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Wer macht das Energierennen in Zukunft

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56918 Postings, 3317 Tage meingottWer macht das Energierennen in Zukunft

05.09.12 07:39
Wer macht das Rennen auf Sicht der nächsten 3-5 Jahre?

Atom...Solar oder Wind oder doch wieder das Öl?



PA-Vian Sempers bester Freund
Nordexkursziel  von Semper wurde von 40 nun auf 1,44€ reduziert ;-)
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552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-Sportneue Präsentation von 1.Mai

07.05.18 13:40


Übernahme von Alabama Graphite ist abgeschlossen



940 Postings, 1160 Tage JOtheViperHi, laut Bilanz könnte eine Aktie 1.50$ wert sein!

18.05.18 12:51
Summe der Verbindlichkeiten und des Eigenkapitals: 41,1 Mio
Im Umlauf befindliche Stammaktien: 27,8 Mio

Sind ca. 1.48$ pro Aktie!
Das Gesamtkapital beläuft sich auf 50,2 Mio!
(Die Daten sind aus der Jahresbilanz 2017!)


940 Postings, 1160 Tage JOtheViperUnd hier das Preisziel:

18.05.18 12:52
Angehängte Grafik:

940 Postings, 1160 Tage JOtheViperHier ein lesenswerter Artikel

05.06.18 18:30
Könnte die Trendwende einleiten:


940 Postings, 1160 Tage JOtheViperEin Artikel von heute:

13.06.18 15:19

552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportTurkey revokes Westwater's uranium project licence

22.06.18 21:59

Turkey revokes Westwater’s uranium project licences



552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportGeschäftsplan für das Graphite Projekt

26.06.18 20:10

Westwater Resources Publishes Optimized Business Plan for the Coosa Graphite Project



552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportUran Aktien Übersicht

06.07.18 10:39

552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportAntwort

06.07.18 10:41



940 Postings, 1160 Tage JOtheViperUpdate Report July 2 , 2018

08.07.18 22:43

552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportUS WWR

18.07.18 08:33

Westwater Resources Applauds U.S. Government’s Actions on Materials Imports from China



552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportWWR Reports Second Quarter 2018 Operating Results

09.08.18 14:40

CENTENNIAL, Aug. 09, 2018 - Westwater Resources Inc. (“WWR” or “the Company”) (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials development company, today announced its results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, along with a business outlook and new developments in its energy materials business.

Christopher M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our continued work to diversify our operating assets into battery materials has now resulted in the acquisition of Alabama Graphite Corp., giving us a first mover advantage in a key component of electrical storage devices. Our business plan published last month is to fast-track the development of battery grade graphite production capacity in Alabama and continue to explore for lithium in the American West.

“Overall, we have taken an opportunistic approach towards acquiring and developing our portfolio of products—graphite, lithium, and uranium, all of which are on the Critical Minerals List, which was submitted to the US Department of Commerce for action in May 2018. These minerals were included due to their importance to the security and economic prosperity of the United States. We believe this positions WWR to realize long-term shareholder value as an American producer of these critical materials,” concluded Mr. Jones.

Highlights for 2Q-2018 and Year to Date

  • On April 23, 2018, Westwater completed the acquisition of Alabama Graphite Corp., which positions WWR as a near term producer of advanced battery graphite materials.
  • GRAPHITE BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION: The Company announced an optimized business plan for its new, US based graphite business:
    - Pilot plant operations are scheduled for 2019.
    - Time honored and well-proven technologies are now planned for production.
    Plant start up and initial operations will utilize purchased graphite feedstock, bringing forward revenues and cash flow in time.
    - First revenues are expected in 2020.
    - Positive cash flow for the graphite business is expected in 2021.
    - The mine is planned for construction in 2025, with planned production in 2026 – funded from operating cash flow rather than external financing.
    - Net present values are estimated to be $400 - $500 million, depending on contingency.
    - Capital expenditures, now including pilot plant studies and final plant design, are estimated at $41.6 million.
    - Some 35 non-disclosure agreements are in place with potential suppliers and customers for battery grade graphite materials.
    - Sample material has been sent to some of these customers for qualification test work designed to ascertain suitability for purchase.
    - Work continues with business, state and local officials in Alabama to site, permit and explore business incentives.
    - On March 24, 2018, the Company exercised an option to acquire a block of unpatented placer mining claims covering an area of approximately 3,000 acres within the Columbus Salt Marsh area of Esmeralda County, Nevada.
    - The Company continues to develop its water rights positions and geological knowledge on its three highly prospective lithium-enriched brine properties in Nevada and Utah, USA.
    - On June 20, 2018, the Turkish government notified the Company that the mining and exploration licenses for its Temrezli and Sefaatli projects located in Turkey have been revoked and potential compensation has been proffered. While the Company is investigating the legality of this action and what remedies, including compensation, might be available, the Company has determined that it is more likely than not that the Company will be unable to explore, develop, mine or otherwise benefit from the mineral properties and, therefore, all of the uranium mineral holding property assets located in Turkey were fully impaired. The amount of the impairment charge reflects the accounting net book value for the uranium holding property assets and does not reflect the fair market value of the assets.
    - Continued restoration/reclamation activities in South Texas. Work continues to complete reclamation at Rosita in Production Areas 1 & 2 and wellfield reclamation at Vasquez. 
    - In New Mexico, the Company published a new technical report outlining resources on its property holdings at Ambrosia Lake.
  • TEXAS SUPREME COURT SUCCESS: After a 9-year legal dispute with Kleberg County, Westwater has prevailed at the Texas Supreme Court, enabling future reclamation of some of our wellfields at our Kingsville Dome site.
  • M&A EFFORTS: WWR maintains an opportunistic posture in mergers and acquisitions by focusing on low-cost, high value development opportunities in the resource sector.
  • COST RATIONALIZATION EFFORTS: Continue to reduce operating and general and administrative expenditures.
  • PROPERTY RATIONALIZATION: On January 5, 2018 Laramide Resources Ltd. (“Laramide”) made the first required $1.5 million principal payment to Westwater on its original $5.0 million promissory note, consisting of $750,000 in cash and the issuance of 1,982,483 of Laramide’s common shares. Laramide also made interest payments in 2018 of approximately $0.3 million in cash.
  • EQUITY CAPITAL RAISES: In 2018 to date, the Company has raised net proceeds of $4.7 million, comprised of $1.8 million from sales of stock pursuant to the Company’s Stock Purchase Agreement with Aspire Capital (now terminated) and the ATM facility with Cantor Fitzgerald, and a registered direct offering of $2.9 million from the sale of common stock and pre-funded warrants to Aspire Capital which closed on June 14, 2018. All warrants have been exercised as of August 8, 2018.
  • CASH AND WORKING CAPITAL: Cash and working capital balances at June 30, 2018 were $2.7 million and $2.2 million, respectively.           https://www.minenportal.de/artikel.php?sid=241132&lang=en#Westwater-Resources-Reports-Second-Quarter-2018-Operating-Results%20target=

552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportProduktion von Graphite

07.09.18 07:47



17 Postings, 194 Tage Petar StojicSehr gute Neuigkeiten

07.09.18 17:57
Werde noch sehr  viel Freude an das Unternehmen haben  

940 Postings, 1160 Tage JOtheViperHmmm...

10.09.18 17:48
Die "tollen News" spiegeln sich nur nicht im Kurs wieder...  

17 Postings, 194 Tage Petar StojicJa das stimmt

10.09.18 20:16
Ich sehe es trotzdem positiv können günstig nachkaufen, aber noch bin ich an der Seiten Linie.

Liebe Grüße  

46 Postings, 2563 Tage korreiScho interessant

11.09.18 18:48
vor 5 Monaten wird hier noch mit Kursziel 1,50€ gepusht und nun gibt es sie für 0,153. Da hab ich mich doch glatt jetzt mal ein wenig eingedeckt und schau ob a Urlaub raus springt.  

114 Postings, 2845 Tage Frida PauliGo !

12.09.18 09:08

552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportGraphite /

13.09.18 14:49



552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-Sportna dann mal schauen wie lange es dauern wird...

23.09.18 14:09

552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportWWR zum Uranmarkt

23.09.18 14:10

Westwater Reports Increasing Strength in Uranium Market



5674 Postings, 1051 Tage 1QuantumWestwater Resources

25.09.18 16:02

☕️ das fängt ja gut an  ;0)






552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-Sportmächtig Dampf im Kessel...

24.10.18 08:31





552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-Sport.WWR

24.10.18 20:29

Westwater Applauds EPA’s Action to Withdraw Rule Change for Reclamation

CENTENNIAL, Colo., October 24, 2018 – Westwater Resources, Inc. (“Westwater,” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials development company, is pleased to report that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has withdrawn a rule change proposed in 2017 for groundwater restoration that afforded no new protection for the environment, but only promised to raise costs for the uranium industry if enacted.

Westwater Resources is nearing the completion of reclamation at two sites, and this EPA action is an important affirmation that ongoing work to reclaim future operations will not be impacted by poorly conceived rules that offer no positive impact on groundwater quality and only succeed in increasing the costs of restoration.  Westwater remains committed to the safety of the environment and the public at our operations, and compliance with sensible and effective rules are key to this promise.

On Friday, October 19, 2018, the EPA said that its existing rules (for groundwater restoration) were sufficient for the protection of public health and safety from radiological and non-radiological hazards associated with uranium and thorium ore processing.

EPA's acting administrator Andrew Wheeler cast the proposed rule change as "unnecessary and punishing" on uranium producers.

"The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has regulated in-situ uranium recovery for nearly 40 years. The agency has never found an instance of ground water contamination that would be addressed by this rule," Wheeler said in a statement.

The rule "failed to articulate a risk that justified the rulemaking, ignored the need for a realistic cost-benefit analysis, and underestimated compliance costs and impacts to small businesses," National Mining Association  President Hal Quinn said.

Westwater Resources thanks the National Mining Association for their able leadership in the effort to achieve this action.



552 Postings, 2090 Tage K1-SportChina und Uran...

05.11.18 12:46

Chinesen wollen sich an Uranfirmen beteiligen Die staatliche China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) will sich an ausländischen Uranproduzenten beteiligen. Demnach habe man vor allem den nordamerikanischen Raum im Blick, wie ein chinesischer Uran-Manager auf der IMARC Mining Konferenz in Melbourne verriet. Angesichts des laufenden Handelskriegs und der politischen Spannungen mit den USA würden wir auf Kanada als Zielland tippen. China baut oder plant aktuell mehrere dutzend neue Atomkraftwerke. Die Nachfrage des Landes nach Uran soll laut Ni Tao von China National Uranium auf 88.000 bis 100.000 Tonnen im Jahr 2025 steigen.

Mining: Die wichtigsten Kurznews der Woche auf einen Blick! | wallstreet-online.de - Vollständiger Artikel unter:

Die 1 Sache, die jeder Uraninvestor wissen muss

Die Zeiten ändern sich Offensichtlich können die Minenunternehmen die Uranpreise nicht wirklich kontrollieren. Sie müssen mit dem arbeiten, was sie haben. Als die Uranpreise fielen, war ihre Reaktion genau das, was man erwarten würde – sie senkten die Kosten. Dazu gehörte auch das Zurückfahren von Investitionen in neue Minen, die aufgrund der geringen Nachfrage nicht benötigt wurden. Sie reduzierten auch die Produktion in bestehenden Minen, um Angebot und Nachfrage wieder in Einklang zu bringen. Diese Angebotskürzungen haben sich allmählich summiert. Cameco, das größte börsennotierte Uranminenunternehmen der Welt, stellte 2016 die Produktion in seinem Werk Rabbit Lake ein und nahm 4 Millionen Pfund Jahresproduktion aus dem globalen Angebot. Im Jahr 2018 wurde der Betrieb in der Mine McArthur River eingestellt, die weitere 18 Millionen Pfund aus dem Markt nahm. Die staatliche kasachische Kazatomprom, der weltweit größte Uranproduzent, will die Produktion zwischen 2018 und 2020 um 29 Millionen Pfund reduzieren. Und auch in Australien und Afrika haben kleinere Produktionskürzungen stattgefunden oder sind geplant. Zu diesem Angebotsrückgang trägt auch die Tatsache bei, dass die Minen die Ressourcen erschöpfen. Jedes Pfund, das aus einer bestehenden Mine gewonnen wird, reduziert die Menge an Uran, die in Zukunft verfügbar sein wird. Mit reduzierten Investitionen in neue Minen wird das Angebot natürlich zurückgehen.

Die 1 Sache, die jeder Uraninvestor wissen muss | wallstreet-online.de - Vollständiger Artikel unter:


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