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62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyWind Energy Giant Suzlon Energy To Sell German

21.01.15 14:42
The deal was rumoured for the last few weeks but Suzlon Energy had repeatedly denied those rumours. The news of the sale was reported by a leading business daily in India, the Economic Times. According to the report the company will be sold to US-based equity fund Centerbridge Partners. The valuation of €1 billion is believed to be 40% lower than what Suzlon Energy paid for REpower in March 2007.

The sale of Senvion is crucial for Suzlon Energy’s short to medium-term plan to reduce its huge debt. The shares of Suzlon Energy have seen a massive value erosion with the price falling to a fourth of what it was five years ago. The single biggest reason for the significant devaluation of Suzlon Energy has been the mounting debt.

The company currently has a debt of $2.5 billion which was cumulated over a period of 2 to 3 years when the Indian government had withdrawn major financial incentives for the wind energy sector. Emergence of new wind energy companies which offered services at a highly competitive rates also had an adverse impact on the company’s top line.

While Suzlon may sell off Senvion, it is expected to continue its expansion in the offshore wind energy sector which was the focus area for Senvion. Suzlon is expected to enter the offshore wind energy sector itself in India, probably using the technology lessons learnt since 2007. A 300 MW offshore wind energy project is being planned by the company off the coast of the Indian state of Gujarat. Once the project is successfully implemented, Suzlon Energy may look to replicate it in other developing markets. The company has also announced a very aggressive investment strategy and is looking to invest billions of dollars within India to set up 100s of megawatts of renewable energy capacity.

With the sale of Senvion, Suzlon Energy may look to turn a new leaf in its renewable energy business. In addition to entering the offshore wind energy business in India the company is also planning to enter the solar power market. The company already provides end-to-end solutions in the wind energy sector and is now looking to replicate this model in the solar energy sector in India which is set for a revolution.  

121 Postings, 4565 Tage Hanswurst13371Mrd Euro gibts für Suzlon

22.01.15 09:07

15621 Postings, 4273 Tage ulm000Senvion wird an Hegdefond verkauft

22.01.15 09:16
und wirklich nur für 1 Mrd. €. Hätte echt nicht gedacht, dass Senvion so billig zu haben ist bzw. Suzlon Senvion so billig hergibt. Damit kann Suzlon ihre sehr hohe Nettofinanzverschuldung von 2,34 Mrd. $ gerade mal halbieren.

Der Deal kommt jedenfalls an der Börse nicht gut an. In Indien Suzlon mit 6% im Minus.

Es gibt zwar offenbar eine Vereinbarung, dass Suzlon die Offshore-Technologie von Senvion für eine Lizenzgebühr benützen darf, aber das erklärt den niedrigen Senvion-Verkaufspreis auch nicht gerade. Zumindest für mich.

Muss mir somit so langsam aber sicher eine EXIT-Strategie hier ausdenken.  

4713 Postings, 2781 Tage Held-der-Arbeit@ulm000

22.01.15 09:24
da brennt es offensichtlich an einer Stelle, die wir nicht kennen :(

Auch ich werde mich dann ernsthaft mit dem Ende des Invests beschäftigen - nach fast 6 Jahren in denen ich nur nachgekauft habe, aber ich bin immer noch erheblich im Minus.  

4713 Postings, 2781 Tage Held-der-ArbeitSK heute Abend

22.01.15 11:56
unter 80 auf alle Fälle: Scheiße! :(

Hälfte Schulden weg, eher weniger und mehr als der halbe Umsatz flöten. Wie soll da die 1 wieder auftauchen?


62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickySuzlon verkauft Senvion für $1.16 Milliarden

22.01.15 12:04

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyZinsen halbiert Schulden reduziert auf 7500 crore

22.01.15 12:24
Suzlon Energy chairman Tulsi Tanti said the sale of its German subsidiary Senvion, which accounted for half of the group's revenues, would help the residual business grow at a faster pace.
In an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18, Tanti said the company would use Rs 6,000 crore of the Rs 7,200 crore proceeds to repay debt towards Indian banks and said the remaining Rs 1,200 crore would be plowed into the company as equity. Tanti further said that the company had offered holders of its foreign currency convertible bonds an option to convert about Rs 3,000 crore of debt into equity at a price of about Rs 16 per share. “In all, this would bring down our debt from Rs 16,500 crore to Rs 7,500 crore,” he said, adding that another Rs 4,000 crore worth of its debt was in the form of bullet bonds to be repaid in 2019 (non-redeemable with face value payable at maturity). “As a result, we now have only Rs 3,500 crore of working capital debt.”

As a result of the Senvion transaction, Suzlon’s overall interest cost would be cut in half, from Rs 1,600 crore to Rs 800 crore. Tanti also looked to assuage the market’s concerns that hiving off Suzlon would leave the residual company without any major operations and said infusion of additional equity, along with exposure to its “high growth” home and emerging markets would help the company turn profitable in the next financial year.
profitabel im nächsten Finanzjahr (das endet im März 2016 !)

transcript of Tulsi Tanti's interview with Latha Venkatesh and Sonia Shenoy on CNBC-TV18. following here....

Suzlon’s business will remain as it is. We have technology centres in Europe we have manufacturing bases in India and China and we have nearly 14,000 MW running installed capacity in nearly 20 countries. So all this will continue.
Latha: What will your revenues be post the Senvion sell? What were Suzlon’s revenues were before sale of Senvion?
A: The revenue was 50-50 [between Senvion and the remaining part of the business]. Last two years, our volumes were low because of non-availability of funds and we are in the CDR process. Now we have liquidity and going forward, we will have better volumes and revenues. Secondly, Suzlon is [now] operating in a more profitable market compared to Europe. So we have good potential. In 2009, we were running at 3,000 megawatt levels, we will now grow very fast grow because we have great capacity of production and project capability. We can leverage. The bottleneck was only a liquidity constraint.

Latha: What about your losses, at the moment you are running losses of about Rs 2,500 crore, what will your loss be next year?
A: Next financial year, there will be no loss. That is why we are doing this transaction.
Latha: You will return to a profit? Are you saying all your losses will be wiped out? A: Next financial year we are 100 percent making a profit because there is a reduction of 50 percent of interest cost and at the same time our volumes will increase because of availability of liquidity. It will make us a more profitable company. We will make profit next year.

Sonia: Can you tell us exactly how much interest will you be saving per annum from now on?
A: Currently our interest is Rs 1,600 crore on a full year basis. It will reduce by half, at Rs 800 crore. Out of Rs 7,200 crore, we will pay Rs 6,000 crore to Indian banks while Rs 1,200 crore will go towards growing our operations. At the same time, for Rs 3,000 crore worth of foreign currency convertible bond (FCCB) holders, we have provided an opportunity to convert to equity. This way, Rs 16,500 crore debt will come down to Rs 7,500 crore and the interest cost will go down 50 percent.

Latha: Have your lenders agreed to this deal?
A: Lenders are very much happy because they are getting Rs 6,000 crore from the proceeds and it will substantially reduce our debt. FCCB holders will be also comfortable as they will get the opportunity to convert into stock and company will be comfortable because now we have Rs 1,200 crore liquidity. On top of that, banks are giving us more working capital facilities. As a result, we will able to get higher growth business in domestic and international markets.
Latha: We had bankers telling us earlier in the day that they were unsure that Suzlon will be able to sustain and pay up its debt after Senvion goes out. Bankers told us that they were not sure that you would be able to sustain the debt you will have given that your revenues will be much lower.
A: That is not true because you have to understand the financial numbers: Rs 16,500 crore minus Rs 6,000 crore minus Rs 3,000 crore FCCB.
The balance is Rs 7,500 crore. Out of that Rs 4,000 crore is a covered bond, which I have to pay in FY2019, there is no principal payment required for the next three-four years and the balance remaining is Rs 3,500 crore which is working capital debt.

Sonia: You told us about the liquidity that you have. How much funds will you need now to ramp up your domestic business now that Senvion is out?
A: If it is available, Rs 1,200 crore is good enough to grab the domestic 40 percent market and growth in the international market. Because of the current debt situation bank is not in position to provide you the more non-und facilities. By paying this Rs 6,000 crore to all my lenders, they will be very comfortable to give me additional non-fund facilities which will help me to ramp up my volume more fast. We do not require the cash, we require the more non-funds....

A: So, we have to do also our shareholder approval, lenders approvals and other regulatory approvals, which we required nearly 45-60 days and the buyer has required the antitrust approvals and other compliance point of view and the general regulations they required 45 days. We are expecting by end, the second-third week of March, we will receive the money.
I don't require to pay anything to the Senvion, there is some communication gap. We will receive all the cash of USD 1 billion. On top of that I will get the 15 million euros as earn out based on the certain performance and top of that I am getting the offshore technology licence.

Sonia: You told us about the order book that currently stands at about 1,500 megawatts. Can you give us an indication of what exactly your revenues for the next year will be ex-Senvion for the listed entity now?
A: I cannot give the forecast.

A:The domestic market is growing from the current year to next year almost 40 percent -50 percent growth will come and we are targeting 40 percent market share for the domestic market. The particular geographies which we are targeting are in US and all emerging economy market it is in the 20 percent growth outside India. We will increase our business on those markets but our high priority will remain over the next financial year India first and then we can expand more business outside India in our existing geographies......

Read more at:


4713 Postings, 2781 Tage Held-der-Arbeitschöne Worte

22.01.15 13:38
allein mir fehlt nach dem Deal der Glaube

0,80 schon durch geknallt, next Stop70  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyWird Suzlon davon profitieren?

22.01.15 20:15
.... REpower, a much bigger company than Suzlon, was bought by the latter for Euro 1.5 billion in 2007. The acquisition was financed largely by debt. To make matters worse, the European crisis led to a slowdown in demand. Adding to the problem was removal of subsidy benefit on wind power, not only in India but also in the US, the biggest player in the wind power global market.

This impacted Suzlon badly, as it did others, who then resorted to predatory pricing. Suzlon’s effort to leverage the balance sheet of REpower was also disallowed. Neither could Suzlon sell the German unit nor could it get it listed at the valuation it wanted. Suzlon had clearly bitten off more than it could chew.

To its credit, Suzlon used the time and slowdown to tighten its belt. It rationalized its work force, renamed the company to Senvion, improved its product quality, moved up the value chain, added geographies, changed the revenue mix as well as payment terms for its products. The result was visible in the performance of the German unit. Since its acquisition, revenue has increased fourfold while its profitability has increased eight times.

Then why has Suzlon sold this bigger and more profitable unit for Euro 1 billion, a discount to its acquisition price of Euro 1.5 billion? It makes little business sense. The only reasonable explanation is that the company is being compelled to do so by its lenders who are making this as a condition for restructuring. The acquirer, Centrebridge Partners, is a private equity fund which specializes in distressed asset purchases. Unfortunately for Suzlon, Senvion is being sold at distressed valuation compared to its acquisition price and despite the stronger fundamentals of the company.

What will Suzlon be left with post Senvion? A Business Standard report points out that the sale will shrink the company’s size by 65% but will help to keep its head above water by paying off some lenders.

Thankfully for Suzlon, the business environment for renewable energy is improving in India, and the opportunity here seems bigger than that overseas.

Wind power companies like Suzlon were affected by the previous government’s decision of removing accelerated depreciation policy. Wind power companies were selling their units as a tax saving financial product because of this policy which not only gave the companies tax benefit but also high IRRs (internal rate of return) of over 17%. The policy, which was withdrawn in 2012, has been notified in September 2014.

Further, generation-based incentives (GBI) which was withdrawn in March 2012 has been reintroduced which gives the generator an incentive of Rs 0.50 per unit with its ceiling increased from Rs 0.62 crore to Rs 1 crore.

Removal of these two incentives reduced installation of wind power in India from 3,179 MW in 2012 to 1,721 MW in 2013. As per a Suzlon presentation, installation is expected to increase to 3,600 MW in FY16 and 4,000 MW in FY17.

Wind power companies will also get a boost from the fact that renewable energy and wind turbine generators are qualified as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity. Under the new companies act, companies have to spend 2% of their profit on CSR activity. Fast tracking of Green corridor by the Modi government will also speed up growth for the company.

Though the Senvion sale at depressed prices is bad for the company in the short term, if it helps company clear its corporate debt restructuring (CDR) proposal, it would be helpful for the company in the long run. Moreover, with the opportunity that is available, Suzlon would prefer to be in a slimmer shape to capture it. So was Senvion the jinx that held Suzlon back? The jury is still out on that one.  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage Kicky83.178 Volumen in Frankfurt

22.01.15 21:50
da haben wohl einige alles geschmissen soviel Volumen gab es in Frankfurt in den letzten Monaten nie
jetzt kann man wieder kaufen  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyTimes of India zum Erwerb von Senvion

23.01.15 12:03

....The deal was struck as a collapse in international crude prices hammed valuations of alternate energy companies and dashed Tanti's plans for selling Senvion shares on the LSE to pay off Suzlon's oppressive debt burden.

Senvion - the company with market leadership, hi-end technology, cash reserves, and which is overall profitable - contributes almost two-thirds of the Rs 20,000-crore revenue of its parent.

Tanti was forced into a sale to raise funds as the contract he had inked to buy Senvion (then RePower) in May 2007 barred Suzlon from using its cash reserves or to leverage the balance sheet of its German subsidiary to repay debt taken to acquire the company.

Suzlon teamed up with Portugal builder Mota Engi-owned Martifer for a fierce bidding war with French rival Areva that went on for five months and got control of RePower for 1.35 billion euros ($1.8 billion) with $250 million of cash outgo and $1.5 billion of loan, that still hangs on its books.

Besides, Suzlon had to shell out 270 million euros to buy out Martifer's 23% stake in RePower and another 350 million euros to buy Areva's 30% stake in RePower to take full control of the German firm, taking the acquisition cost close to 2 billion euros then.

To make things worse, Suzlon's interest cost kept on increasing, eroding its profitability and taking it close to bankruptcy. It became a defaulter as it failed to repay its bondholders, earning a bad name in the international financial community.

RePower's acquisition led to almost doubling of the interest cost on Suzlon's books to Rs 597 crore in FY08 and ballooned to Rs 2,070 crore in FY14. Cumulatively, since the Senvion buy, Suzlon had to cough up over Rs 10,000 crore just in form of just interest, significantly more than what Senvion was initially bought and then finally sold for.

Commenting on the deal, Suzlon Group chairman Tulsi Tanti said, "We are pleased to announce this development which is in line with our strategic initiative to strengthen our balance sheet. The proceeds would be used for debt repayment, thereby reducing interest cost and augment business growth."

According to the deal, Senvion will provide Suzlon with the licence for offshore technologies for the Indian market while Suzlon will give Senvion the S111-2.1 MW licence for the USA market. The deal is expected to be closed at the end of the current fiscal, subject to regulatory approvals.

"When you get gangrene, you need to cut the affected parts off to survive so that it doesn't affect other parts of the body. Such was the case with Suzlon buying Senvion and many such gangrene cases still persist in India Inc," investment advisor S P Tulsian told TOI.  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyBank of India spielte Hauptrolle ,andere Firmen

23.01.15 12:11
, die stark verschuldet sind werden folgen,weil die Reserve Bank of India und die Regierung die Banken zwingen ihre Bilanzen zu bereinigen

The decision of wind turbine maker Suzlon Energy to sell its German arm Senvion  tells us what is in store for companies with massive debt obligations to their lenders.Behind the Suzlon deal agreement, the domestic lenders to the company, including the country’s largest lender, State Bank of India (SBI), has played a key role in the fast execution of the deal.

On Thursday, speaking to CNBC-TV18, SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya confirmed that banks have been indeed acting behind the asset sale of Suzlon. “As you know we had been pushing with a lot of people to sell assets in order to deleverage balance sheets. This deal of Suzlon is precisely in that line,” Bhattacharya said.

Suzlon’s hurried sale of its profit making subsidiary is totally an expected move considering the enormous bad loan levels on the books of Indian Banks and the mounting pressure on them from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government to clean up their balance-sheets by recovering money.

A major chunk of the stress is with those lenders owned and run by the government.

Going ahead, one could see more such asset sales..  

1398 Postings, 4880 Tage CosmicTradeSuzlon Energy- Repower sale with high loss

23.01.15 16:44

Der Schuldenberg um einiges reduziert, der Berg ist aber
noch existent. Fragen bleiben offen, wenn eine Firma solch ein
Premium-Unternehmen wie Repower/Senvion kurzfristig fast verschenkt,
muss das Wasser bis zum Hals stehen.

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage Kickyman sollte schon englisch lesen können

23.01.15 17:55
bevor man Unsinn verzapft wie Cosmic Trade
Suzlon hat eine gute Auftragslage,die Schulden sind halbiert,die Zinsen vor allem auch und die Banken bereit, wieder zu finanzieren,was für Windpowerprojekte und Solar Voraussetzung ist.Die Regierung hat die Abschreibungsmöglichkeiten und Einspeisungskosten deutlich verbessert und das Programm ganz deutlich erhöht.Tanti redet jetzt von Gewinnen bis März 2016 .Und wenn er die Lizenz für die Senvionmühlen günstig bekommen hat, zumal er ja dafür seine USA-lizenz für die 2.1 MW  an Senvion gegeben hat,hat Suzlon eine gute Zukunft vor sich. Die Auftragslage von 1500 MW ist auch beruhigend .  

1398 Postings, 4880 Tage CosmicTradeGlaskugelblick?

25.01.15 19:55
Die kilometerlangen Texte in Englisch, die sowieso niemand
durchliest, lassen nur auf eines schließen, man ist investiert
und die Hosen sind kräftig am flattern.
Kindergartengeschichten bringen keinen Glaskugelblick.
Auch wenn man versucht Leute zu diffamieren deren
2. Muttersprache Englisch ist, funktioniert das nicht so
einfach. Der Kurs spricht Bände, Milliarden Aktien sind
Tatsachen, das wird gerne verschwiegen. Anleger sind
am Freitag an der Heimatbörse geradezu aus dem Wert
geflüchtet, kein Vergleich zu dem Spielplatz in D als GDR 1:4
Ausgabe. Seit 15 Jahren angemeldet und über 58T stars
können dabei nicht beeindrucken.


62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyIndien wieder leicht im Plus

26.01.15 17:20  NSE +0,85

kritischer Artikel zur Geschichte und Versachuldung
....even after R6,000 crore of the R7,200 crore that the Senvion sales fetches is returned to the banks, the firm will remain hugely overleveraged.

Unfortunately for Suzlon, in its quest for a global presence, it took its eyes off the potential back home and over the last couple of years other global energy players have moved in: Gamesa, in particular has picked up a fair bit of market share. While the local market does provide Suzlon with an opportunity, especially with the strong focus on renewable energy, how soon Tanti can put the firm back on its feet is unclear. After all, Senvion was by far the bigger and better part of the business.

If Tanti can revive Suzlon, he would have proved his mettle. The businessman has so far not walked the talk which is why his claims of being able to make the operations profitable by FY16 appear hollow because while there could be opportunities across the globe, it won’t be easy to get a foothold in any of the many markets that Tanti is eyeing; indeed as he told a newspaper, the markets where the firm hopes to operate are yet to be identified. Tanti is no newcomer to adversity; even getting full access to Senvion’s designs was a challenge because German law required him to buy out minority shareholders. Worse, in 2008, Edison Mission Energy complained Suzlon’s blades supplied were faulty and the latter was forced to recall the cracked blades and replace them. But he’s survived it all.  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage Kicky+1,0% an BSE erhöhtes Volumen

27.01.15 10:53

Suzlon signs agreement for sale of Senvion SE
Pune, India – Suzlon Group executives have signed a binding agreement with Centerbridge Partners LP USA to sell 100% stake in Senvion SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suzlon Group. The deal is valued at 1 billion euros equity value in an all cash transaction and future earn out of up to an additional 50 million euros. The transaction is subject to regulatory and other customary closing conditions.

Senvion is to give Suzlon license for off-shore technologies for the Indian market. Suzlon is to give Senvion the S111-2.1MW license for the USA market. The 100% stake sale of Senvion SE is in line with Suzlon’s strategy to reduce the debt and focus on the home market, the high-growth US market, and emerging markets China, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, and Mexico.The transaction is expected to be closed before the end of the current financial year. (Ende März)  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyWie Tanti Suzlon rentabel machen will

27.01.15 11:23

4713 Postings, 2781 Tage Held-der-Arbeit26.1. im PLUS?

27.01.15 19:43
.. kleiner Scherz, wie?

Und ein so junger Thread und bereits eine solche Liste von Ausschlüssen?  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickyEnergieunternehmen NTPC will indische Solar-

30.01.15 11:50
unternehmen für die nächsten 3 Solarprojekte mit 750MW
(Suzlon will Solar ausbauen)
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - State-run utility NTPC has restricted the building of three new solar power projects to domestic manufacturers, even as India pushes for overseas companies to lead fresh investments into a renewable energy drive.

Only Indian companies will be allowed to bid for the projects, which will have a combined 750 megawatts (MW) capacity, a spokeswoman for NTPC said on Thursday.

The spokeswoman declined to say why foreign companies were not able to bid, and stressed that Indian subsidiaries of foreign manufacturers would be free to participate in its future solar projects......

NTPC, which produces a quarter of the country's electricity, largely through thermal plants, plans to commission more than 11,500 MW of renewable energy by 2032.  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage Kicky+2,8% an NSE

02.02.15 17:38
schön langsam schleicht sie sich hoch über die kritische Marke von 16  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickySuzlon steigt wegen Shangvi Interesse an Energie

03.02.15 12:05

Shares of Suzlon rose over three per cent today on speculation that Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharmaceuticals was in talks for a possible personal investment.Sources said Shanghvi, who Forbes reckons is the second-richest Indian with a net worth of $18 billion, was in talks with promoter Tulsi Tanti to invest in Suzlon's renewable wind energy assets.

"This is being discussed. If it materialises, it will be in Shanghvi's personal capacity," a source close to Suzlon said. A leading Delhi-based consultant is advising Shanghvi on the discussions.

When contacted, a spokesperson for Sun Pharma said the information was ''not true''. The Suzlon spokesperson said the company was undergoing a debt recast and would not comment on any such development.

"Shanghvi has been looking to buy a clean energy asset for some time. This is a personal call by him to add a clean energy project to his portfolio and less to do with his company's investment in a wind energy company," said a senior executive.

Renewable energy experts said Shanghvi's move could be prompted by tax benefits. Investment in wind farms is due for accelerated depreciation. The 2014 budget allowed 80 per cent accelerated depreciation in wind power projects. Several rich investors have invested in such projects, including actress Aishwarya Rai, and cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.  

442 Postings, 2940 Tage aktopusPhantasie

03.02.15 16:43
Klingt gut und bringt wieder Phantasie in die Aktie zurück; der Kurs steht in Indien ja auch schon wieder bei 17,15 Rupien; nur bei uns schläft Frankfurt hinterher und "verschenkt" die Aktien zu 0,91€, statt zum "realen Umrechnungspreis", der 10% teurer bei 1,..€ liegen müsste.  

62212 Postings, 7525 Tage KickySuzlon says there is no investment proposal from

04.02.15 14:31
ist ja klar solange das nicht eingetütet ist können sie es der Börse nicht melden

Suzlon rebuffed media report in a Tuesday statement to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), saying its board had neither considered nor received such an offer. “There is no material price sensitive information which is required to be intimated to the stock exchanges”, it said.  

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