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3665 Postings, 3280 Tage XaropeAlatis Equity Partners Income Trust

26.03.21 17:48
Hab mir mal alaris geholt, ist als long invest gedacht hat aber die größe eines risiko invest da in DE der handel nicht so groß ist.

Alaris recapitalizes up to 75% of the equity in lower middle market companies in North America through non-control, preferred equity investments.

We invest in private businesses in Canada and the United States through a combination of a non-control perpetual preferred equity and common equity.  

3665 Postings, 3280 Tage XaropeAlaris: Q1 2021 Financial Results

08.05.21 08:28

Alaris Equity Partners Income Trust Releases Q1 2021 Financial Results

Q1 2021 Highlights :

  * Generated revenue of $32.2 million in the quarter, in line with the
    previous guidance, or $0.79 per unit;
  * Normalized EBITDA was $28.8 million, an increase of 22.4% on a per unit
    basis compared to Q1 2020. The increase is a result of the approximate
    $350.0 million of capital deployment over the preceding twelve months to
    March 31, 2021;
  * Capital deployment in Q1 2021 of approximately $180.0 million:

       * New partner contribution of US$40.0 million to Falcon Master Holdings
         LLC (" FNC "), (US$32.2 million of preferred equity and a US$7.8
         million minority common equity investment). During the three months
         ended March 31, 2021, Alaris received US$0.3 million in common
         distributions from FNC;
       * New partner contribution of US$66.0 million to Brown & Settle
         Investments, LLC and a subsidiary thereof (collectively, " Brown &
         Settle "), (US$53.7 million of a combination of subordinated debt and
         preferred equity and a US$12.3 minority common equity investment);
       * Follow-on contribution to Accscient, LLC (" Accscient ") of US$8.0
         million; and
       * New partner contribution of US$22.5 million of preferred equity to
         3E, LLC (" 3E "). An additional US$7.5 million has been placed into
         an escrow account to fund up to two additional preferred unit
         tranches, once escrow targets are met by 3E.

  * Included in earnings in Q1 2021 is a total increase in the fair value of
    investments of approximately $5.5 million as well as a bad debt recovery
    of $4.0 million. The recovery of bad debt is a reversal of previously
    recorded credit losses related to long-term accounts receivable and
    promissory notes due from Kimco Holdings, LLC (" Kimco ") as their credit
    risk has improved substantially as a result of the continued success of
    the business. Also, subsequent to March 31, 2021, Kimco repaid from cash
    flow US$4.0 million of the total US$18.3 million of accrued long-term
    accounts receivable and promissory notes due to Alaris;
  * Beginning January 2021, PFGP began to pay partial distributions of US$0.33
    million per month (US$4.0 million per annum) and will continue to do so
    until June 2021. While nothing can be assured, based on PFGP's current
    forecast including membership numbers and bank covenants, Alaris currently
    expect that beginning in July 2021 distributions will return to full
    contracted amounts. A return to full distributions would add $0.11 per
    unit of cash flow and reduce Alaris' pay out ratio by approximately 4%;
  * Both Federal Resources Supply Company (" FED ") and Kimco are continuing
    to evaluate the possibility of a full or partial redemption of Alaris'
    investment. Nothing is imminent, nor can any redemption be assured;
    however, the redemption value of FED is estimated to be between US$75.0
    million and US$85.0 million and Kimco's is based upon a revised formula
    factoring in several valuation factors and is estimated to be between
    US$70.0 million and US$80.0 million.

"We are pleased to be putting out a first quarter as guided, which saw
revenues increase from the capital deployed in the last two quarters" said
Darren Driscoll, CFO. "Expected redemptions from FED and Kimco will provide
capital for further growth while maintaining our low payout ratio", said Mr.

Per Unit Results                     Three months ended
Period ending March 31               2021    2020    % Change
Revenue                              $  0.79 $0.93   -15.1%
Earnings                             $0.56   $(1.16) +147.7%
Normalized EBITDA                    $0.71   $0.58   +22.4%
Net cash from operating activities   $0.66   $0.72   -8.3%
Distributions declared               $1.32   $1.65   -19.8%
Basic earnings / (loss)              $0.56   $(1.16) +147.7%
Fully diluted earnings / (loss)      $0.55   $(1.16) +147.2%
Weighted average basic units (000's) 40,803  36,694


3665 Postings, 3280 Tage XaropeAlaris: Q2 2021 Financial Results

31.07.21 19:19
Alaris Equity Partners Income Trust Releases Q2 2021 Financial Results and Announces a Unitholders’ Distribution Increase of 6.5%

2021 Q2 - Results - Earnings Call Presentation  

3665 Postings, 3280 Tage XaropeAlaris: Q3 2021

14.11.21 09:03

Alaris Equity Partners Income Trust Releases Q3 2021 Financial Results

Alaris Royalty Corp. (ALARF) CEO Steven King On Q3 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript


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