aktuell kurz vor Börsenschluss: Masimo won 466 M.$

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01.10.14 22:24
Da hatten viel keine Zeit mehr zu reagieren. Ging mit knapp 13% aus dem Handel.
After hours gehts drüben weiter.

gapup - Eröffnung morgen ?


(Updated - October 1, 2014 3:47 PM EDT)

Masimo Corp. (Nasdaq: MASI) won a $466 million verdict in a trial against Philips (NYSE: PHG), according to Bloomberg.

Masimo sought damages of more than $650 million related to patents on fingertip devices that measure blood oxygen and pulse rates using light absorption.

Shares of Masimo gained about 15 percent on the news.

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01.10.14 22:27
Masimo Corporation ( MASI ) recently announced that Mercy Hospital of Buffalo - one of the largest hospitals in Western New York - expanded continuous patient monitoring using Masimo SET pulse oximetry and the Masimo Patient SafetyNet system after a pilot program showed reduction in mortality.

At Mercy Hospital, the Masimo Radical-7 and Rad-87 devices continuously monitor oxygenation with Masimo SET pulse oximetry and breathing with RRa. Meanwhile, the Patient SafetyNet system facilitates remote monitoring and sends wireless notification to clinicians of events detected by these bedside devices.

A 30-month study of the Patient SafetyNet was conducted on the hospital's McAuley West Unit. The outcome of the trial demonstrated a reduction in all-cause mortality on the pilot floor (excluding hospice and comfort care patients from both baseline and study data).

Masimo Patient SafetyNet system along with Masimo SET technology provides the ability to measure through challenging patient conditions, including motion as well as low perfusion (diminished blood flow). It also presents the opportunity to enhance patient safety, improve outcome, and reduce costs by avoiding preventable patient transfers to the ICU.

Mercy Hospital integrated the system throughout its facility to continuously monitor patients and save lives. In an effort to deliver better patient outcome, save lives and reduce costs, a growing number of hospitals and health organizations are now adopting Masimo's SET technology.  

In Sep 2014, U.S.-based Yale-New Haven Hospital upgraded its system to Masimo SET pulse oximetry in an effort to provide excellent care and deliver the best possible results for its patients. The hospital standardized to Masimo's SET pulse oximetry, both in the operating room and in the intensive care environment.

In Mar 2014, Flagler Hospital also upgraded system-wide to Masimo SET pulse oximetry, clinically shown to virtually eliminate false alarms and help clinicians detect life-threatening events.

In fact, Masimo SET technology has been clinically proven in over 100 independent studies to be the most accurate pulse oximetry under the most challenging conditions of motion and low perfusion. These studies have also shown significant improvement in false alarm rejection, true alarm detection, drop outs (failure to operate), and accuracy.

Other sector participants worth a look in the medical instruments industry include Alphatec Holdings, Inc. ( ATEC ), ERBA Diagnostics, Inc. ( ERB ) and Edwards Lifesciences Corp. ( EW ).

Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/...-analyst-blog-cm397267#ixzz3EvXYiHSK

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