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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten ist bei 5G voll dabei

10.04.19 22:54

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's telcos were formally allocated 5G spectrum by regulators on Wednesday, a major milestone ahead of the launch of high-speed wireless services next spring.
The three big carriers - NTT Docomo, KDDI and SoftBank Corp - along with new entrant Rakuten Inc all received spectrum from the telecoms ministry.

The technology, which can provide data speeds at least 20 times faster than 4G, is seen as essential for emerging technologies from self-driving cars and augmented reality to smart cities and artificial intelligence.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaUnfassbar günstige 5G-Aufrüstung für nur

11.04.19 08:09
ca. 1,8 Milliarden US-Dollar

Rakuten Mobile, Inc. (hereafter “Rakuten Mobile”), a subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc., announced today that it has received approval from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications for its 5th generation mobile communications system (5G) special radio station deployment plan for the 3.7 GHz frequency band (over 3,800 MHz and equal to and under 3,900 MHz) and 28 GHz frequency band (over 27.0 GHz and equal to and under 27.4 GHz).

The amount of capital expenditure related to 5G network construction is expected to be at most 200 billion yen. In addition to funding through capital injection from Rakuten, Inc., financing by Rakuten Mobile that is non-recourse to Rakuten, Inc. is planned.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten Point Card Serv ice

12.04.19 07:31
Rakuten held a joint press conference with Kourakuen, a ramen restaurant chain with 517 branches nationwide, to announce a collaboration around the Rakuten Point Card service.

In addition to introducing the Rakuten Point Card at all Kourakuen restaurants, there are also plans to roll out initiatives leveraging various Rakuten Group services, including a sponsorship agreement with Rakuten Baseball. One of these initiatives, an AI-powered photo booth developed by Rakuten Institute of Technology called "Kourakuen UmaAI Kuji," was demonstrated on the day of the press conference, attracting much media attention.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaHow Do You Say "Rakuten"

12.04.19 18:29
About Rakuten Super Bowl 2019 TV Commercial, 'How Do You Say "Rakuten"?'

Rakuten says it's the shopping site that gives you cash back. But, this Super Bowl LIII ad shows that some people can't seem to figure out how to pronounce the name. The company sets up a machine that rewards people with briefcases of money whenever they correctly say "RACK-uh-ten." It's time to celebrate!



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaWow: Rakuten owns 29.6 per cent of Carousell

13.04.19 09:24
10 Apr, 2019

Carousell raises US$56 million at valuation of US$550 million

Carousell, the Singaporean P2P e-commerce site, has raised US$56 million from OLX Group, the company announced today. The investment values the company at over US$550 million.

OLX Group is owned by Naspers, one of the world’s leading technology investment firms whose big win is being one of the first investors into a young Tencent.

Furthermore, as part of the deal, Carousell has acquired the the Philippines operations of OLX Group and will integrate it into the Carousell brand over the next six months.

The investment makes OLX Group the third largest stakeholder in Carousell — now owns about 10 per cent of the company. Rakuten owns 29.6 per cent of the company and Sequoia India owns 15.1 percent.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaHier ist Rakuten über Cabify dabei

13.04.19 12:23
Madrid-based micro mobility startup MOVO raises €20M funding: Here’s what you don’t know about the last mile ride sharing platform

It surely is a good era for startups as more investors are taking the plunge to supporting an upcoming business. You can now add one more to the list as the Spanish micromobility startup MOVO has secured €20 million in Series A funding round. The company currently operates in five countries and will be utilising the fresh funds to expand their business and reach to new countries. MOVO is an E-scooter and moped sharing platform that provides last mile connectivity to users.

MOVO is owned by Cabify, the ride-hailing service. MOVO secured €20 million in Series A round of funding, which was led by Seaya Ventures, Cabify, and Mutua Madrileña. The company currently operates in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru. With the influx of fresh funds, it aims to expand its services in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. The company aims to offer its service to a total of 10 countries by the end of this year.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten Viber erweitert sein Angebot

13.04.19 14:05
It can be really tough to keep in touch with loved ones back home when you are abroad. Luckily for you, that’s where Viber is super helpful, with free Viber-to-Viber calls and messages and low-cost outbound calls to non-Viber numbers with Viber Out.

We are delighted to introduce Viber Local Number, a new service that offers you great value inbound calls.

Viber Local Number gives you a locally based virtual landline or mobile number, so no matter where you are located in the world physically everyone can call you at their local rate.

Just imagine, with a Viber Local Number you make it easy to stay on top of your services. Give your bank, doctor, school or work your local number, and they will be able to reach you anytime – no matter where you are in the world.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten TV greift Netflix und Amazon an

13.04.19 17:08

Rakuten TV wants to become a true global alternative to Amazon Video and Netflix, and has ambitious plans to help that become a reality. Along with a rapid expansion into new countries, it seems 8K content is also part of the strategy.

Jacinto Roca, Rakuten TV CEO, told Variety that the company hopes to offer 8K movies "in the second half of this year". The service already offers HD and 4K content.

Rakuten TV has also launched in more than 30 new territories today and announced new partnerships with TV manufacturers including Hisense, LG, Philips and Samsung. Those partnerships will see a dedicated Rakuten TV button appear on selected TV remote controls.

Amazon Video and Netflix have grown quickly to dominate online viewing, with rapid adoption of new TV technologies such as 4K and HDR proving to be a significant part of both services' strategies. Now it seems Rakuten wants to grab a piece of the pie by jumping feet first into 8K video.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten Kobo auf Augenhöhe mit dem

13.04.19 23:29
Platzhirsch Amazon:



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten ist an Go-Jek beteiligt

14.04.19 08:20
Digital payment is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia — yet 99 percent of transactions by volume are carried out using cash, according to management consultancy McKinsey and Company.
To tap the massive potential of Indonesia's electronic payment market, Go-Pay — the mobile wallet of ride-hailing app Go-Jek — is planning to "strengthen and deepen" its position in that space, according to Go-Pay CEO Aldi Haryopratomo.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaIn Frankreich mit Rakuten Priceminister vor Ebay

14.04.19 09:37

„Inzwischen gilt PriceMinister als zweitgrößter Marktplatz in Frankreich und hat sogar den lokalen Ableger von eBay überholt.“



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaÜber das neueste Investitionsziel von Rakuten

14.04.19 16:26
In 2018, ShopBack saw 250% year-on-year growth in orders and sales. The company was powering over 2.5 million monthly transactions for more than seven million users in seven Asia Pacific countries, delivering close to US$1 billion (RM4.1 billion) sales for over 2,000 merchant partners in both the online as well as offline spaces.

ShopBack also entered Australia, its first market outside Asia last year and opened research and development hubs in Vietnam and Taiwan, driving a threefold increase in its Engineering, Data and Product Management talent pool.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaKauf von Curbsite war ein exzellenter Schachzug

14.04.19 17:12
March 5, 2019

When Curbside joined the Rakuten family in June of 2018, we knew opportunities to accelerate growth of our platform were endless, and our ability to scale globally could now be done seamlessly. Rakuten is a global eCommerce and Internet company, with over 1.2 billion global members across 190 countries.

Now a part of the Rakuten family, Curbside is proud to introduce its first solution suite anchored into the global Rakuten ecosystem, the Rakuten Merchant Cloud.

The Rakuten Merchant Cloud is a suite of cloud services that enable merchants to better meet the shopping and fulfillment needs of today’s mobile-first consumer, while also driving both digital growth and additional traffic to brick and mortar locations.



218 Postings, 1445 Tage skipper2004ich...

14.04.19 22:24
wär ja echt an Rakuten interessiert, aber ebenso an einen Gedankenaustausch. Allein deine ausschließlich englischsprachigen Infos nerven mich ohne Ende. Wenn du wenigstens ein persönliches Fazit hintanhängen würdest. Aber nichts. Nur 150 englische Zeilen samt irgend einer Überschrift hingenallt. Und da seit gefühlten Jahrzehnten.  Also mein Freund - damit lockst du niemanden hinterm Ofen hervor.


50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten: Capable of delivering 5G

15.04.19 07:23
Japan's Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank and Rakuten get mobile phone 5G bands ahead of 2020 launch
Apr 10, 2019

The telecom ministry allocated mobile phone frequency bands for superfast 5G services to three major mobile carriers and the e-commerce giant Rakuten Inc. on Wednesday, ahead of an expected full-scale launch in 2020.

After reviewing operational plans by NTT Docomo Inc., KDDI Corp., SoftBank Corp. and Rakuten, an advisory council to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications approved the allocation of 5G frequencies. After conducting trials later this year, the mobile phone carriers plan to start a commercial rollout from 2020, with the 5G technology enabling users to send and receive data some 100 times faster than the current 4G networks allow.

Rakuten plans to begin running 4G services in October while constructing a network that is capable of delivering 5G telecommunications.



50081 Postings, 5404 Tage Libudazu 3389: Da scheint es unterschieldiche Meinungen

15.04.19 07:25
zu geben:

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50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRaktuen hält ca. 5% an Pinterest

15.04.19 19:42
Pinterest 'has the potential to grab advertising dollars' from competitors

Yahoo Finance VideoApril 15, 2019

Kathleen Weiss Hanley, Lehigh University Bolton-Perella Chair in Finance, says Pinterest "has the potential to grab advertising dollars that other social media companies do not" with their story boards and space for product placement. Yahoo Finance's Akiko Fujita speaks to her.



3363 Postings, 223 Tage Gonzoderersteimmer nur diese Meldungen

15.04.19 19:47
100 neue Meldungen sind ein Strohfeuer irgendwann wendet man sich ab, die Aktie  gibt im Moment  nix her siehe Kurs, so what? so sieht es der Markt, nicht ich!

es grüßt der Troll!  

583 Postings, 714 Tage Snoooke@skipper

15.04.19 22:54
Sei doch dankbar, das hier jemand alle News zusammenträgt.

Was möchtest du den lesen ? So einen Müll wie im Wirecardforum ?

Heute steigt es !  Weil ....
Heute fällt es !  Weil ....
Morgen steigt oder fällt es .........
bla bla bla

50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaUpstart ist eine weitere exzellente Beteiligung

15.04.19 23:07
von Rakuten:

Upstart raises $50m investment and lands new bank contracts
Written by FinTech Futures
9th April 2019

The funding from Progressive Investment Company, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan and First National Bank of Omaha brings Upstart’s total raised to $160 million to date.

Upstart’s strategy is to partner with banks, offering its AI platform – with patent-pending risk modelling and automation – as a white-labelled lending application that banks can use to enhance their own lending programmes. The company has also announced new “Powered by Upstart” partnership agreements with First National Bank of Omaha, First Federal Bank of Kansas City and Accion Chicago.
Upstart has originated more than $3.3 billion of loans in the last five years, grew revenues by about 80% in 2018 and reached profitability in the second half of the year. The company says that 60% of its originations in 2019 have been entirely automated and approved in real time.



3363 Postings, 223 Tage Gonzodererste@skipper

15.04.19 23:15
Ich glaube das ist irgendein asiatischer Rechner der den ganzen Tag hundert tausende Quellen nach Meldungen durchsucht und dann hier einstellt. Komischer Kontinent, ist mir irgendwie fremd. Die Hornbach Webung mit den stinkenden Hemden irritiert mich in dem Kontext auch enorm, ich weiß nicht was ich ohne Emotionen von der Aktie halten soll  

50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaRakuten ist an Acorns beteiligt

16.04.19 12:10
Acorns’ Valuation Tops Betterment’s
Jan. 29, 2019  

Following its latest funding round, Acorns Grow Inc. is now worth $860 million, putting its valuation ahead of that of pioneering robo-advisor Betterment, The Wall Street Journal reports.

As of January, Acorns had about 2 million U.S. investment accounts, the newspaper said, citing regulatory filings.



218 Postings, 1445 Tage skipper2004@Gonzo

16.04.19 14:09
Wie gesagt , ich würd mich schon für die Aktie interessieren, aber dieses Kauderwelsch an Infos und eigentlich nur ein Alleinunterhalter - ich habs versucht, kann mir aber kein Bild davon machen. Und der Börsenpunk ist auch nicht das Gelbe vom Ei. Fazit : Ich lass die Finger davon. Andere Mütter haben auch schöne Töchter ( IVU, PAYPAL usw. )


50081 Postings, 5404 Tage Libudamikitani-the-visionary-who-built-japans-amazon

16.04.19 17:05


50081 Postings, 5404 Tage LibudaDas m.E. momentan wichtigste Schlachtfeld

16.04.19 17:33
Apr 10, 2019, 05:45pm
Japan's Richest 2019: Rakuten's Mikitani Bets $5.5 Billion To Shake Up Telecom Industry

Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani doesn’t shy away from risks. His $5.5 billion bet is his biggest one to date: a startup using a new technology to disrupt the nation’s entrenched, three-way mobile phone oligopoly. Rakuten wants to build a new telecom network in Japan in as little as half the time and at a cost of up to 40% less than what it would take to build a conventional system.

The new service, Rakuten Mobile, aims to attract about 10 million customers over nine years—and 15 million over a longer period—by providing what it claims will be a cheaper, faster and more reliable network.



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