NunaMinerals A/S Gold Aus Greenland, Anderes Metal

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NunaMinerals A/S is a Denmark-based minerals exploration company that primarily develops, utilizes and markets natural mineral resources on a commercial basis. Its business strategy comprises the co-ownership of mines and collecting royalties from mining operations and project sales. The Company divides its projects into Core projects and Non-core projects. During the fiscal year 2010, The Company's activities were focused on several projects, including Nuuk Gold Province, Nanortalik Gold Provice, Rare Earth Elements (REE) projects, Diamonds, Thule Irone Provices, Stendalen and Other areas. The Major shareholders of NunaMinerals A/S include the Government of Greenland (33.7%), Rudersdal A/S (13.3%) and Professionel Forening Ld Hf (16.9%) as well Fondsmæglerselskabet Maj Invest A/S (16.6%), Danske Bank A/S (Investment Management) (0.13%), Halman Aldubi Mutual Funds Ltd. (0.11%).

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