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1170 Postings, 3724 Tage baggo-mhAixtron purpose of this thread

10.01.20 16:19

For the time being this forum is closed to keep users that do not contribute essential news around the stock, the market opportunity or messages related to it out.

Please be friendly to eachother and keep political discussions out.

Thank you
 laugthingcool baggo-mh

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245 Postings, 911 Tage AlexandrowWas hat Aixtron vor?

08.05.20 22:36
Aixtron bekommt Vorstandschef und Finanzvorstand

Nachrichtenagentur: dpa-AFX  |  08.05.2020, 20:32  

HERZOGENRATH (dpa-AFX) - Der LED- und Chipindustrieausrüster Aixtron bekommt einen Vorstandschef. Die neue Position werde das bisherige Vorstandsmitglied Felix Grawert ab dem 1. April 2021 übernehmen, teilte das Unternehmen am Freitagabend in Herzogenrath mit. Das bisher einzige andere Vorstandsmitglied, Bernd Schulte, wird einen Tag früher auf eigenen Wunsch in den Ruhestand gehen. Außerdem soll der Vorstand um eine Position erweitert werden. Der Nominierungsausschuss des Aufsichtsrats sei tätig, um die neue Position des Finanzvorstands kurzfristig zu besetzen. Zudem wurde Jochen Linck zum Vorstandsmitglied bestellt, er wird die Position des Technikchefs spätestens zum 1. Dezember 2020 antreten. Zum 1.4. des Folgejahres soll er dann die Verantwortung für die Bereiche Entwicklung, Einkauf, Fertigung und Logistik, Qualitätsmanagement und IT übernehmen./he/tih

230 Postings, 870 Tage ThompsDie Frage lautet nicht,

09.05.20 10:11
was hat Aixtron vor, sondern was hat Herr Schulte vor? Und der geht in den Ruhestand.Vielleicht ist er aber auch krank...Wer weiß etwas zu Jochen Link?  

764 Postings, 1085 Tage CWL1CFO

10.05.20 15:54
This is what I wrote April 2019, titled "Chief Financial Officer",  #45472.  It is about time for this necessary move.

"Everyone is puzzled by what has been going on with the share price. Cash flow, working capital management, return on investment, return of cash through dividends buyback, intrinsic value evaluation, cost of capital, communication with investment community, etc. are the job of a good financial officer. If you look at the management structure including the board, this company is run by the Ph.Ds and engineers. This could be the culture of German company especially for a small company, but I wonder that this is an area that needs some change. How to enhance the shareholder value especially from the $$$ perspective not just through "long term" valuation, and communicate effectively with the investment community, should be a very important function and focus of a chief executive manager. I am not sensing that at this point."  

209 Postings, 4851 Tage fel216Organisational structure

11.05.20 09:48

I tend to agree with CWL's take but would add, that a) the company loses an extremely experienced and successfull manager in Dr Schulte who has put Aixtron back on track after the LED implosion in 2020, he is the one that restructured the business and launched the new products that are carrying the business today.

At the same time however I think the more normal structure of 3 Top Managers adds a better organisational structure for the future years which should clearly be GROWTH years... at least as we look back at CWL's chart on SIC, GAN and Micro LED expected developments. In order to manage this growth, you need to be able to operate the company well and execute, here a proper organisational structure with division of work and responsibilities is of utmost importance in my view. A dedicated CEO (negotiates with customers, sets strategy and motivates emoployees), a CFO (focussed on getting the money in, optimising cash flow incl working capital) and a Tech officer (caring about product development, maybe also manufacturing) is the typical division of work compared to the current structure of only two CEO's and a head of the finance department taking care of the financials.

I think this is a great step forward, as long as we dont lose the great insight of the departing CEO.


209 Postings, 4851 Tage fel216iPhone with OLED and 5G

11.05.20 17:16
Hi CWL et al,

saw this with pretty precise leaks on the upcoming iPhone.. all with 5G and OLED screens.

Given CWL's interest in Samsungs potential APEVA applications also for smaller screens, does that provide any additional isnight into the future use/volume production of OLED or make it applicable for APEVA?


3463 Postings, 2519 Tage dlg....

12.05.20 10:30
In case of interest, here the link to CREE’s transcript from end of April:

Besides some other positive (but also some slight negative) comments, this is one of the key statements for me:

„Our more stringent safety measures coupled with the overall operating environment will present some challenges for us in the near term, but we believe the long-term demand remains robust. As we previously mentioned, we are expecting decisions on a significant portion of our roughly $9 billion pipeline in the coming 12 months. As we remain closely engaged with our customers, we are very encouraged by the positive sentiment we're hearing from them, with many of them reconfirming the need for silicon carbide technology.“ (…) „we are in various different phases of design. And in fact some of the design-ins that we got last quarter were indeed in the RF space for GaN and silicon carbide.“  

209 Postings, 4851 Tage fel216Shares of II-VI +28% after strong results & Outloo

12.05.20 15:54


I am flagging the record orders that II-VI announced today, sending the stock +28%. Orders were significantly above expectations and driven by 5G / Datacom.

I would also encourage everyone to look at the presentation (link below), e.g. page 8 shows the future trends, all FULLY confirming the growth expectations Aixtron is preparing for..

DLG, CWL, Zenchen et all, any deeper insights from the release/presentation regarding Aixtron?

Links: For some reason I cannot paste the links, go to and then under Investors > Presentations (May 2020) and > Financial Releases, the release from last night.  


3463 Postings, 2519 Tage dlg....

12.05.20 17:30
Thanks, fel - wanted to post the II-VI results as well.

Cannot comment on 5G / Datacom, but basically liked the following statement from II-VI: "We had a second consecutive quarter of record 3D sensing shipments from our Warren, NJ and Easton, PA, operations. We also successfully completed the qualification of our Sherman, TX facility as planned, and we have begun to ship production units as we continue our manufacturing ramp. We look forward to completing the year on a strong note."

However, I am not able to reconcile such statements with the rather muted Aixtron comments on the recent earnings call - also considering the potential new iphone which is expected to have world-facing sensing as well (as mentioned in your link of that highly respected tech magazine Bild :-)).


3463 Postings, 2519 Tage dlg....

13.05.20 14:57
The second largest short positioned fund, Canada Pension Plan, who has been short since Oct 2017, yesterday reduced the short position from 2.32% to 2.26%. But not sure whether this is the "new CPMG" i.e. fully covering the short, as they have increased/decreased their short position several times in the past.  

230 Postings, 870 Tage ThompsWenn der Canada Pension Plan

15.05.20 14:42
abbaut, dann machen die das ja ganz geschickt und zerstören dabei noch endgültig das Vertrauen von Aktionären in die Aktie.  

3463 Postings, 2519 Tage dlg....

17.05.20 09:32
Thomps, wenn ein HF seine Short-Position abbaut, also Aktien am Markt kauft, warum sollte dabei "das Vertrauen von Aktionären in die Aktie"zerstört werden?  

230 Postings, 870 Tage ThompsWeil

18.05.20 09:15
man als Aktionär sehr deutlich vor Augen geführt bekommt, wie man zum Spielball von LVs wird.
Jahrelang haben hier die meisten, aufgrund der hohen shortquote auf einen "Squeeze out" gewartet.
Jetzt ist er da, nur der Kurs steigt halt nicht...warum wohl?
Könnte es sein, dass das Vertrauen der Aktionäre so stark gelitten hat, dass keiner mehr die Aktie anfassen will? Auffällig sind auch die Pakete, die bei Handelsstart und Ende NYSE geschmissen werde. Kurspflege der LVs?
Aixtron war schon immer volatil, aber für Langfristanleger eine absolute Katastrophe! Nix Squeeze out, auf den großen Deal warten wir seit Jahren, fehlt nur noch eine Kapitalerhöhung...  

3463 Postings, 2519 Tage dlg....

18.05.20 09:48
Danke für Deine Rückmeldung, Thomps! Mein Feedback darauf ist wie folgt:

Ich sehe nicht, wo ich hier ein „Spielball der LVs“ geworden bin. Canada Pension Plan und CPMG haben Mitte 2018 angefangen ihre Short aufzubauen als der bei Kurs vllt irgendwo zwischen 11-12 Euro stand. Jetzt covern die bei 8-9 Euro im Schnitt. Mein erster Gedanke: die hatten eine gute Markteinschätzung und lagen besser als die Longies. Aber warum „Spielball“ und warum sollte daher das Vertrauen weg sein und andere professionelle Anleger die Aktie nicht mehr anfassen wollen?

Dass die ariva-Boards immer diese „Mutter aller Short Squeezes“ a la Volkswagen erwarten (quer durch alle Boards wie Wirecard, Evotec, Aixtron, etc), habe ich schon jeher für naiv gehalten – das kann man weder Aixtron, noch den LVs, noch irgendjemand anderem vorwerfen. Das ist einfach eine falsche Annahme der Kleinanleger, auch wenn sie mal eintreten können wie bei Tesla.

Die Umsatz-Erwartung für 2020 ist ungefähr so hoch wie der Umsatz in 2018. Wenn es operativ keine Fortschritte gab, warum hätte die Aktie in der Zwischenzeit große Sprünge machen sollen? Das dann den LVs anzuheften, ist mir zu kurz gedacht.

Wie kommst Du drauf, dass der Kurs nicht profitiert? Aixtron liegt in diesem Jahr bei +7% und der Dax notiert bei -20%; also für mich ist eine 27%ige Outperformance schon ein Wort und reflektiert selbstverständlich auch das Covern von CPMG.

Die von Dir angesprochenen Pakete sehe ich nicht; dass zu Börsenbeginn oder wenn die Amis aufmachen, mehr Umsatz reinkommt, ist ja keine neue Erkenntnis. Und woran die Foristi immer erkennen, welches Paket ein LV oder ein „normaler“ Marktteilnehmer ist, das habe ich noch nie verstanden :-)  

230 Postings, 870 Tage ThompsAlso

18.05.20 15:44
gerne dazu auch nochmals meine Sicht der Dinge oder besser gesagt aus Kleinanlegersicht. Mir fehlen nachhaltige Aussichten, wie z.B. die Verkündung eines Großauftrags ala LPKF. Das zieht sich zäher als Kaugummi und langsam beschleichen mich Zweifel, ob da überhaupt noch etwas Richtung OLED kommt oder das Thema bereits "Schnee von gestern" ist. Wenn ich mein Geld in eine Aktie investiere, erwarte ich, die Aktien irgenwann mit Gewinn wieder veräußern zu können. Solange hier die Zukunft nicht auch mal in Form von Großaufträgen eintritt, werden Institutionelle immer wieder den Kurs genau da hin schieben, wo sie ihn haben wollen. Von einem beständigen Anstieg sehe ich nichts.
Dein Argument, dass AIX seit Jahresbeginn 7% gewonnen hat, sehe ich mit etwas gemischten Gefühlen. Anfang 2019 hatten wir in etwa den gleichen Kurs. Einen nachhaltigen Anstieg über 10 Euro sehen wir wohl erst, wenn wieder positive Nachrichten vermeldet werden. Ein Verweis auf die guten Aussichten erscheint mir etwas vage. Und eben, Du sagst es ja selbst, eine Umsatzprognose wie 2018 ist noch nicht der große Coup...naja, warten wir eben weiter ab.  

209 Postings, 4851 Tage fel216ENBW plant 10.000 Schnellladepunkte für E-Autos

19.05.20 14:35

anbei leider nur ein Preview des Handelsblatt Artikels von heute: ENBW plant 10.000 Schnelladepunkte für Elektroautos, m.E. braucht man in diesen Säulen GAN/SIC Chips die auf Aixtron Maschinen hergestellt werden.
Siehe Aixtron Master IR Präsentation


Viele Grüße,

1305 Postings, 4888 Tage rosskataSD's Plan über QD OLED TV

19.05.20 17:36
Anbei ein Artikel, den kaiberlin im Nachbarforum eingestellt hat.
Kann sich einer hier, der mehr von der Materie versteht, etwas zusammenreimen, was auf OVPD hindeutet?
Für mich wäre der einzige Hinweis, dass man H1 nächsten Jahres Testgeräte produzieren will. Von Zeit her wäre das aber etwas zu früh für OVPD. Wenn der Auftrag für die Pilotanlage erst in Q3 oder Q4 kommt, ist es wohl kaum möglich, dass man in Q2 21 schon die ersten Geräte ausrollt.

"Installed in the 3rd quarter of Asan Plant's facilities,
equipped with mass production system in the second half of next year to
maintain the gap between China and Korea with technological power, to
strengthen the leadership of the premium market

Samsung, which withdraws from the LCD TV market, is expected to produce the world's first quantum dot (QD) display TV called 'Dream TV' as early as next year. Samsung is shifting its business to the next-generation panel QD display, which has invested about 13 trillion won by 2025 after closing the LCD business, which lost its growth engine due to the Chinese offensive. As preparations for mass-producing QD displays with high technical barriers are being completed, Samsung Electronics plans to strengthen its leadership in the premium TV market by building a new competitive edge with QD Display TV starting next year.

According to the industry on the 19th, Samsung Display is wearing 30,000 units per month on the basis of 8.5 generation ledgers (large version before processing into TV panels) on the 'Q1 line' of Asan 1 campus in Chungnam by the end of next month. The facility will be installed during the third quarter of this year. Subsequently, by the end of December, an additional 150,000 pieces of equipment will be received per month. After installation, it is expected to start operation in the second quarter of next year.

If the investment plan proceeds as planned, Samsung Display will have the capacity to produce 180,000 QD displays per month from the second half of next year. It is expected to be able to mass-produce QD displays with up to 2 million copies per year. QD display means a panel made based on quantum dot (quantum dot) material. The blue organic light emitting diode (OLED) that emits blue light is used as a light emitting source, and its advantage is high color reproduction and wide viewing angle. Unlike the LCD with low entry barrier, Samsung's strategy is to mass-produce a QD display that is difficult to develop for the first time in the world and widen the gap with China. In order to speed up the transition to QD display, Samsung is deploying LCD technology personnel in the QD field. Samsung SDI is also building a QD material plant in Gumi, Gyeongbuk.

The transition to the QD display system will also change the strategy of Samsung TV. According to industry sources, Samsung Display is expected to produce panels over 65 inches from the second half of this year. Samsung Electronics is also preparing a lineup of 65-inch or larger QD display TVs with the goal of launching next year. It is said that the main product of QD Display TV will be premium products such as 65 inches, 75 inches, and 82 inches.

According to industry sources, Samsung Electronics plans to test-produce QD display TVs at the beginning of next year and release them to the world's largest market in the United States from the second half of next year.

The Samsung Electronics TV lineup is also diversified into two main axes: QD display TV and LCD TV. Samsung Electronics is expected to dominate the dominance of the premium TV market with a high-quality QD display. According to DSCC, a market research firm, Samsung Electronics' QD display TV sales are expected to record 7 billion dollars (about 850 trillion won) in 2025. This is about 25% of total luxury TV market sales. "  

764 Postings, 1085 Tage CWL1AGM

20.05.20 21:09
I machine converted German to English to get some ideas.  There are a couple of questions and answers that address some of the concerns.  

764 Postings, 1085 Tage CWL1Felix on OVPD

21.05.20 13:45

I don't speak German so I could be mistaken.  Felix  at the ~57 minute mark talked about about Gen 6 and Gen 8 for OVPD.  Why is Gen 6 still on the table when QD-OLED clearly would not use Gen 6?  Is he intentionally vague or is there something ?  

435 Postings, 885 Tage kaiberlin@cwl1

21.05.20 14:12

764 Postings, 1085 Tage CWL1Interesting

21.05.20 15:49
給我們想像的空間, i.e. something to think about.

209 Postings, 4851 Tage fel216Apple Glass

22.05.20 12:08
First of all: Thanks CWL for posting the AGM transcript and Video.. for sure interesting to read/watch, especially as they reiterate some of the end-market growth plans. This is obviously underpinned by the accounting for the real estate that they initially wanted to sell but then retained to increase manufacturing space..

In addition, this rumour about the Apple Glasses are quite interesting. The article states that Lidar is used as technology. I would suspect that if the product really comes to market it would fill up some of the installed VCSEL capacity in the market.. I also remember that Aixtron expected the next VCSEL orders in H2-20 or 2021..


209 Postings, 4851 Tage fel216China increases investment behind 5G etc

25.05.20 09:28

I read an interesting research over the weekend which reflected on some of the recent Policy measures introduced by the Chinese Government, these strongly support the buildout of 5G  and EV charging infrastructure, as well as other future technologies that in my view ideally play into Aixtron's hands..

Also note that in China, 5G adoption in smartphones is already ca. 35% vs. globally ca. 12%, in that area China obviously leads and should drive more base station buildout as EU/US follows.. some of the base station demand has been visibile in Aixtron's order over the past 2 years already and I expect that steady flow to continue.

Just some regional examples from the research below.. I think this may well be subsidised by the government and should support future Order Intake at Aixtron.

Jiangsu: On April 30, Jiangsu’s Provincial Government issued “Several policies and
measures on accelerating the construction of new information infrastructure”, which
emphasized the development of 5G, IDC and AI infrastructure to support its applications
in areas such as V2X (vehicle-to-everything), healthcare, education, and government

Guangzhou: On May 8, Guangzhou approved 73 key projects in new infrastructure
involving Huawei, Baidu, JD, etc. (total investments at Rmb180bn across 2020-22E). This
move is the first step in their three-year plan for accelerating the development of 5G,
IIoT, EV charging piles, and artificial intelligence infrastructure.

Guangdong: The Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong
Province released “Guangdong Province 5G + Industrial Internet Application
Demonstration Park Pilot Program (2020-2022)”, which approved the first-batch of eight
projects in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou and Zhanjiang. At the same
time, the second batch of “5G + Industrial Internet” application demonstration parks in
Guangdong Province are also starting.


209 Postings, 4851 Tage fel216UV desinfecting light kills COVID Virus

25.05.20 14:59

@CWL, have you not been looking for this recently? It has been proven today, that UV Light can be used to kill the COVID 19 virus. In consequence the shares of UV Light equipment producer Dr Hoenle were +22% todeay..
Do you need Aixtron machines to produce the required LED chips?

press release here:

764 Postings, 1085 Tage CWL1@fel216

26.05.20 00:03
A few years ago Aixtron introduced MOCVD designed for making UVC-LED.  AMEC also has MOCVD for making UVC-LED.  

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