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24.12.02 14:02
SUNNYVALE, Calif. (CBS.MW) -- Inktomi shares rose 36 percent Monday after online giant Yahoo agreed to buy the Internet search-technology company for $235 million cash, reuniting the two one-time partners.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 20 (Reuters) - Business software maker Sybase Inc. (SY) on Friday agreed to buy mobile software developer AvantGo Inc. (AVGO) for about $38 million in a bid to expand its presence in the wireless market, sending AvantGo shares soaring.

Shares of Sun Micro (SUNW: news, chart, profile) surged 10.4 percent in overnight trading, rising to $3.27. The big question on Tuesday is whether those gains hold.

Shares of Microsoft (MSFT: news, chart, profile) eased 19 cents overnight to $53.90 after Judge J. Frederick Motz ruled that Microsoft must carry Sun's Java programming language on its Windows operating system. See full story on the preliminary injunction


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