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27.06.19 09:20

was macht man wenn man einen Wert unbedingt haben will und einen Monat auf en kauf wartet, man kauft überteuert :-D
Ist zwar als long gedacht, da aber in DE schwer zu handeln hats die größe einer kleinen Zockerposi.

zu Parkway:

Parkway Life REIT ("PLife REIT") is one of Asia's largest listed healthcare REITs. It invests in income-producing real estate and real estate-related assets used primarily for healthcare and healthcare-related purposes. As at 31 March 2019, PLife REIT's total portfolio size stands at 50 properties totalling approximately S$1.86 billion.



2604 Postings, 1837 Tage XaropePLife: 2Q 2019 RESULTS PRESENTATION

04.08.19 09:00



Dok der Zitate:

2Q 2019Key Highlights

Steady DPU Growth Since IPO
―DPU for 2Q 2019 at 3.27cents; DPU for 1H 2019 at 6.55cents
―DPU grew by 2.6% (2Q Y-O-Y) and 3.0% (1H Y-O-Y)

Strong Capital Structure1
―Further extended JPY net income hedge till 1Q 2024 capitalising on the recent strengthening of JPY
―No long-term debt refinancing needs till 20202
―Interest cover ratio of 13.8 times
―Gearing remains optimal at 36.9%
―All-in cost of debt of 0.91%


2604 Postings, 1837 Tage XaropePLife: moodys periodic review baa2

19.10.19 08:31

Moody's announces completion of a periodic review of ratings of Parkway Life REIT

Parkway Life REIT's (PLife REIT) Baa2 issuer rating reflects its ability to generate stable and recurring income from its healthcare properties. Majority of its properties are under long term lease agreements which provide revenue visibility as well income stability. The rating also considers the trust's financial flexibility as all its debt is unsecured.


2604 Postings, 1837 Tage XaropePLife: Acquisition of 3 Properties Located in Japa

07.12.19 08:38

Acquisition of Three Properties Located in Japan

191203 Press Release_FINAL.pdf

Singapore, 3 December2019–Parkway Trust Management Limited (the “Manager”), as manager of Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust (“PLife REIT”), one of Asia’s largest listed healthcare REITs, is  pleased  to  announce the acquisition  of three  nursing rehabilitation facilities in  Japan  (collectively, the “Properties”) from K.K.Habitation, Fuyo ShojiKabushiki KaishaandMedical Corporation Shojin-kai  (collectively, the  “Vendors”)  for  a  total  consideration  of JPY3,700 million  (approximately S$46.3million3).


2604 Postings, 1837 Tage XaropePLife: Investor Presentation Slides Full Year 2019

25.01.20 08:54

PLife REIT Investor Presentation Slides Full Year 2019 Results

Steady DPU Growth Since IPO
―DPU for 4Q 2019 up 2.0% (4Q Y-O-Y) to 3.34 cents
―Full year DPU growth of 2.5% y-o-y to 13.19 cents  
―Strong growth of 108.7% since IPO

Strengthening of Japan Portfolio
―Acquisition of three nursing rehabilitation facilities at JPY3.7 billion/S$46.3 million1
―Purchase price approximately 7.0% below valuation
―Net property yield of 6.8%
―Solidified PLife REIT’s position through geographical and tenant diversification within Japan

Strong Capital Structure
―No significant debt refinancing needs in 20202
―Interest cover ratio of 14.1 times
―Gearing remains optimal at 37.1%
―About 83% of interest rate exposure is hedged
―All-in cost of debt of approximately 0.80%

Valuation Gain In Properties
―Valuation gain of $43.0 million (2.2%) of the total portfolio as at 31 December 2019


2604 Postings, 1837 Tage XaropePLife: Q1 2020 Investor Presentation Slides

25.04.20 08:33

Investor Presentation Slides

* Revenue grew by 5.2% to $29.9 million for 1Q 2020.

1Q 2020 Key Highlights

DPU Growth of 1.4% for 1Q 2020
―Amount available for distribution income grew by 5.7% (Y-O-Y)
―Will set aside $1.7 million for COVID-19 related relief measures to support our tenants where necessary, of which S$850,000 was retained in 1Q 2020
―Notwithstanding, DPU for 1Q 2020 grew by 1.4% (Y-O-Y) to 3.32 cents

Successful Refinancing of remaining Long Term Loan due in 2020
―Secured a 6-year committed loan facility to term out the S$75.2 million loan2in 3Q 2020
―Extended debt maturity profile to 2026
―No long term debt refinancing needs till June 2021

Strong Capital Structure
―Extended JPY net income hedge till 2Q 2025 capitalising on the recent strengthening of JPY
―Gearing remains optimal at 38.5%
―Interest coverage ratio of 14.8 times
―About 89% of interest rate exposure is hedged
―Lowered all-in cost of debt from 0.80%3to 0.63% mainly due to the extension of JPY interest rate hedge at lower cost and overall drop in interest rates

Impact of COVID-19
―Posed significant impact on the global economy since its outbreak in early 2020
―Notwithstanding, the REIT’s operations and performance are relatively stable with no major impact anticipated
―Continues to monitor the situation closely


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