Micron technology

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29.06.00 12:17
semiconducter memory hersteller zu guenstigem kurs.

LEAPFROG SMART PRODUCTS INC - Leapfrog Signs Government Agent Agreement With Micron Semiconductor -
                         Products, Crucial Technology Division

                         New York, New York, Jun. 28, 2000 (Market News Publishing via COMTEX) --Leapfrog Smart Products Inc., a leader in Smart
                         card software development, andMicron Semiconductor Products' division, Crucial Technology, the world's largestfactory-direct
                         seller of memory upgrade modules, today announced the executionof an "Authorized Government Agent" agreement, by which
                         Crucial's memoryproducts will be listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) Federalsupply schedule via Leapfrog's
                         approved listing.

                         Leapfrog, as the holder of the GSA IT contract, acts as the principal supplierto governmental agencies. Crucial Technology is the
                         supplier of products, undera pass-through arrangement. Leapfrog projects the value of the agreement to bein the multi-million
                         dollar range on an annual basis.

                         Dale Grogan, President of Leapfrog Smart Products, commented: "This arrangementis the first in what we anticipate to be a
                         series of vendor agreements resultingfrom our recent GSA listing. This is an exciting milestone for our company assigning vendor
                         contracts like the one with Crucial will allow Leapfrog torealize an additional revenue stream that will greatly add to our
                         shareholdervalue." About Crucial Technology

                         Crucial Technology is a division of Micron Semiconductor Products Inc., which isa wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology
                         Inc. (NYSE:MU). CrucialTechnology sells memory upgrade modules factory direct from Micron Technologyand offer 42,000
                         upgrades for more than 9, 100 desktops, notebooks, servers andprinters. Crucial Technology can be found on the Web at

                         Micron Technology Inc. and its subsidiaries manufacture and market DRAMs, SRAMs,Flash, other semiconductor components,
                         memory modules and personal computersystems. About Leapfrog Smart Products, Inc.


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30.06.00 11:02
der semiconducter bereich wird 2000 ein sehr gutes jahr erleben:
production shortage aufgrund starker nachfrage ueberall wo man hinsieht; intel ruestet schon mit kapazitaetsausbau auf.

Micron ist mit einem p/e von 49/24 fuer 2000/01 noch recht guenstig. die wachstumsraten sind ueberdies substantiell.  

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