Plug Power erfolgreiche Demo von Fuel cell m.Honda

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03.10.03 01:11

das interessante ist nicht nur ,dass die Produktion des Hydrogen fuel reicht für die tägliche Fahrleistung eines Autos,sondern der Hinweis auf die Technologie für backup Power im Fall von Stromausfall und dass PLUG den GenCore(TM) 5T bald verschiffen wird

LATHAM, N.Y., Oct 2, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq: PLUG and Honda R&D Co., Ltd. of Japan announced today the successful demonstration of a prototype Home Energy Station at Honda R&D Americas' facility in Torrance, California. The Home Energy Station is a fully integrated system co-developed by Plug Power and Honda, using proprietary technologies from both companies. The system was developed under the exclusive joint development agreement that was signed between Plug Power and Honda in October 2002.
The system, fueled by natural gas, demonstrated its ability to export electricity to the grid, and generated, stored and delivered hydrogen fuel to Honda's FCX fuel cell vehicle. The Home Energy Station can produce enough hydrogen to fill one fuel cell vehicle every day. The system requires no electricity from the grid; all energy needs are derived from the natural gas fuel. The prototype demonstration marks the completion of the first major milestone of Plug Power's work with Honda on the Home Energy Station. Plug Power and Honda intend to extend their collaboration into 2004 to improve the system
Hydrogen fuel allows fuel cell vehicles to run with maximum efficiency and zero emissions, producing only water as a by-product. Widespread adoption of fuel cell vehicles will be facilitated by installation of a hydrogen-fueling infrastructure. The Home Energy Station is expected to offer customers a new paradigm in fueling convenience by allowing vehicle refueling, and providing electricity, heat, and backup power for the home or business. In addition to the Home Energy Station product with Honda, backup power is an important feature of other products in Plug Power's portfolio. During the power blackout in the northeastern United States in August 2003, a number of Plug Power's current GenSys(TM) 5CS products continued to supply power to Plug Power's customers during the outage. Later this year, Plug Power expects to begin shipping the GenCore(TM) 5T, a backup power product for telecommunications applications. Plug Power's early experience with backup power technology should benefit the development effort with Honda, because the Home Energy Station is expected to leverage the same technology platform as these other products. "The electricity blackouts in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Denmark and, most recently, Italy, underscore the need for reliable backup power to protect our critical infrastructures, like telecom and broadband, and also to protect our homes and businesses
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17.10.03 09:02
Next-generation vehicles that are easy on the environment are preparing to grab headlines at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show, to start Oct. 24 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture.

All the usual suspects, including Honda Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp., have been hard at work primping their entrants.

Honda plans to unveil a concept car, Kiwami, with a fuel cell system whose hydrogen storage tank is located in the center of the vehicle, rather than at the front or back. Such placement has enabled the automaker to lower the body height to 1.25 meters.

GM, meanwhile, plans to steal the show with its Hy-wire fuel cell car.

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by electric motors fitted with fuel cell units that create electricity through a chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen. Automakers have been stepping up development of such cars, since their power units emit nothing but water.

A number of hybrid vehicles, which use electric motors at slow speeds and are assisted with gasoline engines at higher speeds, will also be on display at the show.

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., maker of Subaru vehicles, will present the B9 Scrambler, a two-seater hybrid roadster that runs on its electric motor until it hits as fast as 80 kilometers per hour.

Mazda Motor Corp. will showcase an RX-8 sports car powered by a newly developed rotary engine in which hydrogen, as well as conventional gasoline, is combusted.

Automakers have been intriguing motor show audiences with their eco-friendly vehicles for several years. The difference this year is that the cars are no longer of the no-frills, bare-bone variety, but models that make better use of such things as information-technology that could be on the road in the near future.

Toyota says it will introduce the single-seat PM electric vehvehicle, a car equipped with a device for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, enabling it to share information on such things as the route to a destination.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will present a concept car named i, which uses a round memory card as an ignition key. Future owners will be able to use the card to download data such as music and maps from their personal computers at home before they go driving.

Nissan Motor Co. plans to play up Japanese culture in its lineup this year, with the front grille of its Serenity designed to look like the face of a kabuki actor in full makeup.

Nissan's Fuga, a prototype luxury sedan, features panels made of hinoki, or Japanese cypress, and coated with Japanese lacquer.

This year's show, which will run until Nov. 5, will focus on passenger cars and motorcycles.


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schätze mal die Nachrichten sind schon eingepreist  

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lest mal die businessweek...

MfG, ZiZo |


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82 Postings, 4140 Tage Maurice87niemand mehr da ??

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keiner mehr am ball geblieben ??



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man findet wiedermal sehr wenig ... :-/  

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was wird der Kurs nun machen

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Danke Engel Gabriel,frohes Fest jetzt schon  

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Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) develops, manufactures, integrates and services proprietary fuel cell solutions, providing clean, reliable energy for customers throughout the world. Since our inception in 1997, we’ve worked mainly to commercialize fuel cells built on a platform-based systems architecture using Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and related fuel-processing and system-management technologies.

We’re currently focused on commercializing product lines targeted at different markets.

GenDrive™ systems for motive power offer a drop-in replacement as an alternative to lead-acid batteries for electric lift truck applications. They provide the customer with more commercial space and lower operational costs.
GenSys® systems for off-grid, prime power and grid parallel combined heat and power applications deliver lower maintenance and fuel costs, low emissions, higher efficiency and quiet operation, as well as longer life compared with incumbent technologies.

We’re headquartered in Latham, New York, but you can also find us in Richmond, British Columbia; and Sidney, Ohio. The Latham facility houses executive, sales and administrative offices as well as research laboratories and a 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility with dedicated production test facilities based on lean manufacturing principles. Additional research, engineering, sales and customer support activities are carried out in Ohio and Richmond.

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achte mal auf der linken Seite was die Manager von sich geben
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