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8541 Postings, 5900 Tage kleinlieschenbin auch nur mit nem minibetrag drin-

15.09.06 18:25
aber wenn das teil je die von happy im herbst 05
prognostizierten 80-100€ erreichen sollte (grins),
dann bin ich reich! (doppelgrins)

aber wahrscheinlicher ist, das ich die schon bei 0,01 rausschmeissen würde ;-)))

gruß - kl.

8541 Postings, 5900 Tage kleinlieschenschlußkurs 0,0017 $

19.09.06 12:05
heute wirds spannend - sackt der kurs weiter ab
oder haben wir jetzt das absolute tief gesehen?

oder ist bei slwf doch alles nur betrug -
einschließlich der letzten bestellung?

gruß - kl.  

4308 Postings, 7370 Tage NukemSchon wieder mega-news!

19.09.06 15:38
Seamless Posts New S-XGen Features Video on
Tuesday September 19, 8:30 am ET

Video Highlights Design and Keyboard Functionality

LAS VEGAS, NV--(MARKET WIRE)--Sep 19, 2006 -- Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. (OTC BB:SLWF.OB - News) subsidiary Seamless Internet Inc. today announced that the company has posted a new video showcasing the S-XGen(TM)'s compact design, enhanced features and keyboard functionality on the company's website at

The S-XGen is the newest contender in the rapidly expanding Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) class of minicomputers. The S-XGen has a robust shock-proof 20GB hard drive, a 6.5" X 3.8" X 1.125" form factor, including a TFT Transflective Touch Screen viewable in sunlight, 802.11b/g and Bluetooth connectivity, SD MMC and Compact Flash sockets, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and a near full-sized Qwerty folding keyboard, stereo speakers and inputs/outputs, docking socket and tri-band cell phone communications capability. GPS capability will be available as an add-on.

Over 600 S-XGen units have been preordered, including 100 by TranStar Communications specially modified for in-flight computing and entertainment use, and 500 units by X 1.0, a leading PC systems integrator in the New York metro area to offer their client base a real computing and communications tool in a much smaller form than common laptops, and without the small keyboard drawback of PDA-type devices.

Seamless Internet will be exhibiting the S-XGen(TM) Mobile Computing and Communications Device at Sands Innovation Pavilion in Booth IP125 at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show January 8th - 11th, 2007.

The S-XGen form and functions video can be seen at, where interested parties can view the device and its specifications and register to receive the Seamless Newsletter.

UPDATE Q&A scheduled for Seamless Peer 2 Peer Q&A is now September 28th and the Seamless Internet Q&A will be on October 12th and Seamless Wi-Fi Q&A will be on October 26th.  

4308 Postings, 7370 Tage NukemHyper!

19.09.06 15:43
Innovativität zahlt sich aus. 500 Einheiten wurden schon verkauft. Die neuen Standarts werden den SLWF Kurs deutlich nach oben ziehen.    

4308 Postings, 7370 Tage NukemGo baby!

19.09.06 15:49
Mal sehen, wo wir abends stehen!  

4308 Postings, 7370 Tage NukemMega-News! Seamless!

19.09.06 15:53
0,0023. Wer Seamless kennt, weiß, dass sie gut laufen kann. Ich hoffe, dass der Mark endlich kapiert hat, dass Seamless jede Menge top-Produkte im Portfolio hat und für weitaus höhere Kurse geeignet ist.  

4308 Postings, 7370 Tage Nukem0,0024

19.09.06 15:57
Wie ich oben schon geschrieben habe. Seamless hat einen wahnsinnig positiven Ausblick. Der Aktienkurs ist unterbewertet. Neue Technische Standarts seten sich durch, siehe den letzten Vertrag.  

4308 Postings, 7370 Tage Nukem19 mio umsatz

19.09.06 15:59
Wie ich oben schon geschrieben habe. Seamless hat einen wahnsinnig positiven Ausblick. Der Aktienkurs ist unterbewertet. Neue Technische Standarts seten sich durch, siehe den letzten Vertrag.  

4308 Postings, 7370 Tage NukemVerharren?

19.09.06 16:06
Ich denke, auf dem Niveau 0,0024 werden wir erstmal verharren. Zum Schluss sehen wir nochmal einen Run.  

3026 Postings, 6009 Tage TifflorSeamless die Chance heute?

19.09.06 16:23
RT 0,0021 USD nach guter News.
GAP geschlossen und starkes Volumen!
Könnte gleich richtig anlaufen ;-)  

8541 Postings, 5900 Tage kleinlieschengeht schon wieder runter- 0,0019$

19.09.06 18:24
umsatz bisher 59mio stk.
versteh ich nicht -
wird wohl stark geshortet.

gruß - kl.

3026 Postings, 6009 Tage Tifflorund wieder auf 0,0021 USD ;-) o. T.

19.09.06 18:47

8541 Postings, 5900 Tage kleinlieschensieht nicht gut aus-

21.09.06 18:22
trotz aufträge gestern neues tief bei 0,0015$-
da wissen einige wieder mal etws mehr als andere.

gruß - kl.  

8541 Postings, 5900 Tage kleinlieschenbid in ff inzwischen

26.09.06 10:12
auf über 20mio. stk. angewachsen.

hab ja noch welche im depot- ist für mich aber ziemlich unvorstellbar,
das seamless sich nochmal erholt -
aber manchmal geschieht ja auch das unvorstellbare  ;-)

gruß - kl.  

8541 Postings, 5900 Tage kleinlieschenbid in ff heute 22mio stk - o. T.

27.09.06 14:37

358 Postings, 6014 Tage Sanke Seamless New`s 1710 2006

18.10.06 09:04

Phenom™ 3.0 Advertising Program Slated for CNET

LAS VEGAS, NV—October 17, 2006 -- Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. (OTC BB:SLWF) announced today an aggressive advertising program featuring company subsidiary Seamless Peer 2 Peer’s Phenom™ 3.0 Virtual Internet Extranet encryption software. Phenom ™ provides SOX and HIPAA-compliant secure peer mail, chat, file transfer, remote PC access, secure VoIP, video conferencing and white boarding. The ad campaign is slated to begin November 1, 2006 on CNET ( where people go to discover the latest tech an consumer electronics.

The advertising program is timed to coincide with the company’s presentations and preview of Phenom™ 3.0 and the S-XGen ™ Ultra Mobile Personal Computer and Communications Device at the Value Rich Small Cap Expo in Las Vegas October 25th and the Consumer Electronics Show pre-show press briefing in New York November 8th. Seamless will also be exhibiting Phenom 3.0 and the S-XGen ™ at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) in Las Vegas, January 8 -11 in Booth IP125 at the Sands. The S-XGen is the newest contender in the rapidly expanding Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) class of minicomputers and takes connectivity to the next level with integrated Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

“Through our earlier branding contest we found CNET to provide the most tech-savvy and responsive audience for Phenom and we are pleased to work with CNET again to build awareness and drive interest and sales in Phenom following our presentations at Value Rich and preceding CES,” said Luke Rippy, President of Seamless Peer 2 Peer, Inc.

To receive ongoing updates on Seamless and its subsidiaries, please register to receive Seamless News at

About Seamless Wi-Fi

Seamless Wi-Fi Inc. ( is a Las Vegas-based company listed on the OTC BB under the symbol SLWF. Seamless develops and markets cutting-edge internet communications products and services through its three operating subsidiaries: Seamless Skyy-Fi, Inc. (, Seamless Peer 2 Peer, Inc. ( and Seamless Internet ( Seamless Skyy-Fi is forging a network of Wi-Fi Hot Spots in targeted geographic and vertical markets across the country and has achieved initial success providing hotel and retail Wi-Fi hotspots. Seamless Peer 2 Peer has developed and will soon launch version 3.0 of their Phenom™ Virtual Internet Extranet encryption software, which provides SOX and HIPAA-compliant secure internet communications over standard internet services. Seamless Internet is manufacturing and marketing the S-XGen™ Ultra Mobile Personal Computer and Communications Device that combines portability, connectivity, processing power and entertainment capabilities for the ultimate road-warrior laptop replacement. Seamless Internet also provides secure hosting services for all-Seamless company clientele.

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This release includes forward-looking statements intended to qualify for the safe harbor from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements generally can be identified by phrases such as SLWF or its management "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "foresees," "forecasts," "estimates" or other words or phrases of similar import. Similarly, such statements in this release that describe the company's business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions, or goals also are forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, among other things, product price volatility, product demand, market competition, and risk inherent in the operations of a company. We assume no obligation to update any written or oral forward-looking statement made by us or on our behalf as a result of new information, future events or other factors.

For Seamless:
 Rich Schineller


If you no longer wish to receive the SLWF newsletter please visit and complete the form to remove yourself from the mailing list.


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