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22.01.09 08:50
21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu asks court for more time to file bankruptcy plan

Jan 21 (Reuters) - Washington Mutual (News) has asked a U.S. bankruptcy court for a 90-day extension to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, according to court documents.

Washington Mutual had been the largest U.S. savings and loan before JPMorgan Chase&Co bought its banking assets for $1.9 billion in a deal arranged by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The holding company for WaMu later filed for bankruptcy protection.

In a filing on Tuesday, WaMu said the seizure and subsequent sale of its assets by the FDIC to JPMorgan has significantly complicated what would otherwise be a straightforward restructuring or liquidation.

'That seizure and sale almost completely stripped the debtors (WaMu) of their employees and business records,' the filing said.

The company said FDIC's action caused significant uncertainty about the legal status of some of the its most significant assets, including several billions of dollars originally on deposit with Washington Mutual Bank.

WaMu said it was not seeking the extension to delay the Chapter 11 process or to pressure its creditors to accept an unfair plan.

The company also said it had made significant progress during the first three months of these cases and was now in the process of addressing a number of significant legal and economic issues affecting its assets and potential liabilities.

Such requests for extensions are common in large bankruptcy cases like this. Washington Mutual is the second-largest U.S. bankruptcy case in history, after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc , according to Bankruptcydata.com, which tracks public company bankruptcy filings.

Unless extended, WaMu's plan period will expire on Jan. 24, the court filing said. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Feb. 17.

(Reporting by Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Editing by Amitha Rajan) Keywords: WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(santosh.nadgir@thomsonreuters.com; within U.S +1 646 223 8780; Outside U.S +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters messaging: santosh.nadgir.reuters.com@reuters.net)


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21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu bittet Gericht um mehr Zeit, Bankrottplan zu archivieren

21. Januar (Reuters) - gegenseitiges Washington (Nachrichten) hat ein US-Konkursgericht um eine 90 Tagesverlängerung gebeten, um seinen Bankrottplan des Kapitels 11, entsprechend Prozessakten zu archivieren.

Washington, das gegenseitig ist, war die größten US gewesen, die vor JPMorgan Chase&Co Spar- und Darlehens sind, das seine Vermögenswerte der Bank für $1.9 Milliarde in einem Abkommen gekauft wurde, das durch Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. geordnet wurde Die Dachgesellschaft für WaMu archivierte später für Bankrottschutz.

In einer Archivierung am Dienstag, sagte WaMu, dass die Ergreifung und der folgende Verkauf seiner Anlagegüter durch das FDIC zu JPMorgan erheblich erschwert hat, was anders eine direkte Umstrukturierung oder eine Verflüssigung von Vermögenswerten sein würde.

„Diese Ergreifung und Verkauf streiften fast vollständig die Schuldner (WaMu) von ihren Angestellten ab und Geschäftsakten,“ die Archivierung sagten.

Die Firma sagte verursachte bedeutende Ungewissheit FDICS Tätigkeit über die rechtliche Stellung von einigen der seiner bedeutendsten Anlagegüter, einschließlich einige Milliarden Dollar ursprünglich auf Ablagerung bei Washington-gegenseitiger Bank.

WaMu sagte, dass es nicht die Verlängerung, um das Prozess Kapitel 11 zu verzögern suchte oder seine Gläubiger zu drücken, um einen unfairen Plan anzunehmen.

Die Firma sagte auch, dass sie bedeutenden Fortschritt während der ersten drei Monate dieser Fälle gebildet und jetzt bei dem Ansprechen einiger bedeutender zugelassener und ökonomischer Punkte war hatte, die sein Vermögen und möglichen Schulden beeinflussen.

Solches Ersuchen um Verlängerungen ist in den großen Bankrottfällen so allgemein. Gegenseitiges Washington ist der zweitgrösste US-Bankrottfall in der Geschichte, nach Lehman- Brothersholdings Inc., entsprechend Bankruptcydata.com, die AktiengesellschaftsAnträge auf Eröffnung des Konkursverfahrens aufspürt.

Es sei denn verlängert, WaMus läuft Planzeitraum am 24. Januar ab, sagte die Gerichtsarchivierung. Eine Hörfähigkeit auf der Angelegenheit wird für 17. Februar festgelegt.

(Bericht durch Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Redigieren durch Schlüsselwörter Amitharajan): WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(santosh.nadgir@thomsonreuters.com; innerhalb US +1 646 223 8780; Äußere US +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters-Mitteilung: santosh.nadgir.reuters.com @reuters.net)  
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1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50But let's be serious

28.04.20 19:38

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1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50there is an exciting time ahead

04.10.20 21:14

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50@kk: there is nothing else coming

05.10.20 23:06

....as bkshadow always says: false hope is very damaging….

it is what it is… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

all the best to you Sir

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50Oh my gosh

07.11.20 21:32
.... forgive me, my mouth hanging open…

later today corks will popped

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50The champagne remains on ice ?

10.01.21 09:57
- Do I pour it down the drain?
- Is my country committing suicide?

a lot of questions…..

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50Monday January/18/2021

12.01.21 21:24

3287 Postings, 4433 Tage KeyKeySettlement Date ?

12.01.21 23:30

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1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50I mean...

16.01.21 22:10
....part of me loves union….
not because I agree with him but because he’s like a living South Park character. LoL

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50So funny

16.01.21 22:24
how things work when reversed.
Let me say that – this is stark raving nuts !!
as I said last year, this thing is done......go home

715 Postings, 3812 Tage sonifarisWhat do you want to communicate?

17.01.21 08:10
Hey Boy,
Why are you writing in the form of a REBUS?
Here it is useless and ineffective to indicate in subtext.
Or is it another matter?
What do you want to communicate?
Good Sunday  

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50@sonfaris

17.01.21 10:52
....because PP's data-crunching is likely to produce an ambiguous answer....LoL  

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50The pro's with deep knowledge of a subject

21.01.21 10:16
I am not here for camaraderie or to have my opinions justified or validated.
I just enjoy listening to self- proclaimed stock pickers who live with their mom…..

I do however think it's hilarious when people (i.g. PP or Union) with such deep inside knowledge of a company,  try to share factual information, and you humpers dismiss it because you are apparently brilliant and "in the know" (^_^)

The unfortunate part is that some poor newbie will make the mistake of listening to your dribble and all of this to feed your fragile ego.

LoL & GN

I love you all  

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50Great guy

24.01.21 18:21
....and an excellent expert. He is missed - my condolences  

715 Postings, 3812 Tage sonifarisHey liner.....As you are right

24.01.21 18:37
Yes you hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what I think, maybe not everything you said matches my opinion, but 90% you are right.


1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50Alice

28.03.21 22:19
…so right away there is a question like - what the hell is Alice Griffin doing there?
this is so cringy!!

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1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50COOP Is The Tell

29.04.21 18:03
Is classy Alice in the house?

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50Westin Pool Party

03.06.21 17:29
Matt Gaetz was spotted  today boarding a pool...LoL

1199 Postings, 3972 Tage liner50AG : she knew?.she fu@#ed it up

12.06.21 00:42
another of these jaw-dropping moments
…well guess Lambos have to wait…LoL

I wish you continued success in your fantasies and a kidney stone the size of your ego

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