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837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-SportWWR meldet Ergebnisse für 2018 und Ausblick 2019

19.02.19 14:22
Westwater Resources Reports 2018 Results & Energy Minerals Business Update

CENTENNIAL, Colo., February 19, 2019 – Westwater Resources, Inc. (“Westwater,” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials development company, announced its results for fiscal year 2018, and provided an outlook on its energy minerals business development for 2019.

Christopher M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are pleased with our accomplishments in 2018, including our acquisition and integration of Alabama Graphite Corp., which gives us an advantage in a key component of electrical storage devices. We ended 2018 with the discovery of substantial vanadium mineralization on our existing mineral leases in Alabama.  We are making progress on all fronts; many facets of Westwater’s business are developing simultaneously. Collectively, I believe these factors will continue to  benefit our business and further advance Westwater all while maximizing shareholder value.”

Highlights for 2018 and to Date

    • On November 29, 2018, Westwater announced the discovery of significant levels of vanadium concentrations at several locales within the graphitic schists at the Company’s Coosa Graphite Project (“Coosa Project”).
    • On February 19, 2019, concurrent with the issuance of this press release the Company also announced that it has received independent lab results that demonstrated a wide-spread distribution of vanadium mineralization throughout the central portion of the Company’s mineral holdings within the Coosa Project in Alabama. The wide-spread distribution of highly anomalous vanadium mineralization, commonly in association with strong graphite mineralization, points to the need for comprehensive follow-up drilling and trenching to more fully define the ultimate distribution and intensity (grade) of the graphite and vanadium resources of the Coosa Project. Planning is underway for additional core drilling and surface trenching of individual target areas and extensions of known mineralized zones.  Additionally, Westwater will initiate a program to evaluate and assess various processing options to economically recover vanadium as a byproduct to graphite.
    • Pilot plant planning for operations remains on-track for 2019.
    • Plant start up and initial operations will utilize purchased graphite feedstock, bringing forward revenues and cash flow in time.
    • First revenues are expected in 2021.
    • Positive cash flow for the graphite business is expected in 2022.
    • The mine is planned for construction in 2025, with planned production in 2026 – funded from operating cash flow rather than external financing.
    • Net present values are estimated to be $400 - $500 million, depending on contingency.
    • Capital expenditures, now including pilot plant studies and final plant design, are estimated at $42.0 million.
    • We have over two-dozen Non-Disclosure Agreements in place for discussions with potential customers.
    • On September 6, 2018, Westwater announced the successful production of over 4 kilograms of Purified Micronized Graphite (“PMG”).  PMG is used as a conductivity enhancement material for a variety of battery applications. Electrical performance testing by an independent lab confirmed that the PMG performs as well as expected.  Samples of PMG are being tested by two potential customers.
    • Work continues with business, state and local officials in Alabama to site, permit and explore business incentives.
    • The Company gave a well-received presentation at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s ‘Graphite + Anodes 2018’ Conference, on October 23rd in Newport Beach, California. The presentation included a Company overview and an update on Westwater’s graphite business plan for potential customers.
    • On March 24, 2018, the Company exercised an option to purchase a block of unpatented placer mining claims covering an area of approximately 3,000 acres within the Columbus Salt Marsh area of Esmeralda County, Nevada.  The claims adjoin a portion of the Company’s other property holdings at its Columbus Basin Project, expanding the project area within the basin to approximately 14,200 acres.
    • The Company continues to develop its water rights positions and geological knowledge on its three highly prospective lithium-enriched brine properties in Nevada and Utah.
  • URANIUM PROJECTS:  Activities included:
    • On September 21st, 2018 the Company made public an analysis of the current uranium market that backs up the Company’s belief that a continued rise in uranium prices is likely.   This makes it clear there is strong interest in securing uranium supplies at lower prices as a hedge. Uranium spot prices hit $29.15 per pound on November 19, 2018 its highest level since March 2016. Five-year futures have also risen to over $35/lb. since August.
    • Westwater has completed wellfield plugging at the Vasquez Project in Texas and has received certification by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  This paves the way for surface reclamation completion and bond release applications in 2019.   Reclamation of the waste disposal well and its associated pond, as well as the remainder of the surface is scheduled for completion in 2019.
    • At the Rosita Project in Texas, the wellfield Production Areas 1 & 2 are plugged, and surface reclamation in those areas is also expected to be completed in 2019.
    • The Company published a new technical report outlining resources on its property holdings at Ambrosia Lake in New Mexico.                          https://www.westwaterresources.net/investors/...erals-business-update


837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-SportVanadium Coosa-Alabama-Graphitprojekt

19.02.19 14:24

Westwater Resources Announces Strong Vanadium Results from Comprehensive Sampling at the Coosa, Alabama Graphite Project



837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-SportNews WWR

04.03.19 14:54

Westwater Announces Reclamation Milestone at Vasquez

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Releases Surety Bond in the amount of $208,657 for Vasquez Wellfield Plugging

CENTENNIAL, Colo., March 4, 2019 – Westwater Resources, Inc. (“Westwater,” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials development company, today announced that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has certified that the third phase of site reclamation (plugging of production wells) is complete and released a surety bond posted by the Company in the amount of $208,657.  This surety bond is collateralized with cash at a rate of 40%.

Christopher M. Jones, President and CEO of Westwater Resources, stated “This important milestone involved the complete reclamation of 844 wells formerly used for production and water quality monitoring.  Surface reclamation of the site and the waste disposal well are expected later this year. Reclamation completion and state approval of our work in Texas, like that at Vasquez and Rosita, are hallmarks of our commitment to being a sustainable and responsible part of the community.”

The Vasquez Project in Duval County, Texas was acquired in 1990, with production initiated in the fall of 2004.   After four years of uranium production, groundwater restoration was begun.  The ground water restoration process involves repeated filtration of the water in the aquifer.  This ensures that the groundwater meets state standards.   Restoration was completed after ten years of work in 2014.    TCEQ approved the company’s groundwater restoration efforts in 2017, and the well plugging phase was initiated at that time.   This phase was completed that year.

Final reclamation efforts, including surface work and the reclamation of a waste disposal well at Vasquez are expected to be complete later this year.  Once that work is certified as complete by the TCEQ, we will follow up with a request for surety bond release on that phase, much as we have on previous phases.

This success follows a similar reclamation milestone achievement earlier this year at our Rosita property, also in Texas.



152 Postings, 1419 Tage Coby1Ist der Handel ausgesetzt?

07.03.19 10:37
Kann sie bei der Sparkasse nicht handeln.  

837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-SportVerkauf von Lizenzen

07.03.19 18:43
Westwater Announces Royalty and Promissory Note Sale for $2.75 Million

Uranium Royalty Corp. to buy four royalties on uranium properties located in South Dakota, Wyoming and New Mexico and a promissory note due 2020 for $2.75 million

CENTENNIAL, Colo., March 7, 2019 – Westwater Resources, Inc. (“Westwater,” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials development company, today announced that Uranium Royalty Corp. (URC) and its US subsidiary have together agreed to purchase royalties owned by Westwater on future uranium production from mineral properties in South Dakota, Wyoming and New Mexico, as well as a promissory note in the amount of $2.0 million and the related mortgage that the Company holds on the Church Rock and Crownpoint, New Mexico properties of Laramide Resources.  Uranium Royalty Corp. and its US subsidiary have agreed to purchase these interests for collective total consideration of $2.75 million, including $0.5 million paid at signing. The balance of $2.25 million will become due and payable at the earlier of June 30, 2019 or following the date upon which the closing conditions are satisfied.

Christopher M. Jones, President and CEO of Westwater, stated “We continue to opportunistically manage our assets, with the goal of maximizing value to our shareholders. In this instance, we divested our non-core holdings for immediate cash consideration.   This transaction monetizes our uranium royalty portfolio and moves forward income from 2020 to 2019. Uranium Royalty’s unique model for funding uranium projects is well-timed for the industry. This is a win-win for both our companies."

The Westwater Royalty Portfolio being sold to URC under the Asset Purchase Agreement consists of:

  • A 4% net returns royalty on future uranium production from Laramide Resources’ Church Rock property located in New Mexico;
  • A 30% net proceeds royalty on future uranium production from a portion of Azarga Uranium’s Dewey-Burdock property located in South Dakota;
  • An up to 4% overriding royalty on part of Peninsula Energy’s future uranium production from its Lance Project located in Wyoming; and
  • A 4% royalty on the gross value from uranium production from a portion of Energy Fuels’ Roca Honda property located in New Mexico.

The sale also includes a promissory note secured by a mortgage held by Westwater on Laramide Resources’ Church Rock and Crownpoint, New Mexico uranium properties, with four remaining payments due through maturity on January 5, 2020. Westwater will be entitled to retain any interest payments on the promissory note made before the closing of the transaction.



837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-Sportwann geht es bei dieser Aktie aufwärts?!

14.04.19 10:20
Westwater Announces Exploration Plan to Confirm Vanadium Discovery


Westwater Announces Excellent Results from Independent Tests on Spherical Purified Graphite (SPG) from the Coosa Graphite Project


Westwater Granted Water Rights for its Sal Rica Project in Utah



143 Postings, 1236 Tage Petar StojicGeduld

14.04.19 14:58
Wird sich lohnen, ich setzt will auf das Graphit, ist ein zukunfts Material.Graphen der in unseren neusten thehnologien unausweichliche sein wird.  

837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-Sportwieder Neuigkeiten zum Graphite Projekt von WWR

15.04.19 14:15

Westwater’s Coosa Project Graphite Performs Well Over Extended Period Testing



837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-Sport50:1 Aktientausch

23.04.19 16:59

US9616841071 Westwater Resources Inc. 23.04.2019 US9616842061 Westwater Resources Inc. 24.04.2019 Tausch 50:1


143 Postings, 1236 Tage Petar StojicKurs sprung?

24.04.19 01:27
Was heißt das jetzt K1-Sport ne Übernahme?  

837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-Sport#225

24.04.19 12:56

Nein, Aktientausch aus Pennystock ...

Warum Übernahme?! 

Der Einstands-Aktienkurs im Depot mal 50 und was passiert ...;) 



143 Postings, 1236 Tage Petar StojicNach meinem Wissen

24.04.19 21:37
Ist ne New York Bank eingestiegen und Croatia Arlines ein institutioneller Investor ist auch eingestiegen  

837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-SportWKN: A2PG8A ISIN: US9616842061

12.05.19 16:48

neue WKN, kann der MOD von Ariva die Foren zusammen legen!?


Westwater Resources Regains Nasdaq Listing Compliance



837 Postings, 3132 Tage K1-SportFirmenpräsentation von WWR

12.05.19 16:53
Westwater Resources Reports First Quarter 2019 Operating Results

Vanadium Graphit, Lithium, Uran...


Präsentation vom 8.Mai 2019



358 Postings, 4712 Tage VershjelmgrimnirChina Rare Earth -

18.01.20 16:10
Hallo zusammen
gibt es dieses Unternehmen eigentlich
a) noch oder
b) überhaupt?

Habe es in meinem Depot ausgebuddelt mit sagenhaftem Verlust seit 10 Jahren.

Seltene Erden!

8671 Postings, 2577 Tage Ebi52Ok Freunde!

17.02.20 14:06
Solche Regierungstreue Konstrukte sind nicht leicht einzuschätzen! Aber immer noch seriöser als die gepushten CA Pennies aus dem Bereich Cannabis, Exploration, Krypto usw! Aber ich habe mit den Chinetzen schon immer gut verdient, deshalb bin ich nicht bereit, diese Aktie abzuschreiben! Ich bin noch nicht investiert, aber gleich!  

3963 Postings, 1230 Tage AhorncanEbi , Stop

18.02.20 18:11
..... nimm diese.... Velocys....... Herstellung von Biokraftstoffen für Flugindustie. Partner sind Shell und British Airways.  

8671 Postings, 2577 Tage Ebi52@ Ahorncan

19.02.20 14:38
Danke für den Tipp!
Aber nicht sehr würdig für mein Vertrauen!
Ich warte lieber hier auf einen guten Einstiegskurs!
CA, GB , CH vor der ISIN bin ich eher sehr vorsichtig!  

1452 Postings, 1139 Tage BYD666erwarte für 2021

16.02.21 12:39
eine entsprechende Chance auf überproportionale Rendite.
Das rumdümpeln hat ein Ende der Ausbruch ist erfolgt ;-)


1452 Postings, 1139 Tage BYD666Ankündigung nach Bedarf

16.02.21 13:04
Der Vorstand möchte nach dem Tod von Herrn Wang die Stelle als Vorsitzender der Prüfungsausschuss und die Zusammensetzung des Verwaltungsrats einen geeigneten Kandidaten für die Besetzung der Stelle finden.
Das Unternehmen wird weiter machen, und anscheinend sieht man ja am Kurs von China Rare Earth Hldgs ist die Stelle so gut wie vergeben.

Wünsche dem Unternehmen und allen investierten ein gutes 2021 und den Hinterbliebenen mein aufrichtiges Beileid!

Guozhen Wang würde 79 Jahre alt und seit 2012 unabhängiger nicht geschäftsführender Direktor von China Rare Earth. Bei China Rare Earth gibt es keine älteren und 12 jüngeren Führungskräfte.

1452 Postings, 1139 Tage BYD666China Rare Earth Holdings +23%

22.02.21 06:10
1,040 +0.200 + 23,81% 0,11 €  

10 Postings, 156 Tage DianawqntaLöschung

24.04.21 02:03

Zeitpunkt: 26.04.21 10:34
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24.04.21 13:31

Zeitpunkt: 25.04.21 01:53
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25.04.21 02:30

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