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Wer macht das Energierennen in Zukunft

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56218 Postings, 3042 Tage meingottWer macht das Energierennen in Zukunft

05.09.12 07:39
Wer macht das Rennen auf Sicht der nächsten 3-5 Jahre?

Atom...Solar oder Wind oder doch wieder das Öl?



PA-Vian Sempers bester Freund
Nordexkursziel  von Semper wurde von 40 nun auf 1,44€ reduziert ;-)
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126 Postings, 1125 Tage Miller01Geht es

02.05.17 19:58
Geht es hier irgendwie mal vorwärts?

Hier geht alles nur runter, von wegen die sind schuldenfrei und es geht jetzt aufwärts.

Weiss jemand was neues?  

213 Postings, 2046 Tage Rondo90Wir brauchen steigende Preise

02.05.17 21:00
Durch mehr Nachfrage... Ansonsten geht hier nix  

395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportLithium und Uran

17.09.17 16:22

Investor Presentation August 2017



503 Postings, 885 Tage JOtheViperWarum

17.09.17 19:31
ist der Kurs Freitag um 11% abgesackt?  

395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-Sportrein vom Chart..

18.09.17 10:08

überkauft?! MACD Full Sto


nachbörslich 1,46$ 

Global X Lithium Fond siehe Chart steigt unter hohen Volumen


395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportWestwater Resources Announces Positive Lithium Res

18.09.17 14:50

Westwater Resources Announces Positive Lithium Results at Sal Rica

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Sept. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Westwater Resources Inc. (Nasdaq:WWR) (ASX:URI), an energy metals exploration and development company, is pleased to announce positive lithium shallow brine assay results from its Sal Rica Project located in western Utah. Westwater Resources collected shallow brine samples from fourteen (14) auger locations across the project area. The resultant lithium concentrations ranged from 10 ppm (parts per million) to 100 ppm, with seven (7) samples reporting lithium concentrations in excess of 80 ppm. The results confirmed, and exceeded, previous shallow sampling efforts by both Westwater and the previous project owner, Mesa Exploration Corp.Data generated by this sampling effort will aid Westwater in the planning of deeper exploration drilling within the basin.

Christopher M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Westwater continues to build shareholder value in three lithium brine projects in the western United States. The positive brine sampling results at the Sal Rica Project have expanded our knowledge in preparation for a drill program.”

Sal Rica Project Sampling Program Details

The sampling program at the Sal Rica Project was designed to infill previous shallow aquifer sampling completed by Mesa Exploration Corp. The resultant combination of the new Westwater data and the existing Mesa Exploration Corp.data provide shallow aquifer lithium concentration data on approximate 1-mile centers across the entirety of the 13,260 acre project area.

Shallow aquifer samples were collected from 14 predetermined locations across the Sal Rica Project area on August 16-17, 2017. At each location, samples were collected from auger borings, 2.5 ft to 9.3 ft in depth, penetrating into the uppermost aquifer in the basin sediments. The groundwater level in each of the auger borings was allowed to equilibrate before sample collection; if necessary a temporary length of PVC casing was inserted for hole stability. The depth to groundwater was recorded in each auger hole, fluid samples were collected via mechanical bailer, and the coordinates of each location recorded. Following the sample collection process, each hole was backfilled.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Samples were collected in duplicate from each auger hole, with one set of samples submitted to ALS Minerals laboratory in Reno, Nevada for analysis by ICP-AES, and one set submitted to Westwater’s Kingsville, Texas laboratory for analysis by ICP-OES. Sample sets submitted to each laboratory included two field duplicates and at least one field blank. All sampling tools were cleaned between samples to prevent cross sample contamination.

ALS Minerals laboratory of Reno, Nevada maintains ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation and operates under a mature Quality Management System. Internal laboratory quality control includes both control standards and replicate sample analysis.

Comparison of data between ALS Minerals and Westwater’s internal laboratory yielded no statistically significant variances. Results reported in this news release are those from ALS Minerals.



503 Postings, 885 Tage JOtheViperSEC Filing

21.09.17 12:47


395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-Sportgeht hier das Licht bald aus

24.10.17 18:51

Gibt es Gründe für diesen Kurs Rückgang?


395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportWestwater Resources Reports Exploration Results

01.11.17 07:53

Westwater Resources Reports Exploration Results and Future Plans

Westwater Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq: WWR) has completed the Phase 1 exploration project at its lithium project in the Columbus Basin in Nevada and reports the following results:

  • Three core holes were completed at the 14,200 acre Columbus Basin Project for a total of 3,870 ft. of drilling. 
    • The maximum drilled depth was 1,680 ft.
    • Fluids with high total dissolved solids (TDS) were identified in all three holes.
  • In-house laboratory work performed at our Kingsville, Texas facility returned lithium concentrations of up to 43 parts per million (ppm) and boron concentrations of up to 173 ppm. 
  • Planning is underway for a Phase 2 exploration program at the Columbus Basin Project. Westwater also notes that brines have been discovered near our claims by Caeneus Mineral Ltd. (“Caeneus”) with reported concentrations of up to 95.9 ppm lithium and 1,100 ppm boron at depths of 260-340 feet. As a result of our results and those reported by Caeneus, Westwater has filed a Notice of Intent to drill with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the nearby Nina Claim Block of our Columbus Basin project.  Westwater will drill this block as part of the Phase 2 exploration program.  Also, as previously reported on August 22, 2017, Westwater has successfully secured all of the remaining water rights in the Columbus Basin from the State of Nevada, making the Columbus Basin’s water “fully allocated” as defined under state law. As a result, Westwater and a gold mining company with facilities in the western part of the basin, effectively controls all water within the Columbus Basin.

Christopher M. Jones, Westwater President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “With the completion of this initial phase of exploration at Columbus Basin, and the discovery of high lithium brines in the Columbus Basin by others, we are planning our Phase 2 program.  In addition, we are also in the process of applying for a permit to explore our Sal Rica Project in Utah, where we have reported positive lithium results in a press release dated September 18, 2017.”

Sal Rica Exploration Planning

 As previously announced (WWR New Release, Sept. 18, 2017), a brine sampling program at the Sal Rica Project was designed and implemented to infill previous shallow aquifer sampling completed by Mesa Exploration Corp. in 2016.  The resultant combination of the new Westwater data and the existing Mesa Exploration data now provide shallow aquifer lithium concentration data on variable 1 to 2-mile centers, depending on site accessibility, across the entirety of the 13,260 acre project area.  The map below presents the results of those sampling events in relation to Westwater’s claim block in the basin. 

In addition to the recent groundwater sampling event, Westwater has also completed new geophysical interpretations of the Sal Rica Project area.  This data is being integrated into a conceptual model of the exploration target, and will guide the ongoing planning of a drilling and hydrogeologic characterization program to further expand and define the shallow, lithium bearing, brine aquifer. So far, this work has outlined a strong lithium brine anomaly that covers an area of over twenty (20) square miles, with lithium values up to 100 ppm, all at shallow depths.

Westwater has commenced the permitting process with the BLM, and the State of Utah, to field an exploration program that optimizes project access and limits environmental disturbance, minimizes cost, and maximizes overall data quality.

Columbus Basin Exploration Drilling

Exploration drilling at Columbus Basin commenced in late July 2017, and was completed in late October 2017.  A total of three exploration drill holes were completed by a combination of core and mud rotary drilling methods.  Total drill footage for the program was 3,870 ft., with a maximum drilled depth of 1,680 ft. in drill hole CB-004.  Sampling included drill core, drill cuttings, groundwater grab samples, and samples of artesian groundwater flow.  Groundwater samples were screened in the field for temperature, pH, conductivity, salinity, and TDS.  All field work and sampling were overseen by Matt Hartmann, Director – Technical Services for Westwater.

Analysis of Columbus Basin groundwater samples leveraged Westwater’s in-house analytical laboratory in Kingsville, Texas.  All groundwater samples were collected in duplicate with one sample immediately shipped to Westwater’s laboratory for quick-turn analysis.  The second sample was held in secure storage for potential confirmatory sampling by an independent laboratory.  A total of 22 groundwater samples were analyzed, with no samples exceeding the 50 ppm lithium concentration necessary to justify confirmatory independent analysis.  The highest lithium concentration measured from samples collected during the exploration program was 43 ppm in drill hole CB-002 in a groundwater inflow grab sample collected at a depth of approximately 50 ft. (sample no. CBB-010).  The same sample, CBB-010, had the highest concentration of boron at 173 ppm.

Groundwater analysis at Westwater’s Kingsville, Texas is completed by ICP-OES.  Previous multi-element analysis of groundwater by Westwater, and confirmed by independent laboratory, has yielded excellent correlation.  All analytical data presented in this new release was generated by the Westwater’s laboratory, and as discussed above, was not confirmed by an independent laboratory.



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportPräsentationen & Veranstaltungen

08.11.17 18:32

Westwater Resources präsentiert sich auf der Dawson James Conference 19. Oktober 2017



330 Postings, 522 Tage go1331Sind wir hier bei den neuen Investoren

12.11.17 17:56
bei Millennial Lithium?  

395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportWestwater Resources Q3 loss per share $0.12

13.11.17 15:40



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportAusblick 2017/2018

14.11.17 08:48



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-Sport2017 Q3 - Results - Earnings Call Slides

15.11.17 14:43



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-Sportfast auf Tageshoch geschlossen

18.11.17 07:33



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportChart WWR Uran und Lithium

05.12.17 12:19


nach der Meldung Anfang November von Cameco und gestern von Kazatomrom spielt auch hier wieder die "Musik" ;)

Cameco stellt Betrieb bei McArthur River und Key Lake ein und reduziert Dividende


Kazatomprom reduziert Uranausstoß um 20%

Das staatseigene kasachische Uranunternehmen Kazatomprom wird seine Minenproduktion im nächsten Jahr eigenen Angaben zufolge um 20% senken. Grund dafür sind das Überangebot am Uranmarkt und die seit Jahren sinkenden Preise. Seit der Havarie des Kernkraftwerks Fukushima im März 2013 ist der Urankurs um mehr als 70% gefallen. 

Ab Januar 2018 wird Kazatomprom seine Produktion daher um insgesamt 11.000 t innerhalb der nächsten drei Jahre kürzen. Auf globaler Ebene wird das Angebot im kommenden Jahr dadurch um rund 7,5% sinken. 

Im November hatte der Uranproduzent Cameco Corp. in Reaktion auf die aktuelle Marktlage bereits die vorübergehende Stilllegung seines Projekts McArthur River ab Ende Januar 2018 verkündet. 



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportBoom

14.12.17 07:29



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportWestwater Resources übernimmt Alabama Graphite

15.12.17 15:44

Westwater Resources Inc. gab kürzlich bekannt, dass das Unternehmen eine bindende Vereinbarung zur Übernahme von Alabama Graphite Corp. geschlossen hat. Die Unternehmen wollen sich zu einem größeren und stärker diversifizierten Explorations- und Entwicklungsunternehmen im Energierohstoffsektor zusammenschließen und den Fokus auf Graphitprojekte legen. 

Im Rahmen der Transaktion wird Westwater alle ausstehenden und ausgegebenen Stammaktien von Alabama Graphite zum Preis von 0,08 Westwater-Aktien je Alabama-Aktie aufkaufen. Die aktuellen Aktionäre von Westwater werden nach der Übernahme noch einen Anteil von rund 70% an Westwater halten. 

Die Aktionäre der beiden Unternehmen müssen der Übernahme noch zustimmen. 

© Redaktion MinenPortal.de 


503 Postings, 885 Tage JOtheViperWas meinen die mit dem Satz:

17.12.17 14:28
"Die aktuellen Aktionäre von Westwater werden nach der Übernahme noch einen Anteil von rund 70% an Westwater halten."

Blicke da gerade nicht durch! Ist das jetzt gut oder schlecht für die Aktionäre?  

395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportBeginn der Exploration...

19.12.17 08:09

Westwater Resources Completes Geophysical Data Analysis and Commences Exploration Drill Planning at Sal Rica Lithium Project

Highlights of the completed geophysical program at Sal Rica include:

  • The analyzed geophysical data was assembled from over 1,016 gravity stations across the entirety of the Pilot Valley, including a private dataset containing 841 gravity stations acquired by WWR in June 2017.  The data was compiled, modeled, and analyzed by a consulting geophysicist under contract with WWR;
  • Geophysical modeling and interpretation of this data indicating that Westwater’s mineral rights cover both the deepest portion of the structural basin, as well as the younger, shallow and currently active evaporative basin.  Both of these geological features are identified as attractive exploration targets; and
  • Gravity data modeling indicating that the structural basin has a depth of approximately 8,000 feet, and the sequence of active, shallow basin evaporites extend to a depth of approximately 1,300 feet, with both areas having potential to host lithium-enriched brines.

The completed geophysical data interpretations have also been reviewed to determine geospatial relationships with WWR’s previously completed shallow brine sampling program across the Sal Rica project that highlighted the wide-spread distribution of anomalous lithium (values up to 100 ppm) in near-surface brines within the active evaporative basin area (see September 18, 2017 news release).  This integrated geological, geochemical and geophysical data set will be used to develop and permit an exploration drill program, targeted to commence in the first half of 2018.

“This detailed geophysical analysis confirms the excellent exploration potential of our property in the Pilot Valley,” said Chris Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer.  “Combined with our strongly anomalous brine sampling results, we have another compelling reason to advance our lithium brine exploration activities at the Sal Rica Project.”



395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-Sportwas geht ab...

27.12.17 16:08


money mouth


395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-SportWestwater Resources Provides Business Update

17.01.18 08:04

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Westwater Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq:WWR) (“WWR” or “Westwater”) is pleased to provide an update on its recent business activities.

  • Westwater is pleased to confirm receipt of $1.5 million from Laramide Resources Ltd.., which is the first of three payments to retire the loan obligation that was part of the sale of the Churchrock and Crownpoint uranium properties in New Mexico last year. Westwater received $750,000 in cash and an equivalent amount in Laramide Resources Ltd.. common stock.
  • Westwater has successfully negotiated a reduction in the annual lease payments to La Merced del Pueblo Cebolleta from over $550,000 per year to $350,000 per year for the next three years, improved the royalty structure, and reduced the cost of certain other provisions for the duration of the uranium lease.

Presidential Executive Order

Westwater expects that the Presidential Executive Order on a Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals, issued on December 20, 2017, will accelerate important energy related mineral development in the United States. In conjunction with Professional Paper 1802, published by the US Geological Service (“USGS”), where 23 minerals are identified as critical to the Country’s security and economy, WWR believes these actions are important steps in support of domestic minerals development. One of the important steps outlined in the Executive Order requires a list of critical minerals to be provided by the US Secretary of the Interior (by February 18, 2018) and a report to be delivered to the President (by August 17, 2018) that includes recommendations to streamline permitting and leasing processes, and to support domestic refining of those critical materials. The full text of the Presidential Executive Order can be found at https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/...ritical-minerals/.

Westwater is strategically interested in two of the identified 23 critical minerals by the USGS: lithium and graphite. These minerals, in particular, are critical to the development of batteries and other electrical storage systems essential to the electric vehicle, solar and wind power industries.

“The Executive Order affirms the increasingly positive business climate in the US while providing Presidential support for the development of green energy minerals like lithium and graphite,” said Chris Jones, President and CEO of Westwater. “Our lithium projects are correctly positioned to benefit from any tailwinds generated for the lithium market by this government support action, and we intend to develop them as soon as we can.”

Turkish Nuclear Industry Update

UxC reports that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the four-unit Sinop nuclear power facility was submitted to the Turkish Government for evaluation. This milestone in the application process for the 4-unit, 4,480 MW facility, once approved, paves the way for further work to start on this power plant. Westwater has the only uranium project in any stage of development in Turkey, and regards this as a positive market force.



503 Postings, 885 Tage JOtheViperDas GAP ist nun zu

31.01.18 17:44

395 Postings, 1815 Tage K1-Sportwelches GAP wurde geschlossen?

01.02.18 15:33


Abstimmung am 9.März Alabama und WWR



503 Postings, 885 Tage JOtheViperBei 0.83$

01.02.18 16:41

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