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1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedXiwang

13.01.07 18:12
Ich beobachte schon seit längerem diese Aktie (China, Bereich Zucker). Ihren Boden scheint sie nun gefunden zu haben. Was meint ihr, lohnt es sich ?  

13043 Postings, 7668 Tage TimchenIch kenne das Unternehmen nicht.

13.01.07 23:15
Aber mein gesunder Menschenverstand fragt: Warum soll ich eine Aktie kaufen,
die sich halbiert hat, während sich der Vergleichsmarkt China fast verdoppelt hat in diesem Zeitraum?
Ich weiss, China ist toll, wächst und wächst und wird uns alle reich machen,
aber ich vermute in China gibt es auch Scheissaktien.
Ich würde Aktien, die in diesem Umfeld fallen, nicht anfassen.  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedja, genau

14.01.07 07:49
das ist die Frage, die ich mir auch gesellt habe.
a. China steigt ...
b. Zucker müsste eigentlich im Verbrauch steigen

das sind die beiden Faktoren, die mich verunsichern, wobei, nach längerer Überprüfung die Story bei Unternehmen absolut stimmig ist.  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedna, also, wer sagt s denn

13.02.07 10:56
die Zukunftsaussichten sind einfach nur genial und endlich verhält sich auch der Kurs entsprechende der wegweisenden Aussichten.  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedso, heute stelle ich euch erstmal XIWANG vor

10.03.07 08:42
Ich denke, nach diesen Infos dürfte wohl jedem klar sein, wie lohnend eine Investition sein dürfte, vor allem, da der Wert hier in D noch nahezu unbekannt ist!!!!

Founded in 1986, Shandong Xiwang Group Co., Ltd. is a national large-scaled industrial enterprises with 6.4 billion yuan of total assets and more than 5000 staffs, and engaged in corn deep processing, heat and electricity, architecture, transportation, iron and steel and so on. The group could process 1,500,000 tons of corn every year, produce 1,000,000 tons of corn starch, 1,000,000 tons of crystallization dextrose monohydrate per year, 80,000 tons of lysine, 150,000 tons of corn oil, 200,000 tons of corn fiber fodder with high protein, 10,000 tons of yeasts, 80,000 tons of mineral water of Biyundong brand, 5000 tons serial white spirit of Fangong brand, and 500,000 tons of rolled steel. Its main products have entered into the international market and are sold to more than ten countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. In 2005, the total output value of the group was 4.518 billion yuan, sales income was 4.515 billion yuan, profits tax was 405 million yuan and foreign exchange income was 32,480,000 dollar. Compared with 2004, they have increased 62%, 63%, 63% and 361%.

On December 9, 2005, Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited came into the stock market in Hong Kong bourse successfully. This is the only red chip of Shandong Province. The enterprise financed 0.61 billion Hong Kong dollar. On that day, Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited became one of the most active ten stocks.

The group was honored No.1 in 20 strong trades of national starch sugar, national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, national demonstration enterprise of primary products processing, key new high-tech enterprise of national Torch Program, private technological innovation advanced unit of scientific and technological enterprise of the whole country, national large-scaled industrial enterprise, national large-scaled villages and towns enterprise, national good environment enterprise, national advanced Party organization at the basic level, national excellent welfare enterprise and so on. The enterprise has passed the ISO 9000 quality management system attestation and ISO 14001: 1996 environment management system attestation. It is the vice director unit of China ferment industry institute and starch sugar branch£¬the director unit of starch sugar branch crystal glucose market price concerted committee and the administrative director unit of China starch industry institute. Trademarks of Xiwang, Fangong and Biyundong are regarded as Shandong famous trademarks. Dextrose monohydrate, starch and maltodextrin are regarded as Shandong escapable inspection product. Dextrose monohydrate is assessed as national important new product.

Xiwang village carries the twenty-word policy of ¡°produce development, life well-to-do, village ethos civilization, village feature tidiness, managing democracy¡± seriously. It is the demonstration unit of socialization new village construction of the city and the model of Shandong new village construction. It won the honor of national advanced grass roots party organization and national civilized village.

Wang Yong£¬party committee secretary, chairman of the Shandong Province tenth session of Deputies to the National People\'s Congress, Chinese fermentation industry association vice- director, the shore state city privately operated association of enterprise association president, is successively awarded " labor model of entire province ", "national villages and towns entrepreneur", " Advanced individual of nation quality control " and so on title of honor, and was elected as "2005 the ten big finance and economics famous man of Shandong province".

Xiwang group\'s superiority industry is the corn deep processing, but the starch sugar is also "the main item" of the corn deep processing. Xiwang group¡¯s crystallizes glucose production scale is situated national first, accounts for the national market total quantity 1/3, and is the Asian biggest crystallization glucose production base. In 2006, the enterprise starch sugar productivity is 1 million tons, in 2008, the starch sugar productivity may amount to 2 million tons, thus occupies the national edible sugar expense total quantity 1/6, crystallization glucose occupies the national market 70%-80%, will complete the global biggest starch sugar production base. Xiwang group will establish "the Chinese sugar city" status in the entire sugar profession.

Xiwang group takes the technical innovation promotion enterprise\'s core competitive ability, the research and development horizontal-type continual crystal new craft technology project as the domestic origination, the fill domestic blank, some 2 inventions attains the national monopoly; On international originates the use crystallization mother liquor fermentation production lysine technology, enormously sharpened the lysine product competitive ability. The enterprise was determined for the provincial level development center, is determined by the China fermentation industry association for the national glucose technology commanding point.

The crystallization glucose project is included the second batch of country key technological transformations "double high one to be superior" the project to induct the plan, the crystallization glucose is evaluated the national level key new product.

The enterprise to the enterprise keeps the person, the sentiment keeps the person, the treatment keeps person\'s, establishes the introduction, the use, detains talented person\'s good mechanism, already bought in has been big, the specialized middle school graduate 2,500 people, 13 masters, doctor; Outside hires level higher management, technical, marketing talented person more than 120 people; In the enterprise has the intermediate above title the specialized technical personnel more than 90 people, have formed multi-level, the multiplex talented person echelon and the culture quality structure. The enterprise bold quotation talented person, drops to use the talented person, achieves "the trust, releases authority, the support, the surveillance, the drive, containing, diligently constructs two troops, causes the outstanding talented person to fully expose talent.

The Xiwang group vigorously develops the circulation economy, the construction resource conservation, environment friendly enterprise, carry the economical growth pattern "the resources - - product - - regeneration resources", achieves the production and the expense "the pollution discharges smallest and is harmless", obtains the maximum economic efficiency and the environment benefit by the smallest cost.

The enterprise has formed the circulation economic type of product develops in echelon in the corn deep processing aspect which the raw material circulation use, realized water zero to discharge with the methane electricity generation uses again, thus saved the massive resources, reduced the production cost, enhanced the product competitive ability, has permanently cured the environmental pollution from the source, effectively has protected the environment

Xiwang group obtained warm concern and vigorously supports from all levels of party committees, the government leadership and the social from all walks of life. Central Political Bureau\'s members, center discipline inspection commission secretaries, original provincial party committee secretary Wu Guanzheng once visits the XiWang to inspect the work. Zhang Gaoli, provincial party committee secretary once ground the office of provincial party committee politics to make the important written comment in Xiwang group\'s report of investigation: "Should study, model, promote". In November, 2004 the entire province science development situation exchange observes and emulates on-the-spot meeting period, provincial party committee secretary Zhang Gaoli, Governor Han Yuqun and attended the conference the province, the city leads comrade to visit the Xiwang group to inspect and to give has highly appraised. In July, 1997, American former president Carter inspected visited this enterprise, and the preface "this was a very good enterprise"

The developmental strategy localization of Xiwang group in the Future is: greater and stronger the starch sugar, founds the Chinese sugar city. In 2006 XiWang group plans the realization sale to receive 6 billion Yuan, the profits and taxes 500 million Yuan; in 2007 plans the realization sale to receive 10 billion Yuan, the profits and taxes 1 billion Yuan; In 2010 realizes the sale to receive 30 billion Yuan.

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedHallo!

12.03.07 07:06
Wünsche allen eine süße Woche, am besten mit XIWANG im Depot ! ;-)  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedscheint wohl echt,

12.03.07 11:07
dass ich hier der Einzige bin, der an diesen Wert glaubt und das bei diesen, s. oben, glänzenden Aussichten. Stehen wohl doch alle nur auf Werte, die von Pusherbriefchen empfohlen werden ;-(  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedhm, bin ich echt der Einzige ???

12.03.07 14:24
... kann ich ja kaum glauben ;-((  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedund noch ein Versuch ...

13.03.07 11:13
... gibt s denn hier noch Pushermist, der diskutiert wird ???  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage korteduups,

13.03.07 11:14
ich meinte natürlich: Gibt s hier nur noch Pusherdreck, der diskutiert wird ?? 99% aller Threads befassen sich Tag und Nacht mit Pushermüll, der mittlerweile auf dem Boden der Tatsachen gelandet ist.  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedund hier iss er wieder

14.03.07 08:51
der einsame Schreiber bei XIWANG!  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedna, und ich bin ..

15.03.07 12:57
... immer noch der Einzige ... der Rest dikutiert immer noch lieber in ins bodenlose fallende Pusherwerte!  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedhm, keiner Lust auf

26.03.07 10:12
Xiwang ???  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedguten Morgen an Alle,

28.03.07 08:42
in den letzten Tagen ging s bei XIWANG stabil nach oben, ich denke, die 40 Cents dürften in Kürze locker fallen. Die Zukunftsaussichten sind einfach nur gut, s. meine Info weiter oben.  

125 Postings, 5202 Tage DennisStrHör doch mal auf zu nerven

28.03.07 10:04
Es reicht langsam.
Sollte jemand Investiert sein, wirst es schon sehen.
Es ist aber nun mal keiner mit drin.
Also nerv nicht und warte ab!  

1234 Postings, 5438 Tage kortedMusst es ja nicht lesen,

28.03.07 10:17
oder zwing ich Dich etwa ???  

4336 Postings, 7039 Tage GuidoBislang enttäuschende Kursentwicklung

15.10.07 11:38
Kursentwicklung ist bislang enttäuschend, China boomt, der Lebensstandard steigt nur die Zuckeraktie nicht....


Müßte sich jetzt allerdings erholen, das Zauberwort ist nur noch Agrar.
Inzwischen wird ja schon mit Agrarfonds geworben, und bei Asien kommt man an Xiwang nicht vorbei...  

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