ARISE die canadische Solarperle !

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9149 Postings, 6607 Tage TrilonerARISE die canadische Solarperle !

05.09.07 12:25
Diese Perle steht noch am Anfang.Genauso wie damals bei Solarworld, eine Topstory.
Einfach ein Topinvest.Geringe MK. Also total unbewertet.
Arise errichtet eine neue Solar- Fabrik in Bischofswerda.
Die Grundsteinlegung ist am 12.09.07.Der Kurs sollte bis dahin und auch darüber
hinaus sich erheblich nach oben bewegen.  

Also jetzt noch investieren und von Anfang an dabei sein.

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9149 Postings, 6607 Tage TrilonerWähl

06.01.15 11:48
glaube ich nicht ,denn du verwechselst Euro mit Dollar....,oh man

Ob das gute Voraussetzungen sind?

1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeTrilo da kannste nichtmehr viel verwechseln

06.01.15 13:48
bei dem Wechselkurs, zeigt bei mir beides gleich an in Euro und Dollar!  

26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonArise Börsennotierung

12.01.15 12:49
Weiß einer von euch was eine Börsennotierung pro Jahr an der OTC etwa kostet?


26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonUbiquity Solar

21.01.15 10:11
Ubiquity Solar has plans to build full-scale plant on TransAlta site down the road


26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonUbiquity Solar

21.01.15 10:15
Ubiquity Solar has plans to build full-scale plant on TransAlta site down the road

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Monday, December 29, 2014 2:57:20 EST PM

George Mallay can point to several economic success stories in the region over the past year, as the general manager of the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership looks ahead to 2015.

The county-funded economic office is charged with promoting and selling the region, its economy and its workforce.

Most recently, Mallay joined representatives of a dozens local organizations announcing the new tag line, "Discoveries That Matter," as part of a $70,000 branding exercise for Sarnia-Lambton.

He also pointed to ongoing work with the Sarnia-Lambton Industrial Alliance, a group of metal fabricators and other companies that service industry.

They have been working together in recent times to connect with new markets, beyond their traditional sources of work in Chemical Valley, and have begun bidding and securing projects located outside of the area.

"It's very positive for the community," Mallay said.

The continued construction of the $135-million BioAmber plant on Vidal Street in Sarnia is another positive sign, he said.

"Sarnia is in a phase of rapid progress and is beginning its final sprint to mechanical completion," Jean-Francois Huc, BioAmber's chief executive officer, said recently.

The plant that will use high fructose corn syrup to manufacture bio-succinic acid, a platform chemical used in the making of plastic, cosmetics and other products, remains on-budget and on-schedule to be completed in early 2015, Huc said.

Approximately 200 construction workers were on the work site daily through the later portions of 2014.

The plant is expected to employ 60 permanent workers. The company has already begun hiring and training staff.

Also this past year, the startup Ubiquity Solar made progress, securing a $3.1 million contribution from the federal government through Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

The funding will help the company with its plans for a high-performance PV polysilicon and ingot pilot plant in Sarnia to service the solar energy industry.

"They're a bit behind schedule, but they still plan on building a pilot plant, with eventual plans for a polysilicon plant on the TransAlta site that would create several hundred jobs," Mallay said.

Early in 2014, Montreal-Based Atelka announced it was coming to Sarnia to open a call centre at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park.

"They're up to about 400 jobs now," Mallay said.

Also in 2014, the economic partnership's Business Enterprise Centre worked with a number of companies that opened 34 startup businesses, Mallay said.

And, early in the winter of 2014, Nova Chemicals held a ceremony at its Corunna site to celebrate the arrival of its new supply of shale gas feedstock.

"That's a big thing for our area, and we're seeing plans to bring more shale gas there," Mallay said.

"We're looking at trying to secure funding to do a study related to shale gas and identify best prospects and projects in that space."

Mallay said the partnership has been seeing an increase in the number of potential investors taking a look at the community, including those exploring opportunities around industrial bio-products.

"We do have a strong pipeline of prospects in that area," he said.

Mallay also sits on the board of Bio-Industrial Innovation Canada, a group involved in study attempting to locate a plant in Sarnia-Lambton that would produce sugar for industrial uses from corn.

"That's an important project for the area," Mallay said.

At the same time, he said, a local group continues its work to attract a new refinery to the community that would upgrade western oil sands bitumen, as an alternative to shipping that raw resources to refineries outside of Canada.

The partnership has also been looking at the opportunities locally in energy storage and will begin a creative industry mapping exercise in the new year.

"We also had a project where we went out and started to talk to firms that are export-oriented that we've identified," Mallay said.

They discovered a number of local companies that haven't been taking advantage of programs available to assist exporting.

Mallay said the partnership will be working to connect those business to that additional support.

"There is some good funding out there for exporting."  
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26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonNEWS LOCAL

02.02.15 12:51
Ubiquity Solar working to set up pilot plant in Sarnia

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Sunday, February 1, 2015 3:56:48 EST PM

The start of construction on a $11-million pilot plant in Sarnia is taking longer than expected, but the CEO of Ubiquity Solar says it's getting closer.

The company has been assembling financing and making plans to establish a pilot plant at Sarnia's TransAlta Bluewater energy Park to make high-performance polysilicon bricks and wafers for use in photovoltaic cells for the solar energy industry.

"We're still working very hard to get this thing going," said Ian MacLellan.

"The financing has taken a little bit longer to come together than we had expected, more due just to the complexity of all the moving pieces."

Last June, the company received $3.1 million from the federal government for the pilot project.

"We now have 97% of the resources committed," MacLellan said.

"It is coming together, but there is some complexity we've had to deal with."

Ubiquity Solar has said that it wants to quickly scale up to commercial production and have a 10,000-tonne-per-year production plant operating within a few years. The company has also said it plans to create more than 500 "export-focused" jobs at the plant, within five years.

"We're pushing as hard as we can, and we'd like to get this going in the next couple of months," MacLellan said.

The company has been seeing increased interest for the polysilicon it plans to make in Sarnia, and recently signed a memorandum of understanding with a customer, he said.

"What we had anticipated in the marketplace is starting to show itself, so that's encouraging."

Since it began talking about the proposal for Sarnia, the company has simplified part of its plans for the site, MacLellan said.

"We actually anticipate still getting into some form of commercial production in 2016," he said.

"Although it has taken us longer to get the pilot plant launched, we are still looking at ways to get into production quicker."

When he spoke about the pilot plant during an event the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership held in November 2013, MacLellan said the company was attracted to Sarnia's chemical industry infrastructure, as well as the unique features of the energy park.

TransAlta purchased the former Dow Chemical lands in Sarnia to create the industrial park to attract customers for the electricity and steam it generates.

MacLellan has a background in venture capital and technology companies, and was the founder of Cambridge-based Arise Technologies that installed rooftop solar systems and built a plant in Germany to manufacture solar panels.

The plant opened as the world was falling into recession and Arise later went out of business, but there have been positive signs for the solar industry in the years since.

"We saw another record broken in 2014, worldwide," MacLellan said.

While the final numbers aren't out yet, it appears approximately 45 gigawatts of solar energy was installed last year, up from approximately 37 gigawatts in 2013, he said.

"We're seeing good, solid growth."

MacLellan said the U.S. market for solar has also been growing.

In 2014, "there was more new solar installed in the U.S. in the second quarter than in all other forms of electrical generation combined," he said.

"And, that's where we expect a lot of our product will go."

Canada's low dollar has also given the project "an unexpected boost," he said.

MacLellan said the company has an experienced team, and its efforts have been supported by all levels of government, as well as officials in Sarnia.

"We're really been quite pleased with that," he said.  

26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonKommt da noch was?

20.09.15 18:50

Guten Abend,

kommt hier noch was? Habt ihr eure shares noch im Depot?


1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeEs hab am 30.12.15 eine Kursfestellung aber

04.01.16 16:50
ohne Umsatz..

Ist vieleicht Pflicht einmal im Jahr..

Frag mich nur was das hier werden soll..?  

26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellson30.000 Stk.

06.01.16 11:51

Gutes neues allen zusammen.

Ja das habe ich auch gesehen 30.000 Stk. gingen am 30.12.2015 über die Bühne, ansonsten das ganze Jahr über nix.
Merkwürdig ist das schon. Was ich auch das ganze Jahr über gesehen habe, ist, dass hier im Forum jeden Tag sehr viel Besucher sind. Geschrieben wird aber nichts.. was soll man denn auch schreiben...!  Wäre aber schön wenn ab und zu doch mal noch diskutiert werden würde, denn ich glaube auch das hier noch was kommt. Nur wann ist die Frage.

Grüße Lord


1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeAm 21.12.16 wurde der Kurs mit 3 Trades auf 0,000

25.01.17 12:27
gestellt, mal schauen vieleicht gehen wir ja dieses Jahr ins minus. Lach..

Ich hatte ja immer die Vermutung das der Herr MCL die Ubiquity Solarbude hier auf den Arise Mantel drauflegt aber das scheint auch so ein Luftschloss zusein.

Man kann dort Mails hinschreiben da kommt kein Piep zurück.


26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonArise

25.01.17 13:21
Hallo Wählscheibe hast BM.


26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonThread Aufrufe am 06.04.2017

06.04.17 10:27
534 Aufrufe heute???

Kapier ich nicht. Noch so viele Leute auf Lauer?


1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeIch habe McLellan ex Arise Ceo schon mehrmals

14.05.17 18:52
angeschrieben aber keine Reaktion.. leider  

26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonMeinungen

09.06.17 15:51
Wer von hier ist der Meinung es wird irgendwann mal noch was erfreuliches passieren hier?
Oder aus für alle Ewigkeit?

1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeHeute gab es wohl wiedermal eine Taxierung..??

10.11.17 15:49

26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellson@Wählscheibe

17.11.17 08:44

Hast BM  

26 Postings, 3473 Tage LordNellsonwieder reger handel !

29.12.17 21:14

1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeEin frohes neues auch 2018 wieder Arisepower haha

11.01.18 11:23
Ab und an ein paar Scheinchen was hat das auf sich?

Könnte mir gut vorstellen das hier bald eine CAN Blockchain Abzockerbude sich diesen Mantel greift.

455 Postings, 3570 Tage Neu1Wirklich

18.01.18 12:18
wär ja schön wenn man diese Depotleiche mal steuerlich absetzbar loswerden könnte.  

1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeWenn man verkaufen könnte würde ich das nicht

30.01.18 21:46
unbedingt tun den hier lauert noch die Chance auf eine Mantelübernahme.. Das wäre typisch für Canada Firmen wie Arise.

Haltet mich für verrückt aber ich wollte nochmal Arise Aktien kaufen, geht aber über die Sparkasse nicht dort verweigert man mir diesen Spass.

Habt Ihr schonmal versucht zu handeln?  

1684 Postings, 3969 Tage WählscheibeHier klickt ab und zu sogar noch jemand rein aber

07.03.19 16:06
leider hat sich auch 1 Jahr danach nichts geändert, dieser Arise Verein ist nichtmehr handelbar aber auch noch nicht delistet..

Komische Sache..  

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17.03.21 16:36

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