Altavista setzt Trintech zum Bezahlen ein

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12.04.00 07:29
Tuesday April 11, 1:42 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
AltaVista Strengthens Customer Experience With Trintech's PayWare eIssuer Technology
SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 2000--Trintech Group PLC (Nasdaq:TTPA - news; Neuer Markt:TTP), a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions, today announced that AltaVista, a premier e-commerce site owned by AltaVista Company, will deploy Trintech's PayWare eIssuer technology to enhance its customers' Web experiences and provide a convenient and secure ``one click'' payment application.

The unique qualities of PayWare eIssuer will allow AltaVista to execute innovative merchandising programs. PayWare eIssuer also enables customers to ``drag and drop'' their payment cards to auto-populate eCommerce payment forms. The new features provide customers with a unique Web experience that can include customized shopping lists, rewards programs, real-time transaction information and PIN-protected security. AltaVista merchants can also benefit from PayWare eIssuer's differentiated and value-added Secure Internet Payment solution that can help increase revenue by dramatically reducing cardholder frustration during the purchasing experience.

The agreement with AltaVista also includes technical collaboration to develop applications built on Trintech technology in emerging payment areas, such as micro-payment on the Internet, chip-based payments and mobile commerce.

``Implementing Trintech technology is yet another means for AltaVista to empower our 54 million users,'' said Ken Neibaur, vice president, eCommerce platform, AltaVista Company. ``PayWare eIssuer will extend the AltaVista brand to the desktop, making it easier for AltaVista to help our users make informed and secure purchasing decisions.''

``Successful eBusinesses offer personalization and a streamlined payment process,'' says John Harte, EVP of Global Sales, Marketing and Services at Trintech. ``The power and flexibility of PayWare eIssuer allows AltaVista to create a customized Web experience and speed the checkout payment process and promote customer loyalty.''

AltaVista is the only Web-wide comparison shopping guide offering both ``what to buy and where to buy'' solutions. Users have the ability to search across millions of products from hundreds of online and offline merchants. By specifying brand names, features, and price ranges, users can combine the results into a convenient side-by-side comparison chart. In addition, users can access customer and expert product reviews before making a final selection. Wireless access through the Palm VII handheld computer is also available, along with directions to the closest local brick and mortar merchants.


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