Taal - Die Zukunft in Blockchain

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452 Postings, 955 Tage dav1dTaal - Die Zukunft in Blockchain

24.04.20 18:23
TAAL has been collaborating on creative strategies and partnerships with some of the largest hardware manufacturers in the world relating to hardware development and distribution.

With the acquisition of cloud computing assets in Kazakhstan, TAAL has diversified its business away from a single focus and injected a revenue generating operation.

With the recent acquisition of custom cloud computing management and pooling software TAAL plans to continually develop and prototype this software to create operational performance, efficiencies and internal controls.

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452 Postings, 955 Tage dav1dTaal Patent

24.04.20 18:25
(“TAAL” or the “Company“) announces that its operating subsidiary has filed a patent application (the “Patent“) with the United Kingdom patent office, an important step in realizing the Company’s strategic vision and in leveraging the power of blockchain infrastructure technologies in applications for transaction processing for general computational tasks.


452 Postings, 955 Tage dav1dTaal

24.04.20 18:26
Further to the Company’s press release of March 9, 2020, TAAL closed the asset purchase agreement (the “Agreement“) with Tansley Equipment Limited (“Tansley“), Fractical Sense Limited and Laser Lollypop Limited, three companies affiliated with Mr. Calvin Ayre (the “Principal“), to acquire over 50,000 non-operational cloud computing units (the “Cloud Computing Assets“).  

452 Postings, 955 Tage dav1dZukunft

24.04.20 18:29
TAAL is a technology company leading in enterprise scale blockchain based information management and security through Bitcoin SV and other SHA-256 based digital asset platforms.  

452 Postings, 955 Tage dav1dTaal Blockgrösse

13.05.20 00:54
We are excited to announce TAAL has processed a record breaking block on BitcoinSV.  309MB Block, 1.1 million transactions.  Contact Info@taal.com to join our MAPI BETA for bulk transaction processing with volume discounts on the most scalable blockchain BitcoinSV!  

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