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Acces Industrie lifting and handling platforms - Home
ACCES INDUSTRIE : specialised in the rental of people-lifting booms and platforms,load handling and lifting sector and rents telescopic, industrial and all-terrain trucks
Acces Industrie SA is a France-based company that specializes in the renting of lifting booms and platforms. The Company's range of aerial platforms is divided into several families of machines, each with specific features according to specific use: exterior or interior, nature of the ground, load, number of users, dimensions, offset and height. The Company delivers and retrieves its machines for the customer and also provides on-site repair, technical assistance and maintenance services. The Company operates through its subsidiaries, including Acces Industrie Espana, Acces Industrie Portugal SA and Maroc Elevation SA. As December 31, 2010, Acces Industrie has network of 39 agencies including 30 in France, five in Spain, two in Portugal and two in Morocco and owns 5,500 machines for renting out.  


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