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Wamu WKN 893906 News !

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6795 Postings, 4414 Tage plusquamperfektWamu WKN 893906 News !

22.01.09 08:50
21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu asks court for more time to file bankruptcy plan

Jan 21 (Reuters) - Washington Mutual (News) has asked a U.S. bankruptcy court for a 90-day extension to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, according to court documents.

Washington Mutual had been the largest U.S. savings and loan before JPMorgan Chase&Co bought its banking assets for $1.9 billion in a deal arranged by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The holding company for WaMu later filed for bankruptcy protection.

In a filing on Tuesday, WaMu said the seizure and subsequent sale of its assets by the FDIC to JPMorgan has significantly complicated what would otherwise be a straightforward restructuring or liquidation.

'That seizure and sale almost completely stripped the debtors (WaMu) of their employees and business records,' the filing said.

The company said FDIC's action caused significant uncertainty about the legal status of some of the its most significant assets, including several billions of dollars originally on deposit with Washington Mutual Bank.

WaMu said it was not seeking the extension to delay the Chapter 11 process or to pressure its creditors to accept an unfair plan.

The company also said it had made significant progress during the first three months of these cases and was now in the process of addressing a number of significant legal and economic issues affecting its assets and potential liabilities.

Such requests for extensions are common in large bankruptcy cases like this. Washington Mutual is the second-largest U.S. bankruptcy case in history, after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc , according to Bankruptcydata.com, which tracks public company bankruptcy filings.

Unless extended, WaMu's plan period will expire on Jan. 24, the court filing said. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Feb. 17.

(Reporting by Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Editing by Amitha Rajan) Keywords: WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(santosh.nadgir@thomsonreuters.com; within U.S +1 646 223 8780; Outside U.S +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters messaging: santosh.nadgir.reuters.com@reuters.net)


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21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu bittet Gericht um mehr Zeit, Bankrottplan zu archivieren

21. Januar (Reuters) - gegenseitiges Washington (Nachrichten) hat ein US-Konkursgericht um eine 90 Tagesverlängerung gebeten, um seinen Bankrottplan des Kapitels 11, entsprechend Prozessakten zu archivieren.

Washington, das gegenseitig ist, war die größten US gewesen, die vor JPMorgan Chase&Co Spar- und Darlehens sind, das seine Vermögenswerte der Bank für $1.9 Milliarde in einem Abkommen gekauft wurde, das durch Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. geordnet wurde Die Dachgesellschaft für WaMu archivierte später für Bankrottschutz.

In einer Archivierung am Dienstag, sagte WaMu, dass die Ergreifung und der folgende Verkauf seiner Anlagegüter durch das FDIC zu JPMorgan erheblich erschwert hat, was anders eine direkte Umstrukturierung oder eine Verflüssigung von Vermögenswerten sein würde.

„Diese Ergreifung und Verkauf streiften fast vollständig die Schuldner (WaMu) von ihren Angestellten ab und Geschäftsakten,“ die Archivierung sagten.

Die Firma sagte verursachte bedeutende Ungewissheit FDICS Tätigkeit über die rechtliche Stellung von einigen der seiner bedeutendsten Anlagegüter, einschließlich einige Milliarden Dollar ursprünglich auf Ablagerung bei Washington-gegenseitiger Bank.

WaMu sagte, dass es nicht die Verlängerung, um das Prozess Kapitel 11 zu verzögern suchte oder seine Gläubiger zu drücken, um einen unfairen Plan anzunehmen.

Die Firma sagte auch, dass sie bedeutenden Fortschritt während der ersten drei Monate dieser Fälle gebildet und jetzt bei dem Ansprechen einiger bedeutender zugelassener und ökonomischer Punkte war hatte, die sein Vermögen und möglichen Schulden beeinflussen.

Solches Ersuchen um Verlängerungen ist in den großen Bankrottfällen so allgemein. Gegenseitiges Washington ist der zweitgrösste US-Bankrottfall in der Geschichte, nach Lehman- Brothersholdings Inc., entsprechend Bankruptcydata.com, die AktiengesellschaftsAnträge auf Eröffnung des Konkursverfahrens aufspürt.

Es sei denn verlängert, WaMus läuft Planzeitraum am 24. Januar ab, sagte die Gerichtsarchivierung. Eine Hörfähigkeit auf der Angelegenheit wird für 17. Februar festgelegt.

(Bericht durch Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Redigieren durch Schlüsselwörter Amitharajan): WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(santosh.nadgir@thomsonreuters.com; innerhalb US +1 646 223 8780; Äußere US +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters-Mitteilung: santosh.nadgir.reuters.com @reuters.net)  
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1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50Hundreds of billions of $$$$?..

07.09.17 08:24
.....that will be funny when the plug gets pulled and all those schmucks lose it all. LoL


1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50South Florida..............

11.09.17 22:41
........a gush of rain came down! LoL


10 Postings, 263 Tage Geistesblitz...was ist denn das für ein komischer Vogel?

16.09.17 15:07
...oder hat er nur einen?  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50what a beauty of a chart!!

18.09.17 17:04
.........are all your charts done in semi-logarithmic scale?      (^o^)

have a nice one!!  (((o) (~..~) (o)))


1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50Ouch! ....

30.09.17 01:21
What's that?   The plan succeeded badly, right?

For someone who says he doesn't eat a lot he's packing away that meal....LoL
you're going to be so sorry when i sue you for making me squirt root beer out my nose and all over my Notebook....

I hope you enjoy riding your top performer! keep your chin up !! – wait for better days!


1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50hey buddies how's going

04.10.17 17:34

....it appears hedge funds start to dump its load !!

1379 Postings, 3051 Tage wamu wolleein stich ins

06.10.17 11:52
großraumnest und schon taucht der erste auf....die anderen folgen garantiert.... witzig !  

12043 Postings, 2805 Tage The_HopeDie WKN 893906 ist leider ausgebucht

07.10.17 11:20
Thread bitte Schließen  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50The stock over the very short term.....

07.10.17 17:56

….. is in a 0.91 to 0.96 trading range, with real support at 0.88 and real resistance at 0.98.
To begin another sustainable move to the upside, the stock needs to trade and close above 1.01, very soon, over the next 2-3 trading days, on very strong volume.

If not, then a test of support will occur and it seems that support is weak and will not hold, so an extended downward move will occur down to the next support area of approx 0.73.

keep calm & enjoy the weekend everyone!


1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50it's a real tragedy.... right?

16.10.17 21:26

1st  improve your knowledge of the bankruptcy laws

2nd improve your knowledge of the bankruptcy laws

3rd improve your knowledge of the bankruptcy laws


1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50.........how to read a balance sheet

20.10.17 08:39
For Period Ending September 30, 2017 (in $000's)  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50it's a real tragedy!

20.10.17 08:42

1578 Postings, 3313 Tage KeyKeyWie gehen wir dann weiter vor ? :-)

20.10.17 09:12
liner50: Das ist dann jetzt also Deine Erkenntnis bzw. die Bestätigung für die " real tragedy " ? :-)  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50-like amount- definition plain&simple!

24.10.17 21:24

(a) with respect to a redemption of any Trust Securities, Trust Securities having a Liquidation Amount equal to the principal amount of Debentures to be contemporaneously redeemed in accordance with the Indenture, the proceeds of which will be used to pay the Redemption Price of such Trust Securities,

(b) with respect to a distribution of Debentures to Holders of Trust Securities in connection with a dissolution or liquidation of the Issuer Trust, Debentures having a principal amount equal to the Liquidation Amount of the Trust Securities of the Holder to whom such Debentures are distributed,  
(c) with respect to any distribution of Additional Amounts to Holders of Trust Securities, Debentures having a principal amount equal to the Liquidation Amount of the Trust Securities in respect of which such distribution is made.

ring a bell !     LoL


C&P: Wikinvest.com

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50iHub?.AZC`s philosophical rumination ..

31.10.17 21:52
…… I DO NOT' believe that many individuals actually ~ KNEW WHAT THEY WERE BUYING

AZC keep in mind - most individuals literally will spend more time researching what is for dinner than will for an investment! LoL

Cheers - Safe Halloween!!  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50AZC`s call for a Pop Quiz....

11.11.17 15:27

....... no one appeared to notice him! so sad....so sad!

Have a good one!  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50the lone soldier

17.11.17 23:53

** Where have you been during blood bath? **  

leave no man on the battlefield ... except Capt. Union.  All his Army buddies have deserted him and now he is all alone to fight the good fight and stay the good long battle.

ID-paywhatever * Retired 4-Star Gen. – faster * Private Smirking Face, charly503 * The Brave, wamuwole * addicted to drive convertible moccasins etc...... are long gone while Capt. Union is standing there looking stupid holding the bag…..

What's the body count?

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50How you doing out there!

12.12.17 19:39

It appears noenough has now retired to his chambers to play with his holy phallus! LoL  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50What are they saying on I-hub ?

12.12.17 20:09

was it up 35% AM yesterday? ahahaha !!  big pop just around the corner?

c’mon all troops to the front-line!!!!  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50So hows everyone`s day going?

13.12.17 00:05

look how bad WMIH is doing….c`mon let the crying begin - this trash is likely done !!

........hurry up before the wedding cake melts! LoL

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50Silverline ?

25.12.17 22:53

since joining this message board, always appreciated the lively chatter, the Rocket Launches and Lambos and the valuable insights !!!

That being said, just wanna wish you all my fellow WMIH holders a merry Christmas and a blessed new year!


1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50Hi everyone - hope you are having....

12.01.18 19:35
....a good and happy day

Hoping someone can talk me through what I’ve done wrong or point me in the right direction...
I bought in at $1.05…..
can it go back down to $.90 or even $.80?  Sure! Maybe even more… Is there cause for alarm?

Need your advice !  

1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50Yesss.....

28.01.18 18:33
.........everything is gonna be just fine !


1104 Postings, 2852 Tage liner50hello over there

08.02.18 23:28

I just bought this sinking vessel - 11 Shares valued at $1.00

have a nice one

734151 Postings, 3023 Tage unionNa do schau her...

13.02.18 20:19

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