das bald ändert.
Weitere info findet ihr auf der Hompage von Augustus Minerals Limited,Quartalsberichte usw.
Kaufen sollte man direkt an der Asx ,da der Handel in Frankfurt doch sehr gering ist.  
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23.11.11 20:11
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hastings Rare Metals Ltd (ASX:HAS)

Ich mach mal einen neuen thread auf, da hier älter als 6 Monate und Überschrift dann
Hastings Rare Metals


7737 Postings, 5825 Tage videomartRare Earths, Lynas and Hastings

25.06.12 17:16
Reported by FN Arena  |  Monday, June 25, 2012

Jack Lifton has had more than 50 years experience in the global automotive, heavy equipment, electrical, electronic, mining smelting and refining industries. His background includes sourcing, manufacturing and sales of platinum group metals, rare earth compounds and specialist ceramics used to make catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, batteries and fuel cells. Lifton is an expert in analysing supplies of a wide range of "minor metals", including the rare earths. This week Resource Investor interviewed Lifton on the current state of the global rare earth metal market.

The following is a summary of what Lifton had to say...  

7737 Postings, 5825 Tage videomartHastings Rare Metals sends Strategic Mission to Eu

26.06.12 17:30

7737 Postings, 5825 Tage videomartNeodym+Dysprosium Breaches Critical Supply Numbers

26.06.12 17:55
By Esther Tanquintic-Misa | April 13, 2012 9:45 AM EST

Rare earths neodymium and dysprosium, critical components needed to create high-performance permanent magnets to support certain technologies, have been found in the brink of supply in the coming years, according to a research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Materials Systems Laboratory.

In what seems to be a testament of the global pandemonium for supply of rare earths, American rare earths producer Molycorp, Inc. on Tuesday reported it had entered into customer supply agreements representing 78 per cent of expected output from the Phase 1 expansion works at its Mountain Pass, California rare earth mine and oxide manufacturing facility.

The supply shortage, the research said, was ironically being induced by the rapid developments in the global green energy movement. The fast demand growth for high-performance permanent magnets needed to make batteries for hybrid and electric cars and motors for wind turbines will push demand for neodymium and dysprosium to soar at an extraordinary rate.

While there exists enough present supply to meet global demand, the study saw miners involved in rare earths will have a hard time scaling up extraction and refining the elements to match the lightning speed demand increase, more so that mining rare earths can bring up and yield massive environmental consequences.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Materials Systems Laboratory said requirement for dysprosium will jump [red][b]2,600 per cent[/b] [/red]in the next 25 years, while necessity for neodymium will rise by as much as 700 per cent for the same period.  

1420 Postings, 5084 Tage madoldHastings: Ein Blick zurück in 2011 ...

08.07.12 22:14
... zeigt, was Hastings bis heute bereits erreicht hat. Gruß, mad.

Development is underway at Hastings' project near Halls Creek in northern WA, east of Derby, and exploration is ongoing. Assays completed in May confirmed the presence of high grade rare metals and heavy rare earths, including zirconium, niobium, tantalum, yttrium, hafnium, gallium, erbium, ytterbium and, importantly, dysprosium. Drilling commenced early this month.

The current resource is 22mt and an interim revised resource estimation is expected in July, followed by a final estimation in September. Also this month, Hastings announced the acquisition of a 60% stake in the Yangibana rare earth project in the Gascoyne region of WA, near the coast between Carnarvon and Dampier. Yangibana is a greenfield site with seven kilometres of under-explored strike length. Chip samples have returned high grades of REEs, including an extremely high proportion of neodymium (Nd; 60) which, like dysprosium, is expected to be in critical shortage in the near term.

Hastings has funded the Yangibana acquisition from cash and is also funding exploration activities at the original development from cash, of which it now has $3.4m on the balance sheet. Make no mistake however – there is a long row yet to hoe. Processing will be another matter altogether, and it took Lynas ten years to get to its current point. What can't be denied nevertheless is that the Lynas share price has rallied 300% in a year. A similar run has been experienced by Iluka.

As noted, Hastings is one of only four REE stocks listed on the ASX with a JORC-qualified resource. Other listed REE companies include Greenland Minerals & Energy ((GGG)), Northern Minerals ((NYU)), Peak Resources ((PEK)) and Kimberley Rare Earths ((KRE)), but while these companies have provided positive test results, they are yet to meet JORC compliance.

With Hastings Rare Metals currently trading at 28c, readers might find the following capitalsation table enticing:

Hastings will not be in a position to exploit the 2-3 year window of Chinese dominance which should see REE prices ex-China continue to come under upward, supply constraint pressure. But given demand for REEs, via demand for all the various twenty-first century applications of REEs, is unlikely to let up over a longer time frame, analysts see REE prices more likely to peak and plateau rather than peak and plummet.

The REE market thus continues to provide investment opportunity as long as investors choose intelligently among the claimants.  

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierInvestor Presentation update v. 09.07

09.07.12 12:40

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierHastings Tech.Dir. bei Rare Metal Blog

02.08.12 14:58
Hastings? Steve Mackowski joins Rare Metal Blog as Senior Editor - RareMetalBlog
July 30, 2012 -- Hastings? Technical Director Steve Mackowski is highly knowledgeable about the global rare earths industry and - as newly appointed senior editor of the respected Rare Metal Blog website - will write regularly about the issues challenging both producers of the metals and the high-tech end users...

7737 Postings, 5825 Tage videomart"TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index"

15.08.12 18:30

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierHastings CEO A. Metcalf

22.08.12 09:39
Alastair Metcalf, CEO of Hastings Rare Metals in Australia, said if Chinese manufacturing continues to grow, it is reasonable to assume China will need to import heavy rare earths.  

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierMal sehen, ob sich was tut ?

03.09.12 08:39
normalerweise steigende Kurse bei kleinerem Vol. - fallende Kurse bei größerem Vol.
Heute mal umgekehrt +9,09% in Austr. bei knapp 360.000 gehandelten St.  

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierpassender Artikel dazu

03.09.12 08:42

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierTrading Halt in Austr.

04.09.12 07:31

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierKann einer von Euch das Doc. öffnen?

04.09.12 07:52
Für mich sieht das aus wie chin. - aber ich hoffe es ist keins.  

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierDie lange Version auf o.a. Seite

05.09.12 07:35
The very latest news from Hastings Rare Earths Is this email not displaying correctly?
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Hastings Rare Metals is a leading Australian rare earths company.  Rare earths are critical in the manufacture of a wide variety of new consumer and industrial technologies. The Hastings deposit contains a significant proportion (85%) of heavy rare earth oxides to total rare earth oxides.

September 5th 2012

Hastings is pleased to announce that the Scoping Study undertaken by Jacobs Engineering Group confirms a strong business case for development of the Hastings heavy rare earths project. The Scoping Study incorporates the results of extensive testwork completed by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (‘ANSTO’).

The study found a compelling economics with a base case net present value (‘NPV’) of A$1.9 billion, an IRR of 26% and payback of 3.6 years for the 100% owned Hastings Project.
Earnings of $223 million per annum represent a gross operating profit margin of 46%
Revenue is predominantly heavy rare earths, differentiating the project from others
Mine life of 25 years, based on the existing resource of 36.2 million tonnes.  With further drilling, the resource could be increased.
Ore to be processed through an on-site plant in Western Australia, without the need to transport intermediate products interstate or overseas.
Hastings Project will advance now to a pilot plant and feasibility study.
‘The project is forecast to produce substantial quantities of heavy rare earths, including Dysprosium and Yttrium that are forecast to be in strong demand and short supply’ –
Alastair Metcalf CEO

Please find attached the Hastings Scoping Study Announcement - September 2012

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05.09.12 08:19

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierNeue Präsentation

06.09.12 07:01

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierArtikel aus

29.11.12 07:11

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierArtikel aus "Proedgewire" früher RareMetalBlog

29.11.12 07:13

2613 Postings, 4283 Tage farrierVielleicht gibt es ja bald good news ??

03.12.12 14:06

136 Postings, 5511 Tage lichtenfelsein jahr vergangen...was gibt es neues ? :o))

16.12.13 18:55

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